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02:00<jm11>Hola buenas noches
02:00<jm11>Alguien sabe si linode ofrece VPS con ubicacion: CANADA?
02:01<Woet>what made you assume this chat is Spanish?
02:01<@_brian>hi, yes
02:01<@_brian>We have a data center located in Toronto
02:01<Woet>oh, linbot is on strike
02:01<@_brian>sec i actually have the git open still
02:01<@_brian>the link probably changed w/the new site anyway
02:03<@_brian>that was the only command^ that contained the string "datacenters"
02:03<@_brian>but ya it looks like linbot is ded
02:11<jm11>Ook gracias
02:11<jm11>ha sido usted muy amable
02:11<@_brian>de nada :D
02:18<chesty>millisa, you broke linbot :(
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02:20<FluffyFoxeh>What was that security misfeatures thing about anyway? An old conversation?
02:34<chesty>FluffyFoxeh, i guess it was about the previous new news from community post
02:34<FluffyFoxeh>And linbot either had a pre-programmed res
02:35<FluffyFoxeh>response for it, or someone was very quick :p
02:38<FluffyFoxeh>Impossibly quick, in my opinion
02:39<FluffyFoxeh>Actually, millisa could have done it...
02:39<FluffyFoxeh>the plot thicken
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02:53<John>Hi! I'm trying to setup key based authentication on my VPS, so I created new ssh keys and uploaded the public key to the right place in the dashboard. I did not choose any password when running ssh-keygen, but it still prompts me for one when I ssh in, why?
02:54<Woet>did you create a new linode after adding it to your dashboard?
02:54<Woet>it won't magically add it to your existing linodes.
02:56<John>new linode? Do I need to create a new machine?
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03:04<Woet>[14:54:24] <Woet> it won't magically add it to your existing linodes.
03:04<Woet>or just SSH in and add it to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys yourself
03:09<John>yeah I'll do that, will be easier
03:11<millisa>it mighta been me. i was poking at 'em directly and 8 mins later after the last command, he disconnected after 480s...
03:12<rsdehart>how could you?
03:12<millisa>i tried !mtrpengsface , he said unknown host, then I tried the caker referrer !dbe98bfe8cad58e02d9ea22fc98f446240edc909 and didnt hear from him again.
03:14<millisa>as for the securitymisfeature thing . . i found it in the middle of a bunch of his commands and it amused me
03:15<millisa>wasn't related to anything actually happening in channel other than I "wanted to share this surly linbot response"
03:15<Peng_>Woet: ssh-copy-id is close to magic
03:16<Woet>is it though
03:16<Peng_>dammit, I had to edit a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file *over SSH* a few weeks ago, and I totally forgot ssh-copy-id
03:17<Peng_>it was nerve-wracking
03:19<John>thanks Woet btw :)
03:19<Woet>no problem
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07:35<chesty>why is editing authorized_keys over ssh nerve-wracking?
07:58<dzho>chesty: if you rely on pubkey access and screw up your authorized_keys you lock yourself out
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08:10<chesty>only if you disconnect without testing
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08:42<dzho>yes, well, if the backhoes are mating sometimes it's not "if you disconnect" it's "if you get disconnected"
08:43<dzho>it can be done correctly, but you have to know what you're doing
08:43<dzho>getting to the point of knowing what you're doing usually involves going through a period in which you don't, yet, know what you're doing
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10:03<dwfreed>here's a fun fact: if sshd hasn't been told otherwise, it will read *2* authorized_keys files, authorized_keys and authorized_keys2; I can't say for sure because I haven't tested it, but I think it considers a bad file to not be fatal and will check the other file still
10:03<dwfreed>so you could put a backup key in the second file, and you're never locked out if that's true
10:06<dwfreed>and that test proved successful
10:07<dwfreed>chesty: dzho: ^^^ useful info
10:07<nuevu>!point dwfreed
10:07<dwfreed>RIP linbot
10:07<dwfreed>mcintosh: ^ you broke linbot
10:07<millisa>might have been me :(
10:08<dwfreed>2020-04-03 02:58:18 -!- linbot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:08<millisa>8 mins before that I was harassing him in PM
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10:20<@mcintosh>that was probably me
10:20<@mcintosh>although - maybe not - i was well done fiddling by then
10:20<millisa>i wasn't. i was fiddling exactly 8 mins before he dropped...
10:21<@mcintosh>yeah wasn't me :p here he comes though
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10:23<millisa>didn't choke on the cakercode this time
10:23<dwfreed>it probably choked on the trailing end of mtrpengsface
10:23<dwfreed>linbot: help mtrpengsface
10:23<linbot>dwfreed: (mtrpengsface <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title [concat!mtr-tokyo&qx= [urlquote x$*]-n]".
