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01:00<linbot>New news from community: How is Mumbai DC server, performance etc? <>
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02:30<linbot>New news from community: Database cant read. <>
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05:20<linbot>New news from community: How Do I Eliminate Bad IPs Without Affecting True Visitors' IPs On My Website <>
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09:39<wewatchyourwebs>Is there an egress charge on traffic from one server to another?
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09:44<nate>if it's over the public web as far as I recall yes the sending server would be flagged for the outbound traffic I imagine. Internal traffic over private addresses however I don't believe so.
10:05<wewatchyourwebs>If customer A has a server on their own plan, can I add them to my private network? Can I add multiple customers to my private network?
10:05<wewatchyourwebs>and thank you @nate
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10:28<LouWestin>wewatchyourwebs: I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. Connecting clients to the local network I understand, but not sure of the reason.
10:28<grawity>wewatchyourwebs: traffic between servers is free only if a) you're using IPv6, or b) you're using the "private" 192.168.x addresses
10:29<grawity>wewatchyourwebs: and only in the same datacenter in both cases
10:29<grawity>if you use public IPv4 addresses it still counts in your outgoing quota
10:30<grawity>wewatchyourwebs: as for traffic between customers, I'm like 95% sure the Linode network doesn't distinguish them – everyone on the same datacenter shares the same LAN
10:31<LouWestin>Plus I believe the private network should be considered public anyway
10:31<grawity>there's no private network, really
10:31<grawity>just private addressing
10:33<LouWestin>You’d use that for something like running a separate DB and web server right?
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12:12<linbot>New news from community: How do I recover my database from ransomware? <>
12:23<wewatchyourwebs>I'm looking to aggregate log files from numerous various clients. So, the traffic would be log files from various webservers.
12:24<wewatchyourwebs>Recover from ransomware? Restore from backup.
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12:34<rnowak>the "private" network is "private" to all linode customers in that datacenter -- ensure proper siloing and/or authentication
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12:40<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance <>
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12:50<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance <>
13:12<linbot>New news from community: network problem <>
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14:46<dubidub>Does Object Storage support folders?
15:07<dubidub>To answer myself, it does. I created a folder with Cyberduck.
15:08<dubidub>But see Linode Staff's answer here:
15:16<@_brian>dubidub it looks like jyoo posted a response to that about a minute after you linked it here
15:18<virtual>ah, the age old question of confusion about folders in object storage.
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16:23<linbot>New news from community: How do I use HTTP header authorization with Linode Object Storage? <>
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16:40<AlexMax>Okay it's been a while since I messed around with linode images - is there a reason there is a discrepency between `df - h` and the image size - on the order of gigabytes?
16:40<_jubal>any DoS hitting linode at the moment? Getting an odd, and sudden, inability to network in/out of my VM - I can get into the console but not otherwise.
16:42<millisa>_jubal: you'd be the first to mention it. none of my monitors are going off. which DC?
16:43<_jubal>I'm not sure. It is
16:43<@_brian>i'm taking a look at it right now
16:43<_jubal>I can't ping any external host. Quite weird. Just started about 30-45 minutes ago.
16:45<millisa>I can ping neighboring IP's, so it's probably more specific to you
16:45<millisa>can you ping your gateway from the console?
16:46<_jubal>no -
16:48<@_brian>i think this is us, hang tight
16:49<_jubal>ok. I am able to ping neighboring IPs on the /24 but not the router
16:52<_jubal>hm, I might've erred here- I have two linodes. The other is (my host in question that's got problems)
16:53<@_brian>you're good, i'm already looking at the right one
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17:09<@_brian>_jubal so i'm not leaving you hanging, we have our on call and network team looking at this right now
17:10<_jubal>appreciate it sir
17:13<linbot>New news from community: How do I change the nameservers in the DNS Manager? <>
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17:40<@_brian>_jubal you should be all set now. sorry about that, thanks for being patient
17:40<millisa>!point _brian
17:40<linbot>millisa: Point given to _brian. (3)
17:40<@_brian>also thanks for raising the issue, we caught this quicker thanks to you reaching out
17:42<@_brian>beeleck miss you bud <3 i hope you're doing well
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18:00<_jubal>cheers brian. thx.
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18:11<nuevu>I wish there was a way to opt out of the million "COVID-19/Coronavirus update" emails vendors are sending out.
18:11<millisa>you mean the mostly bad marketing mails veiled as some sort of preparedness notification?
18:11<nuevu>Yes, those exactly!
18:12<@_brian>AlexMax sorry to leave your question hanging: Could you be more specific about where you're seeing the discrepancy?
