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02:12<KillerBeef>Anyone else running or trying to run game servers?
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02:16<millisa>why are you asking? (people run game servers, sure)
02:18<KillerBeef>We were talking about it earlier you and I. Just wondering if anyone had tips to share. I'm going to try that tutorial you sent pretty soon.
02:18<KillerBeef>But also I think with any new server attempt I get a bit nervous.
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02:19<KillerBeef>The first server I set up was Ubuntu and some of it had me pulling my hair out. But since them I have gained a bit more confidence.
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03:28<Guest19884>Hi I have a Ruby on Rails web site which runs a video library and we store videos on Amazon S3 never had issues but we are expecting 40 concurrent users today login in for watching live stream from Vimeo. they will login to my site & watch the live stream through an iframe
03:28<Guest19884>I am wondering f my site will cope interns of database connections etc
03:29<Guest19884>can anyone advise thanks
03:35<rsdehart>you haven't said what plan you have, but even if you had, we couldn't predict
03:35<virtual>it's difficult for us to say, how much load does one user cause on your application, can you extrapolate out from there?
03:36<virtual>Sounds like something only your own benchmarking would be able to answer
03:36<rsdehart>but if vimeo is serving up the video I can't imagine just logging in 40 times would make or break your site
03:37<virtual>I mean, what's a database doing here - just the login aspect? If so, and the video itself is streaming direct from vimeo -> client via the iframe, I wouldn't expect there to be any issue
03:37<rsdehart>virtual: ^5
03:37<virtual>heh, I thought yours was more succinct :-)
03:39<Guest19884>yes people login the I have lots of events with the data stored in the data base people make a request for a list off events they are then processed by rails and presented to the client
03:39<rsdehart>40 is a rather modest number of users really
03:40<Guest19884>I have been running the web site as Ruby on Rails since about 2009
03:40<rsdehart>but if people are going to be watching video they probably won't be navigating the site so much
03:41<Guest19884>I have no experience in monitoring web site it has just really worked for me everyone has to login to have access sort
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03:42<Guest19884>we have another web site which we used last night which had trouble handling 400 concurrent users its a Drupal web site so the pages are more html pages I don't run it
03:43<Guest19884>I have a 2GB lined with 1 cpu
03:44<Guest19884>I get spikes now & then couple times of day in CPU usage etc else its hardly been used
03:44<Guest19884>So I should be ok if not go from there? how would I learn about managing this stuff Google?
03:47<virtual>Guest19884: your question is still too vague. Imagine if someone asked you whether their computer was fast enough for a game. They gave you the computer specs, but they didn't tell you what the game was
03:48<virtual>no one knows your application, except yourself.
03:48<virtual>you could try and bench mark it - say, 1 to 5 concurrent users, see how the load goes up (if at all!). I mean, 40 users really doesn't sound like a big deal.
03:48<virtual>But it depends if your database queries for the event listing thing is well tuned or not.
03:49<virtual>and how much data is being looked up, etc.
04:01<Guest19884>ok thank you - to start bench marking should I just google how to bench mark?
04:03<Guest19884>re database queries I have spent a lot of time optimising the search but its a cross 10 tables or more I di have a slow search query once so spent time on it improving query time significantly
04:04<virtual>that's a really good question :) There are tools to help benchmarking - but I haven't done anything in the modern web era. At the very least, I would simply take a look at the workflow you're concerned about, run it a few times on the server, check the load out on the server - does the cpu usage/memory/disk activity go up heavily - does it slow down further with every new browser you login to the site,
04:05<virtual>er 'run it a few times on your browser, and then check the load on the server'. simple stuff like checking the developer tools -> network view on the browser initially.
04:07<Guest19884>oh yes I do all the stuff doing development. I look for intense database queries and see what I can do to make them fly. Thanks for sharing
04:08<Guest19884>yes I can also do the
04:08<Guest19884>that I have a staging web site to test code before running live
04:09<Guest19884>& of course I can play with the live web site but is should like I could not have any issues Thanks
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04:10<virtual>good luck later, Guest19884!
