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00:16<bn_work>hi, does anyone know if the Linode WP one-click-app is configured with memcached or something? updated some files WP is hosting for designer but they are claiming they are not seeing the update
00:16<Woet>memcached doesn't cache files
00:16<Woet>there might be opcache
00:16<Woet>but I doubt Linode would default to the "restart fpm to get changes" config
00:16<Woet>just check using phpinfo()
00:16<bn_work>having them try reloading from within DevTools now w/o cache enabled in browser
00:17<bn_work>Woet: huh? if memcached doesn't cache files then what is it caching?
00:18<Woet>I mean, you can cache whatever you want, but it doesn't just cache your files
00:18<Woet>most developers use it to cache SQL results and other data
00:18<Woet>why don't you just SSH in and debug?
00:19<Woet>check which PHP worker is being used (probably FPM)
00:20<bn_work>that's what I'm doing rn, but again, not sure how Linode's 1-click-app is configured
00:25<bn_work>hmm, I should be able to load <FQDN>/phpinfo , no?
00:27<bn_work>Is phpinfo disabled for Linode's WP?
00:28<bn_work>WP + PHP
00:29<chesty>i imagine it a minimum it's restricted, it would be a security issue if it was publicly available
00:29<@_brian>thats the WP OCA
00:31<@mcintosh>there's a place off one-click avenue
00:31<@mcintosh>where i used to sit and talk with you
00:31<www>@_brian thank you
00:32<@_brian>www you're welcome :)
00:36<www>I still have a question, is there any legal risk of renting vps? For example, by investigating members and financial data locally, will you officially monitor and force close my vps
00:36<Woet>www: why would that be any different compared to other hosting?
00:36<Woet>www: what do you mean by "investigating members and financial data locally"?
00:36<Woet>don't break the law and you'll be fine.
00:39<www>For example, I set up a game site banned by the country, and then I was reported by domestic netizens. Will you forcibly shut down my vps?
00:40<Woet>don't break the law and you'll be fine.
00:40<www>ok,thank you
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00:41<gparent>it's good that the last point was clarified there
00:42<Woet>don't break the law and you'll be fine.
00:48<LouWestin>He’d better talk to his attorney about all that.
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00:49<www>Does it support credit card or Alipay payment, and is there any extra fee when paying?
00:53<LouWestin>Credit cards
00:54<LouWestin>Talk to a lawyer about legal stuff too.
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01:01<bn_work>_brian: thanks... trying to remember Apache vhosts stuff but any idea why it would keep redirecting back to the IP VS the FQDN? updated the virtualhosts `ServerName` from IP to FQDN but upon WP-admin login it redirects off the IP :/
01:06<LouWestin>Bn_work: how long has it been since you changed/updated your dns?
01:09<bn_work>LouWestin: for this server? a few days at least
01:09<bn_work>LouWestin: wait, you mean the zone file on Linode? or locally on the client?
01:12<@_brian>bn_work tbh i'm not 100% sure on the answer, but ServerAlias might be your solution
01:12<millisa>bn_work: did you set your site_url / home in the wp_options table to the ip? what's the site?
01:12<LouWestin>Ok if it’s been that long then probably not a dns issue, assuming that the records are pointed correctly
01:13<bn_work>LouWestin: yeah, i'm able to login via the FQDN, it oddly just redirects to the IP upon login
01:16<LouWestin>I’ve never heard of that...trying to think what would cause that to happen
01:17<LouWestin>Have you paste bin’ed the vhost file here?
01:17<millisa>are you sure it's coming from the apache config?
01:17<bn_work>millisa: are you talking about in the WP DB itself?
01:18<bn_work>millisa: I haven't changed anything from the default OCA unless the designer did
01:19<millisa>what is the site
01:29<millisa>line 121 of shows it setting the url to the ip
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01:56<Brenn>Hello, is there anyone here that could help me with a (Hopefully) quick question
01:56<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
01:58<Brenn>Thanks. I just booted up one of the new One-Click Apps on the site. A minecraft server. Its booted and I am able to join, but am unsure how to get to the minecraft server console to make edits to the minecraft server config
01:58<millisa>As in how to ssh to the system?
01:58<Brenn>Is ssh into the the system different from clicking the launch console button?
01:59<millisa>It is.
