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---Logopened Wed Apr 01 00:00:02 2020
00:17<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
00:18<chesty>april fools
00:18<@_brian>woo! also looking forward to april fools tickets
00:19<dwfreed>My Linode, it's just gone
00:19<@_brian>mine just got up and started flying around the room, so weird
00:20<dwfreed>I could be super elaborate and fake screenshots
00:29<Peng_>Linode April 1 pranks. Hmmm.
00:29<Peng_>Announce that Linode is phasing out Linux support in favor of FreeBSD?
00:29<Peng_>You've changed your mind and are moving Fremont back to fmt1?
00:29<millisa>No more KVM
00:30<chesty>advances with user mode linux means kvm is now legacy
00:31<@_brian>winode ^^
00:31<millisa>Migrations to Xen will start at 11PM
00:31<Peng_>I hope UML has advanced! Last time I was on UML, I ruined my 363 day uptime by firing up rTorrent and crashing my Linode somehow.
00:35<@_brian>chesty ಠ_ಠ
00:36<dwfreed>Partnered with NASA to bring Linodes to Low Earth Orbit
00:36<chesty>back in the naughties, I think it was kernel 1.2.x, we had to reboot every 500 odd days because of an uptime bug.
00:37<millisa>still exists for windows
00:38<millisa>497 is the magic number
00:38<chesty>seriously? although on in theory because windows will crash before 497 days?
00:38<dwfreed>What's the reason for that? Integer overflow?
00:38<millisa>doesnt crash, just stops closing network connections
00:39<dwfreed>chesty: or you'll have to reboot it in order to not have it riddled with security holes
00:39<dwfreed>the number of windows security vulns found in 497 days is about 16
00:40<chesty>yeah, uptime penis measuring contests died a long time ago. I guess linux can patch the kernel without rebooting?
00:42<chesty>i used to email an uptime report every week to the windows people in the naughties. these days I reboot every week even if there is no kernel upgrade just to test it boots OK
00:44<dwfreed>millisa: supposedly fixed in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 in MS12-032; theoretically is fine in newer versions of Windows
00:45<millisa>i guess i still have some 2008r2's that have it
00:45<dwfreed>Basically a 32bit counter used to record uptime will cause this problem when it overflows. If you record a tick for every 10 msec of uptime, then a 32-bit counter will overflow after approximately 497.1 days
00:46<dwfreed>copied from a blog post
00:46<chesty>oh man, linode cloud manager just gave me the best compliment "You have an outstanding balance!" thanks linode, your balance is pretty good too
00:47<Peng_>yeah my Linodes almost never fall over
00:49<dwfreed>497 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes, 52.96 seconds of uptime
00:49<dwfreed>is the point the bug is triggered
00:51<chesty>how many nano seconds?
00:51<dwfreed>that's exact, because the uptime counter ticks at 10 millisecond intervals
00:52<dwfreed>granted, it doesn't tick at exactly 10 millisecond intervals, but the error rate can't easily be determined externally
00:52<Peng_>Something about your last sentence is hilarious and terrifying
00:53<Peng_>I love computers
00:53<dwfreed>Peng_: wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
00:53<@_brian>4.295×10^16 btw
00:54<dwfreed>4,294,967,296 10 millisecond intervals
00:58<dwfreed>The Urban Dictionary Word of the Day for yesterday is Physical Distancing:
01:03<dwfreed>"Wait, $0? Oh, that's the OFTC invoice"
01:11<Peng_>april fools!
01:11<Peng_>Send everyone invoices in yen! that'd surprise 'em
01:12<chesty>or Nigerian naira
01:12<@_brian>perhaps something that won't blow up the support queue?
01:13<millisa>i usually see my first linode invoice by now.
01:13<@_brian>SOMEONE already opened one
01:13<@_brian>by "one" i mean troll ticket, :P
01:14<chesty>you asked for a troll ticket _brian "woo! also looking forward to april fools tickets"
01:15<@_brian>indeed, it was a good one too
01:15<chesty>"canola virus protection" "does linode provide a canola virus scanner? I don't want to catch the stars iris and go blind from sshing in."
