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01:02<Killer_Beef>I just set up my first Linode. It's an Ark Survival Evolved Server.
01:02<Killer_Beef>Not sure if it's working.
01:02<Woet>not sure either.
01:02<Killer_Beef>I pinged it and it's all good there. Anyone in the mood to run a test for me?
01:02<Woet>depends what you need tested
01:02<Killer_Beef>Just someone to try and connect
01:03<Woet>why don't you try to connect?
01:03<Killer_Beef>Linode dashboard says it's running. I tried to connect already and I'm just trying to see if it's something exclusive to my computer or something else.
01:04<Killer_Beef>It just says that it cannot connect.
01:04<Killer_Beef>I used Steam if that helps.
01:08<Woet>the Linode dashboard won't tell you that your Ark Survival Evolved Server is running.
01:08<Woet>did you SSH in? is the process running? whats the output?
01:09<Killer_Beef>It told me the server is running.
01:09<Killer_Beef>I did SSH and got in there no problem.
01:09<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
01:09<virtual>Killer_Beef: worth pasting the output of the server running to a paste, in case that helps someone diagnose with you
01:09<Killer_Beef>Oh, I see.
01:10<Killer_Beef>Remind me how to paste that output.
01:10<virtual>uhhh, copy/paste from the ssh output, the output that says the server is running? (the ark survival server, I mean)
01:11<Woet>Linode will not tell you that your Ark Survival Evolved Server is running.
01:11<Woet>it will tell you that your Linode is running.
01:11<Killer_Beef>Ok. I got it. I though you were asking for something else.
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01:28<chat__people>anybody there
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01:52<Killer_Beef>Does that work?
01:53<Killer_Beef>Sorry it took so long. My computer was freezing up.
01:54<chat__people>hi killer_beef
01:56<Killer_Beef>Yo chats
01:57<chat__people>recently i created a volume for additional storage
01:57<chat__people>do i need to restart my linode instance to make it effective
02:01<Killer_Beef>Super new to this
02:02<Killer_Beef>Did you launch the console in the dashboard to see if it is working?
02:02<Killer_Beef>It should say running next to your linode.
02:02<Killer_Beef>To be sure you should ssh from your computer and see if all is well.
02:16<virtual>ah, Killer_Beef that paste was just showing that your Linode VM was up - it doesn't, however, show if your Ark server is running.
02:16<virtual>Are you following some instructions for the ark server?
02:19<Killer_Beef>Yes. I followed a Linode tutorial
02:19<Killer_Beef>I get that the Linode is up but how do I check if the Ark server is up?
02:20<virtual>which one, it might help, though I've never installed an ark server
02:20<virtual>did you do the systemd init thing?
02:20<Killer_Beef>I followed all the steps, but I seem to be unable to check the status of the ARK server without logging into my console.
02:21<Killer_Beef>Let me try it again.
02:21<virtual>systemctl status ark.service (should be able to tab complete) should show if it's running
02:22<Killer_Beef>It says it's running.
02:22<virtual>okay, reading more on the doc :)
02:23<Killer_Beef>I was thinking maybe a specific port needs to be open? Not sure. I checked with UFW to see what was open via rules.
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02:23<virtual>yeah, probably! I was thiking there next, but I don't even know if it's TCP or UDP (I would assume UDP, because it's a game?)
02:23<virtual>iptables -L -n is my normal go to command for listing what rules are running.
02:24<virtual>but my iptables knowledge is pretty rubbish (I really must actually learn it properly)
02:24<virtual>if you're happy to, post the output of iptables -L -n to another paste.
02:25<virtual>Am I right in thinking Ark is the game you start off nekkid in?
02:26<Killer_Beef>UDP and TCP is optional.
02:26<virtual>well, one of them is required. :P
02:27<Killer_Beef>Yes it is the nekkid game
02:27<virtual>this seems to imply two ports need opening?
02:28<Killer_Beef>Yeah. I found a link that said the same.
