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00:51<bacngovan>hi team
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01:09*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large pufferfish
01:38<rsdehart>who let dcraig in here?
01:45<dcraig>I'm like the wind
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01:52<Woet>who left the door open?
01:53<dcraig>u woet m8
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02:21<covid19>is covid19 effecting any linode operations?
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02:44<linbot>New news from community: Running apt-get update is failing for my Ubuntu Server <>
03:05<Lucretia>_brian: it's almost like they don't know their own sw!??
03:05<Lucretia>their response "where are you seeing that the SSH key table is empty? Is this a field in the StackScript or something on your Linode?"
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06:55<ricki>hi i noticed linode has ddos protection service free for all customers, i just want to confirm as a result i wouldn't need cloudflare then?
07:01<@pwoods>ricki: it's not a stateful firewall, so it won't filter out small amounts of disruptive traffic.
07:01<@pwoods>Plus, it doesn't protect against layer 7 application layer traffic.
07:03<@pwoods>Cloudflare can protect against other bad traffic that our ddos protection doesn't, so it's not a bad idea to have both.
07:05<Lucretia>anyone know why linode re-orders udf variables in the creation form?
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07:05<Lucretia>I want my fields in a specific order
07:06<ricki>Thank you pwoods
07:06<Lucretia>it dumps some under "advanced options"- I don't get it.
07:07<Lucretia>and weirdly, it's adding back in the ssh keys block
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10:30<rsdehart>hi gopal_karmakar and welcome to community chat
10:30<gopal_karmakar>i want to create ac
10:31<rsdehart>you do that on the website
10:31<gopal_karmakar>but i have no credit card
10:32<rsdehart>you'll need to get a credit card
10:33<rsdehart>you can fund your account with paypal after creating it with a credit card
10:33<rsdehart>but the initial payment must be made using a credit card
10:33<gopal_karmakar>any mannual process ???
10:34<FluffyFoxeh>credit card
10:34<rsdehart>PayPal payments can only be made after an account is opened with an initial payment from a credit or debit card.
10:34<FluffyFoxeh>or debit card, apparently
10:34<FluffyFoxeh>Back in my day, those were not interchangeable
10:34<rsdehart>I just copied and pasted from the page I just cited
10:35<rsdehart>FluffyFoxeh: it's great, movies have sound now
10:36<rsdehart>I feel like I've been able to use my debit card for credit card purposes for the whole ~20 years I've used one
10:37<FluffyFoxeh>My debit card only became a "Visa debit" card around 2010 or so, IIRC
10:37<FluffyFoxeh>maybe Canada was late to the party
10:37<rsdehart>could be
10:38<FluffyFoxeh>but we have had tap to pay for years, so...
11:28<LouWestin>We’re still using magnetic strips here. We haven’t fully converted to chip cards...
11:31<rsdehart>I guess contactless cards were launched in nz in 2011
11:31<rsdehart>that was before I got here
11:49<LouWestin>We have a few contactless cards, but the NFC option on phones is more common
11:51<LouWestin>My old bank was still stuck on mag cards, which I switched to another bank who already had them. I think my old bank got chip cards about 2 years after I switched
11:51<LouWestin>Still run into a few places that don’t have nfc though
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12:02<rsdehart>yeah quite a few places here don't accept paywave
12:05<dwfreed>The biggest place to not have NFC here is Walmart
12:05<dwfreed>because they're stubborn and want people to use Walmart Pay
12:05<dwfreed>ain't nobody using Walmart Pay
12:06<rsdehart>all the big players here have it
12:06<LouWestin>Whaaaaa....!? Walmart doesn’t s have NFC!?
12:06<dwfreed>yeah, everybody else here pretty much has NFC, except like restaurants
12:08<LouWestin>I prefer Target (pronounced: Tar Zay) so hence me not knowing these things
12:08<dwfreed>Well aren't you a fancy one
12:09<dwfreed>Closest Target is 20 miles away; closest Walmart is like 2
12:09<dwfreed>Also Meijer is right next to Walmart, but they're Midwest-only
12:09<Peng_>Walmart screwed me over in like 2000. And they're evil. Except for the low cost generic drugs.