01:16<@_brian>i put it in the queue for someone else too, so i guess i'm now as guilty
01:33<@jdutton>_brian: I'm just as guilty for leaving it there...;)
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03:20<cooldude>jdutton, thanks so much for doing a payment extension for me!
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03:21<@jdutton>Hey cooldude - no problem!
03:22<cooldude>times are tuff for me jdutton
03:23<cooldude>jdutton, ^
03:24<nate>Unfortunately kinda regretting my payment is automatic lol
03:25*nate really needs to make time to send some invoices out
03:26<@jdutton>cooldude: We totally get it. This is a really tough time for a lot of people. If there's anything else we can do to help, just let us know.
03:27<@jdutton>nate: Wish I could help there haha
03:27<cooldude>jdutton, thanks!
03:27<@jdutton>any time :)
03:28<cooldude>i'm in Canada jdutton, the Canadian Goverment is unveling the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit ->
03:28<cooldude>it's amid covid-19
03:29<cooldude>fuck Uber, they threw me under the bus
03:30<cooldude>i recieved a message from them saying they receieved multiple peices of rider feedback expressing concern about my driving as a result my account is deactivated, and while the news maybe upsetting, compliance with their community guidelines is required to drive for uber..
03:33<@jdutton>That sounds like a rough situation, so I'm glad I could help out. Friendly reminder to watch the language in the channel though ;)
03:33<cooldude>sorry jdutton! :x
03:34<@jdutton>all good!
03:34<cooldude>i would not recommend anyone to do Uber as a means of making money, when at anytime you can get deactivated from the platform at anytime! people love to do stuff on the low and don't care that the drivers need their jobs for a living!
03:35<cooldude>jdutton, ^
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03:40<@jdutton>that's really a bummer to hear
03:40<@jdutton>I'm sorry that happened :(
03:41<cooldude>too bad Linode isn't hiring in Canada!
03:43<@jdutton>yep just in Philly
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05:18<Bill>my account name is zchking
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05:19<Guest21010>and I forget to update my creadit car
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07:41<patrykdev>Hi, what Linux distro would make sense to use for Dedicated Server hosting, such as Counter Strike Global Offensive? I'm interested in performance
07:44<@pwoods>patrykdev: looking at this post on system requirements for that game, I'm not seeing anything related to distros:
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07:44<@pwoods>patrykdev: Actually, I must have overlooked it, it's recommending Ubuntu.
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07:47<patrykdev>pwoods, I can't help but think that I don't need everything that is shipped with ubuntu, for example an alpine or debian distro is lightweight solution. Then again I'm not an advanced sysadmin and I'm not sure how that stuff affects the server's performance
07:47<patrykdev>What is your opinion ?
07:48<@pwoods>patrykdev: I don't have any experience with gaming on a Linux machine, and have little experience with alpine, to be honest.
07:50<@pwoods>That said, Googling this, I'm only seeing it run on Ubuntu, even when I'm searching for results specifically with Debian or Alpine.
07:50<@pwoods>This looks promising, though:
07:54<patrykdev>yeah I've seen docker. Will definitely be something I'll explore. For know I'd just like to start hosting games using the general approach until I learn more about docker and kubernates for autoscaling
07:54<patrykdev>Went for debian distro
07:54<@pwoods>Cool, that seems like a good approach to help with learning more as you go.
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07:59<linbot>New news from community: How can i add a redirection rule to my bucket <>
08:00<bn_work>hi, when enabling backups, is one immediately kicked off? or does one need to wait till the next scheduled window, whenever that is?
08:00<@pwoods>bn_work: I believe it waits until the scheduled time.
08:01<@pwoods>You can kick off a snapshot, but if an automated one is running, it will fail to start the snapshot.
08:02<bn_work>pwoods: thanks, IIRC there is only one snapshot slot and one can adjust the times too, correct?
