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03:33<ssa_>Hey everyone. Is block storage all SSD in Linode Dallas?
03:34<ssa_>Intended use case: Kubernetes storage class (for basically anything persistent it deploys).
03:39<chesty>no, it's HDD with NVMe cache
03:41<ssa_>Are you implying its HDD in all regions?
03:41<ssa_>I thought Newark had it all SSD.
03:43<ssa_>"Hey there! Block Storage in Newark is all SSD, however with the Block Storage beta in Fremont we are building it using spinning drives." – scrane
03:43<chesty>I don't know sorry, I'm a customer and I might have told you incorrect info, hang around and an employee will answer
03:46<ssa_>that's ok. I've used your help before. :)
03:47<chesty>interesting, there was a question "Are there any plans for HDD block storage?" and caker replied "Unlikely" (that was over 2 years ago) but the block storage product page says HDD and NVMe
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07:00<ssa_>Sometimes kubectl or helm exit with "net/http: TLS handshake timeout" or "Unable to connect to the server: EOF".
07:00<ssa_>This often happens when attempting to multi task with kubectl/helm/etc
07:00<ssa_>Is there some kind of connection limit enforcement with LKE?
07:04<ssa_>or perhaps some oom situation on lke server
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07:58<ssa_>back. Yet another query: Since I don't see a way to ssh into LKE nodes, how do you setup firewall in them? Sometimes you have to bind to and that ends up exposing the service to a) public b) private within the dc.
08:02<ssa_>related but without answer:
10:51<chesty>ssa_, I've never used kubernetes, is there an equivalent docker-entrypoint to run scripts? or manually using the answer kubectl exec [container-name] bash
11:16<@rgerke>ssa_: I'm doing some research on this for you right now. I'm a Kubernetes novice, so this will be a good learning experience for me.
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11:20<@rgerke>Here's a post on securing a cluster that might be of some help:
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12:02<ssa_>chesty: I mean to firewall the underlying host (which is assigned a public and datacenter-private ip).
12:04<ssa_>In general, Kubernetes services are exposed on Kubernetes' internal network (10.x.x.x). However, there are some services that get bound to on the host machine (not a container or pod)
12:06<ssa_>like metricsBindAddress config of kube-proxy (which runs on every node in cluster). It defaults to, and is hence inaccessible from a prometheus container running in Kubernetes. The only option is to bind it to, which also exposes server metrics on the public and datacenter-private ip
12:08<ssa_>rgerke: The "linode-cli k8s-alpha" command in forum post is suggesting that they're talking about a custom Kubernetes cluster, using linode provided scripts. They probably have access to the machines do setup any firewall on them… unlike with Linode Kubernetes Engine
12:11<ssa_>A calling for Linode Firewall as a product. :(
12:12<beeleck>ssa_, if you go through the process of resetting the root password on the LKE nodes, you can access them and set up firewalls as normally - they're built on Debian
12:13<beeleck>and cloud firewalls are on the way
12:14<ssa_>Thanks beeleck. I assume I won't be able to reset root pass that from some form of API.
12:15<beeleck>the cloud manager is built on Linode's APIv4, so anything you can do in the manager, you can do via API.
12:16<ssa_>Sounds good. Is there a rough ETA for Cloud Firewalls?
12:18<beeleck>I think it should be this year sometime, but I don't have a clearer idea past that. The dev team has been cranking out new products left and right, so just keep your eye on the blog.
12:18<ssa_>thank you, beeleck, rgerke, chesty
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12:25<Julio>I can't see my info.php website from the ip
12:26<ssa_>A response to LKE related questions by @brandonlamb here would be useful too:
12:28<beeleck>Julio, I would recommend working through some troubleshooting guides. Can you ping the IP address? Are the services running?
12:32<Julio>Si puedo hacer ping a la dirección, he instalado PHP y MYSQL pero deseo verlo desde la ip y no tengo resultados.
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12:33<Julio>If I can ping the address, I installed PHP and MYSQL but I want to see it from the ip and I have no results.
12:33<rsdehart>Julio: just so you're aware, this is a public chat
12:34<millisa>Julio: can you hit it from the server itself? something like: 'curl' ? (I don't see port 80 open on the system - is there a firewall that you need to open?)
12:34<rsdehart>we don't know for sure that the webserver is running
12:35<beeleck>ssa_, updating the underlying OS right now isn't in the scope of LKE, especially since it's still in Beta. But I might have a workaround for you.