12:10<LouWestin>Ooo...too far to drive! Used to make that commute to work everyday
12:11<LouWestin>Closet Walmart to us is a really trashy one so I avoid it. Hence Target being a better choice for me. But I’m mostly there for household stuff anyway
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12:14<speedtestbd>Is it possible to get a sponsored server for my speedtest project?
12:14<LouWestin>That’s a good question
12:16<speedtestbd>any restrictions will be fine :D
12:16<LouWestin>Speedtestbd: if you don’t get an response here from staff. I’d email support with details about what you’re doing and requirements.
12:17<@pwoods>speedtestbd: yeah, what LouWestin said, essentially.
12:18<speedtestbd>I think so
12:18<@pwoods>Yup! We'll get it in front of our Marketing team for consideration.
12:20<LouWestin>Just through in some details like example I’m a college student who’s working on xyz project to bring better speeds to the world.
12:20<LouWestin>I made all that up, but whatever your story is
12:21<speedtestbd>@pwoods can you give me the email of marketing team?
12:21<speedtestbd>LouWestin, thanks for your suggestion
12:21<LouWestin>You’re welcome
12:22<speedtestbd>alright, thanks! :D
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14:37<Guest20637>On my Linode, can I install a Linux distro that is not provided as one of the standard templates?
14:37<Guest20637>For example, can i run VoidLinux on a Linode?
14:37<@pwoods>Guest20637: yup
14:37<@pwoods>Let me find the guide for that
14:39<Guest20637>pwoods: thank you, sorry i had not seen that earlier. obviously, i should have looked more closely
14:41<@pwoods>Guest20637: No worries! I knew exactly what guide I was looking for, which is helpful sometimes when looking for something.
14:48<Xion_>I found that guide to not be very clear for a new user
14:50<Xion_>I ended up adding a kernel and initrd from my netboot setup into the bootloader, booting from those, then doing the install from the live environment they provided
14:52<Guest20637>Xion_: Thanks for that tip
14:53<Guest20637>If I get stuck, I will ask here for more help!
14:53<Xion_>Note: you don't specifically need a netboot initrd, just any initrd that functions as a full live environment
15:10<pastelmonit>Why Void Linux in particular? I've seen a lot of talk of it, but never tried it myself. Would it be a decent server distro?
15:12<Xion_>Only distro I know of that uses runit
15:13<Xion_>Also they do package splitting in a more intelligent way (not sane, just intelligent)
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15:33<Guest20637>I have used ArchLinux for several years, and am fairly familiar with it. Used to use variants of Debian Sid before that.
15:33<Guest20637>Just now getting around to trying out VoidLinux, so cannot comment much on it, since so little experience.
15:33<Guest20637>Others, including quite a few Arch users, seem to really like it.
15:34<Guest20637>Also, I have very little personal experience running a server, so my opinion would not carry much weight on that score.
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15:37<Guest20637>I don't have any particular hatred of systemd, nor much love for it either. But, apparently runit is quite a bit simpler.
15:40<Zr40>personally I like the simplicity of systemd - as a sysadmin and app developer, that is
15:41<millisa>late last year we ran through a void install. it definitely can run on a linode
15:42<millisa>these were my quick/dirty notes from december:
15:43<millisa>(the biggest gotcha I hit was needing to use mbr, not gpt)
15:43<millisa>that should get it working with lish, too
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15:45<Guest20637>millisa: Cool, thanks!
15:47<linbot>New news from community: What is the best image to use for Wordpress? <>
15:52<millisa>I can answer that one! is by far the best image to use for wordpress.
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18:03<Adam->I think the y-axis label on the longview network graphs is incorrect and should say MiB - ?
18:04*Zr40 is amused by the power-of-1024 units on network rates
18:05<Adam->either that or the tooltip is just wrong, not sure
18:06<dwfreed>both the tooltip and the axis are labeled Mibit/sec
18:06<Zr40>Adam-: does it disagree with the network stats of the linode?
