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00:33<millisa>The LE revoke thing - they opted to not revoke most of the certs unless they had already showed a renewal or for the 445 that explicitly forbid LE in the domain's caa.
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01:08<linbot>New news from community: how can access phpmyadmin <>
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03:15<nate>millisa: That makes much more sense imo
03:38<linbot>New news from community: Mysql user access denied message for a new ubuntu user <>
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03:44<Peng_>It's noncompliant, though
03:46<dwfreed>I suspect they got CAB approval, though
03:46<dwfreed>in part because of their 90 day period on certs
03:49<nate>Peng_: It does make it a bit weird to me that it would be non compliant not doing it to all. I definitely understand doing it to the ones where CAA did not match though
04:07<dwfreed>nate: by CAB rules, the certs were misissued; once the issue is discovered, the misissued certs must be revoked within a certain time period
04:08<dwfreed>for all anybody knows, every domain for those 3 million certs had CAA records forbidding LE from issuing
04:14<nate>dwfreed: Well the fact they managed to count 445 that did I would assume meant there was probably some form of audit logging going on even w/ the "Cached" trust
04:15<Peng_>There wasn't.
04:15<Peng_>They counted 445 by scanning everything a few days ago.
04:19<nate>I guess then CAB found it fine indeed cause of the short-life of the certs then (cause this issue was introduced at the end of the year was it?). Though I admit curiosity to people who get an LE cert and then -explicitly- forbid LE in their CAA after
04:26<nate>Why is there a weird random  in the topic? lol
04:26<nate>only just noticed it
04:37*Xion stares at topic, doesn't see it
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04:38<nate>"Linode Community Q&A - "
04:39<Xion>Might be your client not handling unicode properly
04:39<nate>That would be fantastic logic if it weren't for the fact that's clearly a unicode character, I pasted a unicode character and it's randomly in the topic
04:40<Xion>I mean like it is trying to treat it as some other encoding
04:42<nate>Just saying what my client sees :P
04:42<dwfreed>the character you pasted is 0xC2, which is the first half a 2 byte utf-8 sequence
04:42<Xion>Really though, there shouldn't be any unicode characters there
04:43<dwfreed>the character that's actually there is 0xC2 0xA0, which UTF-8 decodes to U+00A0, non-breaking space
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04:46<nate> was the full of what I was seeing lol
04:47<nate>If it doesn't show up in that paste, me and my OS have some talking to do lol
04:47<Xion>Shows up for me
04:48<nate>weird it wasn't showing that exactly for others though, hm
04:48<Xion>It showed when you pasted it, but not for me in the topic
04:48<Xion>pasted it in the channel
04:48<nate>doubly weird
04:48<Xion>Which is really weird
04:49<dwfreed>that pastebin is funny, because it's back in UTF-8
04:49<dwfreed>you basically had UTF-8 interpreted as Latin-1, and that pastebin has that Latin-1 re-encoded as UTF-8
04:50<nate>dwfreed: The pastebin string is what I was seeing in my client, it was the only reason I mentioned it cause it stood out when I looked at the title bar lol
04:52<nate>I guess maybe my connection was stripping the non-breaking space maybe? And seeing just U+00C2
04:53<Xion>I love it when stuff doesn't default to utf-8 as a client, because no-one really uses anything that isn't utf-8 or utf-16
04:55<dwfreed>nate: 0xA0 is non-breaking space in Latin-1; in UTF-8, it's 0xC2 0xA0
04:55<dwfreed>so you were still getting the non-breaking space
04:56<dwfreed>it just happens that its second byte in UTF-8 is the same as its Latin-1 representation
04:56<nate>dwfreed: Yes but 0xC2 is what I was seeing, if my client were viewing it only in latin-1 the  would have been invisible as  is 0xC2
04:56<nate>or wait, weird
04:57<dwfreed>um, why would it have been invisible? non-breaking space is not combining
04:57<nate>unicode list says UTF-8 0xC3 is  but UTF-16 0xC2 is Â, so my client is doing UTF-16...?
