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00:30<jitendra>anybody there ?
00:30<millisa>lots of bodies
00:30<jitendra>I want to start linode with free credit
00:30<jitendra>how to get that ?
00:31<millisa>As in how to use a promo code? There's a spot to enter them on signup
00:32<millisa>There's usually codes at the top of most of their documentation.
00:32<jitendra>there was free credit of $60 for new signuo
00:33<millisa>don't think I've seen one that high. I've heard they give some out at the tradeshows that are larger though
00:34<jitendra>I had saw few days before
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00:50<chia>what is this
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00:55<joecool>they will never know
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02:19<dcraig>don't all join at once
02:34<linbot>New news from community: Object Storage S3 Compatibility Limits? <>
02:58<linbot>New news from community: How can I troubleshoot my Linode's poor network performance? <>
04:36<Lucretia>so, I've set up a basic server with nginx, should I set the /var/www/** to be owned by my limit admin user:group?
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07:35<rsdehart>hi temp, and welcome to community chat
07:35<temp>can anyone tell me if the linode backups are held on the same host / data centre as the host the vps is on or is it kept safe somewhere else
07:35<rsdehart>I'd expect same data center
07:37<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
07:37<rsdehart>temp: I don't have a proper answer, but if you can't raise staff you can for sure get an answer by email
07:38<rsdehart>*raise staff in here
07:39<temp>thanks, i've not used IRC in about 20 years, how do I raise staff in here?
07:39<rsdehart>I just meant if no one speaks up
07:39<rsdehart>during the day in the US there's usually folks about but other times it's hit-and-miss
07:40<rsdehart>if you have time to hang around someone might turn up, or you can just shoot an email and someone will get back to you
07:48<@pwoods>temp: backups are not stored on the host, but a separate host. They are stored in the same data center, though.
07:49<rsdehart>!point pwoods
07:49<linbot>rsdehart: Point given to pwoods. (17)
07:57<@pwoods>I'm one of the Backup Admins, so happy to answer other questions, too.
07:58<DrJ>temp: I see linode backups as a quicker way to restore in the event of a disaster. You should always have your own offsite backups that you manage if you care about your data
08:05<DrJ>that, of course, is not a knock against linode backups.... you sould just generally always manage more than 1 backup and always have one offsite
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08:24<@pwoods>DrJ: I totally agree.
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08:52<linbot>New news from community: AWS Java SDK linode storage access <>
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09:10<DrJ>I have a home server with a simple zfs volume on it. a script on that home server does a rsync every hour and a zfs snapshot at midnight
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09:52<linbot>New news from community: Some customers cannot access my site. What could be the problem? <>
09:59<Woet>silly Linode
10:01<DrJ>haha, I was about to respond to it until I saw who posted it
10:02<DrJ>What error are they getting? Did you recently update your DNS/Nameservers? Are these people from China?
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10:17<APT-->is anyone else experiencing a small amount of packet loss on the London network?
10:17<grawity>ugh RIPE DB app is complaining that "Nameserver xx/2a01:7e00:e000:16a::1 not accessible over UDP on port 53"
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10:22<ianh>yes - past 30 mins
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11:42<linbot>New news from community: Debian 8 Linode has lost all networking connectivity after installing package dependencies for imapsync <>
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12:12<champ>Hello everyone ... I want to deploy angular server, backend java server and relational database to a nanode virtual machine
12:13<champ>how many applications can i run on a single nanode ? does there exists any limit or not ?
12:16<rsdehart>how long is a piece of string?
12:16<rsdehart>champ: there's no limit imposed by Linode
12:16<champ>thank you very much
12:17<@pwoods>Hey champ, the only limits will be if the resources are enough for what you have running.
12:17<@pwoods>But, you can resize pretty seamlessly if you need to.
12:18<champ>thanks pwoods, got your point ... i will upgrade my plan accordingly
12:18<@pwoods>but to rsdehart 's note, the only "limtations" that may be in place are SMTP ports being blocked, which may be important if you're sending any mail traffic
12:19<rsdehart>but that's more a nature of application thing rather than number
12:19<champ>so it means I cannot send email from nanode server as SMPT ports are being blocked
12:19<@pwoods>You can, but you'll need to open a Support ticket to get them removed.
