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00:03<_Linode__LLC__>Internet6: Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire default fe80::7edb:98ff:fe UGc en0 default fe80::%utun0 UGcI utun0 localhost localhost UHL lo0 2600:6c46:6a00:e9f link#7 UC en0 2600:6c46:6a00:e9f 98:1:a7:8a:b6:8b UHL lo0 2600:6c46:6a00:e9f 98:1:a7:8a:b6:8b UHL lo0 260
00:05<_Linode__LLC__>someone keeps going into the Charter supplied modem and turning on file sharing, turning on the IPV6 (this is a house, we have three computers, we don't need IPV6
00:05<millisa>How does linode fit into all this?
00:07<@_brian>if you never have, i'd recommend changing your router's default credentials
00:07<_Linode__LLC__>nothing is on ethernet, except into the router (I meant router in above, Charter/Spectrum supplied modem and router)
00:12<_Linode__LLC__>that is what i am trying to figure out, why is the showing up
00:13<_Linode__LLC__>why is linode on my router, showing up as my network, when I'm not a client of this?
00:14<@_brian>that is the confusing part about your question. how did you come to conclude linode was somehow involved?
00:14<_Linode__LLC__>Location (IP address) You can see the last 10 IP addresses and approximate locations that accessed your Gmail account. If you got a warning about suspicious activity in your account, you might also see up to 3 additional IP addresses that have been labeled as suspicious. There are a few reasons you may see multiple IP addresses or locations in your activity: If you use POP or IMAP to read your mail on other services, lik
00:15<_Linode__LLC__>Access Type [ ? ] (Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.) Location (IP address) [ ? ] Date/Time (Displayed in your time zone) Browser (Safari) Show details * United States (2600:6c46:6a00:e9f:a9a5:ce8f:52d7:8a33) 8:18 pm (0 minutes ago) Browser (Safari) Show details * United States (2600:6c46:6a00:e9f:a9a5:ce8f:52d7:8a33) 5:13 pm (3 hours ago) Browser (Safari) Show details * United States (2600:6c46:6a00:e9f:a9a5:ce8f:52d7:8a33) 4:07
00:15<@_brian>right, and that ipv6 address is your ipv6 address, which belongs to charter
00:16<_Linode__LLC__>I am a Charter-Spectrum client, with IPV6 turned off,
00:16<millisa>No you aren't.
00:16<@_brian>i disagree with the second part
00:16<millisa>You are a Charter client with IPV6 turned on.
00:17<@_brian>you can type /whois _Linode__LLC__
00:17<@_brian>and see that you have that specific ipv6 address
00:17<LouWestin>yep you're showing up with an v6 address
00:17<@_brian>also it still doesn't explain how that ipv6 address led you here, although we're happy to help :)
00:18<LouWestin>I use a znc server from linode so that's why I have an IPv6 address. Comcast supplies me with IPv6 address too
00:23<LouWestin>actually I get both addresses, but have IPv6 turned on
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00:50<chirag>i want to know about hosting plan for my website
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01:02<chirag>i need a best hosting plane for 24 month
01:03<chirag>1 gb ram required
01:03<Woet>I prefer the A350 personally
01:03<Woet>but it depends on the airline
01:03<Woet>chirag: what is your question?
01:03<chirag>i am looking for website hosting plan
01:03<Woet>Linode doesn't offer web hosting
01:03<Woet>they offer VPS hosting
01:04<chirag>vps hosting
01:04<Woet>whats your question?
01:04<chirag>which plan is best for me
01:04<Woet>the one with 1 GB of RAM, probably?
01:04<Woet>because you said you require 1 GB of RAM?
01:09<LouWestin>also chirag I'd look at this guide too
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04:56<clspl>is anyone from support here? :)
04:57<gabberMatt>Morning all. I have a $10 standard linode account (2Gb). I just deleted my ubuntu server, so currently have none. When I try to install a 1ClickApp it starts asking me to choose a new plan. What am I doing wrong please ? I already have a plan
05:01<clspl>i got a problem with payment, payment form doesnt allow me to submit with my cc validation month/year. Error says that year is incorrect
05:03<Zr40>did you enter the year as 4 digits?