18:07<dwfreed>I mean, that depends on whether it's actually a Linode :P
18:07<Zr40>oh, wait, _now_ I notice
18:08<Adam->this screenshot is from linode longview, running on a linode
18:08<Zr40>the values in the tooltip would exceed the visible range of the axis
18:08<Adam->or well, using the longview client on a linode, but that doesnt really matter probably
18:08<dwfreed>Zr40: oh
18:08<Adam->if you take the tooltip value and /8 you get the y-axis value
18:09<dwfreed>the axis itself should probably be fixed
18:10<Adam->i put it here hoping someone would just see it, is this not the right place
18:10<Zr40>we're just the community
18:10<dwfreed>it's saturday
18:10<dwfreed>the only Linode staff looking at this chat on Saturday are support people working who like IRC (rare anymore) and mcintosh
18:10<virtual>they're pretty good with support tickets, if you haven't had to use support before, Adam-.
18:11<dwfreed>emailing feedback@ is going to be better, because it'll go right into the mailbox of the people who handle the bug reports
18:11<Adam->ill do that then
18:11<virtual>dwfreed: company I work at, many people are moving away from IRC too. It's sad :(
18:11<dwfreed>and leaves support to answer the other stupid questions people have
18:11<virtual>oh, sorry, I missed that feedback@ email address :)
18:12<Zr40>company I work at has two slacks :(
18:13<Zr40>and one team is using discord
18:13<Zr40>I mean, one service I can handle, but why so many
18:13<virtual>Zr40: am lucky in that there is just one other approved service to use, BUT, it's rubbish.
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18:32<LouWestin>Kids play on discord, but I’m introducing my younger kid to IRC
18:32<LouWestin>Mozilla went to Matrix
18:38<Unit193>Except the projects that didn't. :>
18:39<millisa>fax > feedback@ & support@
18:47<Toba>fax shows you mean business
18:48<Unit193>Fax shows you still live in the 80s! :>
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19:06<LouWestin>Matrix doesn’t have a good mobile client, plus I don’t see the point of a federated secure public chat
19:15<joecool>matrix still hell to run a server for as well?
19:15<virtual>heh, is that why they moved to matrix, for 'security'?
19:15<joecool>last i checked it was all a big mess of python gobblygook
19:19<LouWestin>I'm not even sure why they moved to Matrix, I know they touted it as the security/federated thing to do. But there is a Firefox channel on Freenode
19:21<LouWestin>"After a long evaluation period, Mozilla has switched to Matrix from IRC as our preferred open discussion platform. Matrix is a huge improvement in usability, accessibility and safety for the Mozilla community, and we're excited to make this change."
19:23<virtual>not used MAtrix - does it have history for people newly joining the channel?
19:25<LouWestin>I'm not sure, I never switched over to their new platform
19:26<virtual>heh, we IRC folks are so stuck in our ways ;)
19:26<virtual>"it just bloody well works"
19:28<LouWestin>I looked at the iOS clients for Matrix and was like last update 3 months ago? Reviews say it sucks? I'll pass.
19:29<LouWestin>Desktop clients for Windows, not much better? And they running a blog on Medium?
19:32<LouWestin>I'm the same way virtual. Unless it's adding something vastly diffrent than IRC, what's the point of switching to another chat platform?
19:34<LouWestin>Introduced my 8 year old to IRC, she's like there's no video/calling? I'm like yep! Nice right!? You don't have your friends spam calling every five minutes. lol
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19:47<virtual>my 6yo can read pretty well now. So I've got to be careful with my own language, as well as what others write - this channel is generally safe :)
19:49<LouWestin>Oh, yeah this channel is clean. I'm on Darkmyst alot for RP so that can vary greatly
19:50<virtual> am on some other channels where we are allowed to rant. The language can get... colourful ;)
19:51<virtual>now you've made me realise how stupid that statement is :-D
19:51<virtual>I mean, how purple that statement is
19:52<millisa>what the fuschia?