04:10<Guest19884>Thanks good to have a conversation
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04:13<_rdparty2>Hello, I'm a client of a service that according to a lookup, utilizes your servers. I am attempting to a server hosted by you all, however my request keeps getting timed out. Odd thing is, other people who attempt to connect to the servers can do so just fine
04:15<virtual>_rdparty2: do you think you might be being filtered by the service? Do they have any suggestions?
04:15<virtual>I don't believe there any restrictions network wide that might be affecting you vs others, so it would likely be locally configured by the service provider.
04:17<_rdparty2>> might be being filtered by the service? Do they have any suggestions?
04:17<_rdparty2>I dont think so, but they suggested setting my dns to, but that didnt help
04:18<virtual>I'm assuming this is a TCP connection you are making? What's the error you get?
04:18<_rdparty2>Request timed out
04:18<virtual>connection refused, connection timed out, (you say timed out)
04:18<virtual>how are you checking?
04:18<_rdparty2>Ping via CMD
04:19<virtual>oh, that's not a good check - that's a totally different protocol to what you're likely trying to use on the service
04:19<_rdparty2>Tried visiting it too via browser bc i was curious, same thing
04:19<virtual>is sharing the service something you're willing to do? might hep
04:19<virtual>help too
04:19<virtual>also I'm not very good with windows, don't know if you can 'nc' (netcat) to a port, or telnet to a port.
04:20<_rdparty2>fwiw i do have WSL so i can run that command
04:20<_rdparty2>though to be honest i wouldnt know how to use it
04:20<_rdparty2>Also the service is a proxy service
04:21<virtual>okay, if you know what port the service runs on, then just do 'nc <ip> <port>'
04:21<virtual>ohh, wonder if your own service provider is blocking access to the proxy?!
04:21<_rdparty2>I considered it, but the thing is, it was working 2 hours ago
04:22<_rdparty2>Suddenly stopped
04:22<_rdparty2>and IIRC it tends to happen often, but their support always tells me the same thing of "set your dns to", which doesnt help
04:22<_rdparty2>and i ask other people and they have no issues
04:22<_rdparty2>so kind of at a crossroads
04:23<_rdparty2>figured maybe you all could be of assistance moreso than them since you own the server
04:23<virtual>ahh. I am notLinode staff. I amjust a user!
04:23<_rdparty2>Ah okay no problem lol
04:23<virtual>Sounds like a service issue, if this happens often..
04:24<virtual>I don't think even if you got Linode staff, that you'd be able to get much better answers as to what might be wrong (I could be wrong of course).
04:24<_rdparty2>Yea guess youre right
04:24<_rdparty2>I appreciate the help
04:24<_rdparty2>You have a good day
04:24<virtual>no worries, sorry, and goodluck.
04:24<virtual>you too
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04:26<Peng_>...Folks shouldn't use unless they're Level 3 customers...
04:27<virtual>heh. I didn't know that. I hadn't heard of that one, just assumed it was another Google one.
05:08<KillerBeef>Nos vemos
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10:31<FluffyFoxeh>Peng_: Whyn't?
11:42<dwfreed> is one thing I found
11:43<dwfreed>they have stopped returning NXDOMAIN
11:44<dwfreed>oh, I guess they actually stopped doing that since
11:44<dwfreed>that post is 4 years old
11:51<Toba>i hate those nxdomain rewrite fuckers
11:51<Zr40>FluffyFoxeh: because they haven't promised to serve your queries
11:51<Toba>and i used to work for one of them
11:51<Zr40>you may find that dns resolution may just stop working some day
11:52<dwfreed>the odds of them actually doing that are low, but they might one day decide to start rewriting NXDOMAIN again
11:53<Zr40>I'd consider that 'stopped working'
11:55<chesty>I have no idea what is, first time I've heard of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they now redirect non level 3 customers to the public server
11:55<Zr40>it, and .1, are anycast addresses that happen to serve recursive dns queries
11:55<chesty>by who?
11:56<Zr40>...level 3
11:56<dwfreed>level3 has through
11:56<chesty>oh. haha. I thought level 3 was a google customer that paid for level 3 support
11:56<dwfreed>google is and
11:57<dwfreed>level3 is a transit company
11:57<dwfreed>one of the largest tier 1s
11:57<Zr40>cloudflare has and
11:57<chesty>what's opendns?
11:57<chesty>I should look it up
11:57<chesty>oh, not reliable?
