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00:29<keyur>hi there
00:31<keyur>is it possible that I created image of one virtual instance in my account and restore that image in to different account
00:34<@_brian>i think there is more than one way to interpret your question. could you try asking another way?
00:35<@_brian>if you are asking if it is possible to use one of your images to create a Linode on a different account, you can Clone your image and then open a Support ticket, and we can transfer the cloned Linode to the new account
00:35<@_brian>you cannot directly create a Linode from an image on one account to another account
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00:51<@_brian>so fast, millisa
00:52<millisa>it's the sugar. amazon got moonpies back in stock. but I had to get 12 boxes of them.
00:53<millisa>its probably why I read the question wrong.
01:14<keyur>Thanks Brian for your answer it's helpful to me
01:14<@_brian>awesome. you're welcome :)
01:15<millisa>!point _brian
01:15<linbot>millisa: Point given to _brian. (7)
01:15<keyur>full point to vrian
01:15<keyur>sorry Brian
01:15<rsdehart>10 points to Gryffindor
01:18<millisa>!score gryffindor
01:18<linbot>millisa: gryffindor's score: 2
01:46<keyur>how much time it'll to clone in to different after opening ticket
01:47<keyur>how much time it'll to clone in to different account after opening ticket
01:48<millisa>you created the linode and created a ticket in the source and target account?
01:48<@_brian>it depends on how quickly we get to your ticket. for the fastest response: open 2 tickets, one ticket on the sending account, and one ticket on the receiving account.
01:49<@_brian>sometimes we can get the tickets very quickly, and sometimes it can take a few hours
01:49<@_brian>in each ticket you should say the name of the linode and the name of the other account
01:50<keyur>ip remain same or not
01:51<@_brian>the clone will get a new ip address, but it will remain the same when it is transferred to a new account
01:52<@_brian>also the linux disk of the clone will think that it owns the IP address of the original Linode until it is reconfigured. If Network Helper is enabled, rebooting the clone will reconfigure the interface automatically
01:52<@_brian>network helper:
01:52<keyur>ok so you are saying that we can transfer instance from one account to another account
01:53<keyur>during this procedure what is the downtime of instance
01:54<@_brian>there is no downtime. all we change is a database entry on our end that determines which account owns the instance
01:57<@_brian>millisa success!
01:58<millisa>!point _brian
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01:58<keyur>full point to Brian
01:59<@_brian>!point millisa
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02:02<@_brian>and with that i'm out til Easter, take care everybody
02:02<millisa>stay safe
02:03<Ikaros>Oh no worries there, I'm pseudo-stuck at home until May 20 now, that'll be easy.
02:06<millisa>this is the longest i've been without bbq in at least 10 years.
02:12<Ikaros>Thankfully though at the very least I'm fortunate to not only still have my job and to be able to work from home, but the industry I'm in is showing no signs of downturn whatosever. If anything, business is booming.
02:15<Ikaros>BPO in the IT field. Tech support.
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04:20<Guest21257>are you there
04:21<Guest21257>iam new to this
04:22<Guest21257>can you tell me what is this
04:23<Peng_>Which "this", exactly?
04:23<Peng_>This is a chat room, on, using the Internet Relay Chat protocol.
04:23<Guest21257>whats the use of it
04:23<Peng_>What use do you want to make of it?
04:24<Guest21257>how do i contact someone personally or chat personally through it
04:25<rsdehart>to talk to yourself you'd do /msg guest21257 hello
04:26<rsdehart>with that said, it's usually considered rude to msg people unbidden
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04:46<Lucretia>anyone know if there is a command in ufw to add an ip deny rule at the top?
04:46<Lucretia>because as it stands fail2ban with ufw is useless
04:52<rnowak>s/ with uwf//
04:53<rnowak>ufw too
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05:03<eren>someone please lemme know how to install phpbb on my server
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05:30<chesty>Lucretia, what about ufw insert 1 ... ?
05:31<chesty>try searching for ufw with fail2ban
05:31<Lucretia>ok, thanks
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10:08<Lucretia>so, i'm following this to get a bunch of keys and stuff for a testing a linode's web/mail servers as certbot has restrictions. but how do I get the required fullchain.pem? Do I cat rootCA.pem server.csr > fullchain.pem? (I'll probably need to redo the command so that server.csr is server.pem, right?)
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10:50<soum>Anyone online?
10:50<soum>Is this promo code working? -> s7e49fbb
10:51<bestdesign>you are new?
10:51<bestdesign>i have no idea
10:51<bestdesign>never use coupon
10:52<soum>Yes i am new. Why not to use coupon?
10:52<bestdesign>if you new user may be you got some discount for first order
10:52<bestdesign>but who is already an user here not work
10:52<soum>I haven't joined linode yet
10:52<bestdesign>is fine then use it
10:52<bestdesign>if you got some coupon
10:52<soum>I'm asking is there a way to check if the coupon is still valid or expired
10:53<soum>I found it on a coupon website or maybe on a medium blog
10:53<bestdesign>well when you try to order
10:53<bestdesign>there you can write
10:54<bestdesign>in checkout
10:55<soum>Okay but i wanted to check if its still valid before giving credit card
10:56<bestdesign>this works
10:57<bestdesign>there are some
10:57<bestdesign>so for sure one working from them
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10:59<bestdesign>soum: some similar company do same promotions with coupon on sign up so work
11:00<bestdesign>soum: is about three months free on 5 USD plan i think
11:00<soum>why is all the usernames i want on linode is taken
11:01<bestdesign>soum: try yourusername123
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11:01<bestdesign>or be creative lol
11:01<rsdehart>soum: because they've been around for over 15 years and have had a lot of registrations
11:02<soum>Linode seems cool, i'll give it a try
11:02<soum>Don't know why digital ocean and vultr is more famous
11:02<bestdesign>is just marketing
11:03<bestdesign>is not means they better
11:03<soum>Though i can see just by their signup page where we put billing info that it's outdated
11:03<soum>i mean the web design
11:04<@pwoods>soum: that promo code, s7e49fbb is expired.
