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01:02<linbot>New news from community: Deleting a cloned user; managing users <>
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01:26<Alpesh>I do have a quesion
01:26<Alpesh>I have a large laravel site
01:26<Alpesh>and have almost 5K users a day
01:26<Alpesh>which linode I should be using?
01:26<Alpesh>Also there is a cron running every 15 minutes to fetch 1 GB data and replace with old one
01:31<chesty>what is it currently running on? what's the peak number of concurrent users. that is more important than 5k/day. it could be 4k between 6-8 and 1k spread over the rest of the time
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01:42<Alpesh>So pik is 6K
01:42<Alpesh>normal day it's average 2-3K
01:42<Alpesh>and currently I'm using AWS
01:44<chesty>You misunderstood what concurrent users mean. but is it running ok on aws?
01:44<Alpesh>Yes it's just costing much more higher to me
01:45<Alpesh>Concurrent users are 1.5K most as fasr as I noticed
01:45<Alpesh>never more than that
01:47<Alpesh>My code is fully Laravel
01:48<Alpesh>does that makes sense?
02:08<Alpesh>CAN any body help me here please
02:13<chesty>what are the specs of your aws instance?
02:18<Alpesh>32GB ram inttance with 250GB disk
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03:45<chesty>ok. so the next question is how much free memory and cpu utilisation do you have during peak?
03:46<chesty>what database are you using? was it tuned to run with (say) 20GBs and x cpus?
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03:52<OnwardsUpwards>Is it possible to create a private subnet within a linode data center?
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03:58<chesty>OnwardsUpwards, sure. set up a vpn using your private ip addresses
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04:01<OnwardsUpwards>chesty: I'm trying to design a solution with a pair of DRBD servers + 2 master-master db servers - with HTTP servers mounting exports over NFS. The subnet could grow to > 8 servers. As I understand it, if I add a private IP address it's available across the data center.ta center -
04:04<chesty>that's right. the private network is kind of public to all linode customers (currently). That's why you run a vpn, then it will be private. You can block traffic from ip addresses you don't own
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04:21<Lucretia>I noticed on it says to open a support ticket, what for?
04:22<Peng_>"In an effort to fight spam, Linode restricts outbound connections on ports 25, 465, and 587 on all Linodes for new accounts created after November 5th, 2019."
04:22<Peng_>The ticket is to ask them to remove the restrictions, after you do the specified steps
04:30<Lucretia>what if i decide to change my domain name for that linode?
04:33<Peng_>I don't think that matters to Linode
04:33<Lucretia>that's ok then
04:34<Lucretia>so, i'll have to get it cnfigured for local mail first, oir just do the dns <-> rdns config first?
04:35<Lucretia>because i've just spent about 4 days setting up postfix/dovecot and being a bit stuck
04:39<Lucretia>hang on, is that just for accounts or specific linodes?
04:39<Lucretia>because my account is years old
04:43<Lucretia>ah, mine's not affected then
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05:37<iSRAELi>are there any limitation on the websites that i can host on my linode?
05:37<iSRAELi>not refering to any pedo\porn content nor drugs related
05:38<Peng_>What kind of limitations?
05:38<Peng_>Other types of crime are not allowed.
05:39<iSRAELi>iptv marketing website
05:39<iSRAELi>(not streaming / purchase point)
05:39<iSRAELi>sort of a landing page
05:40<iSRAELi>i guess porn is allowed
05:43<chesty>generally they don't look until they start getting abuse or dmca reports
05:44<iSRAELi>with this i guess
05:46<chesty>that looks like it's for criminal investigations, they also look for emails sent to complaining about a website hosted on linode.
05:49<iSRAELi>Preservation Request
05:49<iSRAELi>Search & Seizure Warrant
05:49<iSRAELi>Extension of Prior Demand
05:49<iSRAELi>Emergency Relating to Imminent Danger or Harm
05:55<iSRAELi>basically the issue is with DMCA , so if they are reporting i guess linode wont be my answer :)
06:26<@pwoods>iSRAELi: you can refer to our TOS and AUP for what is and what isn't allowed:
06:27<@pwoods>Yes, we take DMCA reports seriously.
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07:01<iSRAELi>yes, thank you
07:34<cews>Linode blog presents a 403
07:34<cews>'Cloudflare' server
07:34<cews>Anyone else having issues reaching
07:35<rsdehart>no issues here
07:36<cews>Even Manager refuses to load, maybe a DNS thing
07:41<cews> <- Worked after using different DNS / Clearing Cache
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07:53<linbot>New news from community: How do I move from MariaDB to MySQL? <>
08:13<@pwoods>cews: just seeing this. An employee was seeing this on our Community site earlier, too. Thanks for letting us know what you were seeing.