01:59<Brenn>well thank you
01:59<Brenn>should be able to move on from there
01:59<millisa>That launch console button is more like hooking a keyboard/mouse up to a local system.
01:59<Brenn>Ah, that makes sense, thank you so much!
01:59<millisa>(You *could* use the lish console you are talking about; but it's more like hooking up a keyboard/mouse to a system)
01:59<@_brian>iirc the OCA for Minecraft runs a screen session that you should be able to attach to in order to access that console
02:18<Brenn>so, I've use installed Putty and have gotten into the root of the Debian OS. But am not sure how to proceed farther to get to the minecraft server. I'm mostly just trying to be able to OP myself D:
02:25<millisa>I am not sure if I'm looking at the right one click app - is there a directory in /home that looks like the name of your game server? if so, look under that, /home/whatever/serverfiles/ for a file
02:52<Brenn>Hoping you are still around Millisa, I'm trying to figure things out on my own, but am just brick walling with this I guess, not a lot of terminal experience. I've made it into the /home/mcserver/serverfiles directory and have a few files in here. I went into but it didn't have quite what I needed in that file. I'm trying to op myself so if I could add my name to the ops.json file I could do everything else from in-game. My issue is getting
02:55<Brenn>just not sure what command to use to get into it? I tried read, exec, select, edit
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03:00<LouWestin>Brenn: you make changes through the Minecraft console screen that is running
03:01<LouWestin>Don’t edit the json files directly
03:02<Brenn>how do I change it indirectly?
03:02<Brenn>didn't see your first message, I've been trying to get the minecraft console screen but not sure where to get to it
03:03<Brenn>is it a program I run through the Ubuntu console?
03:03<LouWestin>When you start the Minecraft server and that screen shows loading your world 1%, 2%, etc. that’s where you run those commands for ops and stuff
03:03<Brenn>I do not know where to find that
03:03<Brenn>I've ran lots of servers on my own computer, and know the screen you are talking about
03:03<Brenn>I used the one-click app feature
03:04<Brenn>and am not sure where to find the minecraft consol
03:04<LouWestin>Hang on
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03:08<www> I want to ask a question, I use the credit card exchange rate. After the expiration, will your system automatically deduct my credit card, will you record my payment information?
03:08<LouWestin>Look for a file
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03:09<LouWestin>I’m not familiar with the one click app, since I set it up manually
03:10<LouWestin>www: Linode’s are billed on the 1st of every month
03:10<Brenn>louwestin, only .sh file i'm seeing is
03:11<www>So, on the 1st of every month, will my credit card account be automatically charged, or do I still have to pay by myself? Is my credit card account safe?
03:12<LouWestin>Brenn: that might be it, but not sure since I used this guide to setup Minecraft.
03:12<Woet>www: what answer are you expecting for a question like "is my credit card account safe?"
03:12<Woet>other than "yes"
03:13<LouWestin>www: yes it’s charged automatically. Safe? Well yes as long as Linode’s system isn’t breached
03:14<LouWestin>Which is possible for anyone, but if you’re using a credit card then you can dispute any unauthorized charges anyway
03:17<LouWestin>Brenn: basically there was a file that I made executable and I would run that to start the server console and then from there I could see what’s going on in the server. Set my character to have OPs, etc.
03:18<LouWestin>I don’t like one click apps since I don’t know how it sets up stuff. But that’s me
03:18<LouWestin>There’s also a file where you can set white listing and stuff. You need to use a text editor like VIM to do that
03:18<www> How can I not charge automatically?
03:19<Brenn>I'm pretty novice level with this stuff, and was hoping it'd be easier. I tried a while ago setting it up manually and had some trouble with that too xD Its quite past my bedtime so maybe my brain is just fried from looking at too much text the last few hours trying to get this to happen
03:20<Brenn>thanks for your help, have a good night/monring
03:20<LouWestin> there’s a management tool they added in maybe try that?
03:20<LouWestin>Also whitelist your server don’t random idiots don’t join.
03:21<LouWestin>And trash things.
03:21<LouWestin> is what they mention was added
03:22<LouWestin>Once you get it, it’s a cake walk
03:22<LouWestin>MC servers are easier to setup than a web server.
03:23<LouWestin>But yeah get some sleep. You’ll be up and running soon enough
03:23<www>Does the background have an automatic authorization deduction, or turn off the automatic renewal function?
