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02:15<linbot>New news from community: Block storage to store live emails <>
02:16<dwfreed>what's the difference between live emails and dead emails
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03:28<chesty>non serious answer, a dead email is one that bounced but the bounce couldn't be delivered.
03:33<zifnab>i have to imagine when i slam the delete button its dead
03:33<zifnab>or when i do horrible things in seive like fileinto "\\Junk"; reject; stop;, this is probably a "dead" email at this point because i've gotten it but i've also sent a bounce
03:38<Unit193>So if we have live emails and dead emails, do we have undead emails too?
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04:27<Andree>I cannot access my linode dashboard, it throw ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200 (OK)
04:28<virtual>that sounds strange.. tried other browsers?
04:29<Andree>ok, i'll try
04:31<Andree>Solved by using safari instead of chrome :/
04:31<Andree>Thanks mate!
04:33<dwfreed>I can replicate that here
04:34<dwfreed>macOS 10.14.6
04:34<dwfreed>Chrome 80.0.3987.132
04:46<linbot>New news from community: Cannot login <>
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04:48<Mrutyunjaya>im not able login to linode cloud
04:48<Mrutyunjaya>anybody know about it?
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05:18<chesty> doesn't load for me
05:18<chesty>but I can login, it's just blank after I do
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05:21<ronchilla>I cant login to Ive cleared the cache nothing works
05:21<dwfreed>using Chrome?
05:21<ronchilla>Is this just me?
05:21<jim>I have same problem
05:22<ronchilla>ive tried with chrome, firefox and brave
05:22<jim>But with Firefox
05:22<Zr40>looks like the javascript is truncated halfway
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05:25<hp_>is there any support if I cannot log in
05:25<hp_>I tried but no luck
05:25<ronchilla>same here
05:25<ronchilla>and a couple of other folks have the same issue
05:26<hp_>I tried to reset password but no luck
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05:26<dwfreed>the cloud manager is currently broken
05:26<dwfreed>if you can log in but get a blank screen afterward, your password is not wrong, and resetting it won't fix it
05:28<hp_>does anyone know what the eta is on the fix ? if any
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05:29<dwfreed>there hasn't been one provided yet
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05:32<hp_>new to lined, not so good. checked the community FAQ seems there were issues with log in even back to 2018
05:33<dwfreed>software has bugs, shit breaks
05:33<dwfreed>Linode has support available 24/7, as well as 24/7 on-call admins to fix things when that happens
05:33*Zr40 just wished they didn't turn off the old manager
05:34<dwfreed>it's still using APIv4, and implemented in JS, but has the classic look and feel
05:34<dwfreed>currently only Linodes and DNS are implemented, though
05:35<Zr40>well, I mean one that doesn't rely on JS not being broken
05:35<dwfreed>it has its own JS, doesn't use the cloud manager js
05:35<dwfreed>so isn't broken
05:36<Zr40>didn't say that it was :)
05:39<hp_>can we login with ?
05:46<linbot>New news from community: New nanode/linode and creating of hostname at start <>
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06:31<nagchampa>anyone else having trouble logging into the control panel from firefox?
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06:33<nagchampa>dammit, it is firefox that's the problem
06:33<nate>I can technically reach the site but apparently my one ublock rule for *.support has it broken cause linode pulls some javascript from a goofy domain lol
06:34<nate>that might be the first legitimate use of .support I've seen, I ended up hard-blocking the TLD cause of seeing so many shifty domains
06:37<nagchampa>i disabled ublock and it still didn't load
06:38<nagchampa>and ublock in chrome didn't break it
06:38<nagchampa>unless it was an old version in chrome because i hadn't run it for a while
06:39<dwfreed>nate: that's not why it's broken
06:40<dwfreed>nagchampa: it is a known issue; I spoke with support on the phone about an hour ago, and it's being worked on
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06:40<nagchampa>dwfreed: ahh, good to know, thanks :)
06:41<dwfreed>Chrome, Firefox, and Brave all fail to load the most important js file
06:41<nate>dwfreed: Well that's why it was broken for me lol, I have to remove my .support block to get the interface to show at all
06:41<nate>let me try to remove that block and see
06:41<Zoffix>Did something bad happen? One of my linodes is down, the other looks to have been rebooted, and when I try to log in on, it just redirects me to a blank page on ...
06:41<dwfreed>supposedly Safari works, so if you're running macOS...
06:41<dwfreed>Zoffix: cloud manager is currently broken
06:41<Zoffix>Ah, ok.