11:57<chesty>I was thinking about changing from to opendns
11:57<Zr40>iirc they pulled nxdomain shenanigans too
11:59<linbot>New news from community: How do I setup expire headers in Apache? <>
11:59<chesty>jusy my perception of the two companies. not based on reality. but I'm worried cloudflare has a lot of metadata they can use for tracking
12:00<Zr40>don't worry, if that's what you're concerned about they don't need to resolve DNS to do that
12:03<chesty>if I log into a website fronted by cloudflare, then my ip address looks up the domain which isn't fronted by cloudflare, if I use cloudflare knows (I'm not overly concerned, but I don't want to make it easy on them)
12:04<chesty>most of my dns look ups go through a vpn anyway, so 1000s of different people are looking up domain using the same ip address as me
12:07<chesty>I don't believe my vpn isn't tracking me either, but they are a european company and I trust them more than american companies atm
12:07<Zr40>I run my own vpn, I'm certain it doesn't track me
12:07<chesty>but how many people use your vpn?
12:08<Zr40>only me
12:08<chesty>so your vpn's ip address == you
12:08<Zr40>yes, but it's no different than not using it and using the home connection
12:09<chesty>I agree. I really don't trust isp. much better than isp's for sure
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12:20<@pwoods>Hello wpshopmart
12:20<wpshopmart>need help
12:20<wpshopmart>my website not running
12:20<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
12:20<wpshopmart>This site can’t be took too long to respond.
12:21<@pwoods>\mouse disable
12:21<wpshopmart>it's happen everyday 8 to 10 times
12:21<@pwoods>I don't see an A record for
12:23<@pwoods>wpshopmart: Hmm, it's loading for me now that I have the right URL
12:24<wpshopmart>everyday my site shutdown or not running for 10 minutes 7 to 10 times in a day
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12:24<@pwoods>wpshopmart: is there anything in the logs for the web server?
12:24<LouWestin>I don’t mess with DNS. I just use Linode’s DNS and be done with it.
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12:27<LouWestin>I think his website is down again.
12:29<@pwoods>Yeah. I hope the logs provide some clarity for them.
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14:38<Toba>If you are a skilled person and feel powerless in this situation read and sign up if applicable.
14:41<Zr40>your https is broken
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14:43<Toba>it's not my site
14:43<Toba>but i will email them about it, thanks
14:49<linbot>New news from community: How do I separate billing by client or tag? <>
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15:01<LouWestin>Toba: cert is untrusted
15:02<Toba>Dear Eric,
15:02<Toba>Thanks a lot for your email. We are aware of the problem and we are on it, but thanks a lot for offering your help!
15:02<Toba>^ reply from the project.
15:02<Toba>They are on it :)
15:02<Toba>Crowdfight COVID-19 team
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15:47<abdallah>Your credit card expiration date is invalid.
15:47<abdallah>why ?
15:47<abdallah>i try to sign up
15:47<millisa>I'd guess that the card has an invalid date?
15:48<abdallah>no no it's working
15:49<dzho>!to abdallah ops
15:49<linbot>abdallah: Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
15:49<chesty>what does the form look like? does it have a box for the month and a box for the year? i don't remember
15:50<abdallah>mm/yy >> 11/21
15:52<chesty>hmmm, I'm looking at and it has a drop down for the month and a drop down for the year.
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15:55<chesty>I guess the sign up form is different
15:56<abdallah>no different
15:57<abdallah>The problem is still there
16:08<chesty>I meant the form I was looking at must be different to sign up form you're looking at. hang around, wait for ops.
16:11<abdallah>i'm wait
16:13<@rgerke>abdallah: Hi! I'm with the Linode Supprt team. Having trouble signing up?
16:14<abdallah>Your credit card expiration date is invalid.
16:15<@rgerke>I'm taking a look now.
