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02:03<linbot>New news from community: How to correctly set permissions on VPS <>
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02:17<FluffyFoxeh>at least it didn't truncate your line
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02:21<Ikaros>Function of mIRC. Handy little function that doesn't let a silly little thing like character limits prevent the whole message from getting through.
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02:44<nate>Ikaros: Until you accidentally try to paste paragraphs worth of stuff and flood somewhere
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05:14<linbot>New news from community: Cannot create new Linodes with an outstanding balance on your account" Do not create VPS? <>
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09:12<dwfreed>huh, TIL:
09:15<linbot>New news from community: One-Click - WordPress asking for database details <>
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12:10<chesty>save up to 130%? Is that the right way to say it? a 100% discount would be $0 right?
12:12<dwfreed>they mathed backwards
12:12<dwfreed>see the table, where their AWS example is 134% more than Linode
12:15<chesty>is 134% more correct though? or is it 34% more? 134% more of $70 would be over $140 right?
12:18<dwfreed>it's 134% more than $30
12:19<chesty>oh, I read the table wrong.
12:19<dwfreed>(technically it's 133.5% more, but rounding)
12:20<Zr40>so $0 would be ∞%!
12:20<chesty>so yeah, 100% more is double, 50% less is half
12:21<chesty>134% more of $30 is $70, 134% less than $70 is -$30?
12:21<chesty>linode pay us $30?
12:25<rnowak>"Save up to 130% or more on your cloud infrastructure" really does sound wrong
12:25<chesty>I guess if your pay $30 you're saving $40, and $40 is over $30, so more than 100%, but still, sounds wrong
12:26<rnowak>yeah, it is clear what they mount, still could use a rephrasing
12:26<rnowak>meant, too
12:27<Zr40>"you're not spending 130% more"
12:27<Zr40>"up to or more" - that's meaningless :)
12:29<rnowak>this sentence is a worse trainwreck the more you look at it
13:03<dwfreed>Try not to stare too closely at the marketing speak
13:05<dzho>in COVID America, Linode pays you!
13:06<dzho>Alex, I'll take "Unlikely stimulus measures" for $400
13:23<koenig>huh. That's an interesting page.
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13:36<mmustac>REFUD, nAO!
13:37<mmustac>how me how to run WordPerfect, or I WANT REFUD NAO.
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14:00<dwfreed>/kick mmustac
14:00<dwfreed>You're also a day late
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14:02<mmustac>ohhhh realy, so what happened yesterday?
14:03<mmustac>#transvisibility day?
14:05<dwfreed>Yesterday was April Fool's Day
14:05<mmustac>ahaha ohh true true....
14:06<mmustac>wow with all the crazyness occuring it just kinda went by this year without any of the cringy corporate tweets or the like.
14:06<mmustac>kinda nice honestly
14:09<millisa>they wasted all the cringe in the marketing 'safety' mails in the last 3 weeks.
14:10<Zr40>"you probably have received dozens of mails about this" ... actually, you're the only one
14:10<mmustac>you really only got one?
14:10<mmustac>also, I can't remember, did Linode send one out?
14:10<millisa>and it's appreciated
14:12<millisa>i don't remember DO doing one either.
14:35<nate>I thought I did get one from linode actually
14:35<nate>ah nevermind it was just a survey email
14:53<koenig>I tried to fill that survey out, got to the very end where it wanted to approve me for the drawing, and got a Cloudflare error and never entered me.
15:06<dwfreed>can resubmit
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15:08<mmustac>nein, if you screw it up even once, you're done. don't bother. 96% of all submissions are rejected.
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15:16<linbot>New news from community: How can I ensure my server never gets hacked? <>
15:17<dzho>grind it into pieces and burying it under a nuclear reactor
15:27<MJCS>turn it off
15:45<dzho>checkmate, atheists
15:46<koenig>Yeah, I know I can resubmit it. I've just been busy and haven't bothered to do it yet.
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16:26<linbot>New news from status: Block Storage Emergency Maintenance: US-East (Newark) <>
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17:06<linbot>New news from community: Explain private ip. <>
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18:11<chesty> -> 502 bad gateway
18:13<Peng_>502 Gateway Is Trying Its Best
18:14<@_brian>anyone else see that? i can't reproduce it
18:14<millisa>looks ok from here
18:15<Zr40>200 Gateway is OK
18:16<mmustac>420 Gateway is Vibin
18:19<@_brian>chesty are you still having trouble with it?
18:20<chesty>all good thanks
18:20<mmustac>Error 300 The light inside has broken but I still work.
18:21<virtual>is a bad gateway naughty, or evil?
18:21<@_brian>bad to the bone
18:31<chesty>hmmm, object storage bucket names have to be unique to the region...that would be annoying if you had a nice dot com or product name and it was taken already
18:38<virtual>oh wow. I forgot I had that credit on my linode, and I'm only paying now again for my (single) linode. Thank you for the christmas present once again, Linode :-)
18:42<Peng_>chesty: Amazon makes it work somehow. (S3 even requires them to be mostly(?) globally unique.)
18:42<Peng_>In retrospect I wonder if I was lucky to get a two-letters-and-a-digit S3 bucket name
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18:46<chesty>I wonder if you can use cnames? just create some random string for the bucket and have a nice cname in your domain maybe?
