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07:42<Yasir>I am unable to create an account we are not using any VPN
07:43<Yasir>get an instantaneous cancellation message
07:45<@pwoods>Yasir: I'd be happy to take a closer look. I'll follow up with a private message so we can discuss account specific things.
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09:01<linbot>New news from community: 500 server error <>
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13:24<pastelmonit>millisa: I tried installing void linux yesterday on a spare computer and ran into the same weird issue you did - for the life of me, I could not install it with a GPT partition table.
13:24<millisa>mbr should be fine on a linode
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13:26<pastelmonit>yeah that's how I got it running. not sure why it caused so much trouble
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13:28<dwfreed>missing bios boot partition?
13:32<pastelmonit>haven't dug into it too far to understand the root cause, but for some reason void wouldn't read the boot flag I put on it. I tried partitions from 2Mi to 2Gi
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16:02<@mcintosh>howdy friends
16:03<Toba>how are you, mcintosh
16:03<@mcintosh>hope everyone is staying safe
16:03<Toba>I am ordering stuff from a hardware store over the phone for the first time in my life
16:03<Toba>it feels weird to have to call back 4 times to add more things to my order
16:03<millisa>i want to go to a hardware store very badly.
16:03<Toba>But I would be bugging the staff in the store 4 times in person if I was there.
16:03<Toba>not much different
16:03<@mcintosh>Toba: feeling a bit cooped up but i have no room to complain :)
16:03<Toba>If you had more room to complain in, maybe you'd feel less cooped up.
16:03<@mcintosh>how are y'all doin?
16:03<Toba>not dead yet!
16:04<millisa>saw my first suburban dog walker wearing a facemask yesterday
16:04<Toba>Finding out more and more friends and relatives of friends think they have covid-19 or definitely do
16:04<Toba>Not surprised at all, because I knew this is how it would go. Sad though.
16:04<Toba>And scared.
16:05<v0lksman>another host issue in newark...same as the other day. I just put in a ticket
16:05<millisa>how well did you linode folks transition to remote work?
16:07<Toba>millisa: masks for everyone makes sense, given that the people with no symptoms can spread this
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16:08<millisa>i haven't left my wifi in three weeks...
16:08<millisa>antisocial distancing
16:08<Toba>I have been more social than ever
16:08<Toba>Just physically distanced
16:09<Toba>Catching up with all kinds of friends on video chat, who I hadn't been finding time to meet up with before
16:09<Toba>Maybe that says more about their availability to hang out online than it says about me, but it could cut both ways
16:10<Lektron>hey, i just also joined #linode on Freenode. what's the difference in the two channels?
16:10<millisa>this one smells nicer
16:10<Toba>Oh no
16:10<Toba>I can't smell the irc channel
16:10<Toba>I hear not being able to smell is a sign of covid-19
16:11*Toba runs in circles screaming
16:11<Lektron>at least we are 6 feet apart
16:12<millisa>(oftc is the one they link to in their web client at )
16:12<Toba>Lektron: you're like 3mm away from me on the screen. BACK OFF
16:12<Toba>you're going to infect my nick!!!
16:12*Toba washes his irc nickname with soap and water.
16:12<Lektron>ah, I see. social distance and screen distance are not the same
16:13<Toba>thanks </s> ;)
16:16<Lektron>I will also turn on deceleration of my electron stream, to slow these messages down. Gives you a little more time to duck and dodge.
16:16<@mcintosh>millisa: it hasn't been too bad - we have WFH days normally - i'm sure it's tougher for parents or people who don't have a comfortable home office area
16:17<millisa>had a few clients hold off to the very last minute before implementing theirs. this past week had one healthcare billing group that we rolled out ~100 vpn capable thin clients
16:19<millisa>am hoping this week ends up being quieter. maybe even get to make some progress on some migration projects
16:43<dwfreed>Toba: the problem with masks is that non-trained people spoil them within an hour of wearing them
16:44<Toba>not suggesting people buy the off the shelf ones up and waste them
16:44<Toba>fabric ones can be washed with soap or boiled and re-used
16:45<millisa>like these?