16:16<@rgerke>Use two digits for the month and 4 for the year. Example : MM/YYYY
16:19<abdallah>ahhh ok i got it thx
16:20<@rgerke>Yeah - 11/2021 :)
16:23<abdallah>thx <3 <3
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17:56<kero>i want know do linode accept porn site for hostin
17:57<millisa>Generally, if it's legal, it's ok . You'll want to review the assorted TOS/Legal docs at
17:58<kero>but do linode accept debit card
18:02<kero>millisa i'm don't found any thing for accept linode hosting porn content
18:04<kero>i hope reply for my Question
18:04<dwfreed>the TOS doesn't cover every specific situation, that'd be impossible
18:05<@rgerke>kero: As long as the content is legal and complies with our terms of service, you can host whatever you'd like.
18:06<kero>ok thanks for answer
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20:10<Peng_>Zr40: OpenDNS stopped the NXDOMAIN shenanigans. (And before that you could register an account and turn it off for your IP.)
20:10<Unit193>Oh? Nifty.
20:10<dwfreed>NXDOMAIN shenanigans don't work with Chrome anyway
20:11<Toba>anti-shenanigan shenigans are built in?
20:11<dwfreed>heh, yeah
20:11<Peng_>yes, so that only Google can show you ad-laden search pages when you type things
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20:12<Unit193>And firefox uses DoH, so bypasses your settings anyway.
20:14<dwfreed>it looks up 3 random names that have an extremely low probability of all existing; if it gets the same answer for all 3, it assumes that shenanigans are happening, and translates that answer back into NXDOMAIN for any other queries
20:14<Peng_>Yes, it's probably a significant source of root DNS server traffic. :>
20:15<dwfreed>I doubt it's insignificant, at least
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20:16<Unit193>NXDOMAIN shenanigans are fun when you typo a /connect... >_>
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20:19<Toba>uther: your name wouldn't happen to be Ned would it
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20:23<LouWestin>The only time I recall seeing spoofed domains was when bots were trying to look like legitimate traffic connecting to my web server. Not sure if that’s the same thing you’re taking about?
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20:25<LouWestin>I foget now what’s that network command I ran to view connections....
20:26<LouWestin>Don’t tell me, it’ll come back in a minute!
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23:22<Parinioa>Has anyone ever had /dev/null just up and disappear on them? I just had it happen on my linode and a few minutes later a blank file replaced it.
23:24<Peng_>Not that I've noticed, but I don't monitor /dev/null either. :P
23:24<Peng_>By "a blank file" do you mean a regular file or a device node?
23:24<Peng_>Sounds like something that could happen by accident with some incorrect script running as root
23:24<Parinioa>a regular file with 0 size. It also looked to be "updated" at least every minute
23:25<Parinioa>I'm sure I've got a script or two that redirects to /dev/null, but that wouldn't replace the node with a file
23:26<Peng_>It wouldn't delete it, but it would inadvertently create it again if something else deleted it. (If running as root.)
23:27*Parinioa sighs
23:27<Parinioa>That sounds reasonable, and means I need to audit all of my scripts
23:32<Parinioa>Thank you Peng_. I just found the script and it does exactly what you described.
23:34<Peng_>FWIW, you can create a null device with mknod. Not sure of the exact options, or the correct permissions or whatever, though.
23:35<Peng_>It would probably get recreated automatically when you reboot or something, but in the meantime things would malfunction.
23:36<Parinioa>Yea, I didn't want to reboot, so I recreated /dev/null as the node it's supposed to be. The system was much happier after that.
23:43<virtual>wow, nice one :-)
23:43<virtual>Parinioa: you could say that you sent /dev/null to /dev/null? :P
23:44<virtual>!point Peng_
23:44<linbot>virtual: Point given to peng_. (19)
23:44<virtual>for le quick thinking :)
23:46<Xion_>Parinioa: did /dev get umounted?
23:47<virtual>Xion_: it was apparently a script that was deleting /dev/null, if I understood correctly above.
23:48<Xion_>Oh, didn't know you could delete nodes in devfs
23:49<Parinioa>Yea, a bug in a script deleted /dev/null. It was using it as a placeholder for a non-existant file. It then removed the "temporary" non-existant file, and *poof* /dev/null was nullified
23:49<virtual>I'm also impressed you found it in 5 minutes
23:50<virtual>clearly you are organised
23:50<Parinioa>Keeping all the custom scripts in /opt/bin, and a little bit of grep-fu go a long way
23:51<virtual>I think I would've had to 'grep -r /dev/null /' and waited a few years.
23:51<virtual>or something.
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