12:42<Julio>80/tcp open http
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12:49<linbot>New news from community: object storage static site not serving index.html when accessed via external domain <>
12:51<beeleck>I'm now seeing that port 80 as open, so I think they figured it out
12:52<millisa>me too
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15:04<FluffyFoxeh>Does the DOCS20 promo code still work?
15:06<Zr40>I don't know if it doesn't, but at least the promo code in the docs is slightly different
15:09<linbot>New news from community: SSL with static site on Linode Object Storage? <>
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16:01<kenyon>got myself a Linode t-shirt at SCALE, such excite \o/
16:02<grawity>does it automatically scale to fit
16:03<kenyon>yes, to a point
16:03<gparent>it scales a little bit the first time you wash it too
16:03<gparent>maybe it`s a pre-scaled model
16:04<kkd>I just got myself a linode account with a promo code giving me $20 credits, these don't expire do they?
16:05<kkd>and say i provision a linode, use it for 15 days, and delete it, will i still be charged $5 at the end of the month or at the hourly rate * hours used? (given no provisioned instances mean i am not billed at all)
16:06<dwfreed>the latter
16:06<millisa>kkd: linodes are billed hourly - more info -
16:07<chesty>re expiration, I read a question the other on the q & a, from memory (probably wrong) some expire, some don't, and there's a way to find out in the cloud manager
16:07<FluffyFoxeh>They go into your account balance, don't they? Which doesn't expire
16:07<chesty>maybe search the q and a for expire or expiry or similar
16:07<FluffyFoxeh>Correct me if I'm wrong
16:07<kkd>it shows up in Current Balance
16:08<FluffyFoxeh>Unless they've special-cased promo codes
16:08<kkd>so I guess it doesn't, but still want to confirm...
16:08<FluffyFoxeh>also hi kkd, I'm Frogging101 from freenode
16:08<chesty>maybe they were talking about the promo code expiring, not the credits?
16:09<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, we're talking about after it's used
16:09<FluffyFoxeh>and the credit applied
16:10<chesty>i know, that's why I said what I said
16:12<FluffyFoxeh>I wonder how it would be shown in the cloud manager though. Does it show promo codes you've used?
16:12<FluffyFoxeh>I never used one so I'm not sure
16:14<chesty>account -> billing -> promotions & credit maybe?
16:15<FluffyFoxeh>ah, yeah
16:15<FluffyFoxeh>I have nothing in there, as expected
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17:52<jett>Is linode support available?
18:05<@rgerke>jett: Yes! How can I help?
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18:08<beeleck>rgerke, say hi to the team for me!
18:11<@rgerke>I have done just that! We miss ya!
18:13<@jdutton>hey @beeleck! hope you're well, sir.
18:15<@rdaniels>hey @beeleck!
18:16<beeleck>so many lovely people <3 much love from the white north. my first night here had a -30C cold warning.
18:20<@jdutton>that's an unacceptable level of cold
18:21<dwfreed>and I live in Michigan!
18:22<virtual>-30C? a bit more and you can make liquid nitrogen! (fsvo of 'a bit more')
18:24<dwfreed>about -170C off
18:24<virtual>a bit more of the 'more' then.
18:25<@rgerke>That's too cold for mmy tastes, and I'm from Buffalo.
18:29<beeleck>poutine keeps me warm
18:29<@jdutton>poutine is a pro move
18:41<@rgerke>I miss poutine.
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19:23<dzho>rgerke: is there poutine in Buffalo that you'd recommend, or were you more one to nip across the border?
19:24<dzho>I can't quite put my finger on it but there are definitely parts of the Buffalo metro area that feel to me more like Ontario than western NY
19:25<dzho>no mystery but still interesting to me
19:28<@rgerke>I haven't lived there in about 3 years but there used to be a great poutine place on Allen Street. I think it's gone now. Jim's Steakout does it decently, but your best bet is hopping over to Canada.
19:29<@rgerke>jett: Hi! You were looking for Support earler. How can we help?
19:30<dwfreed>does NY have enhanced DLs?
19:33<dwfreed>yep, they do
19:41<@rgerke>Yes, they do. I have one still.
19:41<@rgerke>jett: I know ther'es a lot of conversation going on here, but I wanted to let you know we are here if you need us. Our Support is here 24/7!
20:31<joecool>still got my ez-passes from the peace bridge authority lol (NJ and PA charge for accounts, buffalo did not)
20:33<joecool>dzho: i used to pass through buffalo area quite a bit and can't ever remember getting poutine there, lots of cheap mexican food for late night
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