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03:53<linbot>New news from community: How to migrate exchange mailboxes flawlessly? <>
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07:06<Cromulent>I never know what TLDs are available these days - is there a comprehensive list anywhere?
07:06<Cromulent>now that companies can buy their own TLDs the list keeps changing
07:06<Cromulent>this one good?
07:07<rsdehart>ultimately most of them are and will likely continue to be immaterial
07:08<rsdehart>with few exceptions they'll mainly mean "couldn't get the .com"
07:09<Cromulent>I just want a .charity domain name
07:10<Cromulent>I don't know whether I should go for .charity .org or .uk
07:10<Peng_> contains an official list of current TLDs, but it's not limited to those publicly for sale
07:10<Cromulent>ah sweet thanks
07:11<Cromulent>I kinda want it to be global so that discounts and .uk
07:11<Cromulent>.charity feels a bit weird and I don't know about .org
07:12<rsdehart>there's a lot of speculation about the results of .org changing hands
07:12<Cromulent>yeah I heard about that
07:13<Cromulent>I guess I could take a look at an available .com
07:13<Cromulent>but that would look weird for a charity
07:13<nate>Cromulent: Good luck with .charity, I still run into places I have to yell at to fix just so my .name works let alone something that long
07:14<Cromulent>ouch - ok that sucks
07:14<nate>a lot of places still seem to think 3 digit TLD's are the only things
07:14<nate>Even though I've literally had this .name email address for going on I think 15 or 16 now
07:14<nate>years that is
07:15<Cromulent>as long as Google G-suite and Mailchimp is cool I should be good to go
07:15<Cromulent>that's an interesting question actually do Linode offer charities a discount?
07:15<Cromulent>I know some companies do
07:15<Cromulent>for advertising or something
07:19<Peng_>rsdehart: .org's contract changing hands to... people associated with .charity :D
07:19<Peng_>(in part)
07:19<rsdehart>Peng_: I've unloaded my .orgs afair so I haven't been following it so closely
07:20<Cromulent>so you reckon I should just stick to .com then?
07:20<rsdehart>Cromulent: there likely isn't any significant reason not to go with .org
07:20<Cromulent>ok I'll see what I can do - thanks for the help
07:21<rsdehart>I'd hope there'd be some backlash if they tried to do anything too untoward
07:22<rsdehart>10 million names isn't 150M but it's still a lot
07:24<Peng_>Define backlash.
07:24<Peng_>People are already mad.
07:24<rsdehart>I don't know then
07:25<Peng_>In the worst case scenario, they're totally evil private equity ghouls, in which case they don't care about any sort of backlash.
07:40*mcintosh looks at Verisign nervously
07:40<Peng_>[Verisign looks at your wallet hungrily]
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08:04<rsdehart>Cromulent: problems?
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09:04<linbot>New news from community: How can I authenticate my account? <>
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09:48<chesty>oh that's right, I forgot about my other account, it has lots of linodes and I can't remember my username, password, credit card number, what country I was in when I create the account, basically I forgot everything. can you reset my password please?
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10:26<Cromulent>rsdehart: sorry I'm on IRC Cloud
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11:31<Zr40>internet relay cloud
11:54<LouWestin>You’d think these phishers would come up with a better story
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12:36<bsergeant>hello there, just trying to learn irssi and I found a linode guide :)
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13:23<chesty>LouWestin, there was someone on irc the other month who only had the ip address, nothing else. That one seemed really sus. It must be weird responding to everyone of those requests like it could be legitimate, although that reply is really good. Just have to copy and paste it now, I guess.
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14:27<Tanjil>any one here
14:27<Tanjil>i want to know how to migrate my wordpress website in to linde
14:28<Tanjil>thank you
14:28<Tanjil>let me check
14:29<@bbigger>you'll have to do some extra work, but if you set up your own deployment and are looking to migrate you can start with this doc too:
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16:32<LouWestin>chesty: I can kind of see if its a case where you’re hosting from a reseller who uses Linode
16:38<LouWestin>Like they signed up with a bad deal and no backend access to their site.
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17:49<Cromulent>for some strange reason the google g-suite app is not verifying ownership of the domain - it still thinks the domains DNS is with Namecheap even though I changed it pretty quickly after getting it
17:50<Cromulent>I hope I don't have to wait for a day to verify my install
17:52<joecool>nameserver delegations can take a bit, probably not a day but easily a few hours with namecheap
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19:57<LouWestin>Cromulent: how long ago did you switch over?
19:58<Cromulent>LouWestin: to Linode?
19:58<LouWestin>The dns
19:59<Cromulent>Oh right sorry it is all sorted now
20:00<LouWestin>Ok cool. Usually for me I expect about 12 hours if I’m adding/transferring a domain
20:00<LouWestin>Give or take
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