06:42<dwfreed>which is only the last part of that
06:42<Zoffix>Friday 13 :)
06:42<dwfreed> will at least allow you to look at your Linodes and issue reboots for them if needed
06:42<dwfreed>but most of it, including support, is not yet implemented
06:44<nate>Huh that's weird, the main.js script is indeed failing to load but it's not indicating why
06:44<Zr40>you could also connect to lish and reboot it from there
06:44<virtual>ouch, that issue that was resolved earlier by someone using safari is more than just that person? ouch.
06:44<virtual>twice ouchy
06:44<nagchampa>is the old management interface still available?
06:44<Zr40>nate: it's truncated
06:44<dwfreed>nagchampa: no, but the link I just gave uses APIv4 via JS to present the classic interface
06:45<dwfreed>nate: chrome gives "ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING" in the js console
06:45<nagchampa>i wanted to check some invoice/account stuff
06:45<dwfreed>sadly that's not implemented in the lmc yet
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06:46<linbot>New news from community: error ?? <>
06:46<nate>Zr40: It appears to load fully for me, at least when I directly fetch it, no error in the network console either. It is however sending a Transfer-Encoding: chunked without a Content-length, so that might be why
06:46<nate>Would explain chrome's explicit error if memory serves
06:47<nagchampa>i'm guessing this is the issue from the firefox console: Loading failed for the <script> with source “”.
06:47<meliora>hi guys, gives me "ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200" error and does not load?
06:47<meliora>ah you must be discussing this currently
06:47<nagchampa>yeah, staff are working on it
06:47<nagchampa>lish is still available from what i've heard
06:48<dwfreed>nate: by definition, Transfer-Encoding: chunked does not send a Content-Length header
06:48<virtual>it's basically middle of the night for most of Linode staff, right?
06:48<nagchampa>dwfreed posted a link that uses the API to recreate the old management interface, i'm curious how secure that is though, would you already need to have an API key setup?
06:49<dwfreed>yes, it's 6:48 AM Linode Standard Time
06:49<virtual>wha annoying timing for this to break.
06:49<dwfreed>nagchampa: it uses OAuth, and the site is all JS itself
06:49<virtual>for the person who could login via safari - I can't! :)
06:49<nagchampa>so it redirects to linode for auth?
06:49<Zr40>nate: are you sure it fully loads? Look at the end, the end appears cut off in the middle of a js expression
06:49<nagchampa>that's good
06:49<dwfreed>virtual: fwiw, Linode has 24/7 on-call admins
06:50<nate>dwfreed: I thought it was opposite, that it's still supposed to send one for verification of the whole size?
06:50<nagchampa>sorry to the staff, wish I could be there to make them some coffee to fix it :P
06:50<virtual>dwfreed: I assumed as much - doesn't help if they're oncall and had to get woken up for it :)
06:50<dwfreed>nate: no, each chunk starts with that chunk's size
06:50<virtual>lol nagchampa =D
06:50<nate>Zr40: Ah you are indeed correct
06:50<virtual>:-D even
06:50<Zoffix>w00t. Got my linode up via lish. Thanks all \o
06:50<nagchampa>yeah, lish is still working
06:50<dwfreed>nate: the end is signalled by a chunk of size 0
06:51<virtual>my linode is fine, so I don't need their support right now, just ... being empathetic towards the issue that they have to fix and the time it came up
06:51<virtual>(and when I say 'my linode', I feel sad that I only have one now)
06:51<dwfreed>first report was 2 hours 20 minutes ago, going by IRC
06:51<Zr40>we have a whole bunch of them
06:51<nate>dwfreed: Apparently you CAN use Content-Length also, but yeah, looking at chromium it throws that error when 1) No proper end-chunk, or mis-matched size to Content-Length declaration
06:52<nate>*or 2)
06:52<Zr40>nate: well, if you have a valid content-length, there's no reason to then also use chunked encoding
06:52<virtual>Super curious if this was a change that happened, or just some weird bug though
06:52<dwfreed>given the timing, probably a bug
06:52<dwfreed>or data corruption
06:53*Zr40 bets it's a full disk
06:53<Zr40>I've seen that cause all kinds of weird failures
06:54<dwfreed>even without chunked transfer encoding, the file is truncated
06:54<virtual>Zr40: ooh, nice.
06:54<virtual>If you're right, you get a cookie
06:54<dwfreed>< Content-Length: 1144824
06:54<virtual>or a exclamation mark point.
06:54<dwfreed>$ wc -c tmp/main.js
06:54<dwfreed> 130657 tmp/main.js
06:54<nagchampa>i'm gonna work on something else for now, goodluck to the staff!
