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01:15<FluffyFoxeh>I am FluffyFoxeh
01:37<virtual>But I am not :(
01:37*dcraig tickles virtual around a bit with a large anchovy
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01:45<virtual>how large is large though?
01:45<virtual>is it larger a tiny goldfish?
01:51<dcraig>5 inches
02:10<virtual>that could hurt.
03:51<Lucretia>if my hostname is sheep and my domain is, i have to set up rdns so that ip ->, right?
03:57<nate>If that's how you want to do it sure
04:04<Lucretia>well, according to linode's guide "The reverse DNS for your mail server must match the hostname of your Linode"
04:04<Lucretia>I have mail as a subdomain as well.
04:07<nate>In the case of a mailserver yes, that's sorta necessary for most anti-spam filters. ie; if you try to send mail from, whatever IP it sends from should rDNS to
04:07<nate>otherwise good chance it'll end up spamtrapped if not fully blocked
04:07<Lucretia>ok thanks
04:08<Lucretia>will that be why my mail server is getting instead of sent through as username for the login attempt?
04:13<chesty>that sounds like a config error. but on the other hand if everything else works OK then it's not a huge problem
04:15<chesty>I think the main thing is's mx record should be and A should be your linode ip address (eg) and rdns should be
04:18<chesty>then you have to set up spf and dkim records, and then slowly build a reputation. I would find a tutorial to follow.
04:18<Lucretia>i've added sheep -> in A and the ipv6 equiv, not the fqdn, just the hostname
04:18<Lucretia>i'm not at spf and dkim yet
04:18<Lucretia>i just want to get basic email working
04:19<chesty>sheep in's zone should be a short cut to so that is probably right
04:20<Lucretia>i have as the guide suggests, and <empty> / mail / www / sheep ->, and ip6 equivs
04:20<Lucretia>as A
04:20<Lucretia>and MX
04:20<chesty>you can test it at
04:20<chesty>or using the `host` command
04:22<Lucretia>right, so the smtp banner is
04:24<Lucretia>need to wait for this rdns to propagate
06:12<Lucretia>I have it passing the mltoolbox thing above
06:12<Lucretia>but dovecot is still thinking the username should be fqdn and not
06:13<Lucretia>I don't know if it's a dns record missing or dovecot
07:20<grawity>the username format accepted by dovecot usually has nothing to do with DNS
07:26<Lucretia>i'm completely lost, searching is bringing nothing up
07:26<Lucretia>i have got is accepting mails from the same linode if i use the full email address instead of just the username
07:27<Lucretia>now from other clients, thunderbird, sendmail from another linode, i'm getting that the user doesn't exist
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07:35<job2do>hi all - can anyone tell me if the standard linode vms are ssd 'on server' or 'network attached storage', and is there any replication for data security in case of disk issues?
07:36<@pwoods>hi job2do
07:36<job2do>hi pwoods
07:38<@pwoods>the storage is on server.
07:39<@pwoods>there is no replication, though, job2do
07:40<job2do>so if anything goes wrong, it's up to the backups (snapshots) for restoring
07:40<job2do>I wondered because block storage has 3x replication, but it seems no replication on the actual vm storage volume
07:41<job2do>thanks for the answer - bye
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07:45<Lucretia>Can someone take a lookg at my full config? thanks.
07:46<Lucretia>actually, hang on, i forgot to add dns info
07:49<Lucretia>all sanitised
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09:39<linbot>New news from community: Redirect traffic from http to https? <>
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09:59<@pwoods>hey bestdesign!
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11:23<soum>what is the port to login to a linode via filezilla?
11:24<soum>Oh got it, it's 22 ty
11:24<soum>but what's username and password?
11:25<soum>My linode username and password?
11:25<nuevu>soum: Yes.
11:28<nuevu>soum: Connecting on port 22 like that means you're talking sftp most likely. Can you SSH into the machine from a console?
11:29<soum>I need to use filezilla because a wordpress developer told me to use it to find the log file to show him the error
11:29<linbot>New news from community: How can my website works ok with chrome/opera but shows message "forbidden" from Firefox? <>
11:30<@rgerke>soum: Check this out - it might be helpful to you:
11:30<soum>Already saw that, it just tells to enter user and pass without telling where to find em
11:31<nuevu>It's the same credentials you'd use via SSH (which is why I asked about it).
11:31<soum>you mean root username and root password?
11:32<nuevu>Hopefully not, but if you have those credentials, they'll probably work.
11:32<@rgerke>You can use either root, or a user account that's set up with sudo privileges.
11:35<soum>Is there a search feature in the filezilla to search a specific file while you don't know where it is?
11:35<soum>Any filezilla user here?
11:36<@pwoods>soum: if it's log file, it's most likely in /var/log/
11:37<soum>You can find this log in the ‘wp-content/updraft’ directory of your site via FTP.