11:04<bestdesign>try LINODE10
11:04<rsdehart>soum: how is it outdated?
11:04<soum>Using the official promo code now by linode for $50
11:04<rsdehart>it's been a while since I signed up
11:05<@pwoods>soum: if you sign up through this URL, you'll get $50:
11:05<soum>Yep that's what i'm using now
11:05<@pwoods>that's $50 for 60 days.
11:05<@pwoods>Perfect. \o/
11:06<soum><rsdehart> if you go look at their competitor's signup pages, you'll say it's outdated. Haven't even completed signup yet, will keep ya updated
11:06<rsdehart>no I won't, because I can't see the billing page
11:06<rsdehart>I want to know what about it is outdated
11:07<soum>The design of the page
11:07<rsdehart>again: how?
11:08<soum>Try it on an incognito
11:08<soum>The comparison
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11:08<rsdehart>is it too much to ask that you just tell me?
11:09<soum>I don't know how to explain, as a web designer i find it outdated!!!
11:09<rsdehart>so, no reason. Gotcha
11:10<soum>Wait guys, let me signup then i'll be able to tell
11:10<rsdehart>does it not do something it should be doing? I'm honestly confused why this is even worth mentioning
11:11<bestdesign>linode design is clean
11:13<rsdehart>yeah a screenshot would be useful
11:14<rsdehart>I'm not committing a dead account just to see a page in the middle of the signup process
11:20<bestdesign>if im here
11:20<bestdesign>about a wordpress with mysql php how many ram is needed at least?
11:21<rsdehart>soum: I apologize if I come across as trolling or otherwise antagonisic. It's not my intention. I just think the web team might be interested to know if people think their ux is substandard
11:21<rsdehart>as for me, I'm just curious. I'm just another user
11:21<rsdehart>bestdesign: you can start with the smallest plan and it's easy to scale up if it's not enough
11:22<rsdehart>we don't knwo your application so can't judge your needs
11:22<bestdesign>hmm true rsdehart
11:22<soum>I'd go with 1GB ram if only 1 site
11:28<soum>I got an email saying "welcome to linode" press the green login button
11:28<soum>Then i got another email just now saying "Thank you for your interest in Linode. Unfortunately, we are unable to complete your registration and the account you attempted to create has been canceled."
11:31<@pwoods>soum: I can take a closer look at that for you. I'll send you a DM
11:33<soum>Are you in linode team?
11:34<@pwoods>Anyone you see with @ in front of their user name is Linode staff in here.
11:46<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
11:46<rsdehart>bit late on that one, I know
11:46<dzho>then there's the bot, then there's the rest of us
11:46<rsdehart>don't listen to dzho
11:47<dzho>that's right, don't listen to me
11:47<rsdehart>how paradoxical
11:47<@pwoods>I can only read what is posted in IRC.
11:47<dzho>more's the pity
11:47<@pwoods>I don't think I want a client that speaks to me.
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11:48<@pwoods>mostly for the connection messages.
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11:54<soum>Agh i just refreshed the browser
11:55<v0lksman>it's ok...we still know who you are
11:55<soum>Linode is the only company that has an active chat like this. So this pro outweighs the design con for me. If you still ask design dated thing then just look at this chat - outdated looks of a chat isn't it? Could've had a facebook group
11:55<v0lksman>I wouldn't have joined
11:56<soum>Probably own chat or forum, anything better than this 90s chat style
11:56<v0lksman>you mean super reliable and fault tolerant chat?
11:57<v0lksman>you could use a different client instead of webIRC
11:57<v0lksman>my interface looks great
11:57<soum>I have no clue what is IRC
11:58<soum>Not reliable, even a browser refresh deletes chat
11:58<v0lksman>it's THE original online chat protocol
11:58<dzho>haha no
11:58<dzho>the patent would have expired at least twice by now
11:58<v0lksman>you are using a's not the best way to connect...just one of many
11:58<soum>What client is best then?
11:59<dzho>there is no best way
11:59<v0lksman>depends on platform and what you want from it...personally I use irssi
11:59<@pwoods>I use WeeChat in a terminal
11:59<soum>platform? I'm on MacOS
12:00<dzho>pwoods: but do you run it in a GNU screen or tmux session on a linode to which you attach/detach over ssh?
12:01<v0lksman>I think Messenger on mac allows for IRC doesn't it? I can't recal. I'm on a mac right now but I use irssi through a terminal it's sitting on a linux box
12:01<v0lksman>tmux FTW!
12:01<@pwoods>Yeah, it's on a Linode.
12:02<soum>Talk in english guys not in computing language... a non techie here haha
12:02<v0lksman>weechat is available for macos native
12:02<@pwoods>I spun up a Linode, installed WeeChat on it, and now I SSH into it and run it in iTerm.
12:03<dzho>pwoods: but do you persist it?
12:03<soum>The interface of weechat looks like a terminal?
12:04<dzho>weechat uses a text interface, yes, because IRC is all text
12:04<v0lksman>soum: going to take a bit of learning to get is old school but still a great reliable protocol
12:04<soum>I need something like a facebook messenger or whatsapp
12:04<soum>it's cool not a big deal
12:04<soum>I just dont want chats to dissapear after browser refresh
12:05<rsdehart>then don't run irc in a browser
12:05<rsdehart>it's the single worst way to o it
12:05<@pwoods>yeah, I run mine in a screen that I reattach to, so I can always scroll back.
12:06<soum>Oh i just clicked on the link in linode website haha
12:06<soum>Wait, does linode has a live chat in their dashboard?
12:07<rsdehart>no, but they do have an irc channel you can chat in
12:07<v0lksman>soum: this might be up your ally:
12:07<v0lksman>it holds open the connection for you regardless of browser state
12:08<v0lksman>there is a cost if you want some of the nicer features but I think that will be overkill for you
12:08<v0lksman>it's super nice to have this channel to talk with community and staff about the service though...definitely a strong point for Linode over competitors
12:08<soum>Live chat robot is well trained
12:09<soum>Yep i agree
12:09<rsdehart>yeah, the humans are in this channel
12:09<v0lksman>everything at linode is well
12:09<Toba>hi, human here
12:09<soum>Already loving linode because of this
12:09<@pwoods>beep booop beep
12:09<Toba>oh shit a robot
12:09<Toba>and it has POWER
12:09<v0lksman>pretty sure Cake is former military or something so that certainly helps for keeping to protocol...