16:45<Toba>yes, like that but.. wow. it's designer
16:47<millisa>it helps people want to socially distance from you, too.
16:49<Lucretia>so, if using certbot to secure a server's traffic, do you use the same certs for both a mail server and an http server?
16:49<millisa>you could
16:50<millisa> has some info
16:50<dwfreed>You can use the same cert or different certs; for almost all threat models, there's no harm in using the same cert
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16:50<primitiv>hola amigos hope all i well, trying to do my taxes but im unable to login to my linode account
16:50<primitiv>i used the forgot pass email but still no luck
16:51<primitiv>will calling and speaking to somebody assist me further?
16:51<dwfreed>did you cancel your Linode account?
16:51<primitiv>im pretty sure i did not
16:51<primitiv>only my linode
16:51<primitiv>as i need my billing history for taxes
16:51<millisa>they should have sent you monthly invoices that would show the same info
16:51<dwfreed>^ this
16:52<primitiv>i would rather regainaccess to my account if possible?
16:52<primitiv>will phone support asisst further do u know
16:52<dwfreed>you can use the forgot username with the email address the invoice was sent to
16:52<primitiv>i have as stated but no email has come
16:52<dwfreed>you said forgot password
16:52<dwfreed>I'm saying forgot username
16:53<dwfreed>if you don't get any email back from that (check spam), then you did cancel your account
16:53<primitiv>either way it uses the email so if i didnt get the one it shoulnd work for the other
16:53<pastelmonit>gotta know if the problem is with mail delivery or account status
16:54<dwfreed>forgot password doesn't use an email address
16:54<dwfreed>it uses a username
16:54<dwfreed>which cannot be an email address, as @ is not allowed in usernames
16:55<primitiv>still nothing but i never canceled my accout
16:55<dwfreed>email is not instant, wait a few minutes
16:55<dwfreed>also double check spam after waiting
16:56<dwfreed>and if you still haven't gotten an email, then you did in fact cancel your account
16:56<primitiv>i think ill call cuz i never did..see if they can confirm what happened
16:57<pastelmonit>have your payment card in hand before you call - they'll need the last 6 digits
16:57<dwfreed>fortunately for you, Linode never deletes account records unless explicitly asked to, so support can reactivate it so you can log in and look at your invoices
16:59<primitiv>thanks will do
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17:01<Lucretia>millisa: yeah i've seen that, only talks about how to use it for a http
17:02<Lucretia>dwfreed: so, just use certonly and hook up the stuff myself in my script?
17:02<millisa>you may need to modify your renew hook in whatever LE client you are using to also reload/restart the mail services when the renewal happens
17:05<dwfreed>Can I bet $10 that he canceled his account?
17:06<retro|blah>dwfreed: Who would you be collecting from?
17:07<millisa>i would not take that bet -
17:07<Zr40>dwfreed: if you have irc logs, check ... that
17:13<dwfreed>millisa: :D
17:14<millisa>i mean, it probably happened at the boom closed at
17:18<pastelmonit>boom roasted
17:51<dwfreed>this is a textbook example of why I hate him
17:56<LouWestin>He made a big stink about Linode and wanted to cancel his account as well. 🙄
17:57<pastelmonit>what did linode do to him 😕
17:59<LouWestin>Basically he needed a managed host. He also argued with us constantly when we tried to explain to him why xyz thing won’t work.
18:00<LouWestin>Why am I getting this error!? One us: Did you look at the logs?
18:01<LouWestin>5 complaints later. One us asked again, did you look at the logs yet?
18:01<pastelmonit>yall are saints
18:02<pastelmonit>there's not much you can't do on a linode, but you need the know-how to get it done. that's just like...linux man.