02:28<Killer_Beef>I have a lazy bastard in the other room who is hogging up the computer making it hard to trouble shoot.
02:28<virtual>do you end up needing to open those ports?
02:29<Killer_Beef>I had opened the UDP port and the other one, but shit. I can't tell what the heckin heck is happening here.
02:29<Killer_Beef>Do you have ARK?
02:30<virtual>no, sorry. It's a game I look and go 'nah, looks too hard'.
02:31<virtual>I'm kinda surprised (but happy) that there's a game guide for it on linode!
02:31<Killer_Beef>Me too.
02:32<Killer_Beef>I've been trying to find a reason to set up a linode.
02:33<virtual>heh, this is good as any ;)
02:42<Killer_Beef>I'm going to guess since this server is Steam based that PS4 wouldn't register this server.
02:42<Killer_Beef>Not sure.
02:42<Killer_Beef>But I have a PC which some damn bastard is hogging up or I'd check again.
02:49<virtual>yeah, if you can't test quickly when you're making changes, I can imagine the frustration!
02:52<Killer_Beef>Yeah. And I'm like hey can you check for me and then they sigh and slowly and reluctantly check. And then when it works they'll be like can I use your server.
02:54<virtual>Am guessing that whatever device you're testing on isn't powerful enough to run Ark?
02:54<virtual>I mean, the device that you're working on your linode from
02:54<Killer_Beef>My work laptop.
02:54<virtual>got it
02:55<Killer_Beef>I hate to complain, but this laptop is not super great.
02:55<virtual>heh, my work one is fine for work, but not for games either :)
02:55<Killer_Beef>Dell Latitude
02:55<Killer_Beef>Yeah. I have another laptop for coding and stuff like this, but it isn't super powerful either.
02:56<Killer_Beef>And my keyboard doesn't work that well anymore on that one. The letters S X W and a few of the number keys need to be pressed multiple times to work.
02:57<Killer_Beef>That one is a ASUS K55A. I like it a lot. It's easy to repair. I've done some good upgrades over the past year.
02:57<Killer_Beef>Now I have to upgrade the keyboard!
02:58<Killer_Beef>It will be way good after that. I wanted to upgrade the CPU, but they are too expensive right now. I have an i5m but it will take an i7.
02:59<virtual>sorry, what - you can upgrade the cpu on the laptop??
03:00<Killer_Beef>I do it all the time.
03:00<Killer_Beef>It depends on the model.
03:00<Killer_Beef>Some are soldered on and others are removable.
03:01<virtual>I have clearly been an apple weenie for too long. I was not even aware laptops could have upgradeable cpus.
03:01<Killer_Beef>I do a lot of hardware hacks, so I'm not afraid to crack a laptop open.
03:01<virtual>yeah. so I thought they were just not built to be removed.
03:01<Killer_Beef>It's usually not the case with Apples
03:01<Killer_Beef>or Oranges.
03:01<virtual>get out :
03:02<Killer_Beef>I have salvaged some really shitty laptops that way.
03:02<virtual>the most I've done on macs is memory and hdd/sdd - but that's gone the way of the dodo on newer models.
03:03<virtual>so you have to buy the best you can afford and hope you didn't need more CPU, or RAM, or storage.
03:03<virtual>it's the latter two that annoys me.
03:03<Killer_Beef>I have a back up Compaq that is a million years old and I maxed out the CPU, RAM, and added a SSD. Then I through an Xubuntu install on and it runs amazing.
03:03<Killer_Beef>They really rip you off because you will always want to future proof.
03:04<Killer_Beef>So you buy the more expensive one.
03:04<Killer_Beef>I had a Macbook Pro 2011 forever.
03:04<Killer_Beef>I cut the entire thing apart.
03:04<virtual>yarp. Though I wouldn't have twigged that the CPU could be upgradeable in a laptop, so now I'll keep my options open when I'm lookig for a new one :)
03:04<Killer_Beef>With a Dremel.
03:05<Killer_Beef>I'm serious.
03:05<virtual>uhh, why?