12:11<dzho>#include <obligatory-free-will-discussion.h>
12:12<v0lksman>yeah I'm not an employee or affiliated in anyway...just a long time user
12:12<dzho>oh, uh, thanks for taking my chat. first time chatter, long time user. really appreciate what you folks are doing over there. not, my question is ...
12:13<dzho>my typo rate is abysmal
12:15<soum>What to choose?
12:15<Toba>you're already in irc
12:15<Toba>there is nothing to choose
12:16<Toba>oh, I missed the earlier chat. sorry
12:16<soum>Channels to join?
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12:18<rsdehart>soum_: now you're free to close the other tab and /nick soum on this one
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12:18<dzho>are there restrictions requiring registration to have voice here?
12:18<rsdehart>woo hoo
12:18<soum>?nick soum
12:19<dzho>need to use the /
12:19<dzho>welcome back soum
12:19<Toba>you did it
12:19<rsdehart>not really since nick is already soum
12:19<rsdehart>dzho: ^
12:19<soum>It's good to be back!
12:19<dzho>you are learning so much
12:22<soum>Anyone uses linode for WordPress here?
12:23<soum>Ah this irccloud is much better chat interface
12:27<rsdehart>yeah it's really unfair to judge the whole protocol by a webchat haha
12:27<rsdehart>your normal webchat is abysmal
12:30<dzho>it is fairly easy to get into, which I think is the main thing
12:31<soum>non techie i am
12:31<dzho>and a refreshing touch compared to a chatbot-facilitated thing backed by a call center and that's it
12:31<soum>i am trying to migrate my websites to linode
12:31<soum>from vultr
12:33<dzho>ok, similar services at least
12:34<dzho>sometimes you see someone wanting to migrate from managed hosting, not realizing that they have to become a system administrator to do so
12:35<soum>Managed hosting is expensive
12:36<rsdehart>"from shared hosting" also applies
12:36<soum>i got to know about linode from cloudways
12:36<dzho>rsdehart: that is in fact what I meant, but messed up. thank you.
12:36<rsdehart>I didn't want to try to speak for you
12:37<rsdehart>even though I told everyone not to listen to you
12:37<dzho>as did I!
12:37<rsdehart>oh yeah, you did
12:37<dzho>but they didn't listen and so now ... uh
12:37<dzho>anyway, where were we
12:37<dzho>soum is doing a thing
12:42<soum>Migrating using updraftplus
12:44<soum>Access key means ssh key? And "linodes" means servers?
12:48<soum>I didn't knew we could 1 click install csgo. Will it create a linode with csgo installed in it? CSGO is 20gb i think. Huge
12:48<soum>Is it playable? The ping i mean
13:03<rsdehart>depends on where you are and where your linode is
13:03<rsdehart>I'd be surprised if csgo ran well on, say, a nanode
13:12<soum>what is a nanode?
13:12<soum>same as linode?
13:12<dzho>lowest resource service level
13:12<v0lksman>and cheap
13:12<v0lksman>great for proof of concept work
13:13<soum>Um.. guys i thought linode had 1gb ram option? I can't find it while creating linode
13:13<dzho>you'd be hard-pressed to find something less expensive that doesn't suck signficantly more in some way
13:13<soum>Ohhh it's a nanode
13:13<soum>Why? A nanode is bad?
13:13<dzho>no, for the price it is good
13:14<v0lksman>as long as it's what you need it's great
13:14<soum>I'll be using for actual site like ecommerce
13:14<soum>Although my traffic is very low
13:14<v0lksman>as long as it's what you need it's great
13:15<v0lksman>there is no difference aside from I believe it's a 1CPU 1GB RAM instance..if that suits your needs go nuts
13:15<soum>Guess, i'll just use a standard linode
13:15<bestdesign>guys what you suggest for a VPS use for?
13:15<bestdesign>what run on it?
13:15<v0lksman>I have a couple nanodes in production but like you said it's low power and low traffic
13:16<v0lksman>pretty sure my phone system is on a nanode (twilio app)
13:16<soum>I have $50 free credit so i'll go nuts on standard linodes :D
13:16<v0lksman>you can always resize later (though depending on your skills that may require downtime)
13:17<soum>I know we can't downgrade right?
13:17<v0lksman>yeah you can...but you end up having to dance around disk space resizing
13:18<v0lksman>each plan has a different total disk allocation if you have 1 disk on an 80GB plan and downgrade to a 40GB plan you will need to ensure all your data fits and I believe but could be wrong that you need to resize your disk before requesting the downgrade
13:18<Zr40>not sure if that's still the case with the cloud manager
13:19<soum>Competitors dont allow downgrade
13:19<v0lksman>yeah it's very likley out dated..been ages
13:19<v0lksman>welcome to linode
13:20<soum>Anyone uses cyberpanel?
13:20<linbot>New news from community: Want to install plugins <>
13:20<bestdesign>use command line better
13:21<v0lksman>command line only
13:21<soum>Yes i just wanted to ask that there's a community stackscript for it
13:21<soum>But maybe i should just use my terminal to copy paste the install script
13:22<bestdesign>you can also install any panel
13:22<bestdesign>like cpanel etc
13:23<soum>Deprecated means? It says ubuntu 18.10 deprecated but 18.04 is LTS
13:23<soum>cpanel costs $17 a month, toooo expensive
13:23<v0lksman>deprecated means not supported anymore
13:23<soum>& LTS means?