03:23<Brenn>for sure, i've ran many in the past off my own PC but for whatever reason just can figure this out currently. Thanks again!
03:24<LouWestin>Np Brenn we’re around if you need us
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03:24<LouWestin>www: you’re billed as long as you have a Linode on your account.
03:28<LouWestin>The most you’ll pay every month is whatever the plan is you have.
03:29<LouWestin>So if you have 1 Nanode it’s $5 a month unless you delete it then it’s however many hours it was on for.
03:30<LouWestin>Which is based on the hourly rate
03:33<www> I want to use a syringe and then do n’t need it. Do I have to deduct $ 5 from my credit card every month?
03:33<www> I want to use it for a while and then not use it. Do I have to deduct $ 5 from my credit card every month?
03:34<joecool>if server is deleted it will not bill. If server is present, it will continue to bill.
03:35<joecool>i believe linode supports paypal invoice manually (which can use CC), but first bill must be paid by CC
03:35<LouWestin>Create it, use it for two hours, then delete it. You’re only billed for 2 hours.
03:35<LouWestin>As an example
03:37<www>I understand
03:38<www> So is it troublesome to delete the server, how do I know that the operation was successful?
03:38<LouWestin>It will be gone from the web interface
03:39<LouWestin>You click delete and it’ll be gone
03:40<www>ok, Is it as simple as that, no need to send you another e-mail saying that I do n’t need to continue using the instructions?
03:41<www>thank you,@ joecool
03:41<joecool>www: you're welcome
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03:42<LouWestin>Ive been a customer for 5 years now
03:42<LouWestin>Gez so many people worry about the billing...
03:44<LouWestin>Linode could have a scrolling bar going across the homepage stating these things and people would still be asking about the billing.
03:45<chesty>for most people in the world $5 usd is a lot of money, a lot earn less than $1/day
03:45<joecool>LouWestin: they were japanese, things are worded and done different with them (have some clients, took me a long time to get used to answering them)
03:45<LouWestin>Oh ok well that’s understandable
03:45<chesty>generally japanese aren't that poor though.
03:46<joecool>chesty: don't assume either way. they wanted clarification
03:46<LouWestin>I could see confusion in the exchange rate though
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03:47<LouWestin>Like how much is $5 to yen? No clue
03:48<LouWestin>Ah thanks
03:49<LouWestin>By their terms I don’t know if that’s cheap or not. I think there is large population of homeless in Japan though
03:50<chesty>Currently, the country's average minimum hourly wage stands at 874 yen.
03:50<chesty>I don't know how much rent and food is
03:50<joecool>it's way more likely they were just very particular about how billing works
03:51<LouWestin>That’s probably about $7-$8an hour
03:51<chesty>it's still interesting to learn about other countries
03:51<joecool>first time i did a project for a japanese client it was extremely confusing
03:52<chesty>The nationwide average monthly rent, not including utilities, for a one room apartment (20-40 square meters) is between 50,000 and 70,000 yen.
03:52<LouWestin>I bet. I don’t sweat anyone who has hard time learning English. Our language is confusing enough
03:54<joecool>it's not just that though. yes, their grammar is very different... but just culturally the way of making requests and setting expectations is totally different than standard american mindset
03:54<chesty>at 70,000 yen, it's 2 weeks pay for minimum rage
03:54<LouWestin>Rent is about 1700+ a day
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03:56<chesty>I don't think many japanse live on their own, so 1 weeks pay per person.
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04:32<abn>what happens when the user does not received the link to change the password?
04:41<chesty>they are asked to check their spam folder
04:41<chesty>if that doesn't work they can contact support and provide evidence they are the account holder
04:50<abn>@Chesty we have checked the Spam folder, it is not there
04:50<abn>I have created a new user and the problem is the same
05:19<Dragon>have you tried a different email?
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07:48<linbot>New news from community: HA of a nodebalancer (SPOF?) <>
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09:17<chesty>you'll have to contact support if you haven't already abn
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09:30<wabz>what's going on with this network? see 10-11
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09:47<kkd>Hi, I upgraded to a standard 2GB today (a couple of hours ago) to do a resource intensive job, now I'm trying to move back to the $5 plan, but it wants me to resize the disk back to 25G. However, when I try to actually resize the disk, it keeps failing, it doesn't go under 40G at all fwiw.