03:05<Killer_Beef>Because I'm transplanting a motherboard and display into it.
03:05<Killer_Beef>So I can use it again.
03:05<Killer_Beef>The old logic board was one of the models with a defective GPU.
03:05<virtual>why in the macbook case though, why not in the laptop you got the innards off??
03:05<virtual>*laptop case
03:06<Killer_Beef>Because the chassis on the old one was plastic and it was falling apart.
03:06<virtual>ahhh. well, that makes sense.
03:06<Killer_Beef>So the aluminum chassis for the macbook was way stronger.
03:06<Killer_Beef>I'm going to sandblast it and powder coat it matte black.
03:06<Killer_Beef>It's going to be rad af.
03:07<virtual>btw, price wise, I was trying to compare apples to. umm. not apples. And when you start to look at high resolution screens, they were surprisingly not that expensive compared to non apple laptops :( (At least in Australia). I could've been looking at the wrong models and stuff.
03:08<Killer_Beef>You know, I have found that if you look really hard and you know what you want you can find great stuff.
03:08<virtual>I do like the resolution on the macbooks. so many PC laptops are still less than 1080p, let alone higher than 1080p
03:08<virtual>yeah, there are some super nice Dells out there.
03:08<Killer_Beef>I haven't bought a new laptop in about 10 years.
03:08<Killer_Beef>I just buy used one's or literally ones that people are throwing away and fix them.
03:08<virtual>And if I could afford one of those microsoft studio things, I might get one of those - but they're also like Apple, I think - fixed components?
03:09<virtual>ah, my laptops now are all 2nd hand.
03:09<Killer_Beef>I took what was an empty chassis and a display and made a working laptop for a friend.
03:09<virtual>only my computers I've bought new in the past 1 years too.
03:09<virtual>10years not 1 :)
03:09<Killer_Beef>It looked like someone drop kicked it into the trash can before I repaired it
03:09<virtual>maybe they did ;)
03:10<Killer_Beef>I wish I could share a photo on here.
03:11<Killer_Beef>I was working at this space for folks who like to fix electronics and they had a stack of old thinkpads.
03:11<virtual>now i want to go play video games. :P
03:11<Killer_Beef>They were gutted.
03:11<virtual>but it's dinnertime. bleh.
03:11<Killer_Beef>I sent the pics to my friend and we were laughing so hard.
03:11<virtual>stupid human requirements to eat.
03:11<Killer_Beef>Yeah. Eating. Gotta do it or we'll die.
03:12<Killer_Beef>Nice talking to you if you gotta split.
03:12<virtual>laters, and good luck :)
03:12<virtual>for now
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04:22<LouWestin>Did he get the server issue fixed?
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09:53<linbot>New news from community: gmail and microsoft keeps marking my emails as spam <>
10:14<LouWestin>I actually switched away from my Outlook email because too many emails were getting marked as spam.
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13:27<Yigang>hi there
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15:16<@pwoods>Hi Yigang
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19:15<linbot>New news from community: How do I log in via Putty or Web Terminal (Access denied) <>
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20:29<LouWestin>Well I responded to his question/complaint.
20:30<LouWestin>The Putty forum question.
20:52<@rdaniels>Thanks, LouWestin!
20:59<LouWestin>You’re welcome. Rdaniels Hopefully he doesn’t say with AWL. It’s going to cost way more! Lol
21:02<virtual>how would AWS be easier...
21:07<LouWestin>That’s what I was thinking too. I don’t think they’re interface is any easier either.
21:07<virtual>you need to download an ssh key, or upload one, etc, right?!
21:10<LouWestin>Ah... I’ve done mine through Putty. Then I upload the public key onto the server.
21:13<LouWestin>But not sure if AWL requires that or not; if that’s what you’re asking.
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23:50<virtual>AWS requires a key, yeah.
23:50<virtual>btw, why AW'L'? What's the L?
23:57<Dragon>dwfreed: can you please unban me from the channel of the cow? I promise not to flood again ;-;
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