13:23<v0lksman>18.04 is an LTS release (Long Term Support)
13:23<v0lksman>if I were you I'd stick to those
13:23<soum>Oh yes i want stable version yep
13:24<v0lksman>18.04 is supported for 4 more years I think...something like that
13:24<v0lksman>20.04 will be the next LTS release from Ubuntu
13:24<v0lksman>everything in between is only supported for 6 months
13:24<soum>Don't know why most managed cloud services like runcloud wants 18.4 only
13:25<bestdesign>soum: also have centos panel for clicks :D
13:26<soum>For how long you guys are using linode?
13:26<v0lksman>something like 8 - 9 years now I think
13:26<dzho>12 years, maybe?
13:26<v0lksman>maybe longer
13:26<v0lksman>I think I joined when they were like 2 years old
13:26<dzho>I was a slicehost user until they sold to rackspace
13:26<dzho>so around whenever that was
13:27<soum>I have used vultr - faced few downtimes or restarts in a month. Upcloud - frequent restarts or something was wrong. Scaleway - everyone says bad about it being wooly or sketchy. Digital ocean used long ago a few years ago, never faced a problem with them but don't know the current status. And here i am trying out linode. Hope no server restarts & no downtime. Let's see how it goes
13:27<dzho>v0lksman: founded 2003, so if 2 years in that's a lot longer than 9 or 10
13:28<dzho>soum: they do have unplanned downtime because stuff happens but they're usually pretty good about it
13:28<v0lksman>dzho: hrm...trying to think when I quit my last job...I jumped out of an ISP to run my own app dev and never looked back...Linode was my first "cloud" service and I've been with them since
13:28*dzho nods at v0lksman
13:29<soum>How did you nod at him?
13:29<dzho>soum: /me
13:29<v0lksman>need the slash
13:29<dzho>so, like /me nods
13:30<soum>it doesnt works with slash
13:30*soum nods
13:30<dzho>there you go
13:30*soum haha
13:30*soum this is cool
13:30*v0lksman joined around 2008
13:30<v0lksman>so roughly 12 years now
13:30<dzho> for what it's worth
13:31<dzho>they started off with usermode linux, then switched to Xen, then switched to KVM
13:31<soum>Uh... 12 years? i'd be so old after 12 years
13:31<dzho>I joined in the Xen era, heard about them in the usermode era though
13:31*mcintosh has used Linode for 10 years
13:32<Toba>I have used linode for more than 10 years now
13:32*pwoods has been using Linode since 2 weeks before my interview to work here.
13:32<Toba>I didn't even realize
13:32<dzho>yeah so rackspace bought slicehost in 2008
13:32*soum has used linode for 1 day
13:32<bestdesign>pwoods: you work for linode?
13:32<@mcintosh>he does!
13:32<dzho>uh oh there's another one.
13:32<Toba>i think the only people in here with ops all work at linode
13:33<@pwoods>yeah, if we got @, we work for Linode.
13:33<v0lksman>much love for the @s
13:33<soum>Hmm... Server locations are less compared to others...
13:34<bestdesign>pwoods: congrats :)
13:34<soum>linode staff is working from home?
13:34<@mcintosh>soum: we are
13:35<v0lksman>wow... over 100 employees now?
13:35<Toba>Virtual Private Linode Office
13:35<@mcintosh>over 200, actually
13:35<rsdehart>and they're all at mcintosh's house
13:35<Toba>what are y'all using as a CF runtime now?
13:35<dzho>"at home, trying to work" is a way of describing it that is better, even though longer
13:35<rsdehart>for the duraton
13:35<Toba>or did you finally get rid of all the coldfusion?
13:35<v0lksman>I think in 2008 there were like 12 of you
13:35<@pwoods>Yeah, and he needs to clean the litterbox.
13:35*dzho snerks
13:36<@mcintosh>I cleaned the litterbox this morning!
13:36<dzho>clean it again until you get it right
13:36<soum>Sooo cute
13:37<soum>I'll keep a kitty too after a few years, in sha Allah :D
13:37<soum>@mcintosh how old is she?
13:38<@mcintosh>Toba: new stuff is not CF
13:38<rsdehart>don't believe it. mcintosh is actually CF
13:38<@mcintosh>soum: he (horris) is a little over two years
13:38<@mcintosh>rsdehart: commonly held belief!
13:39<soum>Oh she will live for another 14 years
13:39<soum>oh sorry, he*
13:39<bestdesign>what is CF?
13:39<rsdehart>a web dev platform that was popular some time back
13:39<rsdehart>quite some time.
13:40<@mcintosh>also, I believe there were less than ~50 of us when I started
13:40<@mcintosh>so, we've grown quite a bit :)
13:40<rsdehart>dzho: I like "working* from home"
13:40<dzho>that wikipedia page is good, actually
13:41<dzho>the changes and challenges mentioned are as I remembered, to the extent that I saw it happen, knew what was happening, and remembered it
13:42<@mcintosh>this wikipedia page is even better ->
13:42<dzho>it's not all roses, but it's real at least
13:42<dzho>I was so ready for that
13:42<bestdesign>and who is the founder?
13:42<dzho>not the guy in that last video
13:43<dzho>like rsdehart said, don't listen to me
13:43<@mcintosh>bestdesign: chris aker, aka caker
13:43<@mcintosh>he used to be hang out in here but he's too cool for us now ;p
13:44<rsdehart>surely there's wifi on the space station
13:45-!-retro|blah [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:45<@mcintosh>how's quarantine treating everybody?
13:46<Zr40>aside from the things you can't do, it's actually not that bad
13:47-!-retro|blah [] has joined #linode
13:47-!-retro|blah is "retrograde inversion" on #linode
13:47<bestdesign>what is best firewall for centos?
13:51<v0lksman>Zr40 yeah could be much worse...
13:52<Zr40>v0lksman: I mean certain things are better now than they were before
13:53<v0lksman>did you work from home before?