12:20<champ>Okay thanks
12:20<@pwoods>I would also recommend reviewing this to get the DNS and rDNS set up before you open the ticket, to get a quicker resolution
12:20<@pwoods>champ: ^^^
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12:21<champ>Thank you everyone for your so quick response (:
12:21<@pwoods>You caught me at a good time :)
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12:30<@pwoods>was it successful?
12:30<oscarbjurestrand>Yep! :)
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14:35<millisa>Lunchtime isn't too early for quarantinis, right?
14:39<LouWestin>Also long as it doesn’t inhibit your job duties and post selfies of yourself on social media. ;-)
14:39<LouWestin>*and you don’t post selfies
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14:44<@pwoods>I've been listening to quarantunes all day to help me get through this.
14:44<patrykdev>Hi, does anyone one if linode exposes linodeid form within their server instances?
14:45<patrykdev>I need to pass linode id to a web server , but I cannot seem to find a way
14:45<millisa>you're looking for something like what aws does?
14:45<patrykdev>Kinda yeah
14:45<millisa>only way I know to get it is from the api using the label you set
14:45<patrykdev>That requires stackscript ?
14:46<millisa>curl or any other web enable thing that can do get/post
14:46<millisa>a call to should get your list
14:47<millisa>you'd still need to have an api key setup to auth with and would need to know the label you are looking for.
14:47<millisa>though I guess you could also match it based on the ipv4 address
14:49<patrykdev>Ahhh yeah, I see the ipv4 field, perhpas I could send an ip address over to my webserver, and then use the linode API there to grab the id
14:49<patrykdev>Then again, I'm not sure how secure that'd be ?
14:49<patrykdev>If not, maybe I could encode it ?
14:50<millisa>you could further limit the token you are using to just have read access on the sections you want
14:51<millisa> might be of interest
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14:52<saqib>i have a question. i am trying to telnet to smtp server - gmail or any other - port 465,25 etc but getting connection time out. ufw is innactive . please suggest
14:52<patrykdev>I don't see how that solves my problem. I need to grab some sort of identifier from within linode instance using a shell script, then pass that id to my webserver using curl
14:53<patrykdev>I'm not sure how using linode api helps here
14:53<millisa>saqib: if it's a new account, they limit access on the mail ports until you do a proper forward/reverse and get a support ticket entered
14:53<saqib>its like 6 months old account. do i have to open a support ticket?
14:53<millisa>patrykdev: your IP would be an identifier you could grab from within your linode instance.
14:54<millisa>patrykdev: you could then query the api (with a token that has access) for the linode-instances and the one that has the same IP will have the linodeid
14:54<millisa>saqib: if it was after Nov5th 2019
14:55<saqib>sorry. yes i created it in December
14:55<saqib>so its after November
14:55<millisa>saqib: then you'll need to do the steps in to get them to allow connections on 25/465/587
14:56<@pwoods>saqib: a Support ticket is what you'll need to do, but also have DNS & rDNS set up:
14:56<patrykdev>Okay, I'll give that a go millisa
14:56<patrykdev>Thank you ;)
14:56<saqib>okay great. Thank you very much for the help.
14:56<saqib>appreciate it.
14:56<@pwoods>:spiderman-pointing-to-other-spiderman.gif: millisa
14:56<millisa>patrykdev: if you run into a snag, just hop back in. I like the api and use it for monitoring backups and such
14:57<patrykdev>Will do, appreciate it
14:57<saqib>Sure thank you again.
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16:24<cruxeternus>DrJ may have a problem :)
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16:58<mobyzone>Hi there
16:58<@_brian>o hi
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16:58<mobyzone>I've just built a new Ubuntu VM and installed unifi wireless controller, port 8443 seems to be blocked is this correct from your side?
16:59<@_brian>we don't block port 8443 by default, could it perhaps be a firewall issue?
16:59<mobyzone>how can I check?