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09:04<linbot>New news from community: How do I make an nginx ingress controller available in my Linode k8s cluster? <>
10:24<linbot>New news from community: How do I edit the distribution listed for a Linode in the Cloud Manager? <>
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11:14<linbot>New news from community: 32 corw cpu <>
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11:16<sohail>anyone help me about vps
11:17<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:18<sohail>sir i want to open vps with 32 core , but they are not make
11:19<nuevu>sohail: Linode does indeed sell 32 (and even 64) core plans:
11:19<sohail>they show me Additional verification is required to add this service. Please open a support ticket
11:19<nuevu>Sorry, 48, not 64
11:20<Peng_>Have you opened a support ticket?
11:20<sohail>what do you mean
11:20<nuevu>sohail: It's probably due to the cost of those plans. If they asked you to open a support ticket, that's what you'll need to do.
11:21<sohail>ok sir
11:21<sohail>ok thank you
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11:24<dwfreed>You mean Linode *doesn't* want you to run up a bill of several thousands of dollars and then not pay for it?
11:31<rsdehart>dwfreed: that can't be right
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12:05<OB>Hello guys, I'm new here, do you offer any database services (mysql or mariadb) ?
12:05<v0lksman>not yet
12:05<v0lksman>none that are managed that is
12:05<OB>Alright thanks ! :)
12:06<v0lksman>you can of course install and maintain anything you want
12:06<OB>Yeah that's the problem, I currently have my own server but I have some problem with it and I don't know exactly how to fix it
12:06<OB>so I was looking for a managed product :)
12:06<@pwoods>OB: it's on our roadmap with a goal of getting it done by end of this year.
12:06<OB>Great news !
12:06<v0lksman>Linode also offers SA's for hire I believe
12:07<@pwoods>The Linode Community is pretty knowledgeable, probably can assist you.
12:07<v0lksman>was just going to say "ask here, you'll likely get an answer"
12:07<@pwoods>OB: this is what v0lksman is referring to:
12:08<@pwoods>if you need a more hands on approach, you can fill out the "Get a Quote" form on that page
12:08<OB>I currently have a fivem (GTA roleplay) server and when I reach about 220 online players my server is crashing with some weird sql error and that's what I have in my error log on mariadb: 2020-04-06 18:00:47 8963 [Warning] Aborted connection 8963 to db: 'fivem-live' user: 'fivem' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)
12:09<nuevu>Running out of memory?
12:10<Toba>I don't remember what I did yesterday. Does that count?
12:10<OB>I don't think so, I have 64 gb of ram, this is my mariadb settings:
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14:01<murshid>Excuse me i need help
14:02<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
14:02<murshid>I need to know host name , user name and how to fix key for Termius ssh access
14:03<millisa>If you aren't able to ssh in to your linode, you'd want to login to the manager and reset the root password.
14:03<millisa>Assuming it's a password issue you are having. If you just don't know how to login to a linode - check out the getting started guide -
14:03<murshid>What’s the host name is the root@ip right ? Password I know it what about a key?
14:04<millisa>If you didn't install a key, there won't be a key
14:04<murshid>Ok you mean i will not need a key if I have not installed a key right ? I could also access without a key?
14:05<millisa>You should be able to login as root@ip without a key
14:06<murshid>Thank you let me check one moment plz
14:06<murshid>Host name is root@ipaddrwss right ?
14:06<murshid>What about user name ?
14:07<murshid>And port ?
14:07<@rgerke>murshid: root is the username, and the port is automatically connected when you use the SSH command.
14:08<murshid>I am using termius mobile app which worked with other jositngsnalso so am trying it here
14:08<murshid>Which worked with other hosting also
14:08<murshid>Is port default 22? Or anything else ?
14:09<millisa>22 is the default
14:09<@rgerke>Generally, the SSH port is 22. That's where it defaults.
14:09<@rgerke>!point millisa
14:09<murshid>I get this error nodename nor servname provided, or not known
14:09<linbot>rgerke: Point given to millisa. (137)
14:10<murshid>nodename nor servname provided, or not known
14:10<millisa>did you put in your linode ip? that getting started guide shows how to find it
14:10<murshid>Which one ipv4 or ipv6
14:11<millisa>whichever is appropriate for you
14:11<murshid>And where should I enter the ip? My termius mobile app asks o key for user name host name password
14:11<dwfreed>most likely ipv4
14:11<murshid>My termius app asks only for user name, password, host name and key of necessary
14:12<millisa>that mentions how to add a host
14:12<murshid>and password the password I have for root
14:12<murshid>Port is default 22
14:13<murshid>I have used termius before but lincode I don’t understand how to fetch it
14:14<murshid>I entered this SSH Access: as host name
14:14<murshid>And user name as root
14:14<murshid>Password as the password I have given
14:15<murshid>Port as default 22
14:15<linbot>New news from community: Linode running Docker keeps becoming unresponsive <>
14:15<millisa>i'm not sure how well we can really troubleshoot some 3rd party app. you might be better verifying you can connect with an ssh client on a pc like they describe in the getting started guide first
14:16<murshid>Ok thanks
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15:25<murshid7>Dear sir i cancelled my account however i created a new one under same user name
15:25<murshid7>Please activate my account ?