13:54<Zr40>that's one of those things
13:54<v0lksman>no doubt
13:54<Zr40>I just wish it didn't take a pandemic
13:54<v0lksman>I've been working from home for a long time so that hasn't changed...I just have more office mates now as the whole fam is here
13:55<rsdehart>I've never been much good at working from home
13:56<v0lksman>it's not easy I've had stuggles with it in ways I never thought I would
13:56<rsdehart>I switched from dev to mental health so now I'm essential and working onsite
14:01<v0lksman>when there is snow on the ground I work part time at a ski hill, that's my socialization in the winter and a job I can handle in public. but my career is in IT and I can't stand people around me when I'm working
14:03<v0lksman>that said this is a bit much lol
14:03<v0lksman>they shut down our ski hill on March 8th mid day and sent us all home. I've left 3 times since to get groceries.
14:07<bestdesign>as admins here what is best way to manage a VPS with CP?
14:09<@pwoods>bestdesign: what is CP? My brain can't figure that out right now.
14:11<Toba>that could mean ... some things
14:11*Toba grimaces
14:12<@pwoods>I'm having flashbacks to my art career and reading it as cold press, as in the texture of paper.
14:12<Toba>can you use that to make TP
14:14<@pwoods>you'd want hot pressed paper for that.
14:21<soum>is a root password important?
14:21<Toba>you don't want it to be 'god'
14:21<soum>I've never kept a root password ever before
14:21<Toba>that's a joke
14:21<Toba>some idiots use simple passwords like that
14:21<soum>I use root_pass
14:21<soum>Wait why did i told
14:21<Toba>i hope you are joking. you want a strong root password
14:21<soum>No i was serious
14:22<Toba>uh, well, change it to something strong and store it in a password manager
14:22<Toba>like keepass or lastpass
14:22<Toba>they will also generate strong passwords for you
14:22<soum>MacOS keychain
14:22<Toba>that is very guessable, it also doesn't help to share your root password on irc
14:22<Toba>it's a good thing the default settings don't allow you to ssh in as root
14:22<Toba>but you should change that ASAP anyway
14:23<@pwoods>soum: you'll want to look through this:
14:24<bestdesign>pwoods: control panel
14:25<@pwoods>of course, why didn;t I think of that.
14:25<soum>If i forget root password?
14:26<@pwoods>bestdesign: this guide may be helpful:
14:27<soum>Cyberpanel is best
14:28<soum>Oh so to renew password i have to face downtime
14:28<bestdesign>pwoods: thanks
14:29<@pwoods>soum: if you don't have any other users set up that has sudo access
14:29<soum>pwoods online for 6 days, idle for 3 minutes, wow
14:30<Toba>you can change it now before you forget it
14:30<@pwoods>That does not seem accurate.
14:30*Toba has pwoods beat [signon: Fri Dec 27 08:53:57 2019]
14:30<Toba>signed on to oftc since before the USA had coronavirus
14:31<@pwoods>I mean, for my Linode that's running IRC, it went down recently for maintenance. Otherwise, yeah, always connected.
14:33<soum>what is the best password manager for macos?
14:33<Toba>keepassx is pretty good.
14:33<soum>1password? dashlane?
14:33<Toba>it does involve a local file though
14:33<Toba>that you need to make backups of yourself
14:33<soum>keepassx hmm saw it on google
14:33<@pwoods>I like 1pass
14:33<soum>oh well have to try both i guess
14:34<soum>what if my mac gets malware?
14:34<Toba>if your local endpoint gets malware the security game is sort of over already
14:34<Toba>and you lost
14:34<Toba>so keep it patched and be very cautious about installing shit
14:34<soum>I have avast
14:35<@rgerke>soum: I recommend reguilar malware scans, too.
14:35<Toba>avast isn't the world's best anti malware
14:35<soum>what is?
14:35<Toba>^ shitty behaviour from Avast.
14:36<@rgerke>soum: Check out ClamAV:
14:36*Toba wanders off to make breakfast
14:36<soum>norton is good too?
14:38<soum><toba> clamav is only for server or for macos too?
14:39<@rgerke>soum: From what I understand, you can use it on macOS, too.
14:40<soum>it doesn't have .dmg?
15:13<soum>i had a SSH key that i was using for vultr before. Can i use the same key for linode?
15:14<grawity>sure, why not
15:15<soum> i don't really know how ssh keys work
15:15<FluffyFoxeh>Common Sense™ Pro 2020
15:15<grawity>they sign things
15:15<FluffyFoxeh>that's what I use
15:16<millisa>now you know!
15:16<soum>but when i write ssh root@... then it asks password and i give root password
15:16<soum>Where's the role of ssh key?
15:17<grawity>sounds like nowhere
15:17<soum>in terminal of my mac i mean
15:17<grawity>that is, sounds like it's not actually using your key at all here
15:17<millisa>~/.ssh/id_something usually
15:17<grawity>if it was using your key, it wouldn't have *needed* to ask for password
15:17<soum>ssh login is better or root password login?
15:18<grawity>well, keys are a bit difficult to guess than passwords
15:18<soum>oh gr8
15:18<grawity>where by 'a bit more difficult' I mean impossible to guess
15:19<grawity>their role is to act as a replacement for passwords – that is, to prove that you're actually the same user
15:19<grawity>"hi yes I'm the actual owner of this ssh key and I am indeed trying to log in to server X via ssh session #YZ"
15:19<grawity>like reddit proof photos but for computers lol
15:20<soum>Ohh okay why does my newly created server has 3 IP addresses?
15:21<grawity>...what's the 3rd one?
15:21<millisa>public, private, ipv6?
15:21<grawity>I mean I'd expect it to have two – public IPv4 and IPv6
15:21<soum>3rd one is ipv6 yes
15:21<grawity>I don't remember newly created servers having private addresses by default
15:21<millisa>i think they have a check mark for it now?
15:21<soum>I checked the private IP checkbox since it was free to do so so i was like, oh why not :D
15:22<grawity>well yeah, why not
15:22<soum>What does it do btw and how do i know which one is the public IP
15:22<millisa>the 192.168.x one is the private
15:22<grawity>linode's "private" ranges are the same easily recognizable 192.168.x
15:23<grawity>so the public ones are... the ones that aren't private
15:23<soum>Ohh okay
15:23<grawity>(the ipv6 address is always public)
15:23<soum>yeah linode definitely needs to work on their UI and web designing
15:24<grawity>hey they already redesigned the whole thing literally months ago
15:24<soum>Ohh hmm i still like the UIs of competitors better but nvm, if it works it workss
15:24<FluffyFoxeh>It's also open source
15:24<FluffyFoxeh>which is amazing
15:25<soum>I thought open source means free?
