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03:21<Peng>^ That was fixed eventually
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03:35<reve>hello guys
03:35<reve>anybody there
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04:18<chander004>need help
04:19<chander004>unable to upload or create folder in linode server
04:19<chander004>i'm using bitvise
04:20<chander004>when i try to upload a folder it gives an error "Permission denied"
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04:31<linbot>New news from community: access object storage from a stateless command line <>
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05:54<chnader004>need help
05:55<chnader004>anyone there?
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08:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
08:19<wraeth>chnader004: ^
08:21<wraeth>Oh, I see you did.
08:22<wraeth>chnader004: I don't know that application, but probably have a look at its logs (look at the documentation if you don't know where it is). It will hopefully give you more information about what the permission issue is.
08:22<chnader004>i create new wp on my server
08:23<chnader004>also create new DB for it
08:24<chnader004>but i'm unable to assign new user for that DB
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08:52<wraeth>You'd need to give details like any error messages you get for anyone to be able to help.
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09:32<bbigger_>chnader004 here's our docs guidance for mysql in case it helps:
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10:03<linbot>New news from community: Setup Multiple SSL certificate <>
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11:29<John>Can you help me with a question please?
11:29<linbot>John: If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:30<John>Is it possible to buy gpu per hour instead of per month?
11:30<dwfreed>All linode billing is per hour
11:30<John>Thanks! :D .D
11:30<dwfreed>the per month pricing is just what it would be if you kept the machine for a whole month
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12:07<elhaski>Hi any Linode sales or support department here?
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12:24<chat_people>anybody there
12:24<chat_people>linde support ticket response very slow
12:25<millisa>if you throw the ticket number in here, one of the staff might see it
12:25<millisa>if it's something a non-staff person could help with, ask away\
12:28*LouWestin is patiently waiting. The suspense is terrible
12:30<jkwood>Gotta get you some new suspenders then
12:30<millisa>i like the ones that hook under the belt
12:31<millisa>these kinda perry suspenders are best:
12:32<jkwood>Call me old-fashioned, but I like button suspenders, the kind you have to have buttons on your pants for.
12:32<millisa>oh. right. with pants.
12:33<LouWestin>I think they’re making a comeback
12:33<jkwood>Sorry, forgot the country is currently in no-pants mode
12:33<LouWestin>It’s only no pants mode if you’re working from home
12:34*millisa furiously takes notes.
12:35<LouWestin>My wife and teen daughter think me getting suspenders would be cool. I’ll take that as a good sign.
12:36<LouWestin>On the part about no pants, just make the webcam doesn’t expose anything you didn’t intend to expose.
12:36<jkwood>They don't go with my usual Hawaiian shirts these days, but I do wear them when cowboy action shooting.
12:36<LouWestin>Yeah Hawaiian shirts are best left without suspenders
12:37<millisa>now that I might dispute.
12:38<LouWestin>try it with and with out to see what ya think
12:39<jkwood>About the only want to make it work is to wear a t-shirt underneath, and wear the suspenders over the t-shirt but under the Hawaiian shirt.
12:39<jkwood>And that's just a lot of work.
12:41<LouWestin>There ya go! Best of both worlds!
12:42<LouWestin>Well... chat_people we’re waiting!
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12:46<LouWestin>He must’ve gotten his response from support.
12:55<Zr40>so slow
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13:11<Yuri>Q: My site won't resolve without adding www to the URL is this a setting I have to chance on Linode or on my server?
13:13<millisa>Do you have a DNS entry for the non-www record? Did you setup your vhost to answer for that name?
13:13<nate>Did you create a DNS record for non-www?
13:14<Yuri>no I don't i will add it now
13:15<Yuri>do i need the www. entry anymore?
13:15<dwfreed>you should have both
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13:41<LouWestin>Zr40: what’s so slow?
13:45<Zr40>LouWestin: clearly not support :)
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13:50<temp1234>Hi, I'm a prospective customer wondering if Nanodes have IP4 addresses.
13:50<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:50<millisa>(they do)
13:51<temp1234>I thought I saw on website only information about IP6, thank you for confirming
13:51<temp1234>(Whereas full Linode section of website mentions IP4 address as well)
13:51<millisa>a nanode is a linode, just smaller.
13:51<temp1234>Ok, great, thank you!
13:51<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
13:52<millisa>(I forgot the alias)
13:52<temp1234>I was wondering what it did
13:52<millisa>common questions, common answers
13:52<temp1234>It would be cool to update website too :)
13:53<millisa>They used to have a feedback link on the pages, which one were you looking at?
13:53<temp1234>Let me find it again
13:54<LouWestin>Welcome temp1234 been a Linode customer for several years now. I run two Nanodes
13:56<millisa>i guess the 'all of our packages include...' section at the bottom of the pricing page only mentions ipv6 specifically.
13:57<temp1234>I'm having trouble finding the page, but I think I was wondering if Nanode was a full Linode. I read that all Linodes have IP4 addresses, saw that "Linodes" are $10, and was wondering if Nanode has fewer features since it starts at $5. On the pricing page it says "all of our packages include" ip6 support, so I assumed that means everything has IP6 address but maybe not IP4
13:57<millisa>I keep expecting them to do some difference service level for the nanode, but it's been out for more than a year and they haven't yet.
13:57<temp1234>Yes, so maybe if it says all packages have IP4 and IP6 address
13:57<millisa>at the moment, it's just a linode that's small and fun to say
13:58<millisa>you can resize in/out of them just like any other plan
13:58<temp1234>Oh ok. So $5 nanode will continue to have an IP4 address?
13:58<millisa>they work like a linode in every single way;.