08:02<@pwoods>bn_work: yup.
08:14<LouWestin>Happy Linode billing day!
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09:34<charles>may i know how to calculate emissions linode servers generate
09:35<rsdehart>pwoods: ?
09:36<rsdehart>charles: your two best options are to wait (probably won't need to be a very long time) for an op to notice your question in here or email
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09:40<charles>i mean co2 emission
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09:41<Woet>charles: is based on AWS
09:41<Woet>look up the comparable Linode plan size and do the math
09:41<Woet>also and
09:41<Woet>first and second results from Google
09:43<charles>Thank You
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12:52<nyancat>Hi guys
12:53<nyancat>I received an invoice this morning for my Linode services but I've yet to see anything come off my card
12:53<nyancat>I need it debited urgently as I need to make sure I have basic necessities
12:54<nyancat>COVID-19 basically wiped out my income so I'm fucked for next month anyway
12:54<dwfreed>nyancat: you can push the charge through manually in manager
12:55<@pwoods>nyancat: yeah, you can make a payment your self
12:55<dwfreed>When the automated run circles through, it'll see that you have no balance, and not double charge
12:57<nyancat>I should be safe... I hope
12:57<nyancat>My employer is sending everyone home starting today for work at home so hopefully they don't cut my remaining wages lol
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13:20<linbot>New news from community: How do I install php-mcrypt on CentOS 7? <>
13:23<wasd>i try to install TLS to run my eggdrop tcl but fail
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13:37<ssa_>Hey everyone
13:39<@pwoods>hi ssa_
13:41<pastelmonit>o7 everyone doing their best to stay safe?
13:41<ssa_>Can you employ watchdog without softdog kernel module on linode? I'm using Latest 64-bit kernel, and I don't think it comes with softdog.
13:42<ssa_>Use case:
13:42<pastelmonit>pretty sure the linode kernel doesn't ship with kernel modules. If you wanna use kernel modules, you gotta use the upstream distro kernel
13:42<pastelmonit>sorry, kernel headers
13:42<@pwoods>The way Lassie works, which I think is what you're referring to, is the host looks at the state of your Linode. If it's off, and it didn't receive reboot or shutdown command from the API r Linode Manager, it'll boot it up for you.
13:43<pastelmonit>ah, lassie. Lassie needs no extra kernel modules and works on any distro, custom or otherwise.
13:44<ssa_>pwoods: sorry, I was referring to watchdog, which can either use hardware or software to do whatever it does (some extra degree of fencing in HA setups).
13:45<ssa_>My level of understanding about watchdog is 101.
13:46<ssa_>"The most common form of indirect fencing is the use of a watchdog. The watchdog’s timer is reset every N seconds unless quorum is lost or the part of the software stack fails. If the timer (usually some multiple of N) expires, then the the watchdog will panic (not shutdown) the machine."
13:46<ssa_> – quoting from
13:51<ssa_>I guess distro supplied kernel is the way if I want to do this (assuming there's no hardware/kvm integration with watchdog).
13:51<ssa_>Perhaps, I'll reconsider my needs.
13:53<pastelmonit>i do like the idea of that tool - throw the distro in maintenance mode as another safeguard against data corruption. I'd be curious to hear your experiences with it if you get it running
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14:50<linbot>New news from community: Really slow download speed with object storage <>
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15:00<linbot>New news from community: Error starting kdump <>
15:15<packetcat>any users of the Ansible Linode dynamic inventory plugin? I'm running into a issue -
15:16<packetcat>oh hmm, running it with -vvv - "Skipping due to inventory source not existing or not being readable by the current user"
15:22<packetcat>maybe search path issue?
15:23<ssa_>pwoods: pastelmonit: thanks for the help.
15:25<ssa_>packetcat: I use terraform for infra on linode, then use linode tags as inventory hosts to deploy stuff using ansible.
15:26<ssa_> this bridges the gap between terraform and ansible for me. (I *never* have to touch the inventory file myself)
15:27<ssa_>If feasible, you should consider it. I get good sleep from the combo.