18:52<dwfreed>_brian: fwiw, at the time he posted it, I could replicate it; I guess it just fixed quickly
18:58<millisa>chesty: for aws? one of their other products lets you do that - cloudfront? i think that's the one that'll front an s3 bucket at a cname
18:58<dwfreed>for Linode too
18:59<dwfreed>and I think it was Linode he was asking about
19:01<chesty>a little of each. nice millisa
19:02<chesty>hugo is really nice, btw. a bit of a learning curve but then productivity soars
19:02<linbot>New news from status: US-Central (Dallas) Linode Kubernetes Engine <>
19:03<millisa>(the optional section is more relevant to what you were asking i think)
19:07<linbot>New news from community: Creating a MongoDB Cluster from the Marketplace <>
19:14<Peng_>Rackspace's object storage supports -- or used to support -- automagical CNAME configuration for HTTP.
19:14<Peng_>They must have designed it so that if they got an HTTP request for an unrecognized hostname, they'd do a DNS query to see which bucket your CNAME pointed to.
19:29<FluffyFoxeh>I didn't realize people use object storage URLs for things where it matters what they look like
19:29<FluffyFoxeh>I mean, Facebook's look like
19:30<FluffyFoxeh>and the rest of the URL is even uglier
19:30<millisa>if I decide I hate my current object storage url, I'd rather change a cname after doing a full sync than try to hunt down references that some dev put in as a quick fix on 3 pages out of thousands.
19:30<Peng_>And sometimes you see a two year old blog post with images hotlinked from Facebook and they no longer work!
19:31<FluffyFoxeh>Facebook image links are very temporary
19:31<millisa>and while I'm wishing for stuff, I'd like a pony.
19:32<@mcintosh>just wait till linode gets into the equestrian business
19:32<millisa>it'll go nicely with the goats
19:32<@mcintosh>we'll have the horses in the back
19:33<millisa>like the finest of mullets.
19:33<@mcintosh>business in the front, horses in the back
19:35<@mcintosh>for when we launch that swedish DC
19:35<@mcintosh>millisa: last name stallionode, first name sylvester
19:40<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
19:40<linbot>mcintosh: 1,000,000 points for mcintosh!!!
19:42<@mcintosh>my cat is very cute
19:43<dwfreed>imma steal it
19:44<millisa><--also has an orange/white cat with pink nose
19:46<@mcintosh>dwfreed has met my cat!
19:47<@mcintosh>millisa: Jim Davis is quoted as saying "In my head, the sky is blue, the grass is green and cats are orange."
19:47<@mcintosh>I tend to agree
19:48<millisa>mine has slept for many hours on some of his ram...
20:02<dwfreed>millisa: was that while you were testing RAM?
20:02<millisa>that was between sets.
20:03<millisa>it was good and toasty
20:03<dwfreed>I bet
20:03<dwfreed>I should check on the kill-a-watt
20:03<millisa>and i misnamed the file... that's a 620
20:04<dwfreed>I have the server plugged into it, it's been like that since like last week
20:36<chesty>I'm still getting the occasional 502 bad gateway, I've seen it twice with and once with s3cmd
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20:56<mmustac>bbigger is still a based name
21:20<@mcintosh>chesty: we're investigating, ty
21:20<@mcintosh>mmustac: so it mmustac
21:21<@mcintosh>!to dwfreed point dwfreed
21:21<linbot>dwfreed: Point given to dwfreed. (104) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 23)
21:21<@mcintosh>lol was hoping it'd treat it like username == recipient
21:22<@_brian>is there any documentation on linbot?
21:23*_brian waits for the !documentation command or some such
21:25<@mcintosh>_brian: yes, in git ;)
21:27<dwfreed>_brian: linbot has a decent !help system
21:27<dwfreed>linbot: !help to
21:27<Ikaros>Huzzah, I chucked out that ancient FreeBSD 7 box.
21:27<dwfreed>helps if I don't combine targeting and command char
21:27<dwfreed>linbot: help to
21:27<linbot>dwfreed: (to <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "echo $1: [$*]".
21:28<dwfreed>[] in commands is like $() in bash
21:28<@_brian>i got the repo now
21:28<mcintosh[m]>!to dwfreed point mcintosh[m]
21:28<@mcintosh>that is interesting
21:29<@mcintosh>TIL matrix users can't use linbot
21:37<millisa><--hated by linbot now
21:39<@mcintosh>millisa: either you ran something in PM or that input had a very interesting effect lol
21:39<millisa>i picked on it in pm.
21:39<millisa>7 commands in < 60s = bad person
21:40<@mcintosh>that matches up with what i am seeing
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21:53<mmustac>hai rich
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21:58<linbot>millisa: ♥
22:11<chesty>switched over nextcloud to use object storage. unfortunately there's no easy way to migrate so I started from scratch. also no object storage or block storage in sydney, so I'm using newwacker
22:16<chesty>it looks like if you set the 'use_path_style' => true and set the object storage hostname to and the bucket to nextcloud, it will create a nextcloud folder in your-bucket so it might be possible to share the bucket with other things. untested though.
22:18<chesty>does anyone pronounce it new-ark? I say nu-wark
22:22<chesty>it looks like you can't see the bucket size in cloud manager
22:28<linbot>New news from community: Our reputation on spamming? <>
22:40<@mcintosh>new - ark
22:40<@mcintosh>i think nu-wark is a delaware or jersey thing - can't remember, they're weirdos
22:42<Peng_>Cedar Knolls? :D
22:44<mmustac>nice place, lived near there in morristown and summit for yearws
22:48<linbot>Shut up and deal with it
22:48<mmustac>funny random story... i had the girl I was dating at the time practice her driving and specifically her parallel parking in the parking lot of the "Newark" dc
22:48<Peng_>"try driving between the giant diesel tank and the other giant diesel tank"
22:48<mmustac>years later I worked for Linode and obviously interacted with that DC
22:52<mmustac>and no she didnt crash into the backup gens or anything
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23:04<chesty>are you sure? many years ago there was an APB put out about a young learner driver who backed into the backup gen
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