11:37<soum>This is what the plugin dev said
11:38<nuevu>So, where the rest of your website files are stored. That varies a bit more. Do you know what Linux distro you're using?
11:38<soum>ubuntu 18.04
11:39<nuevu>You can check /var/www/html
11:39<nuevu>If you have multiple websites on the server, it's probably in a different directory, but there's a good chance it's somewhere under /var/www
11:39<soum>Command: cd "/var/www/html"
11:39<soum>Error: Directory /var/www/html: no such file or directory
11:39<soum>Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
11:40<soum>Yep multiple websites
11:40<soum>Anyone can help me in teamviewer?
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11:51<OnwardsUpwards>Looking for a little guidance. I have a web application (PHP) using a MySQL db and I need redundancy. Files in the web application can change, and ideally I'd like two nodes running HTTP. For MySQL I can use master-master and load balance using Haproxy on the front ends, but is DRBD + NFS the best choice to mount the web application, or are there network attached storage solutions provided by Linode that can help here?
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11:54<v0lksman>soum: are you using a control panel of some sort?
11:55*soum just used the file manager plugin in WordPress to immediately access the wp-content folder of that particular website. So problem solved.
11:55*soum is using cyberpanel
11:55<v0lksman>that's likely why /var/www/html wasn't found
11:56<soum>Btw someone here told that ubuntu 18.04 and older versions' support will end in 6 months or so. Is that true? If it happens then will my linode be stopped after 6 months?
11:57<FluffyFoxeh>That just means that those versions of Ubuntu won't get any more updates. They won't simply stop working, but you'll want to upgrade to a newer release to continue receiving security fixes etc
11:57<millisa>ubuntu 18.04 is an lts version. it's getting maint updated through 2022 and extended security maintenances through 2028
11:58<v0lksman>pretty sure that wasn't what was said. 18.04 is LTS, 20.04 is the next LTS release, everything released in between has a shelf life of about 6 months
11:58<FluffyFoxeh>but yeah it seems a bit early for 18.04 to be EOL
12:01*soum in a nutshell what this article means?
12:02<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: I haven't tried drbd at linode to know how well it works (I do use it in other places for your exact use case). I generally prefer it if the files that could be changed end up in some like a bucket style storage that all the front ends have access to
12:02<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: things like actual code updates is done through a maintenance cycle of bringing nodes in/out of rotation
12:03<FluffyFoxeh>soum: Basically, whenever a version of Ubuntu is released, they commit to providing bugfix updates to it for a period of time
12:03<FluffyFoxeh>For LTS (Long-term support) releases, that period is longer than other (non-LTS) releases
12:03<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: I can see Linode offer block storage that can be unmounted from one instance and mounted on another.
12:03<FluffyFoxeh>When the period is up, no more bugfix updates will be provided. So your installation will begin to fall out of date
12:03<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: it's only mountable on one instance at a time
12:04<FluffyFoxeh>It will continue to work, but those outdated packages will have unfixed security vulnerabilities
12:04<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: if you can handle the downtime if the node itself goes down and have a way to mount the node on a new nfs system (and then update your web configs/mounts) you could probably make something work
12:04<soum>So i can be worry less till 2028?
12:05<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: i cant think of anything that'd technically stop drbd from working though. as long as you've got a good stonith type setup to prevent splitbrain issues on failure, it should be fine
12:05<v0lksman>soum: mostly yes
12:05<v0lksman>but you may want a newer version of PHP before then (just as an example)
12:06<soum>I don't know why panels like gridpane, runcloud, serverpilot etc still tells us to install a fresh ubuntu 18.04 only. Not 20th version
12:06<FluffyFoxeh>v0lksman, soum: Actually I'm not sure about that. That's the Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) period, according to this page. The page implies that ESM is something for paying customers
12:06<FluffyFoxeh>soum: because 20.04 isn't released yet (I don't think)
12:06<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: If you do something like that, there is a function that'll let you failover an ip
12:06<v0lksman>comes out this month
12:06<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: this bit -
12:07<v0lksman>FluffyFoxeh: yeah ESM may be paid...sorry..I roll my OSs early to avoid any issues
12:07<soum>Oh sorry not 20.04
12:07<soum>I meant 19.10
12:07<v0lksman>19.10 is NOT LTS
12:07<soum>Why not?
12:07<millisa>because the lords of ubuntu deem it so
12:07<v0lksman>would be too much work to make each release LTS
12:08<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: yes the attractive thing about the storage is that it's already replicated by Linode AFAIK - even though it can only be mounted on one instance at a time. In that way it should survive the failure of the node that has it mounted
12:08<millisa>should. disadvantage of the storage is it's not picked up by the standard linode backups (so have a plan for that)
12:09<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: Ah ok that's useful to know. But if I choose DRBD I've no guarantee that the two nodes aren't on the same physical host
12:09<v0lksman>19.10 shelf life is about 6 you would want to roll that into a 20.04 release within the next 2 months
12:09<FluffyFoxeh>soum: I believe you're good on 18.04 until 2023
12:09<FluffyFoxeh>Unless you pay for ESM
12:09<FluffyFoxeh>(then it's 2028)
12:10<soum>Ah great, ty!