18:15<millisa>nuevu: I think I've only gotten one that wasn't cringey. The ixsystems folks (they make the truenas devices and maintain freenas) weren't ra-ra-ing their readiness but warning that they'd started to see pricing differences in their upstream vendors.
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18:18<nate>nuevu: Probably is just by opting out of marketing emails :P
18:19<nate>I don't think I've gotten anything yet except maybe some random silly thing from woot
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18:24<millisa>zcolo/zayo's I've hated the most so far:
18:26<millisa>it's artificially made narrow; has weird justification, the bullets are on the wrong lines, they use an abbreviation that of 'IMT' for "incident management plan". they called it 'novel coronavirus covid-19' in one spot
18:29<millisa>and it just says nothing; the things they list as bullet points as things that will be implemented . . . are things that they are already supposed to be doing even if it's butterflies and doughnuts outside.
18:31<linbot>19:07:23 <HoopyCat> zaaaaaaaaaayo, zaaa-aa-aaa-aaaa-yoooooo, latency come and me wan' go home
18:32<millisa> </rant>
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18:40<nuevu>nate: Most of this stuff I'm getting is bypassing "marketing" channels. It's coming in as account "notices".
18:41<Dragon>rip hoopycat
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18:42<nuevu>millisa: That's quite the message from zayo. Looks like a lot of copy/paste from some other (internal) document with minor editing to make it useful externally. They failed.
18:43<Sam__>I'm having a problem, can I find help here?
18:43<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:43<millisa>(keeping in mind it's a public channel and a large number of us are just fellow customers)
18:44<Sam__>I have a domain within my country extension (.sa), it’s handled by Saudi Network Information Center website. Unfortunately in the admin dashboard, there is ONLY nameservers section. :( is there any way to have some Nameservers for shopify? Or can i use Godaddy nameservers then redirect it to shopify? Knowing that i cannot transfer the whole domain there. The .sa extension can only be optained at their website. This is a deal breaker Thanks
18:45<Sam__>I am facing this problem, can I find a solution for it?
18:49<millisa>That's not really a linode question. that doesn't seem to indicate that you have to use their name servers
18:49<millisa>this one specifically talks about getting name services from elsewhere -
18:51<Sam__>Linode does this service ?
18:51<millisa>if you want linode to be those dns servers - they have their setup here -
18:51<millisa>you'd setup the zone on the linode side, then you'd make the change at your registrar
18:53<Sam__>thanx you millisa
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19:09<@_brian>!point millisa
19:09<linbot>_brian: Point given to millisa. (131) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 19)
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21:55<@mcintosh>honestly didn't realize hoopycat has been gone so long... sad
21:55<@mcintosh>hope they're doing alright
21:56<packetcat>they are, yes
21:56<packetcat>(I speak to them elsewhere)
22:03<@mcintosh>packetcat: thank you confirming :) happy to hear that
22:33<Dragon>I'm glad the cats stick together
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23:00<FluffyFoxeh>big packet loss
23:00<FluffyFoxeh>big lag
23:02<FluffyFoxeh>!seen hoopycat
23:09<virtual>hmm, am I misreading the object storage pricing? Under the calculator it says: $.01 / GB Additional Outbound Transferred, and under the comparison with AWS and GCP, it says: Egress transfer costs for Linode is free up to 1TB then $.02/GB
23:10<@_brian>we recently cut the price from $.02 to $.01 and it seems we didn't update the numbers everywhere
23:11<@_brian>thanks for pointing that out, i'll make sure someone updates that as soon as they're on
23:11<virtual>suggesting a friend use Linode instead of AWS ;-)
23:11<virtual>I guess at a tiny amount of usage, S3 /might/ cost less than $5 - about right?
23:12<virtual>lol, he worked out with S3, it would cost him 3 cents a month. :P
23:13<@_brian>does S3 not have a minimum monthly?
23:13<@_brian>also OBJ is free on Linode until the end of March if they want to test it out
23:14<virtual>no minimum that I'm aware of. He was talking about storing 3 small files, with ocasional downloads. Apparently files under a certain size don't count as API calls or something,
23:15<virtual>I didn't realise that at the time I initially suggested Linode.
23:15<chesty>what if you don't want to test it out, is it still free?
23:16<dwfreed>_brian: s/March/May/
23:16<virtual>dwfreed: u wot? Until end of May?!
23:16<@_brian>ya what he said
23:16<@_brian>crap i think i've done that twice today
23:16<virtual>wow, nice. Now if I just had a need of object storage.
23:17<virtual>I also wish it wasn't linear pricing :P
23:17<virtual>use moar, pay less, etc.
23:17<virtual>Yes, I do want the moon on a stick.
23:18<virtual>_brian: that page dwfreed linked to needs updating to 0.01/GB
23:20<@_brian>nice, i just put it with the other one
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