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00:38<MJCS>rdaniels: 13539610
00:40<MJCS>rdaniels: it is actually happening right now again. Usually lasts a few minutes
01:22<@rdaniels>MJCS: We'll have eyes on it soon!
01:24<MJCS>Now its happening from Baltimore as well. Thanks
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03:06<Guest19379>hi there
03:06<Guest19379>i have a server with Ubuntu 14.04
03:07<Guest19379>now since ubuntu latest version is many steps ahead, is it safe to run apt-get update ?
03:07<Guest19379>what will happen if i try to upgrade the OS ?
03:07<Guest19379>how will php and mysql react to this new upgrade ?
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03:12<virtual>Guest19379: that's a tough question. I would recommend you either test the install/upgrade on a clone, or on a local virtual machine install
03:13<virtual>If you have a backup of your linode, then spinning up a new linode just for testing the upgrade won't take too long - I did something similar for a rather ancient Debian install a while ago. I had to make some modifications, so I'm glad I did it.
03:13<chesty>also follow a guide and read changle logs.
03:14<virtual>14.04 -> recent = lots and lots and lots of change logs :-D
03:14<Unit193>The upgrade path will be: 14.04 → 18.04 → 20.04. Sounds like fun.
03:15<chesty>Only 3 change logs virtual
03:15<virtual>yeah, but how long!
03:16<virtual>I'm not saying don't read them.
03:16<chesty>If it was me, I would install a fresh 18.04 and copy the data across. I think it would be quicker and definitely cleaner
03:16<virtual>but you'd have to skim for the bits you cared about and hope you didn't mis anything.
03:17<virtual>hmm, good suggestion too
03:17<virtual>why not 20.04?
03:17<chesty>oh, yeah
03:17<virtual>hold on, is 20.04 even out aleady?
03:17<chesty>not until april
03:17<Unit193>Surprisingly, April, '20
03:18<virtual>okay, thought so! But Unit193 mentioning it made me think it was out already.
03:18<virtual>then I engaged brain after. :P
03:18<Guest19379>so ubuntu cant manage the complexities of the updates by itself
03:19<Guest19379>i thought it could being such a nice os
03:19<virtual>It probably can.
03:19<virtual>But I wouldn't rely on it, if it's important to you.
03:19<Guest19379>loging to ssh says
03:19<Guest19379>New release '16.04.6 LTS' available. Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.
03:19<Guest19379>so i suppose doing a dist upgrade will move to 16.04
03:20<Guest19379>then doing it again would move to 18.04
03:20<Guest19379>then again will move to 19.10
03:20<virtual>depends if you want to stick to LTS
03:20<chesty>right except it won't go to 19.10
03:20<Unit193>Err, right. Sorry, I'm an idiot. I skipped once.
03:20<Guest19379>i have only 1 wordpress site running on it
03:20<virtual>Unit193: you were still valid :-D
03:21<Guest19379>will wordpress + php + mysql be able to cope up with blind update commands ?
03:21<virtual>Guest19379: oh hell, just back it up first, hopefully it works, if not, you can restore! :-D
03:21<Guest19379>oh ya
03:21<Guest19379>a server backup
03:21<virtual>I meant a wordpress backup - make sure media + themes and plugin list is backed up too, not just the SQL
03:22<Guest19379>so should i do this >> 1. create a backup of existing server 2. fire the upgrade commands on original server 3. if all goes well, be happy, if not, then restore
03:22<virtual>if it's not a problem if it's down for you, and you're comfortable putting the effort into restore, then sure.
03:22<Guest19379>by the way my server plan has that automatic backup
03:23<chesty>the other way to do it is backup wordpress, do a one click install of wordpress, restore wordpress backup onto new one click
03:23<virtual>For me, I would not be willing to do that - I would spin up a clone, repeat the upgrade process until all is as good as I can get it, and /then/ do it on the live one
03:24<virtual>I also promised myself I won't go that far out of date ever again :P
03:24<Guest19379>that sounds better
03:24<virtual>whatever you choose, good luck!
03:24<joecool>wordpress is generally pretty tolerant of new environments but if you have also not kept plugins up to date (or their devs haven't) you could be looking at site breakage on the php bumps
03:26<joecool>so it's my advice to clone server, use something like duplicator (wordpress plugin) to copy the install to a modern environment, and fix whatever might have broken
03:26<joecool>going the upgrade path on ubuntu majors might break server config, which you'll spend time fixing... only to find out the site now errors because it's not php7 compliant
03:39<Guest19379>virtual: where is the option to clone ?
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09:12<nate>Fremont seems really oddly funky lately to me, anyone else having connectivity issues?
09:14<dwfreed>(mtr can do icmp, udp, and tcp traces, though whatever port you specify may not like it doing that)
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09:17<nate>things seem okay, it's mostly just my stability to stuff like my BNC, just enough of a random hiccup to pop me off it, but not completely but just for certain connections out of the many many networks I lurk
09:18<nate>hm I wonder if it's maybe even the BNC itself, thinking of it it's kinda been like this ever since freenode did the shutdown that hopped me yesterday which oddly triggered a 250~ MBit/s burst from freenode that they have no idea on
09:18<nate>maybe just due a restart, goodness knows the whole system is well over due one
09:42<@pwoods>nate: did you perform a reboot, or see anything from an MTR report?