19:53<virtual>!point millisa
19:53<linbot>virtual: Point given to millisa. (134) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 19)
19:53<cooldude>Hi, What can i do to retain my Linode without losing information if I do not have the funds to keep it going?
19:55<millisa>back it up and shut it down? reduce the disk space it uses down to a size that the smallest nanode will hold it?
19:56<Zr40>(we have large nanodes?)
19:56<virtual>Zr40: badum.... tish
19:56<virtual> :P
19:56<millisa>huge nanodes. the best nanodes
19:57<cooldude>shits getting real amid covid-19..
19:57<virtual>cooldude: backup really is probably the best way.
19:57<virtual>if you want 'zero cost' option.
19:57<millisa>if you need to keep the IP, cheapest would be getting it down to a nanode size
19:57<LouWestin>Backups should be done regardless. covid or not
19:58<cooldude>virtual, sigh -nod-
19:58<virtual>If you want an official Linode reply, in case they have some options, best to open a support ticket with them.
19:58<cooldude>virtual, i submitted a ticker
19:58<virtual>that IP comment, good point, millisa
19:59<cooldude>millisa, i already have a nanode
20:03<Zr40>millisa: you can actually make a huge nanode. Attach eight 10TB volumes
20:03<virtual>but it's still a small nanode
20:03<virtual>the nanode itself doesn't grow larger, by eating other nanodes
20:03<virtual>does it?
20:18<LouWestin>Maybe Linode will offer a smaller Nanode, Picnode 500MB for $2.50 a month?
20:23<virtual>'ickle wickle node'
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20:45<Zr40>at that price, it's a steal
20:46<Toba>can't find that on
20:46<virtual>that transfer is probably cheaper than AWS. :P
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20:53<arby>Anything up with Linode's NSs? I see nothing wrong @ status,
20:53<arby>but ... since early this morning, changes to one of my master dns *ARE* getting xfer'd to the axfr[12345] server -- I see the axfr's in logs, no errors -- but no updates getting to public-facing ns[12345] resolvers.
20:59<arby>Is that a 'good' "Hm", or a 'bad' "Hm" ... ?
20:59<dvgrhl[m]> *
21:00<dvgrhl[m]>not sure if related, but I'm experiencing what I think are DNS issues on my LKE cluster
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21:03<Peng_>I just updated a zone and it worked for me
21:04<arby>Peng_: is Linode 4 u slave, or master?
21:06<Peng_>The former, in this case
21:07<arby>slaves for me as well.
21:07<arby>welll ....
21:11<Peng_>Maybe they changed the caching settings?
21:12*arby digs around online to see ...
21:16<arby>iirc, the Dashboard *used* to say zone changes propagate every 15 minutes ...
21:17<arby>i'm not finding that wording anymore.
21:24<arby>ticket time, methinks
21:27<Peng_>Master zones were updated every 15 minutes, excluding caching. I'd be surprised if it's gotten slower. Making it faster was on the to-do list for 2020, though.
21:27<Peng_>Slave zones can update immediately.
21:30<arby>I filed a tick, no response yet ... but 'magically' all the ns's suddenly are updated correctly.
21:30<arby>i suspect someone sprinkled some fairy dust ...
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22:01<LouWestin>Probably just coincidence
22:01<LouWestin>Oh, he gone
22:13<virtual>I don't like it when people leave silently. Especially because i've stopped joins/parts/quits on busy rooms, like this one :P
22:14<Toba>that is your problem
22:15<Toba>if you want to know when people leave, turn parts and stuff back on.
22:15<Toba>I think people coming in, asking a question and ditching without patience are lame, but expecting people to announce they are leaving is silly.
22:15<virtual>Toba: please note the emoticon at the end.
22:16<Toba>ah, so your sillyness was intentional
22:16*virtual sighs
22:18<LouWestin>ZNC does show me parts/join when I'm disconnected from the client. Although the logs show me everything.
22:18<virtual>my 'solution' is being a heavy user of the tabbity button :P
22:19<LouWestin>But in my client I usually turn off joins and keep parts on here so I know to or not answer
22:20<virtual>hmm, I like this. how about quits - they're on too?