10:24<millisa>(I ran all of the same set in the same order just to see)
10:24<dwfreed>might just have been coincidence then
10:26<millisa>could be
10:29<chesty>it might take 8 minutes to die
10:38<dwfreed>8 minutes is the oftc ping timeout; any message you send to the network resets that automatically; if you haven't sent a message in a while, the ircd will ping you, and if you don't reply to the ping with a pong, you hit the ping timeout
10:39<FluffyFoxeh>linbot: botsnack
10:39<linbot>Thanks, FluffyFoxeh! Om nom nom
10:43<linbot>New news from community: I'm having trouble buying VPS? <>
10:44<Woet>Are you?
10:44<FluffyFoxeh>new news
10:44<FluffyFoxeh>old olds
11:04<@mcintosh>ah, my old pal Woet!
11:05<@mcintosh>mike jones
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11:48<chesty>vicki vale
11:57<@rgerke>chesty: Now I have Batdance stuck in my head.
12:02<chesty>you're welcome
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12:35<Roman>I have a question. I want to migrate to k8s. As I understand I need to nodes minumum (master and working) so Should I buy 2 linodes?
12:36<nuevu>Roman: I think the upcoming Kubernetes product from Linode will handle the master side of things for you:
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12:37<nuevu><-- Has no k8s experience yet.
12:38<Roman>Hm... It said master node for free
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12:39<dwfreed>if you use Linode's Kubernetes Engine product, yes, it'll host your master for free, and you only need Linodes for your workers
12:40<dwfreed>"Enjoy the power of Kubernetes without breaking the bank. You only pay for Linodes, Nodebalancers, and Block Storage services. You don’t pay a penny for your cluster’s master services."
12:42<Roman>thanks for clarifying
12:49<Roman>Does Linodes's k8s engine have any restrictions or limits?
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13:08<nate>Anyone in here have issues with certbot giving an incomplete certificate chain recently?
13:08<millisa>have not. last issue with it I had was related to the netsol name server nonsense
13:09<millisa>(did a set of new certs yesterday without issues)
13:12<nate>yeah just had a guy do some yesterday as well, but it only has a single certificate in it's chain.pem which is causing issues
13:14<millisa>i lied, it was wednesday evening (~40 hours ago). time flies when you are in a little room for days. i only have a single cert in the chaim.pem
13:16<millisa>just checked a renewal that happened this morning and it's the same
13:17<nate>weird I just copied over the chain from my server and ssllabs is still saying only a single certificate in the chain...
13:23<nuevu>chain.pem usually only has one certificate. fullchain.pem should have more.
13:25<millisa>probably would need to see the snippet from the web server config
13:26<nate>nuevu: Weird mine on my server has two
13:26<nuevu>What web server are you using?
13:26<dwfreed>dehydrated, cert.pem is the cert, chain.pem is the issuer, fullchain.pem is the cert and issuer
13:26<nate>mine is lighty, this server I copied it to is apache. I just reloaded again and it seems to be working fine now w/ the chain I pasted over
13:27<nate>dwfreed: yeah I'm talking just chain.pem
13:27<nate>both my RSA and EC chain.pem's have two certificates in them
13:27<dwfreed>what are the 2 certs?
13:27<dwfreed>it's possible there was a bug in certbot that put the cert and issuer in chain.pem, and they fixed it
13:28<nate>oh wait though now ssllabs is yelling (but not penalizing) for "An extra cert" lol
13:28<dwfreed>extra cert is not harmful, just wasteful
13:29<nate>yeah, let me try reverting it back to the original chain.pem, I think I figured it out. Apache version doesn't support fullchain, gotta use the explicit chain directive
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14:26<bestdesign>millisa: always you see first here :D
14:27<millisa>it's because i'm quite large
14:51<Peng_>dwfreed: I should probably stop highlighting on "penny"
14:51<dwfreed>*knock knock* penny *knock knock* penny *knock knock* penny
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15:49<drew>Where can I buy a list of IPs from an accredited ISP
15:49<bestdesign>is possible
15:49<bestdesign>to bind with ssh?
15:49<bestdesign>bind ip?
15:52<millisa>drew: why would you want this?
15:53<millisa>bestdesign: you can tell ssh to only listen to on a specific IP, sure.
15:53<millisa>bestdesign: not sure that is what you are really asking though?
15:54<bestdesign>millisa: you know on oftc have any php help channel?
