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07:16<linbot>New news from community: Creating Subdomains for LXD Containers <>
08:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I increase my Wordpress upload size? <>
09:05<AlexMax>Morning, hope everybody is staying safe. Where can I get access to the SOC 2 Type 2 audit that was presumably completed in January 2020?
09:14<@pwoods>AlexMax: best was to do that is by opening a Support ticket. For that DC, there's a NDA that needs to be signed first.
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09:15<AlexMax>Gotcha, thanks
09:24<LouWestin>Good morning! My Linode’s aren’t affected with the Corona virus, so life is good! 😉
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11:55<aldous>Hi, do you carry a tutorial on how to move a droplet from Digitalocean to Linode? I would like to move as an image or recovery image
11:55<nate>I would be immensely surprised if that were possible honestly
11:57<aldous>I am sure I am not the first person with such an idea
11:57<@pwoods>aldous: Not sure it would be an apples to apples image, but we do have a guide on transferring a disk over SSH:
11:59<aldous>Thank you pwoods, I will take a look!
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12:52<djp>hi. can somebody advise the best size linode to use for a small company that wishes to implement conference calls?
12:53<grawity>define 'small'
12:53<grawity>is it metric 'small' or american 'small'?
12:53<grawity>there's probably a 100x difference between the two
12:53<@pwoods>djp: is there any requirements listed for the software you're running, or looking to run?
12:54<djp>grawity, sure. we have a membership of roughly 800. however, the conferencing will be limited to smaller numbers, say 10 per conference.
12:54<@pwoods>This might also help:
12:54<millisa>And you can always start with the smallest nanode, and if it's not good enough, it's easy to resize
12:54<djp>pwoods, not that i can find. we've installed jitsi-meet on our linode but it is only a basic 2gb.
12:55<@pwoods>Are you seeing issues that is causing you to second guess your current resources?
12:56<djp>pwoods, well... i'm not sure if it's the size of our linode or jitsi-meet itself. when trying to test just a simple video/audio chat between 2 users, we have issues whereby one person can be seen and heard but not the other.
12:59<@pwoods>I'm not familiar with jitsi-meet, but I wonder if there's any logs that could be helpful here.
13:00<@pwoods>Linodes can be resized at anytime, so you can try that to test if it's a resources thing.
13:00<djp>pwoods, millisa thank you. from the link provided it would appear a dedicated cpu may be of benefit.
13:02<@pwoods>djp: I've seen even small amounts of steal cause performance issues with other VOIP software, so it may be the best option.
13:04<@pwoods>Some steal can be expected in a virtual hosting environment, but that software seems especially affected by any amount of steal.
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13:05<LouWestin>They might also want to double check thier internet connection speeds, both upload and download just to rule out anything there.
13:06<@pwoods>Good point, with most of the world now working from home, internet speeds everywhere could be affected.
13:07<LouWestin> has been pretty good with results
13:08<LouWestin>I would pay special attention to the upload speed
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13:10<LouWestin>I'm getting 353Mbps down and 23Mbps up with a little latency spike
13:11<LouWestin>When we're at an apartment with a 4 channel cable modem, prime time was horible with speeds.
13:15<LouWestin>I like that site because you can setup an over time based testing to see if and/or when you're getting lack spikes.
13:17<djp>weird. just upgraded to a dedicated cpu package and now i can't connect to the jitsi-meet instance. have rebooted the linode, nginx is running but connection is timing out.
13:26<millisa>you can still ssh in?
13:26<djp>millisa, yes
13:26<millisa>do you see the process running, port listening from the shell? firewall?
13:26<djp>millisa, have restarted all necessary services as well
13:27<millisa>what's the IP?
13:30<LouWestin>Check your firewall rules too. It's possible a setting didn't get saved after the reboot.
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13:50<djp>millisa, address is
13:51<LouWestin>I don't have a camera and mic, but it looks like I could set up a session.
13:53<millisa>i see 22,80, 443 open. is that all it uses?
13:54<djp>millisa, yes
13:54<djp>LouWestin, thanks
13:54<djp>yes i think it's my end
13:54<LouWestin>you're welcome. Could be your browser cache perhaps?
13:54<djp>at least the server appears to be working
13:55<LouWestin>What web broswer are you using? I used firefox on my end.
13:56<LouWestin>but sometimes I need to clear out the data/cache
13:58<LouWestin>Now it's currently timing out
14:31<djp>LouWestin, yeah... not sure what the issue is
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15:27<LouWestin>djp it's working again it looks like
15:48<linbot>New news from community: I need support rightnow <>
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18:52<djp>LouWestin, yes. hopefully a little more stable now. Thank you for all the help. Feel free to use.
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