10:30<LouWestin>Nate you’re keeping us all in suspense!!
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11:13<lollo>How long does it take to verify?
11:13<lollo>new accounts
11:13<dwfreed>a few hours, or less; check your email, especially the spam folder
11:14<lollo>okay thank you :-)
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11:14<@pwoods>dwfreed: that wasn't nice.
11:18<@pwoods>We try to review signups in minutes, not hours.
11:19<dwfreed>I did say "or less"
11:19<dzho>dwfreed is doing you a kindness that you can't do for yourselves
11:20<@pwoods>dwfreed: :P
11:20<dwfreed>But there have been many occasions of people coming in here after several hours waiting for review
11:20<dzho>"go away and don't bug anyone until after your janky anti-spam system has finished chewing on all the crap and finally gets around to spitting out linode's response"
11:21<dzho>"go away until linode has a chance to run down your weird corner-case credit card"
11:21<@pwoods>I'd wager those people who have been waitng hours are either signing up at a time we're slammed with signups (not very common), or they didn't see any emails.
11:22<dzho>"double check your email, especially your spam folder" is a nicer thing for one of us to say than for one of you, too.
11:28<nate>pwoods: Nah like I said MTR was looking okay but I didn't run it non-stop, the hiccups are upwards of an hour apart. No reboot, that particular linode hasn't been rebooted probably since it's last migration lol. I've just been sidetracked with other stuff
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12:59<Dragon>can my linode get the coronavirus?
13:00<millisa>If you try hard enough, your linode can do anything!
13:01<dzho>your linode is capable of downloading the coronavirus genome sequence, same as any other Internet connected computer.
13:01<millisa>The only limit is yourself
13:01<dzho>please be advised that the command is 'wget' not 'get'
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13:34<Peng_>There's a Perl program called GET, though
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17:55<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance <> || Connectivity issues - Cloud Manager <> || Scheduled Network Maintenance <> || Scheduled Network Maintenance - EU-West (London) <> || Scheduled Network Maintenance - Newark <https://status.linode
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22:32<JON_SG>anyone knows where is linode servers for singapore ? and whats its tier?
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22:39<Peng_>JON_SG: Do you mean which specific data center? I don't think that's public information.
22:40<Peng_>JON_SG: It's a good data center, but that's not a specific answer.
22:40<Peng_>JON_SG: If you file a support ticket or email them you can probably get some more information.
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22:41<JON_SG>because i would like to know the tier.
22:41<JON_SG>but thanks for replying peng.
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22:48<Peng_>Hello, rcarvao
22:51<rcarvao>how are you Peng?
22:53<Peng_>I've been better, but I've also been worse. :D
22:53<millisa>not to worry, the week just started!
22:54*Peng_ coughs nervously
22:55<rcarvao>Because of the covid-19?
22:56<Peng_>By and large
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23:00<Ryu>I was wondering on the linode cloud where is the reverse DNS option?
23:01<Ikaros>Blagh, got everything screwed up lol
23:01*virtual hands Ikaros a screwdriver to undo the screws
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23:03<Ryu>thanks it used to tell me if the dns lookup was correct does it still do that?
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23:04<millisa>If you don't have an A record, it should still complain (it is mentioned near step 4 in the 'Setting Reverse DNS' section on that page)
23:06*millisa assumes and points at mcarvao?
23:06<rcarvao>haha. deu certo
23:07<rcarvao>thank you mellisa
23:16<Ryu>is there a tutorial about how to point url to linode servers?
23:18<Ryu>im wondering do i have to set reverse dns for the ipv6 settings too?
23:19<Peng_>Whether you "have to" set up reverse DNS depends on what you're doing.
23:19<Peng_>If you need it for IPv4, you probably also need it for IPv6.
23:20<Peng_>I think it's best to set it up whether you need it or not.
23:21<Ryu>I have a url registered at namecheap and im trying to point it to linode's nameservers
23:22<Ryu>I got the nameservers configured over on that end but i'm obviously don't have it configured in linode correctly
23:22<Peng_>Reverse DNS is separate from that
23:22<Peng_>What's your domain? What's going wrong?
23:23<Peng_>You don't *have* to use Linode's DNS service. You can keep using Namecheap's.
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23:23<Ryu>yea but my server is hosted on linode
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23:26<Peng_>If you tried to send me a private message, I have them blocked, sorry.
23:27<Ryu>Ah i see maybe it just takes time to propagate. I'm getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
23:29<Ryu>working now chrome just cached the broken version without www :(
23:30<joecool>yeah we're up to like 6 different caching providers and DNS servers embdedded in chrome, so no surprise there
23:31<joecool>going off memory it's something like chrome://net-internals and look for DNS in there to clear host cache
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