09:47<kkd>There's no hint as to why it fails
09:48<kkd>and no, the total space used by the system is well below 25G, so that shouldn't be a problem.
09:49<dwfreed>what does 'resize2fs -P /dev/sda' (run as root/with sudo) output?
09:51<kkd>The filesystem is already 11534336 (4k) blocks long. Nothing to do!
09:52<dwfreed>that maths to 44 GB
09:52<kkd>that's how much I managed to shrink it without the resize failing
09:52<dwfreed>what does df -h say?
09:53<kkd>38G used
09:54<dwfreed>so you'll need to clean up some things to get that below 25 GB
09:55<dwfreed>usually what I do to figure out where space is being used is drop into a root shell (eg sudo -i), cd to /, then run 'du -haxd 1 | sort -h' and then follow the large directories
09:57<kkd>ouch, so compiling the linux kernel grew the dir to 21G...
09:58<dwfreed>yeah, the kernel can be pretty massive in generic builds
09:58<kkd>thanks for the help, i'll try again, most likely it'll work this time.
09:58<dwfreed>safe bet :)
10:00*LouWestin knows now not compile custom kernels on Linode
10:06*Peng_ same!
10:07<rsdehart>du. du -haxd. du -haxt 1
10:07<dwfreed>if you spend 6 hours customizing the config of your kernel to your needs, it won't take 21 GB to compile
10:07<dwfreed>but most people are lazy
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10:10<LouWestin>That goes way beyond my feeble mind, BUT that’s why I use Debian’s kernel so I never worry about that
10:12<Peng_>Fond memories of accidentally leaving the Ethernet driver out
10:12<dwfreed>Peng_: thank god for 'localyesconfig'
10:17<LouWestin>I remember messing around with an old old dell that needed a Ethernet driver to install on Debian... said something about needing xyz version. Had to search for it, that was fun.
10:17<LouWestin>Now that I recall, I think it was the wireless driver which I didn’t need
10:19<LouWestin>That was back when I was first starting to experiment more with Linux stuff
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10:28<chesty>back in the 90s It used to be a right of passage to compile your own kernel, and it took me until early naughties before I was able to stop. Back then I understood every question and could configure it from scratch in 10 minutes, probably 30 minutes when I stopped.
10:48<dzho>I never got to that point.
10:49<dzho>but I see it as of a piece with having done auto repair, cooking, and a number of other things: I appreciate not having to do it because of having done it.
10:50<dzho>to me that is one of the strong arguments in favor of a lot of the otherwise bs "you can learn to code!" stuff: A little bit of it can be a very valuable addition to someone's *general* education in how the world works.
10:50<dzho>most especially if it leads more to the "wow there's a lot to this and maybe I don't understand it all as well as I think" rather than "I wrote hello world, fear me!"
11:03<LouWestin>Learning to code is nice, but I think if you’re really serious, you should take a credit class and see if you REALLY want to it.
11:04<LouWestin>I thought I liked programming, till took a VB class in college. yes I know...VB was all they had that semester :P
11:05<LouWestin>I don’t like programming that much, but it was company paid so there was that
11:05<dwfreed>which VB? 6 or .NET?
11:06<LouWestin>VB .net
11:06<dwfreed>Now which .NET version? 1.1, 2.0, 3.5?
11:07*dzho wonders what decision tree dwfreed is working on
11:07<LouWestin>Oh god now I gotta think...
11:07<dwfreed>dzho: just trying to udnerstand what they were exposed to
11:07*LouWestin sips more coffee
11:07<dzho>is there a different punchline at each leaf node
11:08<LouWestin>Ah it was... 4 years ago?