06:55<dwfreed>which is rather curious, since Content-Length is going to be based on stat() results
06:55<virtual>is that a previous version of the file, dwfreed?
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06:55<dwfreed>I just used curl, and didn't bother with -O/-o
06:56<dwfreed>so directed stdout myself
06:56<virtual>ahh, ok
06:56<virtual>that's, umm, quite the js file size though
06:56<linbot>New news from community: - NOT loading after login <>
06:58<virtual>I think I'm still stuck in 1997 for website design :-)
06:58<dwfreed><table> as layout
06:58<virtual>hell yes ;)
06:58<virtual>look at my geocities site, etc.
07:01<dwfreed>I can only imagine how many phone calls Linode is getting about this
07:02<dwfreed>it was probably a good minute before they answered my call earlier
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07:26<linbot>New news from community: - NOT loading after login <>
07:27<Mak>blank page
07:30<dwfreed>Mak: known issue, and Linode is working on it
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07:33<riscaa>Hello. When I try and login to I get a refresh to which just loads a blank page. I have tried with new edge, firefox and IE and get the same result each time. Any issues?
07:34<dwfreed>known issue, it's being worked on
07:34<riscaa>ok sweet, i checked the status page and didnt see anything so i thought i would try here.
07:35<dwfreed>when I spoke to them 2 hours ago, Linode said they'd be putting up a status post; that has yet to materialize
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07:38<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity issues - Cloud Manager <>
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07:43<shabble> doesn't appear to be working for me - is this a general issue, or just me? I'm getting a 'Loading failed' for two scripts if I look in the developer window of my browser.
07:45<shabble>Ah - couldn't find a status window; ta dwfreed.
07:45<shabble>"8 minutes ago" - just my luck :/
07:45<dwfreed>it's been broken for at least 3 hours
07:46<dwfreed>it just took them a while to make the status post
07:46<shabble>Ah - ok. Thanks, again.
07:46<dwfreed>first report in IRC was 08:27 UTC
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08:30<someuser>Hi, please consider me as ELI5.... If I get the most basic package "Nanode Plan" would I be allowed to install any software I like? Specifically, I would like to install influxdb, grafana and run a few python scripts. Once thats running I would like to access the grafana panel from my phone. Is this allowed/possible? Many thanks
08:30<dzho>someuser: yes
08:31<dzho>you get root access, which allows you to install and run any software
08:32<dzho>the only restrictions of which I am aware are a) resource contraints associated with whatever level you've chosen and b) outgoing email is blocked by default (but you can request that it be enabled)
08:34<dzho>c) whatever legal restrictions apply, but those are questions of licensing and law and more or less not implemented by linode but things you have to navigate yourself (IANAL and TINLA)
08:37<someuser>dzho - thank you for the quick answer. My resource usage will be very limited, Im only going to be periodically reading a small csv file every 10mins or so and saving that in influx for display in grafana
08:38<someuser>But to be sure, I would be able to access the grafana UI from anywhere?
08:39<someuser>ie. I get a fixed ip i can navigate to?
08:43<someuser>Super, Im off to have some fun! Have a good weekend.
08:43<dzho>good luck!
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10:17<linbot>New news from community: Outbound Transfer Quota <> || Outbound Transfer Quota <>
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10:29<Nisar>Hi, Does Linode offer monthly payment? or just annual plans?
10:29<dzho>pro-rated to actual usage
10:30<@bbigger>Hey Nisar, here's a doc with more details:
10:31<Nisar>Great, Thanks for the prompt response. Would you know the approximate price for a wed application for 1000 users, maybe 5 gigs of data??
10:31<dzho>readily available public documentation, pshaw
10:32<dzho>5 gigs on disk, or transferred?
10:32<dzho>in either case, you can use the numbers from the document above to scale what you need
10:33<dzho>"users" is not a useful measurement, alas, since it depends exactly on what those users are doing, and this varies significantly from customer to customer and application to application
10:33<Nisar>% gigs transfer
10:33<Nisar>5 gigs
10:33<dzho>see above
10:33<Nisar>OK.. Got it thanks
10:33<Nisar>I';; check the guide out..
10:33<dzho>you're welcome
10:33<Nisar>Great to have IRS chat support
11:14<rnowak>*taxes intensify*
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11:22<millisa>!point dwfreed
11:22<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (101) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 22)
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11:33<dzho>mowak sighting!
11:33<dzho>rnowak: hi, been a while!
