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00:41<LouWestin>Ah ok. I think I meant AWS, but for whatever strange and unknown reason I typed AWL
00:49<virtual>you did it twice, I thought maybe it was a nickname that everyone else but me knew :)
00:52<Peng_>Amazon Web Linodes
00:54<Toba>I have an awl on my swiss army knife!
00:54<Toba>*logs on to knife*
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00:56<LouWestin>Yep, AWL stands for Amazon Web Linodes. 😉
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02:20<Nebula_W2081d>Good evening, #linode.
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02:24<Unit193>Yes hello, this is fish.
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09:31<William>Hello. Should I be concerned about operational reliability of the Newark datacenter during the New Jersey lockdown? I currently host there and want to be assured there won't be any issues.
09:35<@pwoods>William: We've been thinking about this, too. It's scary, but we've checked in with our data centers and ensured that they have disaster recovery plans in place.
09:41<William>So good reminder to run my regular backup...
09:41<@pwoods>Is there a bad reminder to have backups?
09:42<William>Probably not.
09:42<William>My first ever VPS host was a reseller that got shut down, and I didn't have backups at the time. Big mistake.
09:42<Woet>William: no one will ever "assure you there won't be any issues"
09:42<Woet>if uptime is important, implement failovers and redundancy.
09:43<Woet>not just during COVID, all the time.
09:43<William>Uptime isn't totally critical, just data retention.
09:43<Woet>that's even easier to resolve then
09:44<@pwoods>OOf, that's a scary scenario, William.
09:44<Woet>automated off-site backups
09:48<Peng_>That's not likely to happen without something decently apocalyptic, but there are going to be inconveniences everywhere.
10:19<William>I think I hadn't even backed up since I recently upgraded the OS on my VPS, so it is taking particularly long to complete.
10:23<Woet>just invest 30 minutes and have it fully automated
10:24<millisa>and then another 30 minutes doing a restore.
10:48<William>I use Direct Disk, so it's not compatible with your backup systems.
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10:50<millisa>What an interesting address
10:51<Nodley>Can anyone help me with the one click app for Minecraft
10:51<millisa>Maybe, what's it doing
10:51<Nodley>I cant connect to it...
10:51<Nodley>Its running, but when I try to connect the ipad to it i just get unable to connect
10:52<millisa>you've logged into the linode and checked that the process is running and the appropriate ports are open?
10:52<William>Nodley: I believe the app is intended for the PC Java Edition.
10:53<Nodley>So I will not be able to join from an iPad then, that would expain it
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11:15<LouWestin>Yep only Java edition for Minecraft servers right now, although they have been working on a pocket edition server release.
11:18<LouWestin>I see there’s an alpha release right now.
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11:25<Akash>I havent gotten my email to finish sign up as yet
11:25<Akash>i was hoping what could be the issue
11:26<Akash>and i couls get some help
11:26<millisa>they usually get to them relatively quickly. how long has it been?
11:26<Akash>about half an hour or so
11:26<millisa>wait a little longer.
11:26<millisa>they rarely take more than an hour or so
11:27<millisa>watch your spam/junk folder just in case
11:27<Akash>i couldnt find link to resend the email as well
11:27<millisa>if they need more info for your signup, they'll email you for that, too
11:27<Akash>yes i did check everywhere
11:28<Akash>thanks for the help!
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11:29<millisa>If you still don't see anything, you can call/email their support
11:29<millisa>he gone
11:29<LouWestin>Maybe he got the email?
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20:52<DrJ>social distancing... something most of us perfected before it was "cool"
20:57<Ikaros>And people that are too dumb to understand...are slowly now being forced to.
20:59<DrJ>also set a new record today
20:59<DrJ>More americans "went to work" today wearing no pants than ever before in recorded history
21:00<LouWestin>I was just looking at my backup list. I noticed that the two servers I have, there's a 7 day jump in dates in the automactic list. 3-14 and then 3-21. I belive that's the 7 day backup correct?
21:00<millisa>last backup, your last weekly, the weekly before that, and a manual are the 4 you get
21:00<millisa>you can set the day of the week for that weekly
21:01<LouWestin>That's what I meant to say, the weekly backup. Thanks!