12:10<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: not guaranteed no. the nodes don't fail/get migrated that often. You can probably get a support ticket open after you spin them up to make sure they aren't.
12:10<millisa>OnwardsUpwards: They used to show the physical host in the UI but took it out with the rewrite. I believe it may still be exposed somewhere though (maybe in the lish console?)
12:11<v0lksman>you can get ESM for free but meh:
12:12<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: I've not actually got anthing configured yet - I'm designing the solution so I can price it first for a prospect. So unfortunately I've not got access to the console yet to have a look. The IP sharing will be useful for balancing the Haproxy instances.
12:12<FluffyFoxeh>v0lksman: I see
12:12<millisa>different than the ip sharing, there's also the ip swapping where you can switch the ipv4 between two nodes
12:12<FluffyFoxeh>Not really needed in most cases though. 5 years is plenty for a server
12:12<v0lksman>oh and that only provides support for 14.04
12:13<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: I think I can live with having a standby NFS node using the storage - but are there any uptime guarantees offered on the storage itself?
12:13<v0lksman>yeah I would upgrade before that. seems scary even with security patches
12:14<millisa>not beyond the little bits buried in the tos.
12:15<millisa>they don't have many disruptive issues though. if you want to look through their history - just about anything impacting multiple folks gets up there.
12:15<millisa>unlike some companies (COUGH*rackspace*COUGH) they dont really hide the failures they experience
12:16<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: thanks just one other thing - for MySQL replication do you recommend using VMs or is there another service - I'm interested in the IO performance as I'll have a lot of data and frequent writes, and VMs can add some overhead in the file system abstractions
12:16<millisa>there's not a db service at linode.
12:17<millisa>(so, yep, roll y our own in a linode)
12:17<millisa>percona's got some neat replication options if you haven't looked at them
12:17<millisa>(I mostly use master/slave with manual failover for most my folks)
12:19<millisa>(also, can confirm that the physical host name is still exposed in lish - so you can self verify if your nodes are on the same physical)
12:20<OnwardsUpwards>Ok thanks that works. I can't see block storage uptime figures for Sydney so probably not yet available in Aus, which is a shame
12:20<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: great that will be useful if I need to go DRBD and certainly for the MySQL nodes
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12:20<rsdehart>wait, sydney's up? holy hell, I should pay attention sometimes
12:21<millisa>sydney appears to be selectable in the block storage page.
12:21<OnwardsUpwards>millisa: that would be sweet, I could do without designing different solutions for different regions :)
12:22<@pwoods>millisa & OnwardsUpwards As we mentioned in our year-end blog post, Database-as-a-Service is on our roadmap, hopefully by the end of 2020:
12:22<@pwoods>Not helpful for today, but hopefully something to look forward to.
12:23<OnwardsUpwards>:@pwoods: thanks
12:26<OnwardsUpwards>@pwoods: you may be able to answer a q about block storage. If I have two nodes on two different hosts, with one having a block storage instance mounted, then that node fails, can I mount the block storage on the other node even though it's on a different VM host?
12:28<@pwoods>before I answer that, I want to check a couple things.
12:33<@pwoods>OnwardsUpwards: I want to say yes, but that the Linode should be powered off. But the caveat is what exactly "node fails" means, I guess:
12:40<linbot>New news from community: How do I have multiple domains on one linode for a WordPress network? <>
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13:10<DaBrondo>Quick question on the new Linode K8s offering: Can create PV's on the local node SSD ? Ultimately I would deploy OpenEBS and back OpenEBS on the k8s cluster with the local SSD's on each node.
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13:18<bestdesign>you need wait
13:19<nuevu>They did say "quick question".
13:20<bestdesign>is fine but why ask if not wait answer?
13:20<bestdesign>no see
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16:53<chesty>they never said they wanted an answer
16:54<millisa>Quick answer: 4
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17:32<elmoco87>how do i setup openvpn
17:32<nuevu>elmoco87: Client or server?
17:33<nuevu>For an OpenVPN server, this guide is probably a good starting point:
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17:38<WhenuaKura>Is anyone able to assist
17:38<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:38<WhenuaKura>hello Millisa
17:38<WhenuaKura> i believe is hosted with you - ip
17:39<WhenuaKura>Are you there
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17:45<millisa>that looks like a linode IP
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18:28<millisa>contagion may not have been the best movie to put on as background noise
18:29<dwfreed>yeah, I've heard that movie is very good at describing our current situation
18:30<millisa>their numbers are 10 times higher but the reactions aren't that far off.
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19:39<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Emergency Network Maintenance - Sydney <> || Scheduled Emergency Network Maintenance – Newark and Toronto <>
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