04:57<nate>Ah nevermind misreading this
04:58<dwfreed>your client is interpreting UTF-8 as Latin-1
04:58<dwfreed>Latin-1 0xC2 is A-circumflex
05:03<nate>I'm definitely not doing latin-1 in my client in any form or manner that I can tell visually or configuration wise, it must be something in the encoding it's doing maybe. Closest I can see is it's taking 0xC2 and turning it into U+00C2
05:04<nate>As that's the only thing that lines up, U+00C2 is the unicode code point identifier for Â, but 0xC3 0x82 is the UTF-8 hex designation for it
05:04<dwfreed>you literally just said the same thing I did, but without understanding what it means
05:05<nate>Except it's not latin-1, at least in the interpretation I use for character sets
05:05<nate>cause a purely latin1 character set wouldn't be doing unicode code point relations, or was that not what you meant
05:05<dwfreed>your client sees a byte stream from IRC, and decides to decode it as Latin-1
05:05<dwfreed>thus producing A-circumflex and non-breaking space
05:06<dwfreed>the byte stream is 0xC2 0xA0; decoded as UTF-8, this produces just non-breaking space
05:06<nate>Literally nothing on this that should be doing anything at all in Latin-1, hm
05:07<nate>More so since other unicode things generally turn out fine, unless it's just something with topics...
05:08<nate>I'll have to play with it in other clients, to see if it could somehow be a system font issue maybe
05:09<dwfreed>has nothing to do with fonts
05:09<dwfreed>fonts don't see byte streams
05:10<nate>It could if it's something with the codepage associations in the font somehow when passed. Just saying it makes no sense otherwise or all my unicode viewing would be completely screwed
05:10<nate>not just a single code page, or at least only one I've seen so far
05:11<dwfreed>your client could be trying to guess, and just guessing wrong
05:12<nate>yeah, just be weird for it to be on some a like basic thing though
05:13<dwfreed>I just sent a non-breaking space; what do you see?
05:13<dwfreed>then it worked correctly :P
05:14<nate>weirdddddd, maybe it is just a topic issue then
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05:27<Hameed>How to restrict the access to all linode services from other countries?
05:28<Hameed>Like website
05:28<dwfreed>geoip is going to be rather unreliable
05:28<Hameed>Any other option then GeoIP?
05:30<dwfreed>not worrying about it would be my vote
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05:39<nate>Don't think they liked that answer lol
05:40<Xion>Someone doesn't understand the internet
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08:49<LouWestin>Wasn’t Linode blocking by country IP’s when they were under attack?
08:53<nate>I believe they were blocking certain provider ranges, not entire countries though
09:10<linbot>New news from community: Object storage bucket created in the cloud manager is not visible via the cli <>
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09:53<LouWestin>Yeah that what it was. Couldn’t think of the exact term.
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10:27<bn_work>hi, quick question, will Linode's One-click-app for WP deploy with a FW enabled by default? (I took a look at and the comments below it but didn't see anything relevant). If not, would restoring a backup from our live/prod webserver (which already has an iptables block list + several WP plugins
10:27<bn_work>installed) to a new Linode be quicker/more thorough? The only thing I'm worried about with the latter method is finding all the places that need the hostname updated besides in the OS networking itself...
10:32<LouWestin>bn_work: are you changing domain names? If not you might be able to install Wordpress like normal, setup your new vs, and upload the DB
10:33<bn_work>LouWestin: no, same domain name. define "like normal, setup your new vs"
10:33<LouWestin>I haven’t always had luck with the one click apps, so I’ve stuck to just manually configuring everything. But your mileage might vary
10:33<bn_work>you mean not using the One-click-app?
10:34<LouWestin>You could try one click app, check that IP tables is on, then upload your WP database
10:34<bn_work>gotcha, so not sure if it includes FW? AFAICT from, it doesn't seem like it (does it just use the similarly named nps/Linode/WP StackScript to deploy? if so, didn't see anything mentioned in the source)
10:35<LouWestin>I’m not sure either, unless the IP tables setup is separate from the one click app
10:36<LouWestin>But I’ve always just installed and setup Wordpress manually
10:54<bn_work>LouWestin: any thoughts on the restore method I outlined?
11:04<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-West (London) <>
11:18<Cromulent>with the expansion of services Linode is offering at the moment has there been any mention of a CDN at all?