11:08<dwfreed>then it's likely it was at least 3.5
11:08<LouWestin>If I had to guess, I THINK it was 3.5
11:09<dwfreed>3.5 wasn't bad, as long as you stayed away from WPF
11:09<LouWestin>We were using visual studio 20... crap can’t remember the year
11:10<LouWestin>I gotta look it up now, it’s going to drive me nuts now kol
11:10<dzho>!point dwfreed
11:10<linbot>dzho: Point given to dwfreed. (102)
11:10<dzho>successful nerdsnipe
11:11<LouWestin>Im pretty sure it was Visual Studio 2016
11:13<LouWestin>And then after that, I went back tech stuff and PC repair. Now education lol
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11:39<linbot>New news from community: How do I modify the Minecraft options after deploying the server <>
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12:30<chesty>ping 520749646
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12:40<LouWestin>Ping 8675309
12:44<rsdehart>Ping 01189998819991197253
12:44*LouWestin is seeing if anyone catches his joke
12:47<Toba>Are you OK Jenny
12:47<Toba>Jenny are you OK
12:47<Toba>one time I gave a girl named Jenny my number: 911-867-5309
12:47<Toba>she actually called it
12:47<Toba>and got mad at me
12:49<Naan`>hello I started my first linode yesterday and made no changes and it shows two spikes of public network traffic in the summary since then
12:49<dwfreed>inbound or outbound?
12:50<dwfreed>probably a scan
12:50<Naan`>like someone doing vulnerability scanning ?
12:51<Naan`>ok so is my best course of action to check if my distro logged anything and if not start logging and add firewall rules ?
12:51<Naan`>I have no experienced running a server :D
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12:58<LouWestin>Toba YES!!! lol
12:59<LouWestin>That’s ok Naan, you gotta start somewhere and we were all beginners at one point
13:04<chesty>btw, your spike might look big on the graph but it's probably a tiny amount of traffic
13:06<chesty>Naan, search linode docs for fail2ban as well as firewall stuff
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13:07<Naan>chesty, thanks i'll have a look
13:07<Naan>Total Traffic
13:07<Naan> In: 130 MB
13:07<Naan> Out: 248 MB
13:07<Naan>Combined: 378 MB
13:08<Naan>oh sorry about the newlines they didn't show yikes
13:09<Naan>that includes all the steady traffic though which I'm guessing is for monitoring
13:11<Peng_>What monitoring?
13:13<Naan>I imagine the server sends something somewhere so I can see the cpu and network activity in the charts?
13:14<dwfreed>that's done by the host
13:14<dwfreed>there's no process in the Linode doing that (unless you use Longview, but you set that up yourself)
13:18<Naan>oh then I wonder what the 700b/s out 400b/s in are from the moment I set it up
13:25<chesty>700 bytes a second might just be ssh traffic
13:25<chesty>apt updates, or whatever
13:26<chesty>or, it might be a recycled ip and something the previous host has set up somewhere is still trying to call home
13:27<Zr40>or just arp
13:27<dwfreed>arp is not 700 b/s
13:27<chesty>you can add an iptables rule to log traffic, or run something like `tcpdump -ni eth0 not port 22`
13:28*Zr40 takes a look
13:28<chesty>is it bits or bytes?
13:28<chesty>I think bits?
13:29<dwfreed>if it is b on the graph, it is bits
13:32<Zr40>on one of our mostly-idle linodes I see some arp, some ipv6 nd and ra, internet noise, ntp
13:32<Peng_>... ...
13:33<Zr40>we don't run ubuntu
13:33<chesty>that would run once a day no?
13:34<Zr40>average for this linode is about 314 bits/s in, 465 bits/s out
13:35<Peng_>chesty: Something like that
13:36<chesty>did you ssh in Zr40? tcp and maybe ssh keepalives maybe, as well as any typing and displaying
13:37<chesty>poor naan, asks a simple question, gets a bunch of questions
13:37<Zr40>your tcpdump did exclude port 22
13:38<chesty>oh, that was stats from tcpdump. cool
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14:17-!-Lucretia [~Luke@2a02:c7d:3caa:ce00:d20f:51d2:b06d:2951] has joined #linode
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14:18<Lucretia>Hi, I got an email I sent to a ml rejected because my ip6 address is banned by Spamhaus, they say it's because linode shares it's ip6 addresses with other people. How do I get around this?
14:20-!-mango [] has joined #linode
14:20-!-mango is "Peter Werner" on #linode
14:21<mango>just a test message, sorry for that everyone
14:22<LouWestin>Lucretia you should have a static IPv6 address
14:22<Lucretia>I can paste up what they responded with
14:22<Peng_>They don't share addresses with other people.
14:22<LouWestin>mango your message works :-)
14:22<Peng_>They share _ranges_ with other people. You can request your own.
