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01:43<qc>we want install intl extension into centos 7
01:43<qc>how can i do it?
01:43<qc>PHP version 7.2.28
01:44<qc>Are u there?
01:44<millisa>Did you install it from a repo?
01:44<qc>i have tried this command but not working -
01:45<qc>yum --enablerepo=remi install php-intl
01:45<millisa>Is that what remi calls their php package?
01:45<qc>Error getting repository data for remi, repository not found
01:45<millisa>Do you have the remi repo installed? How did you install php72?
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01:46<qc>yes, there is installe php 7.2
01:46<qc>but we want to add extension intl
01:46<qc>how can do it?
01:46<qc>please help me
01:46<millisa>You haven't answered a single question.
01:47<millisa>If you type 'rpm -qa |grep php' what does it call the main php package?
01:47<qc>let me do it
01:50<qc>yes there were found list of package like "ea-php73-php-imap-7.3.15-1.1.3.cpanel.x86_64", "ea-php72-php-cli-7.2.28-1.1.3.cpanel.x86_64" etc
01:50<millisa>are you using cpanel?
01:50<millisa>then you likely are not using the remi repository
01:51<millisa>login to cpanel, look under your easy apache settings in the php extensions settings. The intl extension should be there.
01:52<qc>what should to do for install extension intl, soap, zip
01:52<millisa>login to cpanel, look under your easy apache settings in the php extensions
01:52<qc>ok, let me do it
01:55<millisa>It's this section:
01:55<qc>okay thank you
02:00<qc>i found and i click on next - shoud i save as profile or click on next - please let me know
02:02<millisa>You'd go through easy apache like you did when y ou setup 72 and 73. Supposedly you can also do a 'yum install ea-php72-php-intl' to get the easy apache package versions too
02:03<millisa>They talk about it at the bottom of this doc:
02:10<qc>that help lot - i have run command using ssh that is below and it works
02:10<qc>yum install ea-php72-php-intl yum install ea-php72-php-zip yum install ea-php72-php-soap
02:10<millisa>you may need to restart apache or php-fpm, depending on which you are using.
02:10<qc>should i restart apache?
02:10<qc>please provide command?
02:12<millisa>there's a 'restart services' section in whm for them. systemctl restart httpd <---probably works for apache. systemctl restart ea-php##-php-fpm should do the respective php-fpm
02:16<qc>okay, it is working fine & again thank you
02:16<millisa>sure thing
02:17<qc>can you help me about magento 2 command run using ssh
02:17<qc>i have tried but they don't get output
02:17<millisa>I don't know a whole lot about magento.
02:17<qc>ohh... thank you. let me do myend
02:18<millisa>you might have better luck asking on a magento forum/irc channel
02:18<millisa>(I mean, someone here, might know the answer, but it's not really a linode specific question)
02:22<qc>how i can increase php memory because we need more php memory required
02:23<millisa>This doc goes over using their multiphp ini editor -
02:24<millisa>sorry, that's an older doc. This one is current:
02:26<millisa>Or on the cpanel side -
02:30<qc>let me do it
02:36<qc>it works :)
02:36<qc>Thank You :)
02:56<linbot>New news from community: Linode vs. distribution kernel <>
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04:20<qc>are you there?
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05:44<qc>are u there?
05:47<qc>please respond ...
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05:56<qc>are u there?
05:56<qc>please respond
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05:57<ff_>i have query
05:58<Xion_>!to ff_ ask
05:58<linbot>ff_: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
05:58<ff_>how r u?
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05:59<ff_>i want install sodium extension into apache - how i can do it?
05:59<Suresh>Hey guys little help. I can't abel to signup for the new account on Linode at all.. None of my cards are working.. Even I tried my wife card too. can't able too signup at all.
06:00<Suresh>I'm looking to signup for the object storage plan
06:00<ff_>how r u suresh?
06:01<Suresh>I'm all good :) thanks for asking.
06:02<ff_>i want install sodium extension into apache - how i can do it?
06:03<ff_>r u there?
06:03<ff_>please answer
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09:37<linbot>New news from community: What does a "Unknown system type" error mean when attempting to compile Postfix 2.11 from source? <>
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12:17<packetcat>the IPv6 address for the Atlanta speedtest node is broken FYI - 2600:3c02::4b -
12:18<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^ I blame you
12:18<dwfreed>I know it's not your fault, but I blame you anyway
12:24<linbot>New news from blog: What Can Computers Do To Help Fight CoVID-19? <>
12:37<@mcintosh>packetcat: thanks - we're looking into it
12:37<@mcintosh>dwfreed: tbf maybe not likely my fault but definitely not out of the question that it could've been lol
13:15<rnowak>"maybe not likely my fault", classic mcintosh, sounds suspicious
13:24<linbot>New news from blog: 2019: A Big Year of Innovation for Linode and a Big Thank You to Our Customers <>
13:32<cruxeternus>New news? Oh boy...
13:42<LouWestin>It’s good news and looking forward to this year from Linode.
13:44<dwfreed>it's more just how linbot handles changes in the RSS feed
13:45<dwfreed>that post was pushed off the feed when the COVID-19 post was published, and then the COVID-19 post was deleted, so it came back; linbot, having forgotten about it, announced it again
13:49<millisa>weird. blog entry was still on the site. though I'm not sure I'd want to encourage folks "here use up cpu!" on shared cpu setups.
13:49<dwfreed>millisa: CF cache
15:38<virtual>CF cache?
15:38<millisa>(i was still seeing the cache)
15:38<virtual>I thought thatwas in response tot he shared cpu thing :)
15:38<virtual>Bleh, I should also not try to type, it seems
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17:21<packetcat>I have a VM over at DO that I would like to move over to Linode, does the dd the disk over technique still work?
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17:23<packetcat>I suppose it would just be easier ot migrate the icinga2 installation over instead
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17:30<chesty>I think networking and console might need adjusting amongst other things. i would do a fresh install and dump/restore the icinga database and rsync the files
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19:40<LouWestin>Debian put out last week that the Bullseye freeze will be starting early next year.
22:30<linbot>New news from community: Linode Block Service, FreeBSD volume <>
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23:00<linbot>New news from community: /56 vs /64 IPv6 block on Linode <>
23:04<Peng_>IPv6 between Charter and Atlanta/Dallas not doing so well right now. Florida to Georgia by way of California with half the packets lost along the way! :D
23:05<Peng_>Maybe HE, Tata or Telia had an issue in Ashburn and they're taking the long, overloaded way now
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