11:37<linbot>New news from community: How to protect a file from direct download using htaccess <>
11:47<rnowak>dzho: o/
12:07<linbot>New news from community: Any known problems with Linode/Amazon connectivity? <>
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14:08<linbot>New news from community: Free Server File Size Limit <>
14:18<linbot>New news from community: VPS Free Server File Size Limit <>
14:19<millisa>I've never been a fan of VPS Free. The sucralose they use just gives it a weird aftertaste.
14:20<Zr40>I only have Free Range Organic VPS
14:20<millisa>Artisan VPS
14:27<millisa>Aww. I tried to respond to that person and just got a 'Sorry, you have been blocked. You are unable to access'. (it's a cloudflare error?)
14:27<@mcintosh>millisa: can you pastebin what your post was and send it to me?
14:27<millisa>Yeah. it's doing it in both safari and chrome.
14:27<@mcintosh>we have cloudflare's WAF in front and it unintentionally triggers on a small subset of stuff
14:28<@mcintosh>so - i'd id expect same behavior across browsers on whatever the input is
14:28<millisa>might be the phpinfo(); bit
14:33<@mcintosh>millisa: can you try again?
14:34<millisa>It posts.
14:34<millisa>!point mcintosh
14:34<linbot>millisa: Point given to mcintosh. (33) (Biggest fan: csnxs, total: 9)
14:34<@mcintosh>thanks for reporting that <3
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16:28<AlexMax>Does Linode mirror any distro repositories?
16:29<dzho>I seem to recall there are people who maintain mirrors on linodes, at least
16:29<dzho>couldn't tell you who what or which DC though
16:30<AlexMax>Well they do host public mirrors, but I was hoping for private mirrors where one could possibly get private network speeds
16:31<@mcintosh>the mirrors are in each DC, so i would expect solid speed regardless
16:32<dzho>that was my understanding, yes
16:32<AlexMax>Yeah now that I'm thinking about it, maybe it'll get good speed regardless
16:36<AlexMax>Moot point, they're already being used, should've checked before I asked (I was in a local Vagrant setup when the thought occurred to me)
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21:53<v0lksman>i have 2 fairly new nodes out of toronto and I can't seem to connect to any SMTP service on any of the standard ports from either of them. No problems for my other nodes in Newark. Am I going nuts?
21:55<dwfreed>v0lksman: are the new nodes on a new account?
21:55<dwfreed>where new is defined as created after November 5th, 2019
21:58<dwfreed>linodes created on accounts that themselves were created after 2019-11-05 have all SMTP-like ports blocked (25, 465, 587)
21:58<@_brian>tldr; if you configure rDNS and open a ticket to let our support know your mailing practices are CAN-SPAM compliant, we'll unblock the ports for you
21:59<v0lksman>yeah ok...thanks! will do that right now
22:11<v0lksman>rookie mistake on my part...spent the last 2 hours troubleshooting my lemp stack instead of just checking if I could even reach the other server...sigh
22:11-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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22:13<@_brian>you should be good to go now
22:13<@_brian>sorry for the confusion, we're at least a bit at fault there as well
22:14<v0lksman>thanks a bunch! can at telnet over now! :)
22:14<@_brian>glad i could help :)
22:15<v0lksman>oh so you only did it for the one node?
22:16<v0lksman>I'll have to open a ticket for the others?
22:16<@_brian>trying to move quickly for you i didn't notice you mentioned linode(s) in the plural sense, one sec
22:17<@_brian>all good now
22:17<v0lksman>hahaha no worries...thanks a bunch!
22:18<@_brian>you're very welcome
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22:41<virtual>hey so what happened to the cloud manager thing earlier - if it's able to be shared :)
23:09<@blaboon>millisa dwfreed and anyone else using my LMC classic manager clone: i have just finished implementing all the account-related pages
23:10<millisa>!point blaboon
23:10<linbot>millisa: Point given to blaboon. (10)
23:10<@blaboon>only thing not implemented is paypal support. that will come later
23:10<millisa>(doing filthy exchange server things right now, but will definitely check it out)
23:11<virtual>.. why do some people not like the new manager too?
23:11<@blaboon>saw an intereting spike in traffic this morning while cloud manager was having issues :)
23:11<millisa>it worked for some folks too
23:11<millisa>er, rephrasing, it was enough to get some folks back up and running
23:12<@blaboon>yea, that was actually what gave me the kick i needed to finish up the account stuff lol
23:39<dwfreed>blaboon: yeah, I was suggesting it to people if they needed to work on Linodes or DNS stuff
23:49<Peng_>virtual: [obscure feature] is the most important thing ever, and it works [small difference] in the new manager!!
23:49<Peng_>I was upset that it took 1 million clicks to find the current kernel versions, but then Linode brought back anyway
23:49-!-dsapikas [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
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