14:23<mango>Thanks LouWestin!
14:23<LouWestin>Peng_ ah...
14:23<Lucretia>so, not sure
14:24<Lucretia>also, go to the link pointed to, then the linode specific doc
14:24<LouWestin>Lucretia ok, then what Peng_ said. I think you have to contact support for that
14:24<Lucretia>oh ok
14:24<Lucretia>thanks Peng_
14:25<Lucretia>so will that range apply to multiple linodes?
14:25<Peng_>In that paste, Spamhaus's facts are accurate but their opinions are ridiculous.
14:25<Peng_>Lucretia: No.
14:25<Lucretia>ok, so I need to get one for each linode then.
14:25<Peng_>A /116 range can be used by multiple Linodes, but that wouldn't benefit you, since they're all allocated from the same /64.
14:26<Lucretia>or set up multiple vps' in one linode?
14:26<Lucretia>it's been a while since I touched my set up, but it really needs doing again
14:30-!-mango [] has left #linode [linode]
14:39<Naan`>chesty, on the contrary the questions you asked me are most helpful!
15:00-!-Naan [~Naan@2a02:c7f:7894:a400:dcae:22d3:eccd:1a19] has joined #linode
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15:06<chesty>no one commented on http://31.10.590 it's a valid ipv4 address as is 520749646 it was new to me. breaks all regex checkers I guess.
15:16<LouWestin>Oh...had to look at it again...duurrr
15:35<Zr40>chesty: just stay far away from 127.1
15:35<Zr40>certainly at least 6 feet
15:37-!-Naan` [~Naan@2a02:c7f:7894:a400:dcae:22d3:eccd:1a19] has joined #linode
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15:41<LouWestin>I prefer using 10.1.1.x for all my internet browsing needs
15:42<millisa>i don't need the internet. I have my encarta95 cd still
15:43-!-Naan [~Naan@2a02:c7f:7894:a400:dcae:22d3:eccd:1a19] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:52<LouWestin>I remember the days of getting spammed with AOL CDs... good times
15:53<LouWestin>It wasn't called AOL version 7, it was AOL 7 point O
15:53<LouWestin>or 7.0
15:58<chesty>by the time aol came to australia it already had a reputation. my boss signed up as a bit of a joke. those were the dialup days.
15:58<millisa>Did they change what the A stood for then?
16:32<linbot>New news from community: How to trouble shoot SSL PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR? <> || How to trouble shoot SSL PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR? <>
16:56<linbot>New news from blog: 6 Faces at Linode <>
16:58<millisa>jyoo: kdenneler: you are famous
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17:22<linbot>New news from community: Configure OpenVPN to permit mapping disk to local windows machine <> || Configure OpenVPN to permit mapping disk to local windows machine <>
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17:53<linbot>New news from community: Why is my app being killed? <>
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19:01<Bren>Hello, I'm trying to get some help on getting into the Minecraft console to make OPs and Whitelist edits. I'm using linodes one-click app for the server.I'm in the "Glish" that you launch from cloud linode web interface, and have managed to get into the serverfiles directory, but am not sure what to do from here..
19:02<millisa>LouWestin was implying that there was more an ingame console you do that stuff (I don't play so don't know). That dir you are in is where you'd edit a file if that's what you need to do
19:02<millisa>er, I think it was Lou
19:03<@_brian>Bren the minecraft console should be running within a screen session that is running under the minecraft user.
19:03<@_brian>with that said, the things you mentioned changing can both also be done via the config files or from within the minecraft client once you have a user that is an OP
19:04<Bren>Yes, mostly just trying to get that OP command in.
19:04<Bren>I'm not sure what you mean by a screen session that is running under the minecraft user?
19:06<millisa>is it this one that you used to deploy?