15:25<grawity>not necessarily
15:25<FluffyFoxeh>depends what you mean by "free"
15:25<FluffyFoxeh>but not necessarily anyway
15:25<soum>free means free, i do not need to pay
15:26<grawity>but in this case, it would only mean that the panel webapp is free – not that the service managed by that panel is free
15:26<FluffyFoxeh>It is free (no cost) to obtain the source code of the Linode Manager
15:26<soum>Aren't all cloud providers free in this logic? xD
15:26<millisa>2/3rds down - "Doesn't "open source" just mean something is free of charge?"
15:26<FluffyFoxeh>I don't know of any other whose panel source code is public
15:27<grawity>I see no logic up here
15:27<grawity>hmm, where have my old-manager screenshots gone
15:28<FluffyFoxeh>There's also "free" as in "freedom". from the same site
15:29<soum>okay -_- yeah i meant free of charge
15:29<soum>understood now <3
15:29-!-Shentino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:30<FluffyFoxeh>back to your original issue, I don't think the design of the Manager is at fault for the misunderstanding. It does pretty clearly say which addresses are public
15:30<grawity>anyway, yeah, other hosting companies built their webpanels from basically zero – so they went all in with modern practices and all
15:31<soum>if it said i wouldn't need to ask, it doesn't say which one is public IP and which is private
15:31<grawity>Linode built its to replace a decade-old panel, so it kept most concepts the same as before
15:31<FluffyFoxeh>It absolutely does say which is whic
15:31<grawity>I *think* the old panel clearly said "Private address:"
15:31<millisa>there's a column 'type'
15:31<FluffyFoxeh>I see it on mine right now
15:32<grawity>I'm not sure if the new one does, I never enabled the feature on my linode
15:32<soum>The authenticity of host 'xx.yyy.x.yyy can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is xxxxxxx. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])?
15:32<soum>I get this when i connect with my mac terminal via ssh root@.....
15:33<grawity>h so it does
15:34<FluffyFoxeh>thanks millisa, I was going to do that but was too lazy :p
15:34<FluffyFoxeh>also looks like we're /16 buddies
15:34<FluffyFoxeh>which is strange because mine is in Newark, not Dallas
15:34<millisa>defenses up! purple alert!
15:34*v0lksman loves rsync
15:35<soum>Should i say yes to that error message?
15:35<soum>I dont understand what it means
15:35<v0lksman>soum: say yes
15:35<soum>The authenticity of host 'xx.yyy.x.yyy can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is xxxxxxx. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])?
15:35<millisa>they've got it broken up into /24's i think?
15:36<soum>ty @v0lksman
15:36<FluffyFoxeh>soum: It means that your SSH client hasn't seen the host before and can't independently confirm its authenticity. It provides the host's key fingerprint in case you care to verify it yourself. If you have verified it, or simply don't care, then say "yes"
15:36<FluffyFoxeh>next time, it won't ask you because it will remember that you said it's valid
15:36<v0lksman>if you get an error like that on any subsequent try then question it
15:36<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah. If the host's key *changes* then it will strongly protest
15:37<FluffyFoxeh>Because it could mean someone is trying to impersonate the server
15:37<soum>Connection closed by port 22
15:37<FluffyFoxeh>(or it could just mean that you reinstalled the OS and didn't preserve the old host keys)
15:37<millisa>or you changed the hostkey for $reasons or rebuilt the linode
15:37<FluffyFoxeh>soum: you waited too long, maybe
15:37-!-fstd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:39<soum>i've heard linode has it's own console
15:39<soum>where we can copy paste unlike other providers
15:39<FluffyFoxeh>also, feel free to paste messages you don't understand into search engines. you'll probably find some good explanations of what they mean
15:39*soum oh hmmm
15:39<millisa>lish ?
15:40<millisa>you can copy/paste in ssh. you don't need lish
15:40<v0lksman>copy and paste what?
15:40<FluffyFoxeh>yeah, what?
15:40<soum>woah this time it didnt ask me root password
15:40<v0lksman>you had already entered it in the session?
15:40<grawity>okay honestly this is getting weirder and weirder
15:40<soum>@v0lksman copy paste any line of script
15:41<linbot>New news from community: I want to run multiple node js servers in my linode. <>
15:41<millisa>also, glish :
15:41<v0lksman>you can paste into your ssh term
15:41<v0lksman>just be careful
15:41<FluffyFoxeh>pet peeve: on Debian the "resize" utility requires installing xterm and its dependencies
15:41<FluffyFoxeh>(it's a thing that fixes your console size when you're on serial or something)
15:41<soum>I actually watched this dude:
15:42<soum>came to linode from that
15:42<FluffyFoxeh>(you know how line wrapping and stuff doesn't work right when you use Lish? That's what it fixes)
15:43<grawity>currently at 1:44 where the dude is going on about root passwords
15:43<grawity>does he know you can just ... change the password to a simpler one, no matter the VPS provider
15:44<FluffyFoxeh>I hate tutorial videos
15:44<FluffyFoxeh>Imaging sitting through 18 minutes for a couple of pages worth of info
15:44<FluffyFoxeh>and no ctrl-f ability
15:44<grawity>oh, 2:40 is where he mentions copy & paste
15:45<soum>that's what i was talking about
15:45<grawity>I assume that's because he hasn't discovered how to paste in PuTTY yet
15:45<FluffyFoxeh>programming videos in particular... ugh
15:45<soum>putty is for windows only
15:45<soum>i am on mac
15:45<FluffyFoxeh>such a waste of time
15:45<grawity>because admittedly, the keyboard shortcuts for that in most terminals are slightly weird, and in PuTTY they're even weirder than anywhere else
15:45<FluffyFoxeh>soum: Then you're in luck because you have a useful terminal built-in
15:45<grawity>but that doesn't mean you cannot copy and paste
15:45<grawity>like, the dude just assumes you cannot
15:45<FluffyFoxeh>grawity: you can also configure it to behave like most other things
15:46<soum>@grawity in other provider's consoles you cannot paste
15:46<soum>i've tried
15:46<grawity>you're on macOS with hell yeah you can copy & paste to the (no matter if you're ssh'ing or running things locally)
15:46<grawity>oh, do you mean the *web* consoles?