15:31<ssa_>stay safe all.
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15:31<millisa>hm. just had a brief glitch getting to many things in dallas
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15:35<millisa>now stuff at cloudflare talking to linodes in dallas are having issues. is something going on there?
15:36<millisa>and that has recovered.
15:36<cews>London had a blip
15:36<cews>Seems ok now
15:37<millisa>whatever it was dropped my ssh sessions to the systems there about 2 mins before cloudflare acted weird.
15:37<dwfreed>millisa: same; ssh dropped and 1 IRC network dropped
15:38<packetcat>that would explain the alert I just got from $WORK about their pfsense server in Dallas
15:38<millisa>my fremont session stayed up.
15:38<cews>2 Linodes stopped incoming connections for less than 20 seconds in London, not sure what happened
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15:50<packetcat>anybody have any ideas regarding my Ansible dynamic inventory plugin issue? I'm not actually sure what the verbose output/errors means tbh
15:53<dwfreed>packetcat: where is the ansible linode inventory module on github? having a hard time finding it
15:54<dwfreed>packetcat: file needs your access token
15:54<dwfreed>access_token is a required field
15:55<packetcat>yes according to the docs, I can use a environment variable too
15:55<packetcat>which I have
15:55<packetcat>LINODE_ACCESS_TOKEN is the var
15:57<packetcat>let me try defining it in the yml
15:57<dwfreed>literally can't find the module
15:57<packetcat>linode declined parsing /root/development/linode.yml as it did not pass its verify_file() method - hm
15:58<packetcat>yeah I'm trying to find it on github too lol
15:59<packetcat>wait hold up
15:59<packetcat>/root/development/linode.yml is not correct
16:00<packetcat>I'm an idiot disregard
16:00<dwfreed>wrong ~ ?
16:01<packetcat>yeah it was just in the current directory
16:01<packetcat>:/etc/ansible/dev# ansible-inventory -i ./linode.yml --graph --vars -vvv
16:01<millisa> /etc/ansible/dev/linode.yml?
16:01<packetcat>so it works now once I you know use the right path xD
16:01<millisa>i suppose it did say that
16:02<millisa>because "Skipping due to inventory source not existing or not being readable by the current user" and "linode declined parsing /root/development/linode.yml as it did not pass its verify_file() method" is much clearer than 'file does not exist' or similar
16:03<packetcat>for some reason my brain didn't parse that there was a wrong path there entirely
16:04<packetcat>and now I have dynamic inventory \o/
16:07<dwfreed>well that was fucking annoying as shit
16:08<dwfreed>apparently they moved a lot of things to a new *org*:
16:08<dwfreed>linode inventory module is in community.general
16:11<packetcat>interesting, it uses the old groups system instead of my tags
16:11<packetcat>by default anyways
16:16<dwfreed>that's not configurable
16:16<dwfreed>but you should probably PR it to use tags, since groups are going away
16:19<pastelmonit>bless the docs, i finally found it. thanks for reminding me dwfreed
16:22<packetcat>dwfreed: good idea, that seems like a good weekend project
16:33<gparent>ive been hoping for people like packetcat to appear for months
16:34<packetcat>yeah? why so?
16:34<gparent>unfortunately, I don't use Linode enough to justify that PR, but it would be an immensely useful features.
16:34<gparent>The EC2 script uses tags extensively and it is very helpful
16:37<packetcat>tbh idk if I could PR that myself, my knowledge of Python is pretty basic
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17:59<cews>Issues in London?
17:59<cews>Oh, back! :)
18:00<millisa>(didnt see the same blip on my dallas stuff that coincided earlier, so maybe not related?)
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18:02<@_brian>it does look like something is going on in London
18:02<cews>Yep, down again
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18:03<dwfreed>"Warning, no response from in 160 seconds"
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18:03<dwfreed>coulomb is a London Linode
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18:06<dwfreed>Dallas blip too
18:07<cews>Issues connecting to things within the same DC.