16:59<mobyzone>I don't know ubuntu too well
16:59<mobyzone>I've just been following guides online
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16:59<mobyzone>I tried to use iptables but don't know if its that or not
17:00<mobyzone>iptables -A INPUT -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -i lo -m comment --comment "Allow loopback connections" -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -p icmp -m comment --comment "Allow Ping to work as expected" -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m multiport --destination-ports 22,8443,8080,8880,8843,6789,443,80 -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m multiport --destination-ports 3478 -j ACCEPT iptables -P INPUT DROP iptables -P FORWARD DR
17:00<@_brian>you can print your iptables rules with "iptables -S" but if you send me your Linode's IP address i'll scan the port for you
17:00<mobyzone>that's what Ive pastedin
17:01<millisa>you probably want 'ufw allow 8443'
17:01<mobyzone>I already did can you see me on out 8443
17:01<mobyzone>and says no
17:03<mobyzone>just did ufw allow 8443 and also did 443 too, no luck
17:04<@_brian>is the service running? nmap says the port is closed "8443/tcp closed https-alt"
17:05<mobyzone>checking now
17:06<mobyzone>ah there we are
17:06<mobyzone>I need to start the service
17:06<@_brian>nice :D
17:06<mobyzone>silly me, sorry about that
17:06<@_brian>no sweat, glad we could help
17:06<millisa>!point _brian
17:06<linbot>millisa: Point given to _brian. (5)
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19:14<noname1234>Hi, I am wondering if Linode has AMD servers that are not vulnerable to RIDL attack?
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19:20<millisa>they have amd hosts. you dont specify when you create a linode though.
19:23<noname1234>I'd like to request the ability to select to avoid RIDL
19:24<@_brian>i can document your request to select chip manufacturer upon deployment, no problem.
19:25<@_brian>in the meantime though, if you deploy a Linode and need it moved to a different chip manufacturer, you can always open and ticket and we'll configure a migration for you
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19:31<noname1234>I do not believe RIDL has been fixed yet.
19:32<noname1234>It is not very effective but still a thread as far as I'm aware.
19:33<noname1234>Thank you, I will open tickets as needed.
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20:06<linbot>New news from community: Why isn't Apache redirecting to HTTPS? <>
21:01<kharlan>jesus.. ATTs backbone is literally overloaded
21:01<kharlan>in ATL*
21:01<kharlan>my 5ms ping has jumped to 1k+ :p
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21:03<kharlan>Anyone heard of cogent? Seems like all my packets are routing through them, and the spike happens right when I hit their line.
21:11<Ikaros>And the weaknesses in America's internet backbone are exposed by the coronavirus crisis, it seems like.
21:12<kharlan>well it's been great so far.
21:13<@jdutton>kharlan: Not familiar with cogent myself. Testing this out on my end now.
21:13<kharlan>jdutton: it's not a linode issue, and hell it might be a specific part of GA that's having the issue.
21:13<kharlan>( almost all of my nodes are in ATL )
21:14<@jdutton>Yeah just wanted to see if there was any ping lag for my own ATL Linode
21:14<@jdutton>Do you have the AS number?
21:14<kharlan>yeah it'd be interesting to see. I wonder if there's a site out there that maps all these routes and keeps trace stats on them.
21:15<kharlan>AS number...?
21:15<@jdutton>It's basically a network routing "address" for each stop along the way
21:16<@jdutton>If you run an MTR to check the network route, it should give you the AS number in the report:
21:16<Ikaros>I believe passing -z does that if I'm not mistaken
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21:17<@jdutton>oop found them here:
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21:18<Peng_>Google `Cogent Hurricane Electric cake` :D
21:18<kharlan>hmm interesting. I've never even noticed the AS number before.
21:19<kharlan>rip. *waits for website to load*
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21:24<kharlan>hmm it actually might be ATT not cogent
21:25<kharlan>everyone must be streaming tiger king at this time
21:27<kharlan>that b... carol!
21:50<@mcintosh>no reference to b's in this channel ty
21:50<@mcintosh>that said
21:50<@mcintosh>luv me some tiger king
21:55<kharlan>you're never going to financially recover from this mcintosh ...
21:56<kharlan>you should watch the david spade interviews.
21:56<kharlan>they're pretty cool.
21:56<Ikaros>I feel fortunate that, from a financial standpoint, I am completely unaffected.
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23:21<millisa>"2 GB Used". Whew. Good thing that resets in an hour or so.
23:21<@_brian>close one
23:22<millisa>unrelated; when i was looking to see if linode had said anything recent about the mds stuff the earlier guy was talking about, it had some of the google ad placement stuff at the top of the searches for linode
23:22<millisa>showed $50 credits to get started
23:23<Peng_>$50 credit to get started hacking customers?
23:23<millisa>i'm assuming to get on linode. the pihole blocks most those links if I try to click on them
23:25<@_brian>yeah there are a bunch of promos running like that
23:26<@_brian>there was a $100 one back in december during cyber week
23:26<millisa>sometimes it shows $20, sometimes the 50
23:26<Peng_>F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
23:26<@_brian>this pleases the marketing team
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