15:54<drew>To run multiple instances on botting software to avoid bans
15:54<drew>proxy purposes
15:54<bestdesign>millisa: about php ip bind or ssh not sure still
15:54<@_brian>drew i found this that might answer your question in better detail than we can ourselves
15:54<millisa>drew: are you asking if you can have multiple IP addresses on a linode? they will give you extra IP addresses that are technically justified. getting around bans because you are a bot isn't valid though
15:55<drew>how many IPs could theoretically be provided
15:55<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
15:56<@_brian>fwiw, evading bans for botting is not something we'll approve for leasing additional ipv4 addresses
15:57<dwfreed>and abuse reports will get your account cancelled pretty quickly
15:58<@_brian>bestdesign: we might be able to better help if you if you tell us what you're trying to do
16:00<bestdesign>_brian: i have a php irc bot i want to use a custom ip to connect from the socket so i set own host i have but not clear how xd
16:00<bestdesign>i try with connect local one but that already used on irc server
16:00<bestdesign>so i want to connect from bind ip with another hostname
16:01<drew>So I'm basically looking to get access to a couple thousand IP addresses, where could I look to access to those?
16:01<drew>For proxy purposes
16:01<millisa>probably nowhere.
16:01<bestdesign>in irssi is more easy to set but..
16:01<drew>Somewhere like this
16:01<@_brian>drew there are plenty of proxy sites out there you can get lists from, i have no idea what ones are reliable/reputable though. depending on what software you're proxying you might be able to just use those
16:02<drew>an ISP
16:04<@_brian>bestdesign i don't know the answer to your question, but why not choose a different port?
16:05<bestdesign>_brian: is about irc server is connected too many times from my local ip so i need to bind to another ip and hostname to get to allow connect
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16:24<@_brian>bestdesign i sent you a pm with some potential solutions
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17:12<v0lksman>is it still possible to set initial disk size with a stackscript?
17:15<dwfreed>v0lksman: I don't think that was ever possible?
17:15<dwfreed>I certainly don't remember such a feature
17:15<@_brian>the stackscript would be run after the disk has already been provisioned
17:17<v0lksman>hrm, yeah doesn't make sense does it. was it part of the old UI?
17:17<v0lksman>I used to be able to define my initial disk size and deploy a new linode with a stackscript I wrote ages ago. Can't seem to do that anymore
17:18<@_brian>perhaps with the api? i cant dig this moment
17:19<v0lksman>naw it was through the manager UI
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17:19<millisa>linode -> rebuild tab -> rebuild section dropdown where it says 'From Images' - change to 'From stack script'
17:20<millisa>(maybe. i've never tried it)
17:22<v0lksman>no brian is right, it would have been an option when deploying a new linode in the old manager UI, you were allowed to change the initial disk size, I doubt many people used it and it defaulted to 100% but I always build my nodes with 2 partitions and now I have to powerdown, resize the primary disk (wait....), then define the secondary partition and attach it to the node
17:23<v0lksman>prolly a good excuse to start using the API to deploy but won't be able to hit that for a while
17:24<dwfreed>you can do it via the API; blaboon's manager classic might be able to do it too
17:24<v0lksman>blaboon's manager classic? wut?
17:25<dwfreed>it's not finished, but a lot of the important stuff is implemented
17:25<v0lksman>and who's blaboon?
17:25<dwfreed>Linode staff member
17:25<v0lksman>why are they doing this?
17:25<millisa>gits and shiggles
17:26<@blaboon>just a side-project i've been working on since i'm a fan of the old design
17:26<dwfreed>stackscripts aren't implemented yet, though
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17:26<v0lksman>all you know if you allow specifying initial disk size on a new node?
17:27<v0lksman>I can't test it cause my bill hasn't processed yet so it says I have an outstanding
17:27<@blaboon>it follows the same flow as the old manager, so when you create a linode you get an empty instance with no disks. when you deploy an image you can specify how big you want the disk to be
17:28<dwfreed>you can make your payment manually
17:28<dwfreed>CVV is not required to do that
17:28<v0lksman>I think you just answered my question though, it was part of the old UI process
17:29<v0lksman>so is this just an implementation of the old HTML running on the API?
17:29<dwfreed>pretty much, yeah
17:29<v0lksman>is it open?
17:29<dwfreed>^ that
17:29<dwfreed>millisa beat me this time
17:29*millisa struts
17:30<dwfreed>I did have the URL on my clipboard, though
17:31<v0lksman>right on...will keep an eye on that. thanks all!
17:32<millisa>(tried doing the rebuild tab; doesn't look like it'll do what you want)
17:33<v0lksman>millisa: even if it did I really want to be able to on initial deployment, extra few minutes to my process now (will use those few minutes to get an API hook going... :) )
17:33<v0lksman>something I should have done ages ago anyways...
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