15:46<soum>yeah but i have to login. The web console i mean yeah
15:46<FluffyFoxeh>Web applications are pretty much the worst way to do anything
15:46<grawity>well you have to log in no matter what...
15:47<FluffyFoxeh>they're there for convenience
15:47<grawity>yeah, most other providers straight up give you noVNC, like linode's "Glish" tab does
15:47<grawity>but linode traditionally used to offer text-based serial console instead
15:47<FluffyFoxeh>I love that you can SSH into the serial console, yes
15:47<grawity>but anyway, that just kinda makes the tutorial even worse in my eyes
15:47<grawity>soum: you're already using SSH directly from macOS, right?
15:48<grawity>then it really doesn't matter what console the provider has, or if they have any console at all
15:48<grawity>your 'ssh' on your macOS terminal will always let you copy & paste, it follows the same rules no matter where you ssh to
15:48<soum>I don't know what i am doing. First i wrote ssh root@ipaddress then it said that message where you trust it or not, i wrote yes then said port 22 denied, i wrote ssh root@ipaddress again and it logged me in without asking root password
15:49<FluffyFoxeh>The first time, you probably waited too long before answering and it timed out
15:49<FluffyFoxeh>If you're using SSH keys, it won't ask you for the password
15:51<FluffyFoxeh>also none of this is specific to Linode. SSH is the standard for remote access to any server on any platform
15:52<FluffyFoxeh>(except maybe Windows, but we don't talk about that)
15:52-!-fstd [] has joined #linode
15:52-!-fstd is "fstd" on #gentoo #oftc #linode #debian #kernelnewbies
15:53<FluffyFoxeh>There's lots of information out there though. On Linode's site, and elsewhere.
15:54<FluffyFoxeh>Some learning will be required. If all you want to do is start a website and don't want to learn how to do it yourself, look into a shared hosting platform
15:56<grawity>tbh, I can see advantages in using the web console instead of wrestling with PuTTY's sometimes atrocious UI
15:57<soum>I'm way beyond shared hosting
15:57<FluffyFoxeh>PuTTY's UI is a bit meh. The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of tabs or multiple sessions per invocation
15:57<grawity>except Windows now ships with the same ssh.exe as macOS and Linux does, so
15:57<soum>shared hosting is like renting a dorm
15:57<FluffyFoxeh>soum: Well it sounds like you've never used SSH before, so I wonder.
15:58<soum>you dont get root access in shared hosting
15:58<FluffyFoxeh>It sounds like you wouldn't know what to do with it if you had it. That's not a criticism though, everyone starts somewhere
15:59<soum>I had it before
15:59<FluffyFoxeh>I'm just saying there's probably a bit more of a journey than you might have expected between where you are now and your desired goal.
16:00<FluffyFoxeh>Which is all fine, but one must temper their expectations
16:01<soum>ur toxic :/
16:01<FluffyFoxeh>Why? What have I said that's toxic?
16:02-!-fstd [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:02<soum>I have used cpanel in shared hosting, then moved to cloudways, but i need speed. It's very important. Learnt that apache is trash, nginx doesn't have .htaccess and LiteSpeed is fastest
16:03<LouWestin>I haven’t heard of litespeed
16:03<FluffyFoxeh>"Apache is trash" is a bit of an over-brod statement
16:03<v0lksman>me neither, and I use a combo of nginx/apache2 and have yet to find a faster solution
16:03<soum>research more i'd say
16:03*v0lksman tips fedora
16:04<v0lksman>I host solutions that manage millions of transactions per day...pretty sure I'm where I need to be
16:04<v0lksman>most of my clients come to me with hosting bills in the thousands and I reduce that to hundreds
16:04<soum>sure but i just stated the fact, you can research more to find out what i'm talking about speed
16:05<grawity>it doesn't work that way around...
16:05<v0lksman>no thanks...I've read and done my own stack isn't that different than a lot of high traffic (fast) sites around the world
16:05<grawity>you make a claim, you get to prove the claim
16:06<LouWestin>I see that LiteSpeed requires a license
16:06<soum>OpenLiteSpeed is free
16:06<FluffyFoxeh>Generally the burden of proof is on the one who challenges the status quo
16:06<soum>With CyberPanel
16:06<soum>I said it's fact, not a challenge lol
16:06<soum>I found out about it so i just thought to share
16:07<FluffyFoxeh>I meant "challenge" in the sense of "stating something which is contrary to common knowledge"
16:07<FluffyFoxeh>it's great to challenge widely held beliefs, that's how progress is made
16:07<soum>Everyone knows apache is damn slow so nginx is becoming popular
16:07<FluffyFoxeh>but proof is required
16:07<v0lksman>soum: prove it
16:07<v0lksman>and nginx isn't becoming popular it IS popular
16:08<LouWestin>It looks like LiteSpeed has some licensing restrictions
16:08*v0lksman is shocked
16:09<soum>You can conduct own test for self satisfactory proof
16:09<soum>Besides LS cache plugin is awesome. It saved me from paying Wprocket plugin in WordPress
16:10<@rgerke>Hi all! We love a lively, tech-related discussion - just keep in mind that this is a channel for users to come in and ask questions so just make sure we're keeping everything civil. :)
16:10<FluffyFoxeh>thanks rgerke ^^
16:10<v0lksman>might check it out simply for the caching...wonder how it compares to redis in mem or memcached
16:11<FluffyFoxeh>That TTFB difference does look pretty significant
16:11<soum>redis and memcache is object cache
16:11<soum>not browser or server side caching
16:12<v0lksman>ls cache can't be a browser cache either...and you can have redis cache plenty of things
16:12<soum>redis caches the wp-admin
16:13<v0lksman>it can I suppose...I don't use WP
16:13<soum>oh ok
16:13<v0lksman>but it can also cache queries, templates and full page renders
16:14-!-Shentino [] has joined #linode
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16:14<v0lksman>and I likely wouldn't use apache2 for a PHP site either, so there's that
16:16<v0lksman>soum> redis caches the wp-admin <- thinking about it....why? lol
16:16-!-Shentino [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:17<soum>Don't ask me bro i have no affiliation to LS
16:18<v0lksman>weird...normally backend pages like that aren't cached because they are dynamic..not much point.