18:04<LouWestin>Or that time he changed public facing file permissions to 777.... Me: don’t do that. Him: I know, but I need to test something. Me: Doesn’t pertain to your issue, won’t fix it anyway.
18:04<pastelmonit>oh, oh _no_
18:05<LouWestin>Him: I know l, but....
18:05*LouWestin grabs a 2x4 and wacks Primitiv over the head.
18:05<pastelmonit>that's job security for the rest of us. let 'em +rwx and just see what happens
18:07<pastelmonit>tbf, think of how many questions support gets like that
18:07<LouWestin>Oh god, it’s gotta be worse on shared hosting
18:08<pastelmonit>shared unmanaged hosting to boot
18:08<millisa>it might look something like
18:09<pastelmonit>> pinned: asking better questions
18:10<LouWestin>His partner had his IP whitelisted, so when he was somewhere else he couldn’t SSH in.
18:12<LouWestin>Him: WELL WHY I CAN LOG IN ON HIS WIFI!? Me: because you’re connected on his WiFi which the public address is whitelisted.
18:12<LouWestin>Totally didn’t understand it and argued profusely me...
18:14<pastelmonit>i for one enjoy yelling at people trying to fix my server for free
18:14<LouWestin>10 hours later comes back. Partner has whitelisted the IP on the server.
18:16<LouWestin>I mean way back i whitelisted, but it’s a pain in the ass when your mobile and simply having key only login is enough anyway
18:19<LouWestin>I learned tons just reading stuff here.
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18:21<LouWestin>I mean how many times did dwfreed answer some question I had and boom it worked? At least a dozen times for me alone.
18:21<millisa>It was the repeated requests for assistance from $competitor vps systems that bothered me more. It just seemed rude.
18:21<LouWestin>Oh yeah!!!!
18:22<LouWestin>That’s right he was using...
18:22<millisa>several providers
18:22*LouWestin shall not name one of them.
18:23<millisa>i know i'm guilty of feeding the vampire.
18:23<LouWestin>I left WebFaction after about 4-6 months and came here.
18:24<LouWestin>Before that, inmotion. But I wouldn’t seek support about them here, even if instilled used them.
18:29<gparent>!point cews
18:29<linbot>gparent: Point given to cews. (6)
18:29<millisa>heh, yeah
18:29<millisa>!point cews
18:29<linbot>millisa: Point given to cews. (7)
18:30<gparent>I wasnt there when this happened, but gotta give credit where it`s due.
18:33<pastelmonit>just last night millisa posted about needing mbr for void linux, and lo and behold, it fixed my issue. we have some smarties about.
18:34<pastelmonit>!point millisa
18:34<linbot>pastelmonit: Point given to millisa. (135) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 19)
18:37<gparent>I wish I had some smarties.
18:38<millisa>US or Canadian?
18:39<millisa> or
18:40<gparent>pretty sure those both exist in the US and Canada, both I meant the 2nd.
18:43<Lektron>Help Vampires: "By nature they feed on generous individuals who tend towards helping others, and leave their victims exhausted, bitter and dispirited."
18:43<millisa>it's an old article, but still good
18:44<Lektron>yeah, first saw it several years ago. the point is about the cumulative effect on the communities thusly infested.
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18:46<Guest20761>need some help, was just about to get on board with linode
18:46<Guest20761>was wondering if you guys help with migration and such
18:46<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:46<millisa>This is a community channel; generally we do best with specific questions
18:47<millisa>they have some migration services you can get with the managed offering and with the professional services group
18:48<millisa>they have some docs at that might be useful to you
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18:55<d19dotca>I was wondering if you invoice in CAD currency, or is it only USD?
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18:59<pastelmonit>the invoice is only in USD
19:00<d19dotca>Thank you for confirming.
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20:56<virtual>LouWestin: a bit late, but I think the activity level stuff is working :) I had to disappear yesterday, hence the super late update. :P
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