11:19<Cromulent>object storage + CDN would be perfect for my new static website
11:19<Cromulent>I really don't want to to use AWS
11:25<@bbigger>Cromulent: Nothing announced on that, but we are tracking it internally for development. I've relayed your comments to help get traction on the effort (feature requests are also always welcome at
11:26<Cromulent>cool thanks
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11:51<LouWestin>bn_work: If you already have a Linode that you can restore from that “should” work
11:51<chesty>is the overage transfer price listed on ? I can't see it
11:51<millisa>about halfway down.
11:51<millisa>look for 'Additional Outbound Transferred' on the page
11:52<millisa>(it's $.01)
11:52<millisa>it's also way down at the bottom in the questions
11:52<millisa>"What happens if I exceed my monthly transfer quota? You will be invoiced $0.01 for each GB over your pooled network transfer quota"
11:55<LouWestin>bn_work: I guess the better question is, do you already have a Linode with Wordpress running and you’re just looking to move to a new VM?
12:03<chesty>cheers. Just to clarify, that's 1 cent? There was a story I heard not long ago of a yank travelling to canada, and called his cell provider and asked them what the roaming data charges were, they quoted 0.1 cents/meg (I think it was meg, it might have been gig), and he asked them to confirm, cents, not dollars, right? they said yes. so he goes to
12:03<chesty>canada and gets back and they bill him 0.1 dollars/meg, ie 10 cents. so he calls them and they say the bill is right and you were quoted the right amount, 0.1 cents. he spent hours trying to get them to understand it's 0.1 dollars, not 0.1 cents. it escalated quite high too. none of them understood, or would admit to understanding.
12:05<millisa> $0.01 = 1 cent.
12:06<millisa>it was 2 cents, but they cut it in half recently. i thought it was mentioned in one of their blog posts.
12:06<millisa>i'm not having luck finding it
12:06<chesty>it's 10 times cheaper than a cdn I was looking at
12:07<millisa>it's still cheaper to get the extra transfer by adding nanodes
12:08<millisa>or 2gb/4gb linodes. they all work out to half a cent per GTB
12:08<millisa>er, per GB. fat fingering lots today
12:09<LouWestin>Back in that time it was probably megs.
12:10<chesty> mentions transfer price cut
12:31<bn_work>LouWestin: sorry, had to step away for a bit, to answer to your Q: no, we just want to setup a staging clone to test things before pushing to live (prod)
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13:04<bn_work>what sort of data link speeds should I expect between Linode's DCs when cloning, ex: ATL->Mumbai for a Linode 4GB with ~12/50GB disk space used?
13:17<DrJ>bn_work: it should go pretty fast
13:18<DrJ>not sure exactly, but I'd expect 20 mins or less for that
13:19<bn_work>uh, is something broken with the backup/restore feature? When I try to restore a backed up Linode, from two different browsers, it says "You are not authorized to take this action." I've even confirmed that my sysadmin user has the appropriate permissions from the main billing account.
13:20<bn_work>s/from/and tested from/
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13:32<LouWestin>bn_work: If you’re cloning your current VM to another one it “should” work without issue. As far the permissions issue, maybe try clearing out the browser cache and cookies first and see if that fixes the issue. If not then it might require a ticket.
13:32<LouWestin>to support
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13:57<gelmi>quick quesiotn
13:57<gelmi>how much RAM resources are left available on Nanonode after system boots up?
13:59<millisa>you get 1gb on a nanode. your OS will use some
14:00<@jyoo>You can use free -m to check your available RAM.
14:03<gelmi>Thank you. But is there anyone here who knows how much of the 1GB is still available after boot?
14:05<millisa>it would depend what you boot into
14:06<millisa>a cent8 nanode I spun up not too long ago that has kdump enabled shows: MemTotal: 840960 kB
14:09<millisa>moment, and i'll remove kdump and give you the# without
14:09<millisa>without kdump, this centos8 system shows: MemTotal: 1004800 kB
14:10<gelmi>I am new to Linode or at least I want to switch from some low-end dedicated servers. I use regular ubuntu 18.04 now without issues. Regular server installation with my application uses 960MB/4GB of RAM.
14:10<gelmi>Is Linode nanonode ubuntu 18.04 raw instance is somehow cut? Or is it standard installation?
14:10<millisa>you can start with a small nanode and if you find it's running out of memory, y ou can resize a linode to a larger size pretty easily (it's a short downtime)
14:11<millisa>most of their installs are pretty minimal base installs.
