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05:51<jakob>Hi, hopefully helpful folks! Is Linode not intended to be usable from Norway? "State/Province/Region" is required when you sign up, but there are no choices when "Country" is Norway so I can't progress with signing up :(
05:52<jakob>Am I doing something wrong, or is this an oversight?
05:53<dwfreed>That's broken
05:55<dwfreed>jakob: ^^^
05:55<jakob>At least it's not me doing a dumb, I'll shoot them an email
05:56<dwfreed>Does it only happen with Norway, or any country?
05:58<jakob>Seems fine with any other country, but Norway doesn't give any regions to choose from. I'll try another browser, currently on latest Firefox, just to be sure
06:02<jakob>Seems to show up fine in Edge, must be some extension or the autofill messing with the form
06:04<dwfreed>try switching to another country and back to norway after autofilling
06:05<jakob>That would probably work, I just took the path of least resistance and signed up through Edge. Currently waiting for account review! :)
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10:55<ziport>Hi there guys! It's possible to change some user's home directory to be a web page serve path like /var/www/ on Centos 7?
10:56<ziport>Or just only give sftp permission to that directory
10:59<@rgerke>ziport: This helpful?
11:00<ziport>*Thanks rgerke
11:02<ziport>I've tried that, but don't was missing with sudo usermod -d /var/www/ username I get > usermod: no changes
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11:03<Woet>ziport: then that's most likely already their homedir
11:11<ziport>Woet: /home/username
11:12<Woet>ziport: where is that from?
11:12<Woet>ziport: does the directory exist and is it owned by the usr?
11:12<Woet>user *
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11:24<ziport>Woet: It exist, it already has a website working properly, cause I want to do, its just to give a sftp access to a user! and yes it's own by that user
11:24<ziport>Woet: sudo chown root:root /var/www/ - sudo chmod 755 /var/www/ - sudo chown santalucia:root /var/www/
11:25<Woet>ziport: why is it group "root"?
11:25<Woet>ziport: and you don't have to change someones homedir to give sftp access
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11:34<ziport>Woet: My bad...... sudo chown username:root /var/www/
11:34<Woet>ziport: just do username:username
11:35<ziport>Woet: but I just want to give access to that directory only
11:35<Woet>ziport: it's username:group, it doesn't have any effect on the path.
11:37<Woet>ziport: please share the output of "stat /var/www/" and "getent passwd username"
11:40<Woet>[23:03:44] <Woet> ziport: then that's most likely already their homedir
11:40<Woet>like I said ^
11:41<ziport>But if I do a sftp session its takig me to /home
11:45<ziport>Woet: I got this over /etc/ssh/sshd_config
11:47<Woet>ziport: you can't just copy/paste things from the internet without reading what they mean.
11:47<Woet>ziport: if you would just take your time and read through the documentation and your paste, you'd see ChrootDirectory /home
11:49<ziport>Woet: But if I change "ChrootDirectory /home" to "ChrootDirectory /var/www/" ... I get this after this "client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe" after I restart the sshd
11:49<Woet>ziport: probably because your "SubSystem sftp internal-sftp" syntax is wrong, the path shouldn't be there.
11:49<Woet>ziport: also pretty sure that the Match User lines have to be indented with a tab
11:50<Woet>ziport: also, depending on which docs you read, you have to chroot to a parent folder owned by root
11:50<Woet>well, not depending, but your documentation should have mentioned that.
11:51<ziport>Woet: Let me take a look on that, thanks a lot!
11:51<Woet>ziport: again, please read the documentation/guide thoroughly. it's fine to spend 3-4 hours on this if you're new to Linux sysadmin.
11:51<Woet>ziport: you don't wanna make changes to SSH and users permissions without knowing what you're doing :)
11:52<ziport>Woet: I've dealing with this for like 3 days, all my search are purple!
11:52<Woet>ziport: just so you know, unless you make lots of other changes, chrooting someone has no security benefit
11:52<Woet>ziport: as long as your chown and chmods are right, security is sorted
11:53<ziport>Woet: thanks
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11:59<soum>I tried to login to linode but it sent me to new account creation page with billing details but my linodes are working cause my websites are up and running. I don't usually login to linode much frequently.