19:09<@_brian>i'm gonna deploy one really quick to check because the one click app uses LinuxGSM and i've only ever done it manually
19:09<@_brian>there should be an ops.txt file somewhere in that serverfiles dir
19:09<Bren>its .json
19:10<Bren>and am unsure how to open/edit that
19:10<millisa>i think that's this stackscript - (mostly so I don't have to hunt for it next time)
19:10<@_brian>nano ops.json
19:10<@_brian>ctrl+w > enter to save, ctrl+x to quit
19:11<chesty>millisa, nah, aol in australia was whatever it was in america, I think america on-line? I can't remember
19:12<rsdehart>millisa: I picked up an encarta95 cd at salvation army a couple years ago. seems I need a windows xp vm to run it though
19:15<millisa>again, not 100% since I haven't done one of these - but this linuxgsm doc about minecraft implies there's a ./mcserver console you can run -
19:17<Bren>i've got the my name in my ops.json! Yes, I was able to kind of get that working millisa but it was melting my brain trying to understand it
19:17<Bren>I eventrually hit a permissions denied log and some error messages
19:17<millisa>(i'm still not sure I am looking at the right stack script)
19:18<@_brian>i'll double check on the stack script, Bren can you check if logging into the server grants you OP?
19:18<Bren>i'm getting this message "$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information" inside the minecraft client
19:19<@_brian> thats the OCA for Minecraft
19:19<millisa>!point _brian
19:19<linbot>millisa: Point given to _brian. (4)
19:23<LouWestin>I probably need to fireup an MC 1-click app so I can for myself how it works. I know I setup minecraft server manually so I knew where to go to get the console window
19:23<millisa>that's what I was doing so I'd stop guessing
19:23-!-finsternis [] has joined #linode
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19:23<Bren>i'm not sure what to do with that information brian
19:25<LouWestin>According to the guide, there's this
19:25<@_brian>i'm still digging. you might be being thrown that error because the ops.json formatting is different than ops.txt
19:26<LouWestin>He can't or shouldn't edit the ops or other json files
19:26<@_brian>ya i don't think i've ever worked with the json one, only the .txt
19:26<@_brian>it seems the OCA configures RCON for the server as well on port 25575
19:27<LouWestin>The one click app mentionss it adds this for management
19:27<millisa>Assuming the user running your server is 'mcserver', 'su mcserver' and then '/home/mcserver/mcserver console' appears to get me to a console where it shows things like the spawn area getting generated. appears to be a tmux session
19:28<LouWestin>You have to get into the game console window and run commands which you will create ops and then those .json files get populated
19:28<LouWestin>boom millisa got it
19:29<millisa>i see commands like '/advancement (grant|revoke)' and '/reload' in that console
19:29<LouWestin>see List and summary of commands in
19:29<millisa>you would use 'ctrl-b' then 'd' to disconnect from that console (it warns you this when you run that console command)
19:30<@_brian>i ran millisa's command and hit Y when it asked if i was sure, and i'm currently in and able to issue commands
19:30<@_brian>op testuser
19:30<@_brian>[23:30:41] [Server thread/INFO]: Made testuser a server operator
19:31<@_brian>!point millisa
19:31<linbot>_brian: Point given to millisa. (132)
19:32<LouWestin>then you can run most commands in game
19:32<millisa>It looked like this in my console:
19:32<LouWestin>as a server ops
19:33<LouWestin>yep that's the server console
19:33<millisa>(that first 'ps aux |grep mine' was so I could see who the minecraft server was running as )
19:34<@_brian>Bren you might have to go back and remove what you added to the ops.json if it keeps throwing an error when you try to connect with the client
19:35<Bren>Brenn@li890-202:/home/mcserver$ ./mcserver console fetching /home/mcserver/lgsm/functions/ line 76: /home/mcserver/log/script/mcserver-script.log: Permission denied /home/mcserver/lgsm/functions/ line 147: /home/mcserver/log/script/mcserver-script.log: Permission denied /home/mcserver/lgsm/functions/ line 148: /home/mcserver/log/script/mcserver-script.log: Permission denied https://raw.githu
19:35<Bren>I did go back and remove it, even closed out and double check it was empty again, but am still getting that error
19:35<millisa>that looks like you are logged in an 'Brenn' - that might not be who the server is running as
19:35<@_brian>sudo su mcserver
19:35<@_brian>then /home/mcserver/mcserver console
19:36<Bren>mcserver@li890-202:~$ /home/mcserver/mcserver console fetching [ FAIL ] Console mcserver: Ownership issues found Information! The current user (mcserver) does not have ownership of the following files: User Group File root root /home/mcserver/serverfiles/ Information! please see mcserver@li890-202:~$
19:37<millisa>looks like something touched some of the stuff as root
19:37<@_brian>how did root become owner of anything in there? ya
19:38<Bren>probably me fidling around way to late last night :/
19:38<dwfreed>doing 'vim' and it's still running or was killed
19:38<Bren>is there a way to clean refresh easily?
