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04:25<Lucretia>if i have 2 domains, a .com and a one. I have 2 dns entries for those. If I want the main one be the .com, how do I set up the one? Do I set them up identically? Or, so I set up cnames in the one for mail/www to point to the .com one? what about the mx record in the one?
04:26<Peng_>It's your choice.
04:26<Peng_>In my opinion, you shouldn't use any CNAMEs unless you have to. CNAMEs make things slower to resolve from a cold cache.
04:27<Lucretia>so for the mx record, it should be
04:27<Lucretia>not .com
04:29<Peng_>Sure, if you don't have another reason to set it up differently.
04:29<Lucretia>not clear, first or second one?
04:30<Lucretia>ah, thanks. that's how i have it, but wanted to clarify.
04:34<grawity>Peng_: not if the same server is authoritative for both, I thought
04:35<grawity>or does that only apply if the target is actually in the same zone?
04:37<Peng_>If they're in the same zone, it depends on the resolver.
04:37<Peng_>If they're in different zones, the resolver still potentially has to contact the TLD.
04:40<grawity>hmm yeah, if they're in the same zone, BIND as authoritative server automatically includes the whole chain in answer section, but if they're in different zones it does not...
04:41<Peng_>And resolvers might ignore the other records anyway
04:45<Toba>Some might, but I kind of assume most do not
04:45<Toba>maybe some embedded things wouldn't...
04:53<chesty>if it was me, I would have 1 fqdn for the mx in both domains and have forward and reverse match.
04:54<Lucretia>is there a way to pass the access token on the command line to linode-cli? I want to script it's installation.
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09:40<AppFact>Does Linode have something similar like a DigitalOcean droplet?
09:41<@pwoods>AppFact: Yes.
09:41<@pwoods>We call our virtual servers Linodes, as opposed to their marketing of them as Droplets
09:41<AppFact>Im going through a tutorial on how to write a server with Swift+Vapor, and they show how you deploy to a DigitalOcean Droplet
09:42<AppFact>Im a very happy Linode customer, and I do not want to go to digitalocean, ofcourse...
09:43<LouWestin>Np virtual. I’m trying to recall what we talked about. LOL I’ll check my logs since I can’t scroll up to where we were
09:43<AppFact>But Im trying to figure out how to deploy my server app to linode in the same way they show it in that tutorial..
09:45<AppFact>So a "droplet" is just a vitrual server?
09:45<LouWestin>Yep and how to deploy your app is going to be based on the Linux distribution you use
09:47<LouWestin>You’re just installing swift and vapor and Ubuntu 16, you don’t need to switch to Digital Ocean to do that.
09:47<AppFact>its gonna be ubuntu 18.04
09:48<LouWestin>It should be the same steps
09:49<AppFact>ok.. I was thrown off a bit because they specify this tutorial is "DigitalOcean Droplet" specific
09:49<LouWestin>It’s possible that there were changes in Ubuntu 18 which might be different than what’s in the guide but 🤷‍♂️
09:50<AppFact>the guide is for ubuntu 18.. and I have ubuntu 18 on my linode instances..
09:50<LouWestin>Then you should be fine.
09:54<AppFact>great! thanks a lot! I wanted to be sure what the difference was between droplets and its Linode counterpart befor I started working through the tutorial.. Its always a pain in the ass if you invest a lot of time into something, and find out afterwards it was wasted time
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09:58<LouWestin>Just marketing names. You can always post a link of the guide in question and someone can look at really quick just to see
10:03<LouWestin>oh, he gone... switched to my desktop client
10:07<Lucretia>is there any way to use certbot without going through dns which takes 20 mins?
10:08<rsdehart>you mean assign a certificate to an ip address?
10:08<rsdehart>if so, no
10:10<Lucretia>so, certbot --nginx can never work?
10:11<LouWestin>certbot works with nginx
10:11<Lucretia>Client with the currently selected authenticator does not support any combination of challenges that will satisfy the CA. You may need to use an authenticator plugin that can do challenges over DNS.
10:11<Lucretia>is what i get
10:12<Lucretia>certbot --nginx --agree-tos --no-eff-email -d * -d -d * -d
10:12<LouWestin>you might need to upgrade certbot
10:13<Lucretia>I've tried certbot from ubuntu 19.10 repo and certbot-auto from eff website
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11:12<Zr40>wildcard certs can only be issued via dns verification
11:16<Lucretia>so, if I www and mail included in the cert, I have to use "-d -d -d" then?
11:18<Lucretia>nate: thanks
11:18<nate>any domain you want included if you can't do wildcard has to have a -d value
11:18<nate>so if those are the three you want covered, tis indeed what you want
12:23<@rgerke>!point nate
12:23<linbot>rgerke: Point given to nate. (10)
12:44<pastelmonit>I switched over to Caddy as my webserver, and I haven't had to think about certbot in months.
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12:48<Ikaros>Welp, looks like Linode's gonna be getting some more of my hard-earned cash! :D I'm about to resize one of mine into a dedicated CPU plan + I'm going to add yet another one into the mix.
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21:44<OneOffGuest>Hello. I've been watching When would a new build roll out?
21:44<Peng_>Good question. In general, whenever there's a critical vulnerability, or periodically.
21:50<OneOffGuest>As you know 5.6 is just out. When's the next "period" you might have planned for it?
21:55<dwfreed>5.6 came out like 24 hours ago
21:56<dwfreed>you're worse than the people that file day 1 package version bump bugs :P
21:57<OneOffGuest>LOL I understand. But years ago I asked about Ubuntu 18.04 when it was just out too, it was unexpectedly quick and already available.
21:57<dwfreed>If you want something newer, you can always build your own
21:58<dwfreed>That is easier to plan for
21:58<dwfreed>partly because Ubuntu goes through a month+ long freeze before release
21:58<Unit193>"Use mainline"
21:59<dwfreed>Also because Ubuntu's release policy is generally that no new features go into the LTS release that weren't in the last non-LTS release
21:59<dwfreed>so 17.10 and 18.04 were pretty similar
21:59<OneOffGuest>No hurry of course. I'm just curious.
22:00<OneOffGuest>By the way 20.04 is around the corner soon as well.
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