14:12<gelmi>yes, I know. But I would like to estimate of up to 100 clients conecting to my VM, I would be able to stay on nanonode and after that I will upgrade
14:12<gelmi>OK, thanks.
14:13<linbot>New news from community: Enabling TMPFS for SlickStack FastCGI Cache <>
14:19<gelmi>Take care. Buye guys
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16:16<bn_work>LouWestin: I tried it from two browsers, same issue, not browser cache, it's a bug in the perm system of the new Cloud Manager, I had to call into Linode phone support (twice) to troubleshoot (weirdly 1st time I called the IVR rang and then just went to dead air :(), workaround is to elevate your user account to "Full account access" via the slider settings (I had set an account previously that had *all* rights except billing-related stuff
16:16<bn_work>but it seems that's not sufficient).
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16:28<LouWestin>bn_work: Ah ok.
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16:46<@_brian>bn_work if you want to take a look under the hood, you can see exactly what the WordPress OCA does here:
16:47<@_brian>for those functions like set_hostname and apt_setup_update that wouldn't be recognized by bash, you can see what they're doing here
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17:22<bn_work>_brian: ok, thanks!
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21:56<oxy>how do i do this
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21:57<millisa>like that
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22:55<deusexmachina>do GPU have hourly rates?
22:55<millisa>all linodes have hourly rates
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22:55<deusexmachina>GPU too? unlike other options, they don't list hourly rate
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22:56<millisa>are you looking on the pricing page?
22:56<deusexmachina>Oh it's 1.50 per hour. Does that include when it's turned off?
22:56<deusexmachina>1.50 per hour is pretty good for an RTX 6000
22:56<millisa>linodes are billed, regardless of their powered on state
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22:57<deusexmachina>can I image a VM every time I shut it down and delete it?
22:59<millisa>probably not the way you mean it. (there are 'images' which are relatively small that are used for spinning up instances, they dont cost anything but you can only have a couple and it's just a gig or two)
22:59<millisa>there's backups which are associated to a linode. they'd go away if you delete the linode
22:59<millisa>there's also the block storage though -
22:59<millisa>you can spinup a linode using that as the root device, and when done with the linode, just get rid of it, keeping the block storage.
22:59<deusexmachina>oh okay
23:00<millisa>it's pretty cheap - $0.10/GiB/month, minimum 10gb size
23:00<millisa>I'm thinking of doing that for a security scanner I only use once a quarter
23:00<deusexmachina>I need more than 10gb lol
23:00<deusexmachina>I need like 10tb
23:01<millisa>and you could always do the imaging yourself off to some other location and then image it back when you want to spinup your instance
23:01<deusexmachina>Yeah, not realistic
23:01<millisa>10tb would run about a grand a month
23:01<millisa>on the block storage that is
23:02<deusexmachina>That's crazy
23:02<millisa>i know, the price is good
23:02<deusexmachina>It's insanely high considering the cost of hardware
23:03<deusexmachina>and paying when its shut down is something ML people will look somewhere else intead
23:04<deusexmachina>the prices aren't competitive for ML users to consider, sadly.
23:04<deusexmachina>I'm sad
23:05<millisa>ok then
23:05<deusexmachina>I am saying this for ops who work there to notice, I'm trying to leave advice for them
23:06<millisa>what price do you think it should be and what are you basing that on?
23:06<deusexmachina>I'm basing it on competition
23:06<millisa>which ones
23:06<LouWestin>For what you’re looking for, you’d probably be better colocating a server
23:07<deusexmachina>LouWestin, I have servers, I just need something for this week till I can steal another one from work, this one's dead
23:07<deusexmachina>I'm wanting cloud short term
23:07<millisa>rackspace, DO, linode are all about the same price for that kinda storage
23:07<LouWestin>Well Linode is hourly so you could do a temp setup
23:08<deusexmachina>yeah, if I can't keep a large image of it easily and cheaply, it's very expensive
23:08<millisa>aws ebs gp2 ssd volumes are about the same. you can get the aws price down to about half that using their spindle drives
23:09<deusexmachina>I dunno. I'll make one but I'm only using it until monday and closing it, I need to do stuff right now
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