15:26<murshid7>Hello anyone here ?
15:27<nuevu>Did you receive an email when you recreated the account?
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15:27<murshid7>Thanks it’s active now
15:27<murshid7>By the way I want to ask here we cannot have ftp access ? Only serve ?
15:28<nuevu>The services your Linode offers are up to you. If you want to run an FTP server, you can install and configure one (although I wouldn't recommend it).
15:28<murshid7>Thanks for reply
15:28<murshid7>Have a good day
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15:34<murshid7>Hello when i tried to create a wordpress with a lincode it says account limit reached
15:35<murshid7>Currently I do not have any server or anything
15:35<murshid7>I am referring to one click
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15:40<murshid7>Hello Account Limit reached. Please open a support ticket.
15:40<murshid7>From marketplace am unable to create Wordpress
15:41<dwfreed>did you try opening a support ticket
15:42<murshid7>Just did
15:43<dwfreed>then wait for a response
15:45<murshid7>Ok thank you no wonder how long
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16:01<engryankey>thanks for the response
16:01<engryankey>am I talking to a linode rep please?
16:02<dwfreed>this is a community discussion channel
16:02<engryankey>oh nice
16:02<engryankey>I have an issue
16:02<engryankey>I don't know if someone can help
16:03<engryankey>I just finished setting up my server, but my django app sends well emails to users but as soon as users register, while the app is trying to send it times out with error 502
16:04<engryankey>welcome emails
16:05<engryankey>I have checked my code and smtp relay settings(sendinblue), everything is correct, I dont know why it's like that, can someone please assist me with an advice
16:07<chesty>engryankey, new accounts have to follow a guide then open a support ticket to be able to send emails
16:08<engryankey>Oh I see, now I get. Thank you for the response.
16:10<engryankey>Thank you very much.
16:11<engryankey>I really appreciate
16:33<millisa>!point chesty
16:33<linbot>millisa: Point given to chesty. (10)
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16:34<millisa>Linbot request: !email alias with appropriate verbiage and link to
16:35<Zr40>I'd like appropriate nouns and adverbs too
16:37<Zr40>ah, verbiage derives from latin, "verbum" (word)
16:41<dwfreed>linbot: alias add email echo Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
16:41<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. I require your aid. Where would one acquire approximately one hundred and ten pounds of human meat?
16:41<dwfreed>millisa: how's that?
16:41<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
16:41<millisa>Works for me!
16:41<cruxeternus>!point meatsack
16:41<linbot>cruxeternus: Point given to meatsack. (1)
16:41<millisa>!point dwfreed
16:41<linbot>millisa: Point given to dwfreed. (105) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 23)
16:42<dwfreed>Those alternate success messages are the best
16:42<cruxeternus>I'm just glad linbot came back after millisa killed it
16:43<millisa>I was lonely. How was I to know it was shy
16:43<Zr40>!point linbot
16:43<linbot>Zr40: Point given to linbot. (1337) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 20)
16:43<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. How many days until your little fire burns out? days--; Bwahahahahahaha!
16:43<cruxeternus>1337.... really? haha
16:43<linbot>dwfreed: I have performed your operation, meatsack. Perhaps purchasing a drink for two dollars and ninety eight cents would keep you from dying of dehydration.
16:43*cruxeternus are disappoint
16:44<packetcat>uh anyone else seeing issues with networking in Atlanta? my icinga instance there is alerting on a bunch of stuff that isn't actually down
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16:46<nuevu>packetcat: Mine in Atlanta have been reasonably stable. Some latency spikes (from ~17ms up to 23ms), but nothing to write home about.
16:48<packetcat>hrm, I think networking between certain Linode locations is shot - - Icinga is mad and I can't reach my icinga server from my bastion host in Dallas anymore
16:49<nuevu>Weird. My stats are from the Dallas DC to Atlanta.
16:50<dwfreed>I have no issues reaching the speedtest server in atlanta
16:50<packetcat>well I just got an email for a emergency maintenance for my icinga sever linode lol
16:50<nuevu>Ding! We have a winner.
