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00:02<ssa_>thanks millisa.
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00:06<@_brian>aw man he left right before i hit enter
00:11<@_brian>90% of the time just switching the GRUB2 fixes that when a customer hits it, if not a fsck usually does it
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00:43<chesty>I thought it was a working linode that stopped working with that error, I didn't think it was a boot problem.
00:48<FluffyFoxeh>kernel 5.4 is definitely not in "experimental" territory right now
00:48<FluffyFoxeh>it's literally a "stable" kernel
00:49<FluffyFoxeh>an LTS at that
01:00<@_brian>generally they're all working before they stop, but i've most often seen that when someone reboots with "latest" and picks up a kernel that doesn't agree with their software
01:01<@_brian>the failure doesn't have to happen on boot, but when they go to reboot as they mentioned and it does fail, we end up telling them to fsck in rescue mode to fix it
01:11<linbot>New news from community: Can we get linode to use Tether(USDT) or another crypto? <>
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03:47<weblizar>X-Frame-Options: where to check this status ?
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04:22<Peng_>Tether? Why not trade something less likely to get shut down by the feds, like diamonds or marijuana?
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06:32<chesty>diamonds are a scam, not the prettiest or the rarest gem, just well marketed by a company that found a lot of them underground
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06:55<Xion>That's wrong
06:55<Xion>It's a group of companies
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06:57<Xion>Ah nope, I was wrong
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08:00<virtual>De Beers?
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09:23<linbot>New news from community: How do I update an expired APIv3 token now that the Classic Manager has reached its EOL? <>
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14:44<linbot>New news from community: Cloudflare Strict Mode - 526 Error <>
15:21<cews>Had maintenance one of my Linodes - back on within 10 minutes. Great work!
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16:55<awmedia>I understand there's a slack channel for the Kubernetes beta program? How do I get in on that? Thanks.
18:20<@rgerke>Here's the link where you can sign up for the Kubernetes Slack:
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18:33<awmedia>thanks, rgerke
18:34<awmedia>I thought it was linode-specific though
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19:05<@rgerke>awmedia: It's the general Slack for Kubernetes, but there are quite a few Linode staffers who you'll find in there.
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19:11<Mark_>Hey guys
19:12<Mark_>Does the a linode instance come with a IPv4 address and if so, can this address point back to the host/domain name?
19:15<virtual>you mean can you set the lookup of IP -> hostname? If so, yes.
19:16<virtual>you're looking for 'reverse DNS' as a term, if that's what you want - and I have a feeling it /used/ to be a support ticket to Linode.
19:16<virtual>not able to login to the manager at the moment to check if that's still the case.
19:16<@rgerke>Mark_: Yes, your Linode comes with an IPv4. You can set up your Linode's DNS to point to your chosen domain by following the directions in this post:
19:17<virtual>oh, nice, it's in the manager now!
19:17<virtual>(maybe it always was, and I'm confused, but, whatever, it's good and easy now ;))
19:17<Mark_>so cool! im thinking of leaving AWS
19:18<virtual>lol, why?
19:18<virtual>(just curious!)
19:18<Mark_>it works great, but I feel a little restricted. IPv6 doesnt work and, reverse dns does not work and its complicated in the pricing
19:19<virtual>reverse DNS is a bit more of a faff with AWS, if I recall.
19:19<virtual>(maybe that's the provider that needs a ticket?)
19:19<virtual>ipv6 only works with things like the load balancer, etc, right?
19:20<Mark_>im nor sure, my instance cant use it and that feels lame considering RIPE doesnt have anymore ip addresses left
19:21<virtual>I thought no one did, and now it's whoever can afford to pay on the open market.
19:21<Mark_>ah one more question
19:22<Mark_>on AWS my instance is by default procted by a kind of firewall that is outside the instance, so you have to configure which port shall route traffic to the instance
19:22<Mark_>is that on linode a thing as well?
19:25<@rgerke>Mark_: You can cinfigure your firewall right on your Linode. We're just the infrastructure provider, so all of that is really up to you how you want to set it up.
19:26<Mark_>Sure, I was just asking because due to that said firewall unwanted never reaches the instance and doesn't need to be rejected by iptables, thus loweing the CPU load. I found this preety neat :) but all good, thanks fot the info
19:36<@mcintosh>Mark_: we're working on a cloud firewall feature that will work similarly to that - coming soon(tm)
19:37<virtual>mcintosh: I meant to ask about that, will that be a standard offering?
19:37<virtual>included as standard, I mean
19:40<@mcintosh>virtual: I can't confirm anything pricing-wise, but included as standard would be nice :)
19:40<@mcintosh>(not being slick with that comment - purely my personal opinion :p)
19:40<Mark_>Cool that you guys gonna add this feature
19:40<virtual>haha, no worries - I thought if you knew already, you would be happy to share :)
19:41<@mcintosh>if I did, I totally would (even if I wasn't supposed to ;p)
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19:44<@rgerke>!point mcintosh
19:44<linbot>rgerke: Point given to mcintosh. (31)
20:20<FluffyFoxeh>I don't think it requires any significant extra resources to use, so I would expect it to be included
20:20<FluffyFoxeh>correct me if I'm wrong about the former
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>then again I suppose Longview is "free" for Linode to provide too
20:21<FluffyFoxeh>and that has a fee
20:26<virtual>I thought there was a free version?
20:26<virtual>I don't use it myself at all. Just rings a bell.
20:51<@mcintosh>that is correct
20:52<@mcintosh>up to ten clients == free
20:52<@mcintosh>with 5 minute updates and 12 hours of history
20:53<@mcintosh> <-- more info on that stuff
20:54<@mcintosh>(I wouldn't agree that longview is free for us to provide though - just running it costs _some_ resources - and obviously time went into developing it and time goes into ensuring it continues to function)
20:55<LouWestin>Is Longview a Linode developed application?
20:56<@mcintosh>yes - the client is open source but it's 99% linode code even despite that (backend is entirely us)
20:57<@mcintosh>I can see arguments for charging for the firewall service, but again I don't have any to provide there
20:59<LouWestin>Interesting and good to know! I always thought Longview was developed by another company like CPanel
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