05:04<clspl>no, i got only 2 on my card
05:04<clspl>so i enter 2
05:04<Zr40>try it as 4
05:04<clspl>is that an issue
05:07<clspl>it worked, thank you
05:08<gabberMatt>Anyone know please how to launch a OneClickApp without having to create a new payment plan ?
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05:43<Lucretia>gabberMatt: it's telling to select what sized linode you want the app to be created on. you said you deleted your linode so you have none, this will create one.
05:49<gabberMatt>Thanks Lucretia. Yes, I understand that. But I also tried before hand, i.e. prior to deleting my linode. It still asks you to create a new linode and plan.
05:50<Lucretia>yup, seems to be what it does
05:51<Lucretia>are you expecting it to add an application to an existing linode?
05:52<gabberMatt>Yes, I suppose that is what I was expecting. But thanks for clarifying. I've now gone ahead and created a new Linode. It looks as if I only have one, so I suppose I will still only be billed $10. Thanks for your help
05:53<Lucretia>maybe add a ticket for that and see if they can add it.
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06:45<test2233222>Does anyone know if the Slackware 14.2 instal are 64 bit or only 32bit?
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11:12<linbot>New news from community: Are Linode's images 32 or 64-bit? <>
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11:14<Sakib>does linode block 25 port?
11:15<Sakib>linode block 25 port?linode block 25 port?
11:15<Sakib>linode block 25 port?
11:16<grawity>though I don't remember how to unblock it, I think you have to open a ticket
11:16<dwfreed>You have to do some steps, *then* open a ticket
11:16<@rgerke>Hi! Yes, you'd want to open up a Support ticket requesting the filters be removed.
11:17<dwfreed>^ after you do the steps mentioned there
11:17<@rgerke>One fo the things we'll ask you to do is make sure you have an A record and rDNS set up for that Linode.
11:17<@rgerke>!point dwfreed
11:17<linbot>rgerke: Point given to dwfreed. (103) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 22)
11:18<Sakib>alright, thanks everyone
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13:47<linbot>New news from community: Block storage questions <>
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14:23<LouWestin>Quick question, is Kubernetes similar to Docker?
14:25<LouWestin>or the better question, can it be used in place of Docker?
14:27<dwfreed>Kubernetes is container cluster management
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14:41<LouWestin>Ok thanks dwfreed. I'm familiar with Docker, but haven't experimented with it. I saw an email from Linode that mentioned they're looking for beta testers.
14:42<LouWestin>I'm not sure if I'd be a good canidate for testing it though since I don't run anything currently that could use it. At least, can't think of anything off the top of my head.
14:43<LouWestin>$100 credit sounds nice though
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15:45<Lucretia>why doesn't the linode creation form not show ssh keys when you use a stackscript?
15:48<@_brian>that looks like it might be a bug
15:51<@_brian>yeah how strange... when i try to deploy a linode from a stackscript, the table containing my ssh keys is empty. i reproduced the empty table by trying to deploy a linode from the create button as well, but then navigating around cloud and going back repopulates the table
15:51<dwfreed>API call failed, maybe?
15:52<@_brian>perhaps, im gonna dig some more
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16:33<buddyL>i'm answering a list of questions from a survey and it breaks on "How would you rank these providers" telling me "How would you rank these providers"
16:33<buddyL>on every quesiton.
16:34<@_brian>sorry, which survey are you having trouble with?
16:38<@_brian>running through it right now
16:41<@_brian>buddyL in what way is it breaking?
