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00:28<Udara_Kalana>any one here ?
00:29<Udara_Kalana>i need support
00:30<Udara_Kalana>yesterday i was remove my linode account i need my account back please !!
00:30<Peng_>You need to email Linode.
00:31<Udara_Kalana>can i get my account back ?
00:32<Udara_Kalana>already send mail
00:37<Peng_>It's possible, yes
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01:57<Hi>Hi. Can I contact sales via this chat?
01:59<Peng_>Sometimes. It's a community chat room; staff are often here but not always.
01:59<Peng_>You can ask away, or use one of the other ways to contact them
02:19<Hi>thank you peng
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06:03<bestdesign>what is the most useful thing use for a VPS?
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06:55<Woet>bestdesign: that's like asking "the most useful use of a pen"
06:55<Woet>bestdesign: what is your actual question?
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07:26<Jass>Anybody here?
07:26<@pwoods>H Jass
07:26<Jass>Hi pwoods
07:26<Jass>how are you?
07:26<Jass>Thanks for replied.
07:27<Jass>Is this linode technical support chat?
07:41<@pwoods>it's a community chat that has some staff in t
07:42<@pwoods>We can discuss general things in here, Jass , but if you need any account specific help, we can move to a DM
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08:02<Jass>how i can check is the domain buy from same account?
08:23<@pwoods>I'm not sure I understand the question. We don't sell domains, that would be a registrar.
08:33<Jass>okay, can you please let me know where i can upload my files of wordpress and upload database?
08:37<@pwoods>Jass: if you're migrating a Wordpress site from another hosting service, this guide will likely help you:
08:40<Jass>let me check and back to you soon
09:11<Jass>The website already on Linode server. How I can accesss files and make changes into it??
09:12<@pwoods>Jass: you can connect via SSH or SFTP. If it's a Wordpress site, I assume there's the admin dashboard you can access, too.
09:30<Jass>Where i can get the SFTP deails?
09:30<Jass>No the website into Drupal already.
09:34<@pwoods>Jass: if your account was created after Nov 5, 2019, then SMTP filters are in place on any Linode you create. You can open a Support ticket to get them removed. I would recommend reviewing this first to see what steps you'll need to do to get the filters removed:
09:40<Woet>Jass: F != M
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09:43<Roman>Hi everybody!
09:43<Roman>Is it possible to upgrade my linode to the netx plan?
09:46<@pwoods>Roman: Resizing a Linode can be done via the Cloud Mananger.
09:46<@pwoods>Here's a post on our Community Question site that walks you through how to downsize to a smaller plan:
09:47<Roman>awesome, thanks a lot
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09:56<Arpit>Is Linode's Transfer Allowances per Virtual Machines is this per month or one time?
09:58<Arpit>For example 32 GB 16 Cores 640 GB SSD 7 TB 40 Gbps 7000 Mbps -- 7TB data transfer is per month or one time?
10:07<@pwoods>Arpit: it's prorated for the whole month
10:07<@pwoods>So, if you spin up a Linode half way through the month, you will get 3.5 TB in transfer, not 7.
10:10<Arpit>Thank you for your reply. But I want to confirm that next month this will be restored to 7TB again?
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10:12<@pwoods>Arpit: yes, if you have the Linode active for the entire month, it will add 7TB to your account pool.
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10:13<bestdesign>you a pro helper pwoods :D
10:20<bestdesign>pwoods: what firewall is good in ur opinion for centos?
10:22<@rgerke>bestdesign: For CentOS, I tyically use firewalld.
10:23<bestdesign>thanks rgerke
10:50<Lucretia>is it possible to set up postfix/dovecot to use a self signed certificate and have it work?
10:50<Lucretia>(for testing only)
10:53<nate>no reason it wouldn't 'work', you'd simply have to make sure you're using a client that you can accept a self-signed in cause you'll get a warning at minimum
10:54<@rgerke>Lucretia: This may be helpful:
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12:08<Lucretia>amusing email address, wonder what he does?
12:09<dwfreed>could be s pameri
12:09<dwfreed>or s p ameri
12:14<Lucretia>considering he's trying to get into my linode, i doubt it
12:21<dwfreed>something something forged addresses something something
12:21<Lucretia>I've got the self-cert working with postfix/dovecot
12:22<Lucretia>i can send emails internally
12:22<Lucretia>using the command from the guide.
12:22<Lucretia>when i try to send an email from thunderbird, i get an error come back which isn't in the mail.log
12:22<Lucretia>my linode is ubu 19.10
12:23<Lucretia>Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.
12:23<Lucretia>the user exists in the db, the postmap commands work and return as expected
12:23<Lucretia>there is even a user in /var/mail/<domain>/<the user>
12:24<dwfreed>are you authenticating as user@domain ?
12:24<dwfreed>or just user
12:26<Lucretia>thisis sending an email from thunderbird to the server, I can see emails on the server from thunderbird
12:26<Lucretia>and thunderbird is authenticating as user@domain
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14:05<linbot>New news from community: How do I see the stackscript behind a marketplace app? <>
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14:32<millisa>another job well done.
15:01<Lucretia>ok, so the email address I'm getting passed to dovecot is in the form of "user@hostname.domain.tld"
15:01<Lucretia>I followed the guide, I think it's wrong somewhere
15:01<millisa>which guide?
15:03<Lucretia>I've also modified to use psql rather than mysql
15:03<Lucretia>the postmap calls work
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15:03<millisa>is it passing that username during mail submission or pickup?
15:04<Lucretia>postfix/pickup[3485]: 5DBEA42ABD: uid=0 from=<>
15:04<Lucretia>first line
15:04<Lucretia>calling this from another terminal as root: date | mail -s 'testing' admin
15:07<Lucretia>millisa: full log from that command:
15:08<millisa>if you dont set the from address in that mail command, I'm guessing it's using user@whatever-comes-back-in-hostname
15:09<millisa>and if you leave the domain off the recipient, I'd guess it assumes the local hostname as well
15:12<millisa>i've only given that doc a quick skim, but the auth and sql type stuff looks right for postfix and dovecot
15:12<Lucretia>it's about the same for psql
15:13<Lucretia>right, if i add to the email address in that command, it works
15:13<Lucretia>I think it's that "mydestination = localhost" line
15:13<Lucretia>in the .cf
15:14<millisa>I don't follow. If you use the correct emails in the mail command. It works. Yes?
15:16<Lucretia>if I use a full email it works, if I just use username it doesn't. also, if I try to send from thunderbird it doesn't, same error
15:19<millisa>what is myorigin set to in
15:20<Lucretia> <<
15:20<millisa>is that paste or this paste redacted/modified?
15:21<Lucretia>command is at the top
15:22<millisa>neither of these are redacted or modified?
15:22<Lucretia>it was postconf -n - i didn't edit
15:22<Lucretia>lemme paste the full .cf file
15:24<Lucretia>millisa: try this
15:25<millisa>and is *that* redacted?
15:25<Lucretia>yes, there are no identifiable things in there
15:26<Lucretia>this server is just a testbed while I create my script
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23:25<Said>I am said
23:25<Said>I have created an account here
23:28<Said>I can not make payment by my debit card
23:28<millisa>why not?
23:28<Said>"Your credit card expiration date is invalid."
23:29<millisa>are you putting in all 4 digits for the year?
23:29<Said>But many times I paid by this cards
23:29<Said>in another payment
23:29<Said>I am checking
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23:48<fengling>Who should I contact if I have an account question?
23:49<millisa>if it's account specific, or open a ticket
23:49<millisa>if it's a general question, just ask
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