16:18<v0lksman>images and assets sure
16:19<soum>backends are cached i'm 100% sure
16:19<v0lksman>I mean not publically facing pages that are typically dynamically created...
16:24<v0lksman>litespeed appears to heavily favour PHP frameworks
16:32<v0lksman>interesting project through. will definitely do more digging on it, TTFB reduction is always key
16:32<v0lksman>also like that it's US owned. got weirded out when Russia raided nginx offices a few months back
16:41<FluffyFoxeh>Yeah that was a bit unsettling
16:41<FluffyFoxeh>I've always been a *teensy* bit wary of nginx because they're based in Russia. Just because stuff like that does happen there
16:43<FluffyFoxeh>I wonder what the outcome of that was.
16:43*FluffyFoxeh goes and looks
16:44<mmustac>gmail fux0rd for anyone else?
16:44<FluffyFoxeh>working for me via Thunderbird
16:46<mmustac>thx... yeah, works for me via Mail on my iPleb ... so whoknows
16:47<mmustac>main site in Opera is a no go though
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16:52<mmustac>woah...nyaa uses Gravitar...who woudl of guessed
16:52<mmustac>(i hate gravitar, literally only set it up for Linode)
16:53<FluffyFoxeh>it's okay
16:54<FluffyFoxeh>it's a neat concept. also kind of a dumb concept as well. but whatever
16:54<FluffyFoxeh>also now that I think about it, I don't like that it basically tells Gravitar about any time I put my e-mail address into something that uses it
16:55<mmustac>thats a p great description actually. though I also have some gripes with how its implimented
16:55<FluffyFoxeh>that was okay 10 years ago but now we've got data-hungry ad companies with lots o' money
16:55<mmustac>yeah, def
16:56<FluffyFoxeh>(also it's apparently Gravatar)
16:58<mmustac>tru tru
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17:37<rndMel>I've been experiencing ssh hanging for brief periods of time - is anyone else encountering that on Linode?
17:37<Toba>the first thing to count out is your local wifi
17:37<joecool>likely a bad connection
17:38<Toba>and your internet connection
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19:12<cews>rndMel: Where? Everything seems good here!
19:12<hatman>He guys :)
19:13<hatman>Hey :)
19:13<cews>hey hatman!
19:13<hatman>I think IRC is the best option for quarantine :)
19:14<cews>Linodes are good for these testing times. :)
19:16<hatman>I'm just having beer and listening :)
19:16<hatman>I used to go out on weekends :)
19:17<virtual>what is this "go out on weekends". :)
19:19<hatman>During the war when I went out on weekends .... :)
19:29<hatman>Anyone of you guys know how to make money with ads on your website?
19:30<hatman>What's the procedure?
19:30<virtual>er, that would mean you have content that people want to see? :-D
19:30<hatman>I have that :)
19:30<virtual>I think, but not sure, that the google version of this is 'AdSense'
19:30<hatman>I just need clients :)
19:30<virtual>you have to put some javascript stuff on your page, if I'm right.
19:31<hatman>I'm interested only in post form ads
19:32<virtual>I don't even know what that really means, but I assume ads that appear after someone submits a form..?
19:33<hatman>It means I add their ads as a paid post :)
19:33<hatman>Pinned posts :)
19:34<virtual>ah, no idea at all then buddy.
19:34<hatman>I just need to know how to contact clients :)
19:40<hatman>I guess lot of people work with advertising agencies?
19:49<hatman>Dude if you find good advertising agency you're sorted :)
19:58<hatman>Anyone knows any ad agencies?
19:58-!-skyfaller [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
20:03<@rgerke>hotman: We're more of a technical crowd here. I'm with the Linode Support team - and I know nothing about marekting a site. Haha. You'd probably have better luck in a subreddit on marketing or somethign similar.
20:03<@rgerke>Look - I can't even spell 'marketing'. :)
20:08<hatman>I'm just asking for advice :)
20:09<hatman>I have no experience with marketing whatsoever :)
20:09<gparent>you'll fit right in
20:10<hatman>I've tried to contact some big clients through Twitter but mostly I got rejected :)
20:13<hatman>I'm ready to give paid ad for $1,000 fror one month :)
20:13<hatman>I think it's a great deal :)
20:30<hatman>Currently I have Bernie Sanders ad for free :)
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21:17<mmustac>hit up caker if he still on OFTC somewhere...he has a special place in his heart for marketing
21:30<dwfreed>caker does not use IRC anymore
21:39<virtual>why?! :(
21:39<virtual>he's still at Linode, ... right?!
21:50<Ikaros>A lot of people "grow out of" IRC after a time, to me that's all there is to it.
21:50<Ikaros>They often have bigger things to focus on
21:50<Nightmare>That's a real shame, I loved caker
21:50<dwfreed>He's just too busy to spend much time on it
21:52<virtual>the being 'too busy', I can understand :/
21:52<linbot>New news from community: Reading GZ file from ObjectStorage <>
21:52<virtual>I have taken years off at a time from certain networks, due to being busy.
21:52<virtual>I don't really have time for this one right now, but, I needed some more 'noise' in my life :-)
21:52<Nightmare>dwfreed: Can I say that it's good to see a familiar face like you on IRC still? You're great.
22:42<linbot>New news from community: Test community post. <>
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23:12<linbot>New news from community: How can I transfer my domain from Linode to Godaddy? <>
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