16:41<dwfreed>huh, when I did the survey, it didn't ask me to rank providers
16:41<@_brian>some of these surveys have flow trees where you have to meet conditions to reach certain questions
16:41<dwfreed>I apparently didn't hit that part of the flow tree, then
16:42<@_brian>i'm at a page right now with a bunch of drag and drop questions where i'm ranking 9 providers on different things
16:43<dwfreed>mine was all radio buttons and text boxes
16:43<@_brian>i hope marketing can trash this survey after i'm done with it lol
16:43<dwfreed>just don't finish the whole thing
16:43<dwfreed>I imagine if you don't finish it, they don't record it
16:43<@_brian>ya i'm betting there was a question regarding other cloud providers that if you answered in the affirmative it gave the rest of the tree
16:44<dwfreed>oh, probably the one where it asked you which ones you used
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16:57<@_brian>buddyL if you catch this, could you tell us what browser you're using, and how the survey is broken? i'd like to make sure it gets fixed
17:16<FluffyFoxeh>What is "Image hosting (object storage)"?
17:16<FluffyFoxeh>Is that image as in pictures, or something else?
17:17<FluffyFoxeh>I do host images (pictures) but not with object storage
17:18<FluffyFoxeh>but perhaps that just falls under file hosting
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17:19<millisa>_brian: dunno if it's the same survey or not, but I received one in email about an hour ago that I tried to take. It was using About 10 mins in, after one of the 1-6 rating sets it threw a 504 cloudfront error.
17:19<millisa>and then lost all progress.
17:19<@_brian>thank you! marketing had eyes on this and we were looking for more into, passing it to them
17:19<FluffyFoxeh>To be honest, Linode is scaring me a little with this marketing push. But I try to stay optimistic
17:20<millisa>this is the page I end up back on -
17:20<millisa>will have a screenshot of the 504 in a sec (not that it probably helps much)
17:24<@_brian>ty, we've reported it now
17:29<@_brian>!point Lucretia
17:29<linbot>_brian: Point given to lucretia. (1)
17:29<@_brian>finally got that bug report in, thanks again
17:29<@_brian>!point millisa
17:29<linbot>_brian: Point given to millisa. (133)
17:40<Ikaros>I'm happy to say that, it's actually pretty darn difficult to find anything real negative to say. I couldn't be any happier right now with any of the providers I have right now.
17:43<v0lksman>hrm...any issues in newark?
17:45<@_brian>i just checked our alerts and nothing stood out, whats up?
17:45<v0lksman>can't seem to console to one of my nodes
17:46<v0lksman>it was inaccessible via network for a couple of minutes but is now responding again
17:46<v0lksman>but lish still isn't connecting and everything is wicked slow
17:46<@_brian>if you pass me an IP i'll check out the host, but i'll need to auth you somewhere to talk specifics
17:48<v0lksman>just submittd a ticket for it
17:49<v0lksman>not sure how to get the host name anymore
17:49<v0lksman>is that still relavent?
17:49<dwfreed>I think _brian meant your Linode's IP
17:50<dwfreed>the only way to get the host name these days is via lish
17:50<@_brian>ya i can grab the host once i have the linode IP. I think i have your ticket, wanna reply real quick and drop my name in there to auth?
17:51<FluffyFoxeh>So about that "image hosting (object storage)". What does that mean?
17:51<v0lksman>all my other nodes seem ok...just this one
17:51<FluffyFoxeh>What does "image" mean in that context?
17:51<@_brian>got it, checking now
17:51<@_brian>FluffyFoxeh it could mean .img files for example. I'm not sure what you're referencing, but you can use object store to make block level backups of disks in that manner
17:52<FluffyFoxeh>_brian: It's a question on a survey that says "Why do you use cloud computing services? Choose all that apply." And one of the options is "Image hosting (object storage)"
17:53<FluffyFoxeh>I haven't used object storage so maybe "image" is some terminology specific to that which I'm not aware of
17:53<FluffyFoxeh>but every type of image I can think of does not necessarily need to be stored in object storage
17:53<v0lksman>allows you to create an image of an OS configured the way you like and save it for future deployments
17:54<dwfreed>Linode Images != Linode Object Storage
17:54<FluffyFoxeh>that's one meaning of image but it is not related to object storage
17:54<FluffyFoxeh>hence my confusion at combining these two things in one option
17:54<FluffyFoxeh>s/a survey/the Linode survey/
17:56<v0lksman>my bad
17:56<FluffyFoxeh>I'm just going to leave it unchecked, because I do not use object storage
17:59<v0lksman> you are migrating _brian ?