16:51*cruxeternus makes note to try out icinga
16:51<nuevu>I've been a big fan of Prometheus/AlertManager for metrics and alerting on those metrics.
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17:17<packetcat>it just came back up \o/ now to get flooded with a bunch of [RECOVERY] e-mails
17:20<nuevu>Better than the alternative, I'd imagine :)
17:38<millisa>Of interest to some folks in here:
17:50<dwfreed>the last part of that reads like a smokey the bear poster
17:50<millisa>Only YOU can prevent BGP hijacking.
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18:32<chesty>your country needs you
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18:48<HedgeMage>BGP is one of those things that *should* work fine almost always, but was designed in a way that made a lot of implementation, configuration, and operation assumptions that humans are bad at transmitting and it's broken half the time :(
18:48<HedgeMage>It's like a case study in "technically fine, but actually not good enough for reality"
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21:39<LouWestin>One thing I have to be thankful for is great linode support. Filing an RMA for ASUS is a huge pain
21:40<LouWestin>In comparison
21:43<LouWestin>Their site half worked and ended up saying an rma was already filed. Chat with support: You have to email us due to covid staff reductions...🤦‍♂️
21:47<virtual>just what
21:48<virtual>are the people with access to the RMA system all not working, and no one else has access? sounds super strange, LouWestin
21:49<nuevu>*Every* RMA was probably flagged that way to make you email them instead (based on that chat response).
21:51<virtual>so they managed to make a code change to makeit say an RMA was filed, but not enough to make it email ... :-D
21:52<LouWestin>I’m not sure, but I did email them. lol Fortunately I have a good spare monitor that I swapped for my daughter so she actually likes it better. 🤷‍♂️
21:53<virtual>heh. I had two spares in the garge, now down to one spare. One is being used by a wife's friend while wfh.
21:53<virtual>garge? garage.
21:53<LouWestin>I had to use chrome because some reason their site didn’t like Firefox
21:53<virtual>s/a wife/my wife/
21:53<virtual>total English fail.
21:54<virtual>LouWestin: wow, it's like being back in the late '90s. "This website works best in Netscape Navigator"
21:54<LouWestin>I recently brought a MSI for myself. So glad I did.
21:54<LouWestin>lol totally
21:54<virtual>should be glad. It could've worked only in IE6
21:55<LouWestin>I know the whole warranty requesting is a huge pain anyway
21:55<LouWestin>Oof... ie6 was the web designers nightmare
21:55<virtual>web designers just got a shudder at the mention.
21:56<LouWestin>Now it’s pretty much just chrome and Firefox
21:58<LouWestin>I don’t even think edge is really used. Could be wrong since I’ve been out of the loop
21:59<millisa>the new edge has a chromium base. i've heard a few folks are liking it
21:59-!-TJ- [~root@2a02:8011:2007:0:89a4:54e6:bfbd:1a60] has joined #linode
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22:01<LouWestin>I use Firefox out of old habit and chrome when something doesn’t work, like old sites using flash
22:07<nate>Curious how chrome somehow supplements firefox for "old sites using flash" o.O
22:07<nate>I've never had a site that didn't like firefox really, I just avoid chrome cause google thinks RAM is infinite
22:08<LouWestin>Chrome has it built in. But it’s disabled by default. I was too lazy to download and install it lol
22:09<LouWestin>It was a work training video site that had some in flash a
22:09<LouWestin>13 I think?
22:14<LouWestin>Whatever it was it was about as old as me. I needed to go into chrome, enable flash, and refresh the site to get it to work so I could take a 10 question quiz and tell my boss I did it what you asked. Lol
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22:32<nate>You know you can still use flash in firefox right?
22:32<nate>it's just disabled in firefox by default as well
22:36<LouWestin>I know. it was bigger pain and didn’t want run. I took the slightly easier road.
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22:52<kharlan>nate: -unrelated- The kaseya rmm tool used to use a flash tool to write agent procedures.. now they have a fancy javascript one.
22:52<kharlan>I always hated the 10 seconds delay of telling firefox 'use flash for this site pls'.
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22:55<nate>LouWestin: Weird, always okay for me, I just hate toggling it on/off and then 'confirming' on the page itself
22:55<nate>well mind you I barely run into anything flash now though
22:56-!-frailtyy [] has joined #linode
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23:05<LouWestin>Most of it worked fine, except for a couple videos. I think it was some really, really old stuff that has never been updated.
23:06<LouWestin>Wait no it wasn’t the videos. It was a couple quizzes that were flash based
23:11-!-spinoza-the-jedi3 [] has quit [Quit: Ping timeout (120 seconds)]
23:14<LouWestin>When I say it was old, it was like probably made when I was in my 20’s lol
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