18:07<dwfreed>At least it's a routing thing
18:08<dwfreed>because IPv6 is fine between Dallas and London
18:08<dwfreed>IPv4, however, is not
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18:12<Peng_>I had IPv6 trouble between Atlanta and London.
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18:13<Guest21061>Is there any issues going on at the moment? My website is inaccessible to our users and when I try to launch the console to connect to the server, it just loads around spinning as if it's unable to load.
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18:14<cews>Guest21061: London is having issues - IPv4
18:14<dwfreed>Guest21061: London is having some major issues at the moment
18:14<cews>I think the whole DC blipped at least all my Linode blipped.
18:14<cews>Seems to be coming back, gradually mind.
18:16<cews>Also, to note Cloudflare is having issues
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18:23<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues - EU West (London) <>
18:24<V-Pariah>anywhere i can see the list of host locations?
18:24<V-Pariah>in my head i remember the list of some of the major ones but i bet in 10 years it's changed a lot
18:25<cews>May have to scroll a little
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18:26<V-Pariah>how about in terms of cross-continental coverage
18:27<V-Pariah>anyone know where the oceanic routing tend to go first, particularly in america?
18:28<cews>Resolved in London - Thank you
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18:35<cews>!point _brian
18:35<linbot>cews: Point given to _brian. (6)
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18:37<dwfreed>V-Pariah: undersea cables tend to land in New York:
18:38-!-sm[m] [~simonmicm@2001:470:1af1:101::4a21] has joined #linode
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18:38<dwfreed>from Europe, anyway
18:41<V-Pariah>whoa, neat link!
18:41-!-nm0i [] has joined #linode
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18:41<nm0i>Any issues in london?
18:42<cews>nm0i: Yep, starting around 42 minutes ago, all resolved for me. Still having issues?
18:42<dwfreed>millisa: jinx
18:44<nm0i>Thanks, no issues so far, for now.
18:50<nm0i>Btw It's probably first time in ten years I notice not me related issue with me linode.
18:50<V-Pariah>looks like the virginia cable is the newest and is the fastest
18:52<V-Pariah>but it takes you to spain
18:52<V-Pariah>so not really a gain if you're from europe
18:52<dwfreed>Last I checked, Spain is in Europe
18:52<V-Pariah>or the middle east for that matter lol
18:52<V-Pariah>i meant east europe
18:53<V-Pariah>if that makes sense
18:55<V-Pariah>or not
19:08<Peng_>isn't the Spain cable running between two Azure regions or something?
19:09<Peng_>or Facebook
19:09<V-Pariah>eh, that's possibly true
19:10<Peng_>oh, it's Microsoft and Facebook
19:13<V-Pariah>i don't know if there's any good linode locations, generally for the middle east given these cables don't directly enter toward germany
19:13<V-Pariah>they have to like, go around
19:13<V-Pariah>i mean unless they hit the land mass and finish the route that way
19:14<V-Pariah>no idea how any of this stuff works
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20:30<Georgels>Heya all :) I have a question around Standard Linodes vs Dedicated Linodes. I have 4GB Standard Linode (2x Shared CPU). The workload is mainly php processing, so Varnish cache in the front, and then php-fpm (nginx) processing php requests. Given the load, I definitely need to migrate to a new instance. Should I go to 8GB Standard Lindode (4x CPU) or would I benefit on a Dedicated 4GB Linode Instance (2x
20:31<millisa>personally, I think the premium on the dedicated cpu is worth it if you have a workload you dont want to risk getting disrupted by a noisy neighbor
20:32<millisa>it's an easier decision for node sizes at the 16gb level and above since the core counts increase too
20:33<millisa>for the specific Q of dedicated 2 core vs standard 4 core . . . try one then the other. you can switch in and out of dedi/standard instances.
20:35<Georgels>Yeah, I think the premium on the dedicated CPU is definitely worth it given the work load we have. Thanks millisa, I will try one then the other and see how the server copes :) Netdata is my friend!
