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00:01<virtual>I don't regularly use it, so apart from 'er, how do you use it', I didn't have much.
00:01<virtual>Umm. I didn't have much of an issue with it.
00:01<virtual>Got interrupted by someone talking in real life, and I finished typing :-D
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00:04<dwfreed>virtual: I dislike the layout of the cloud manager; it's... frustrating at times
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00:09<@blaboon>small quality of life improvements in LMC that probably nobody will notice: checkbox labels are consistently used throughout the app so you don't need to click exactly on the checkbox, and in the user grant tables you can click anywhere in the cell to active the radio button contained within
00:09<virtual>those things are noticed by some :) Or at least the absence of those are definitely noticed!
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00:10<@blaboon>actual classic manager didn't have that (most of the time, i think there were some pages where labels were used)
00:33<@mcintosh>meh, we had plenty of labels :p but definitely not full coverage
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05:51<linbot>New news from community: RAID with block storage <> || RAID with block storage <>
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09:31<LouWestin>^^Who uses raid 0?
12:56<chesty>with raid 1, sure
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12:58<AFM22>Anyone else having issue with Linode hosted DNS? my domain is down. resolves fine if I hit, but not (yes, I checked whois, my domain still lists as my DNS servers)
13:05<chesty>did you change it recently?
13:05<AFM22>not in years
13:06<chesty>is the domain a secret?
13:06<chesty>can you post it?
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13:08<xablu_ops>Hello Linode we just registerd our accout under xablu_ops but didn't receive a mail. What went wrong?
13:08<AFM22>interesting; my 2nd domain is also broken
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13:11<chesty>interesting. AFM22, I'm not sure what the problem is but I also see a problem. I can do a host, but not a host -t ns
13:12<AFM22> is also broken, so it's not just GOOG
13:12<AFM22>it looks like it should work to me
13:14<chesty>I wonder is it's dnssec related
13:15<AFM22>is linode doing dnssec ?
13:15<AFM22>whois is saying my records are unsigned
13:16<AFM22>beyond that; i'm pretty dnssec ignorant other than to think its dumb :)
13:16<millisa>AFM22: do you have a linode provisioned in the account with those dns zones?
13:16<AFM22>millisa : yes. you want info?
13:17<millisa>no. just making sure you had one. dns won't work if you have zero linodes in the account
13:17<AFM22>oh, i didn't know that. good to know! dashboard says it's still running :)
13:21<LouWestin>I suppose only Chuck Norris uses Raid 0.
13:21<LouWestin>My websites are working fine and I use Linode’s DNS
13:22<AFM22>well, i guess that's good not everyone else is down. probably would get fixed faster if they were though :)
13:23<LouWestin>I have mine domains pointing to all 5 name servers though.
13:24<chesty>it looks like ns? is ok, can you log into your registrar and see any problems?
13:29<@pwoods>AFM22: I'm not seeing an A record when I run a dig on
13:30<AFM22> 3600 IN A
13:30<AFM22>domain looks ok in the registrar
13:33<chesty>I also see 3600 IN A with
13:33<kenyon>dnsviz sees nxdomain
13:35<millisa>Updated Date: 2020-03-14T17:30:09
13:35<@pwoods>that might explain it:
13:35<AFM22>did I miss the memo about today being "all dns owners need to enable dnssec"?
13:35<@pwoods>The Linode DNS Manager does not support DNSSEC at this time. If you have DNSSEC enabled at your domains registrar it will cause name resolution failures such as NXDOMAIN when an attempt is made to access the DNS.
13:36<chesty>i notice Updated Date: 2020-03-14T17:29:22Z on the whois record
13:37<chesty>millisa, soz, I see you already posted that
13:38<AFM22>pretty sure dotster does new date thing that everytime they reload their DB
13:38<AFM22>*regen records
13:39<millisa>dont think so. just checked a dotster domain. last updated in 2018
13:42<AFM22>oh, maybe because i just unlocked the domain to update the contact info... super old. but did that _after_ this problem started
13:43<AFM22>10:30AM Pacific... pretty close
13:45<millisa>Domain Status: clientHold
13:45<millisa>(that's on synfin; itsallpetesfault looks fine)
13:46<AFM22>well both are down
13:46<AFM22>payment isn't due for a few more months
13:47<millisa>i see a default looking wordpress site on itsallpetesfault. talks about rats and furnace ducts
13:47<AFM22>dotster web console was saying "verification required", but I never got an email from them about it. it's now showing as verified
13:47<AFM22>yes, that would be petes fault
13:48<AFM22>my linode can't even resolve
13:48<AFM22>and that's with the auto-gen /etc/resolv.conf
13:49<AFM22>whoa. just got an email
13:49<AFM22>and is resolving
13:49<AFM22>as does iapf
13:50<millisa>the clienthold is now gone on synfin. Updated Date: 2020-03-14T17:45:22Z
13:50<AFM22>huh. i mean, i'd buy those two are related. but i didn't touch iapf
13:55<millisa>(i never saw an issue with itsallpetesfault. only with the synfin site and that clienthold)
13:55<AFM22>yeah and it never said "verification required"
13:56<AFM22>i mean, FFS, i've had for ~20 years
13:56<AFM22>and now one random day they decide to turn it off without emailing me?