21:05<LouWestin>I remember there was the weekly and then 10 day backup too?
21:08<LouWestin>They should add back the details on the backups page for new comers. I know this just because i've been here so long.
21:09<LouWestin>I made over 5 years a couple weeks ago.
21:10<Ikaros>DrJ: Past three days I've been working from home, so I'd would almost say I fit into that category...'cept it was more just me wearing sleepwear and putting a sign up on my door saying 'do not disturb for any reason, no exceptions'.
22:30<dwfreed>"Why didn't you tell me the house was on fire?!" "You said no exceptions"
22:37<Ikaros>dwfreed lol
22:37<Ikaros>My work involves handling very sensitive data. It's imperative absolutely nobody - and I mean nobody - sees the work I do.
22:38<Ikaros>It's more to say I'm not opening that door to let anyone in. Anyone.
22:38<kenyon>definitely porn
22:38<Ikaros>Client data
22:39<Ikaros>Technically though I could just lock the workstation before answering someone at the door. I just don't want to.
22:47<Ikaros>I'll put it like this.
22:48<Ikaros>I had to sign a confidentiality agreement with my employer.
22:48<Ikaros>In order to be allowed to work from home
22:48<Ikaros>That basically says, nobody can see the work I do. Even family.
22:49<tecuane>same tbh
22:51<Ikaros>My company's also very tight on security too - they made us set our WFH workstations at the office with BitLocker encryption.
22:52<tecuane>i cant tell if ur trolling or not
22:52<tecuane>we did that too, but i never even gave it a second thought until just now; its always been this way for me
22:53<Toba>FDE is just normal
22:53<Toba>any company not using FDE is fucking up massively, even for non-WFH machines
22:53<Toba>someone could come into the office and just walk out with a PC.
22:53<Ikaros>The whole WFH thing is new to our company, we've never had a setup for it
22:53<Toba>I've never seen an office that effectively completely stops tail-gating through entrances
22:53<Ikaros>But as you know, circumstances kinda warranted it
22:54<Toba>so you just gotta do that.
22:54<Ikaros>Heh, we cracked down on that HARD start of this year
22:54<tecuane>Toba: ive seen them get v close
22:54<tecuane>(src: thats my job)
22:54<Toba>well, good on you
22:54<Ikaros>Security would monitor entrances closely
22:54<tecuane>as in
22:54<tecuane>testing it
22:54<Toba>but I personally have never seen it
22:54<tecuane>not implementing it
22:54<Toba>ah you're a pen tester
22:54<Toba>making sure the bic factory output is all top quality
22:55<tecuane>thats some portion of what i do yea
22:55<Ikaros>You tailgate, you were forced back outside, then when you came in CORRECTLY, your supervisor was immediately notified of the violation and you received a written right on the spot.
22:55<Toba>I wish I worked at places that were that hard-core
22:55<Ikaros>As of the start of this year though they upped it
22:56<Ikaros>Now instead of a written, it's an automatic final.
22:56<dwfreed>Toba: I worked at a company that had tailgate proof gates
22:56<Toba>the ole 'man trap' ?
22:56<Ikaros>So that basically means, you screw up and do it twice, you'll be looking for a job pretty darn quick
22:56<tecuane>dwfreed: racer gates
22:56<tecuane>theyre neat
22:57<Ikaros>We also added turnstiles too in addition to the normal door security.
22:57<FluffyFoxeh>our gates beep loudly if it thinks two people are going through on one badge
22:57<dwfreed>tecuane: sounds about right
22:58<dwfreed>FluffyFoxeh: these would immediately close the gate and get *super* obnoxious
22:58<tecuane>yea those are the ones
22:58<Ikaros>FluffyFoxeh - our access controls not only sound an alarm, but some areas will also autolock your badge.
22:58<tecuane>like you try tail through and the gate crushes your ribs
22:58<millisa>one of the dc's we use has a man trap that has this tube that you have to badge in to get into. it's about 4 feet wide. you badge in again while in the tube. it wont let you through if there's too much stuff in there.