18:03<@_brian>we discussed this in pm^ but the on-call is still looking at it, no indication of an evac
18:04<FluffyFoxeh>Survey submitted successfully
18:07<@_brian>thanks for that, FluffyFoxeh
18:09<Ikaros>I could get used to this working-from-home thing, at least in this setup I can respond to outages (very) quickly/efficiently on any of my instances. Heck, my work-from-home setup is also cloud-supported.
18:15<@_brian>its pretty nice. i got a cheap-ish hdmi matrix to swap monitors between work laptop and desktop
18:21<Ikaros>Loving it - sleep in until shift starts, order lunch right before lunch hour via DoorDash/Uber Eats/GrubHub (you know, to help support the local eateries), have it arrive right as lunch hour begins then chillax on the couch, eat and watch anime for that hour, then finish out the rest of the day in the comforts of home, and best part, no long commute! That's more "me" time.
18:49<Lucretia>_brian: what's the point thing?
18:54<@_brian>it means i appreciated you reporting that bug instead of brushing it off or ignoring it
18:55<@_brian>afaik they aren't used for anything, i really just took what i thought they were for from context of others using them
18:56<millisa>i'm saving up for the walkman
18:56<@_brian>how many points for lunch with mcintosh
18:58<Zr40>all of the points
19:03<jfred[m]>_brian: I’ve got the same sort of switch but for DisplayPort, since that’s what my desktop and the dock for my personal laptop use
19:04<@_brian>nice. 2 of my monitors are old enough that they don't have displayport, or that would've been my preference
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19:52<jfred[m]>DP is nice but I wish it were more widely-supported
19:53<jfred[m]>I’ve got a few other monitors that don’t support it but thankfully my big 4K one does
19:57<dwfreed>let's not use that acronym
20:02<Zr40>or let's. Anything can become a bad word if you're looking hard enough
20:06<jfred[m]>I mean that's... an unfortunate coincidence, but it's the official abbreviation for the DisplayPort standard and used in their marketing material
21:15<FluffyFoxeh>(I had to look it up)
21:16<FluffyFoxeh>(in a dictionary, I mean)
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21:47<FluffyFoxeh>What's a method that I can use to tell me when a Linux installation was installed?
21:47<FluffyFoxeh>Might take some cleverness
21:49<FluffyFoxeh>ah. tune2fs
21:49<FluffyFoxeh>Filesystem created: Fri Aug 26 09:59:26 2016
21:49<LouWestin>Off the top of my head, i'd look at the file system using ls
21:49<LouWestin>ls -l
21:50<LouWestin>but that's not always going to be exactly telling.
21:54<Peng_>The filesystem creation might not always be accurate either. VPSes and stuff might be a copy of an existing fs image.
21:56<LouWestin>I think I caught a bug in one the Linode images one time (I forget the exact one or what it was) the support person reconpiled it which I'd assume as Peng_ says would change the date(s)
21:58<FluffyFoxeh>well uh
21:58<FluffyFoxeh>in other news, my 1TB WD Green... Power-On Hours: 9 years, 3 months, and 18 days
21:59<gparent>one of my 2 TB drives is now having errors.
21:59<gparent>65535 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
21:59<FluffyFoxeh>this one says 87 bad sectors, but I think it's said that for the better part of that 9 years
22:00<gparent>I'm not sure about mine either. I've seen tricks with hdparm that will make the drive attempt to re-read the sectors.
22:00<gparent>I haven't tried any yet, just migrated my data off for now.
22:01<LouWestin>SSD's are fairly cheap now, or much better priced now
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