13:57<millisa>they probably did but it got lost in the shuffle somewhere.
13:58<AFM22> grep dotster *
13:58<AFM22>grep: Is a directory
13:58<AFM22>grep: postfix-files.d: Is a directory
13:58<AFM22>recipient_checks.regexp:/^dotster@synfin\.net/ 550 Fuck spammers
13:59<AFM22>pretty sure I had in all the places... but one
13:59<AFM22>guess they picked the wrong email
14:03<AFM22>still. both domains? well thanks peeps
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16:00<linbot>New news from community: IMAP attack underway <>
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17:18<SleePy>Anyone else with weird issues in Fremont? My monitoring server keeps loosing connection to other servers
17:36<nate>I had a couple random network reconnects on my BNC
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18:25<@rgerke>SleePy: Nothing on our end to report - are you still experiencing this? Feel free to open up a Support ticket and drop the ticket # here.
18:33<SleePy>Yes, I may have to. Constant ping loss
18:33<SleePy>Not sure on what though as I can't detect the loss
18:33<SleePy>But zabbix keeps reporting failures
18:34<@rgerke>We're happy to help ypu look into it. Just let me know the ticket number here when you open it, so I can grab it.
18:39<SleePy>Trying to get a MTR to show it
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18:43<uther>i'm trying to get linode object storage to work with the mastodon S3 adapter. hoping someone can give me hand.
18:43<uther>i'm able to upload and delete files using s3cmd
18:43<uther>in the mastodon .env.production file
18:44<uther>i can sync the existing media files using s3cmd sync, so existing images, avatars, etc work fine
18:45<uther>however, trying to upload new files fails with an error
18:45<@rgerke>uther: What's the error you're getting?
18:45<uther>was finding it
18:45<uther>Aws::S3::Errors::SignatureDoesNotMatch ():
18:46<uther>i've seen that can be caused by invalid token and key, but i've triple checked
18:46<uther>and re-entered
18:47<@rgerke>Taking a look to see what I can find on that.
18:47<uther>thanks, rgerke
18:48<kenyon>SleePy: I'm seeing occasional IPv6-only packet loss in Fremont. "darwin" is my Fremont linode:
18:48<SleePy>Not Ipv6 here. Just had a loss. MTR shows its my ISP at their bgp
18:49<@rgerke>SleePy: Feel free to send us over the MTR so we can have a look.
18:50<SleePy>@rgerke 13536288
18:50<SleePy>Darn thing, it combined the 2 MTRs into one..
18:51<@rgerke>Thanks, SleePy! We'll have a response for you shortly.
18:52<SleePy>Don't think you can do much as its outside of you guys. Unless friends at can say why there is loss from them to my isp
18:55<@rgerke>Uther: Mastodon isn't somethign I'm familiar with, but that error (and every document I've found while searching online just now) is saying that it's an access key/secret access key mismatch. But your keys work with s3cmd, which is why this is confusing.
18:56<@rgerke>SleePy: You're probably right, vbut it doesn't hurt to take a look. :)
18:56<@rgerke>uther: I'm trying to find other thigns that can cause that.
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19:08<@rgerke>uther: Any of the defaults in Mastodon assuming S3 configs? Some apps do that, and you have to override certain parameters. Just brainstorming here.
19:08<@rgerke>SleePy: You should have a reply on your ticket.
19:08<uther>rgerke: not that i can find. all the info is read from .env.production
19:09<uther>i can try moving my ~/.s3cfg
19:10<@rgerke>Have you tried Cyberduck to see if you have issues with that? Just curious if anything other than s3cmd would throw you that error (aside from mastdon). My line of thinking is that if you can get Cyberduck to work, then we can be pretty sure the issue is with Mastodon's end.
19:11<uther>i have not tried, but will take a look
19:11<@rgerke>Cyberduck has a pretty simple GUI you can work with:
19:17<@rgerke>Again, this is just me brainstorming.
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20:21<linbot>New news from community: How do I move from a shared hosting service? <>
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21:01<hamza>is it port 25 opned !?
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21:04<virtual>didn't wait long
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