20:36-!-frailty[m] [~frailtyma@2001:470:1af1:101::4a1f] has joined #linode
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20:55<Ikaros>...huh. Ok so someone help me out here - how is it I have no outstanding balance now when I previously had one this morning...despite the fact I haven't made any payment at all yet + CC on file has been expired for years (I use PayPal to make payments). No activity from Linode on any of my accounts either. That just doesn't seem right to me.
20:56<@mcintosh>Ikaros: sounds weird - can you open a ticket?
20:58-!-Georgels [~root@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:58<ChasedSpade>Huh. I've got the same thing, though it typically doesn't show on my card until the evening.
21:04-!-TJ- [] has joined #linode
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21:05<Ikaros>Yeah I'm thinking I will, last thing I want to look like is somebody who's skipped out on a bill lol
21:06<@_brian>if you wanna drop my name in the ticket body and pm me the ticket # i'll call you authed and grab it
21:07<ChasedSpade>I'll create one too for reference
21:09<@_brian>that goes for you too then :)
21:12-!-Georgels [~root@] has joined #linode
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21:14<Georgels>I forgot to ask, if I change between Linode instances from Dedicated to Standard to even different instances sizes in Standard, does it change the Public IP address? Unfortunately a Load Balancer was not put in place, and I don't have access to the DNS that is running currently in prod :(
21:14<millisa>Georgels: nope
21:14<Georgels>Thank you
21:15<Ikaros>_brian - PM'd
21:17<millisa>I would also like to sign up for the non-billing plan. Do I need to open a ticket?
21:19<@_brian>Ikaros replied :)
21:20<millisa>that sounds like work!
21:24<Ikaros>How odd, not showing the reply yet. *glares menacingly at the API*
21:24<@_brian>coincidentally probably what you were using the linodes for to begin with
21:24<@_brian>I meant I replied to your pm lol
21:24<Ikaros>And I was callerid
21:25<Ikaros>Yeah I wouldn't have received it since I had usermode +g set.
21:46<Ikaros>Kudos again, got that pesky bill taken care of. Now I'm happy again. Back to gaming. :D
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22:47<@_brian>you're welcome! i missed your message because i was playing Deep Rock Galactic on lunch. thanks for the hively too :)
22:51<ChasedSpade>Frankly, never noticed hively until now. :)
22:52<Ikaros>Hey if I can express my gratitude I'll do so, been around since 2011 and still going. I like to commonly reiterate what it is that keeps me a customer.
22:52<@_brian>the ones with comments get pushed to team chat, and we all eat it up
22:52<ChasedSpade>Without a doubt, I've just never really realized it was there
22:53<Ikaros>In fact I'm probably about to spin another instance up before too long
22:53<ChasedSpade>Been thinking about a k8s cluster to mess with it a bit
22:55<Ikaros>The IRC network I handle routing for, one of the servers we recently acquired is an ancient FreeBSD (7.x) that apparently said network's IRCd software does not like. GCC 4 on top of that, too, like one of the older versions. I'm just about to tell the guy who owns it, to just move it to Toronto from Chicago and let's get it off that godawful FreeBSD version lol, that I'd even front the cost
22:55<Ikaros>for it.
22:55<Ikaros> so it split my line, nice
22:55<ChasedSpade>heh. just 2 words put you over
22:57<Ikaros>Anyway that's my work cut out for me there.
23:00<Ikaros>I'm not really a fan of *BSD, truth be told. I have a stronger preference towards GNU/Linux distros myself. Found out I was going to be working with a BSD server I kinda was like "...ugh, really..."
23:01<@_brian>i have no experience with BSD tbh
23:02<@_brian>the people who like it seem to feel very strongly about it though
23:02<Ikaros>It's not really that I can't work with a BSD server. I can see the positive aspects of it plain as day.
23:03<Ikaros>My scripts recognize when they are running on a BSD server and adapt accordingly. It's just way outside my comfort zone, beyond the 'acceptable bounds'.
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