22:23<LouWestin>I have Quits set to default so that would be a yes
22:23<virtual>I need to re-learn how to make irssi not count parts/quits as activity, so my stupid brain stops going 'oh! activity, I know it's not someone talking, but, activity!'
22:24<LouWestin>I'm using mIRC chat right now, but there should be a way with irssi
22:24<virtual>there is. I've done it previously with some other things. Just.. botheredness is pretty low
22:26<LouWestin> Looks like maybe activity_hide_level would be it?
22:26<virtual>see, that rings a bell, can you please stop finding things so that I have to actually do it? kthx ;)
22:28<LouWestin>I don't see an exact setting for that in the activity_hide_targets settings though...hmm...
22:29<virtual>actually looking now :P
22:29<LouWestin>I think it's actually easier than that.
22:29<virtual>just gonna go try it: activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes
22:29<virtual>I had that in another client.
22:30<LouWestin>Might be /ignore -channels #channel * JOINS PARTS QUITS NICKS
22:30<virtual>ah, that's the ignore - that I already do. I want to re-enable parts and quits, but not get a notice of activity.
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22:31<virtual>let's see how well this works :)
22:31<virtual>thanks, LouWestin
22:31<bobby_holla>I want my account to be deleted. thanks
22:31<LouWestin>Hi bobby_holla
22:32<virtual>bobby_holla: unfortunately, that is something that the community can't help with - you'd have to create a support ticket generally.
22:32<LouWestin>You have to log into your account and see if there's a delete option or contact support
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22:32<LouWestin>he gone
22:32<virtual>I didn't even think it might be an option for self management.
22:32<millisa>It is
22:33<virtual>yeah, that's... actually really slick.
22:33<millisa>They even have the little blue box there to say 'you dont really have to'
22:33<LouWestin>I was going to look in the forum since someone asked that
22:33<virtual>so they didn't see your actually useful answer.
22:33<virtual>instead, saw my dumb lazy answer.
22:35<LouWestin>Here's the post:
23:10<virtual>damn, no one has left the room when I wasn't *on* the room, since bobby_holla, so can't tell if the stuff works. :P
23:10<virtual>test in live, that's what people do, right?
23:20<LouWestin>I notice it's usually in the middle of the night (CST) when people are joining and quiting
23:21<virtual>must be those damned europeans, waking up
23:21<Guest20637>here ya go . . . i'm gonna leave. Lektron out
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23:21<virtual>I was still in the channel, dammit
23:21<virtual>wrong hotkey.
23:21<LouWestin>I think it's Asia/India
23:22<virtual>oh, yeah, that too, heh.
23:22<virtual>It's 8:52 in India rightn ow
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23:22<virtual>2pm in the populated parts of Aus.
23:22-!-Lektron is now known as Guest20683
23:22<Guest20683>and . . . Lektron's back
23:23<virtual>Guest20683: I screwed up, I was still in the room when you exited. Don't quit again, I'm sure someone else will leave soon :)
23:25<LouWestin>Wait, I know! I can have an alt join and quit via the web login
23:25<Guest20683>heh. I'm not much of a IRC'er. Using Konversation. My nick authenticates on Freenode, but I need to fix my password for OFTC.
23:26-!-virtualtester [~oftc-webi@2601:244:4800:447:f8df:2ef6:6baf:5bd5] has joined #linode
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23:26<LouWestin>I think you can do that via /nickserv
23:27<LouWestin>ok virtual just let know when you him to leave
23:28<virtual>heh, leave in 5 seconds?
23:31<virtual>I sent you a /query to
23:32<LouWestin>ok, i'm back wife called me to the other room
23:32-!-virtualtester [~oftc-webi@2601:244:4800:447:f8df:2ef6:6baf:5bd5] has left #linode []
23:34<virtual>hah, because there was 'real' activity, I noticed :-)
23:34<virtual>seriously, I can wait.
23:44<LouWestin>ok. I'm on my desktop so it's easy for me to open another window and test things
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