13:58<temp1234>(I am just wondering because I hear about running out of IP4 every once in a while)
13:59<temp1234>(And Verizon customers don't have IP6 yet)
13:59<temp1234>Ok, well that's good to hear
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14:04*LouWestin screams at temp1234 YES YOU GET AN IP4 ADDRESS FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME!
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14:19<dwfreed>LouWestin: do nanodes have IP4 addresses?
14:19*dwfreed ducks
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15:04<KillerBeef>I want to learn more about Linode and how I can build a gaming server.
15:05<millisa>Have you checked out their docs? there's a getting started guide in there that gives a good intro. There's also docs on several gaming server setups
15:05<millisa>Getting started -
15:05<KillerBeef>Oh, nice. I think I missed those.
15:05<KillerBeef>What have you used Linode for so far?
15:05<millisa>A whole section for game servers:
15:05<KillerBeef>How does it compare to AWS?
15:06<millisa>Personally I've used it for factorio/terraria gaming. But mostly I use it for web based service delivery type things (and maybe a few vpn/bastion type systems)
15:06<millisa>Linode is often cheaper than AWS. The pricing is much easier to figure out, that's for sure.
15:06<KillerBeef>That's cool.
15:07<KillerBeef>All of my servers have been hardware based so far.
15:07<KillerBeef>I'm not familiar with cloud computing.
15:07<millisa>Welcome to the new era then.
15:07<KillerBeef>So a big learning curve.
15:07<millisa>Once you go to letting someone else manage the hardware, you don't want to go back.
15:07<KillerBeef>I'm working on my LFCS right now and LFCE.
15:08<KillerBeef>It seems that would simplify things and harware can be a pain sometimes.
15:08<KillerBeef>I do like working with physical objects, though.
15:11<KillerBeef>Oh, wow this is cool. I just saw from that link you sent they have a guide for Ark Survival evolved.
15:11<KillerBeef>That's exactly what I wanted.
15:12<millisa>it's for 16.04 - you may want to try the steps on the more recent ubuntu lts - the steps wont be *that* different
15:13<KillerBeef>Yeah. I work with Ubuntu all the time.
15:13<KillerBeef>I switched to Linux like 6 years ago and my first OS was Arch Linux. I ended up learning the hard way.
15:14<KillerBeef>I love Arch, though.
15:14<millisa>you can use arch if you want; they have that distro ready to deploy easily
15:14<KillerBeef>I mostly use Ubuntu or Mint now.
15:14<KillerBeef>That would be awesome
15:14<millisa>(you can install custom distros too, but it takes a little more work)
15:15<millisa>(though I'm not sure the last updated column is right in that distributions page - we were talking about it last week)
15:16<KillerBeef>I may try Arch. It's really fast most of the time and lean.
15:16<KillerBeef>I don't think I've used it for a server before.
15:24<linbot>New news from community: How do I use Block Storage with FreeBSD? <>
15:24<KillerBeef>Well, after reading through Server Fault it can be amazing, but I'm also trying to teach someone how to do this without hardware.
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15:25<KillerBeef>If it was my server I could probably navigate this on my own, but my partner in this endeavor is only minimally aquainted with Linux and typically uses Windows systems.
15:26<millisa>Show them the light.
15:26<KillerBeef>I shall.
15:26<KillerBeef> I saw them build a simple app the other day and I was happy to see how happy they were to accomplish this.
15:26<KillerBeef>Now I just have to convert them to Linux.
15:27<KillerBeef>The thing is most gamers are used to Windows and I totally get why. It's so easy to get games going.
15:29<KillerBeef>Is the right column on the distros where the error was? It think 18.04 is already EOL because that's what I run on my test server for LFCS.
15:30<KillerBeef>For the distros page you sent, Millisa.
15:30<millisa>no, the 'updated' column is likely when linode created the original image they are using; they potentially have updated that image since that point
15:30<millisa>The EOL columns I think are mostly right.
15:31<@_brian>That date is also the "End of Standard Support" for Ubuntu 18.04
15:31<@_brian>the EOL is April 2028
15:59<KillerBeef>Oh, I must have got confused about what version that was.
16:00<KillerBeef>Thanks for clearing that up. Makes more sense now.
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16:54<linbot>New news from community: How do I automate creating Linodes along with DNS records of the same name? <>
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21:17<LouWestin>@dwfrees mm
21:18<LouWestin>dwfreed: lol they run over a POTS line 😉
21:20<LouWestin>I was being extra dramatic cause I’m a goof. Of course I don’t want to scare away new customers so I waited till he was gone.
21:20<@_brian>introducing the Microde^TM; an instance with no networking at all. only LISH
21:21<millisa>That should help me with hipaa compliance
21:22<LouWestin>lol! Nope gotta make sure that server cabinet is locked 😉
21:22<millisa>a microde would be bigger than a nanode wouldn't it?
21:23<millisa>and it should be arm based. because that would be right.
21:23<Peng_>or you can get a Decimicrode: it supports networking, but only IPv8. with NAT.
21:24<LouWestin>I think they run those off Raspberry Pi.
21:25<LouWestin>IPv8 1024 bit addressing
21:25<LouWestin>Is that right?
21:26<dzho>we'd have to depict the addresses using base-54 encoding
21:26<millisa>finally. a use for wingdings
21:29<dzho>base54, base58, whatever it takes
21:30<@_brian>this is great, but can you lease me a new /512 for my smart toaster vlan?
21:31<Peng_>Sure, it each address costs one satoshi
21:32<Toba>_brian: just ask and it's yours for life!
21:33<LouWestin>Linode could offer each customer a hundred IPs for no extra charge.
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22:22<dzho>each heating filament has its own subnet
22:30<millisa>my sims want to play network games with other peoples sims and the game doesnt do well with nat
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