22:58<millisa>or if you are particularly . . .large.
22:58<Toba>oh no
22:59<Toba>so if you're overweight you can get stuck in the tube
22:59<millisa>and in the spring, when the crickets swarm in TX, the whole mantrap in mantrap smells awful
22:59<Toba>why does that have to do with crickets
22:59<Toba>do I want to know
22:59<millisa>there's a big red button that'll let it open back towards the outside
22:59<dwfreed>tecuane: fortunately the length of the chute is long enough that you're not likely to be between the glass panes when it closes unless you're running full tilt
22:59<dwfreed>which is going to be very noticeable to the security guard at the desk in the lobby
22:59<tecuane>just late for a meeting bro can you buzz me in
22:59<tecuane>cheers mate
23:00<tecuane>[ "how did that work" intensifies ]
23:00<Toba>i follow people into my building all the time
23:00<millisa> - biometric mantrap...the things are terrifying if you are claustro
23:00<Toba>but it's a wework
23:00<Toba>which is basically a guarantee that people let randos in
23:00<Ikaros>We use these for our door security (mostly the two in the middle, with the larger of those two being a more common installation), and we also have the rightmost keypad ones installed that require both a valid badge tap and an access code, usually secured IT areas -
23:00<dwfreed>Toba: dead bugs everywhere
23:00<Toba>rotting bug guts in a plastic tube
23:00<Toba>*sniffs air in*
23:01<dwfreed>unplugging the wifi; bbl
23:01<Toba>ah yes, barnyard, a bit of oakyness
23:01<FluffyFoxeh>I hate bugs
23:01<millisa>it's like that some springs
23:01<Toba>FluffyFoxeh: yeah I think they should all be fixed before new features are introduced
23:01<Toba>I can feel and hear the crunching
23:02<tecuane>millisa: wtf
23:02<Ikaros>Needless to say though, you badge one of those readers and you DON'T hear that door go "click", you just done got locked out
23:02<millisa>there are far worse pics. but the mantraps at the dcs are always the worst
23:02<tecuane>i dont want worse pics
23:02<tecuane>thats bad enough
23:03<Toba>please, have mercy
23:03<Toba>I won't be able to resist clicking them
23:05<FluffyFoxeh>I'll just say one thing: great lakes mayflies
23:05<tecuane>the datasheet of that reader you linked
23:05<tecuane>makes me laugh
23:05<Ikaros> Ok so I know one positive thing that came out of all this mess
23:05<Ikaros>Delivery is cheaper!
23:06<FluffyFoxeh>let's just say that you should keep the snow shovel out for a bit after the snow is gone
23:06<tecuane>FluffyFoxeh: do not want
23:06<tecuane>where i live all that gets burned to a crisp mid flight anyway
23:07<tecuane>wild how bad that card reader looks
23:08<tecuane>but it supports a card type that i can clone using my phone and an app i can dl from f-droid
23:08<tecuane>red "i'm afraid i can't do that, dave" circle while you clone 14 cards in the elevator from your backpack
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23:13<dwfreed>tecuane: unless you're doing an attestation in your badge, all badges are cloneable
23:14<tecuane>it kinda depends what you want to do with the clone
23:14<tecuane>but yes
23:14<dwfreed>I know a guy who has one of those giant HID readers connected to a micro for sniffing cards
23:15<dwfreed>drop it in a backpack, hooked up to a battery, collect all the cards
23:15<dwfreed>with NFC, the read distance is proportional to the antenna
23:15<dwfreed>s/$/ size/
23:17<tecuane>the whole reader in a backpack thing is a favourite at sec cons still
23:18<tecuane>although normally it gets suggested you stop doing that please
23:18<chesty>Ikaros, I think he has done a few keypad videos
23:18<dwfreed>tecuane: I mean, that's why you don't take anything electronic to a sec con
23:18<tecuane>love that youtuber
23:18<tecuane>dwfreed: eh
23:18<tecuane>i dont go to the ones where peopel aer gonna be childish
23:19<tecuane>i normally participate in the ctfs there
23:19<tecuane>so i bring a personal
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