19:39<@_brian>sudo chown -R mcserver:mcserver /home/mcserver/serverfiles/
19:39<dwfreed>or just rm that file, as root
19:40<LouWestin>Bren you got it now?
19:41<LouWestin>also add your friends to the whitelist via the console and then turn the whitelist. Otherwise random idiots join and cause issues
19:41<Bren>okay, finally back in server
19:42<@_brian>were you able to op yourself with the console?
19:42<Bren>finally, thank you so much both of you!
19:43<@_brian>:) you're very welcome, this was a team effort here
19:43<Bren>you too louwestin!
19:43<LouWestin>excellent! You're welcome Bren
19:44<Bren>y'all have a wonderful day! <3
19:44-!-Bren [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:44<LouWestin>oh server.properites is where he sets the whitelist
19:45<millisa>there's a /whitelist in that list of commands it showed
19:45<LouWestin>that file you can edit vim or nano
19:45<LouWestin>it might not be turned on though
19:45<dwfreed>he's already touched that file, which is why mcserver complained
19:45<millisa> /whitelist (add|list|off|on|reload|remove)
19:45<millisa>i'm sure he'll figure it out
19:45<millisa>he's a god now
19:46<@_brian>hes already flying around setting everything on fire
19:46<LouWestin>oh, that's right they changed it in the new versions of MC
19:46<LouWestin>I keep thinking to the old 1.9 days when Minecraft required more editing via that file
19:48<LouWestin>1.16 is around the horizon
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20:21<LouWestin>hi juan913
20:21<juan913>i want to speak with support
20:22<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
20:23<rsdehart>juan913: this is community chat. Staff are here, but if you need support or to discuss an account your best bet is to go through the official channels
20:23<rsdehart>if you're a customer, submit a support ticket (and maybe drop the ticket number in here) and if not, the official contact as posted by LouWestin
20:24<juan913>ok thank you
20:24-!-juan913 [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
20:24<rsdehart>!point LouWestin
20:24<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to louwestin. (13)
20:25*LouWestin cheers and breaks out the champagne
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21:50<linbot>New news from blog: 2019: A Big Year of Innovation for Linode and a Big Thank You to Our Customers <>
21:58<millisa>short lived fame
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22:20<LouWestin>100 folks are asking on the forum when is the cloud firewall coming. As me, I'm not too worried
22:21-!-levifig [~levi@] has joined #linode
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22:45<gparent>there's a cloud firewall in each linode. its rule can usually be printed by typing iptables-save
22:54<LouWestin>gparent right right, They're talking about something like DO has
22:55<LouWestin>I mean, I've just been done that as far as my Firewall needs go.
22:56<gparent>I'm being silly. I used not to care that much about those firewalls but I found that automating them can sometimes be easier than managing iptables + ipset rulesets.
22:56<gparent>otherwise, I'll stick to BSD / Linux / Windows firewall
22:57<LouWestin>ufw is probably the easiest. But you know, you get the less technical joining who don't know yet what unmanged is. lol
23:11<LouWestin>I used to use iptables, then UFW, then back to iptables (it's the samething of course) from dwfreed's recommendation
23:44-!-aspis [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
23:50-!-_Linode__LLC__ [~oftc-webi@2600:6c46:6a00:e9f:a9a5:ce8f:52d7:8a33] has joined #linode
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23:50<_Linode__LLC__> Linode, LLC.
23:51<millisa>Brought to you by Carl's Jr.
23:51<_Linode__LLC__>2600:6c46:6a00:e9f:a9a5:ce8f:52d7:8a33 why is this IP showing up as my network? I'm a Charter client.
23:52<millisa>That looks like a charter ip to me
23:54<_Linode__LLC__>I'm not using IPV6, I have it turned off, but somehow it gets turned on
23:55<millisa>Why do you think you aren't using ipv6?
23:56<@_brian>your irc whois says you're on ipv6
23:56<_Linode__LLC__>I turn it off on the router, it is turned back on
23:57<LouWestin>appartenly your isp has a diffrent plan
23:58<LouWestin>did you restart the router and modem?
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