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00:45<azure>any promo. codes? 🥺
00:45<millisa>There's usually one at the top of most the docs including the getting started guide
00:46<azure>alright, thanks!
00:46<@_brian>COMMUNITY10 should still be good for $10 on signup
00:47<azure>valid for how many days?
00:50<millisa>Can you ask that another way?
00:53<azure>i mean promo code validity
00:55<millisa>I don't think they guarantee how long a promo code will be available. But there's almost always one on the docs.
01:03<azure>no, I'm
01:03<azure>i want to know how log it will active in my account
01:12<Peng_>You mean if you don't spend it?
01:13<Peng_>It should last long enough for you to spend it.
01:14<Peng_>As far as I know, credit always exists forever (until it's spent or the planet is destroyed)
01:14<@_brian>the newer promo codes have expirations, but it really shouldn't take long to use $10 in credit when the cheapest plan is $5/mo
01:14<Peng_>Oh :D
01:15<Peng_>Since I was totally wrong, I'm glad I was a *little* equivocal at least
01:15<@_brian>also i checked and COMMUNITY10 expires in 90 days
01:18<azure>and DOCS20AA00X1?
01:20<@_brian>nice that one is even better, $20 non-expiring
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01:23<Peng_>That resembles a password more than a promo code, but awesome :D
01:23<millisa>it's the one at the top of the docs page right now
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01:29<Sakib>Who owns linode?
01:29<Sakib>How much money does he make?
01:30<dwfreed>As much as he decides to take out, which is presumably just enough to live the lifestyle he wants
01:30<Sakib>Alright. That was not my primary question.
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01:32<Sakib>Can I use a credit into multiple linode account?
01:32<@_brian>could you be more specific?
01:33<dwfreed>each account has its own balance; Linode staff can transfer credit between accounts if need be, but that's pretty rarely needed. Multiple accounts can have the same credit card information, if that's what you're asking
01:34<Sakib>Jake and Cake are two friends. Now they got only one credit card but wants separate linode account. Can they use that only one credit card to their own account?
01:35<Sakib>Okay!! Thanks!!
01:35<@_brian>jake and cake should know that as long as they both have access to the card, they can both authenticate to each other's accounts
01:36<Sakib>Yeah! Same for PayPal?
01:36<@_brian>we use the last 6 digits of the card on file for an account as an authentication method
01:36<Sakib>Okay!! Is there any crypto currency option available?
01:37<@_brian>no there is not
01:37<dwfreed>_brian: I think they're asking if they can use the same paypal information when adding credit
01:37<@_brian>yeah i was just typing that out, i think i misread
01:37<dwfreed>I would expect the answer to be yes, but paypal is after my time
01:37<@_brian>yes you can pay with the same paypal account on different accounts
01:38<Sakib>Ha. My bad. I'm sorry. My conversational English is not so good. :(
01:39<@_brian>no need to apologize. your english is better than any attempt i could make at another language :)
01:41<dwfreed>I know 2 phrases in French; one is "Do you speak French?" and the other won't be repeated, but it is said multiple times in an early 2000s pop song that was very popular at the time
01:42<Sakib>Is there any option to create an account without credit card number?
01:42<@_brian>there is not
01:43<Sakib>What if I deposit some money with PayPal?
01:43<dwfreed>You can't until you've finished the sign-up with a credit card
01:44<Sakib>Does linode accept debit card & prepaid card?
01:45<Sakib>Okay! That's great!
01:45<Sakib>No windows?
01:46<@_brian>we don't support it, but there are ways to get a windows instance running on a Linode
01:47<kenyon>photographic evidence can confirm, there are windows at linode
01:47<@_brian>here is a guide I found that it seems we've previously recommended:
01:48<@_brian>i've never used it myself
01:48<Sakib>Okay, I'll try! :D
01:49<Sakib>I own some azure and aws servers. They costs $$$$.. just for data transfers
01:50<Sakib>Maybe linode can help me to reduce my costs to $$$
01:50<Sakib>I found linode is soo cheap :D
01:50<@_brian>DOCS20AA00X1 - use that promo code when you sign up, you'll start with $20 in credit to go test with
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01:51<Sakib>Okay, I'll use it. Thanks btw
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01:53<Sakib>Does linode allow VPN?
01:53<Sakib>And torrent (legal files)
01:53<@_brian>yes for sure
01:53<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
01:54<@_brian>i would trust that more than the link i gave you before, Sakib
01:54<millisa>most anything (legal) is allowed. You'll want to review the TOS/AUP stuff -
01:55<@_brian>kenyon that image also says we're a bank 🤔
01:55<Sakib>Okay @brain
01:55<@_brian>bet you won't go ask for the ATM
01:56<Sakib>@millisa I'm not gonna read this. It's huge :0
01:58<@_brian>- every end user, ever
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02:13<sakibmahmud>Hello! :D
02:14<sakibmahmud>Just checking :D
02:14<millisa>Check confirmed.
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02:20<linbot>New news from community: Pushing to git via https gives error 22, cloning works fine <>
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15:57<dzho>!to Anonymous_ ask
15:57<linbot>Anonymous_: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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18:15<TheNavigamer>Hi, does anyone know if you can set up Resilio Sync on a Linode storage option?
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18:17<@_brian>according to the Wiki it works with Linux. is there a specific storage type you're concerned with?
18:20<@_brian>reading more about it on their site, it looks like it should work fine
18:20<Unit193>Bittorrent sync, so if other sync options would work than it would too. I have it on a..different server, it's handy.
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21:31<LouWestin>net split?
21:33<Peng_>Seems so
21:37<LouWestin>Don't see those too often.
21:38<LouWestin>So we can't point the finger at @mcintosh this time? ;-) ;-)
21:40<Peng_>Somebody was driving the backhoe :D
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21:52<LouWestin>I'm sure dwfreed will come in here and give a technical explanation as to what happened at some point.
21:54<wraeth>I believe the technical explanation is "computer said no".
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23:22<Sim_>Hi, I had closed my account and unable to retrieve the invoice.
23:22<Sim_>Can you email me the invoice pdf file for Linode - Invoice [15571298]
23:36<dwfreed>Sim_: you'd need to contact support at
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