11:59<soum>I have a suspicion. Is this because i'm currently using a vpn?
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12:34<@rgerke>soum: I just tried signing inusing a personal computer (with a VPN) and it let me do so. When you click the 'log in' link, are you taken to the 'Welcome Back' screen?
12:39<soum>It takes me to billing information
12:39<soum>I'm trying for an hour but not able to login
12:40<soum>Disabled VPN but still facing the error
12:40<millisa>maybe you aren't using the correct email?
12:40<millisa>have you tried recovering your username using the email that you get your regular monthly invoices?
12:40<soum>Well it won't let me go back to login screen
12:40<soum>Brings back to billing
12:41<millisa>you can't hit ?
12:41<@rgerke>A good way to check that you're using the correct login credentials is byusing the 'forgot username' link on that Welcome Back page. It'll email it to you to the email you have on file.
12:41<soum>No @millisa it redirects me to billing information
12:42<millisa>if you close your browser completely or try a different browser does it do the same?
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12:43<soum>In different browser works but i'll make sure not to input wrong credentials this time in this browser
12:43<@rgerke>soum: This might sound like a silly question, so please humor me (I've seen this happen before) - the log in link and the 'Sign Up' button are very close together - you're not accidentally hittingthe green 'Sign Up' button, are you? I've even done that before.a
12:43<@rgerke>And pardon my typos, please.
12:43<soum>No i'm hitting the login button and also went to
12:44<soum>Wrong credentials will make you stuck in an endless loop of billing information page, it's a bug i guess
12:45<@rgerke>So, when you go to it takes you right to a new account creation page?
12:46<soum>Yes. I'm able to login now with the right credentials from a different browser but this chrome browser with wrong credentials still giving endless loop to billing page
12:46<soum>new account creation page yeah
12:48<@rgerke>I recommend clearing your cache for Chrome.
12:49<@rgerke>If you inadvertantly created a new account, let me know and I'll take care of that for you.
12:51<soum>Okay clearing cache might or might not work. But this seems like a bug. Can you try to replicate this on your end? Enter a wrong username and password on login page on a new browser
12:52<@rgerke>I just tried that - just gives me 'Username or password incorrect' and lets me try again. I have brought this to the team, though, to let the know you were experiencing this issue.
12:53<@rgerke>Itired to replicate in both Chrome and Edge
12:54<soum>Okay ty
12:54<@rgerke>I tried*
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18:25<linbot>New news from community: How do I install the Oracle JDK 8? <>
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18:49<Xion>Just untar it (or install from your distro's package manager)
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21:49<soum>How does anyone check the remaining balance credits in linode?
21:51<@_brian>Hey - is it visible for you on ?
21:51<@_brian>i'm asking because i thought i knew it was there, but it seems they changed the page around with the cloud manager update yesterday
21:52<millisa>i still see a 'payment & credits' in the box up at the top
21:53<soum>What does this mean?
21:55<@_brian>that randomish looking string of letters is our backend code for your promo
21:55<millisa>you still have a $40.50 promo that the $7.96 is going to come out of at the next bill cycle.
21:56<soum>$40 still left you mean?
21:56<millisa>that's the way I read it
21:56<@_brian>same, what happens when you click/hover that question mark?
21:57<soum>i button? It says "signed up through our general campaign"
21:57<@_brian>i need my eyes checked
21:58<millisa>One of mine that will cause a charge at the end of the month looks like this:
21:59<millisa>(i have no credit/promo, so it's up to $13.41 that'll bill. I expect that one to be $17)
21:59<soum>What happens when you click "view last invoice"?
22:00<millisa>I see my invoice from about 3 weeks ago.
22:00<soum>Is it meant to be the previous month's invoice or the upcoming invoice that it will charge?
22:01<millisa>view last invoice will show you the last invoice that billed. So for me, it shows what they billed me on May 1.
22:01<soum>Did they charged additional tax from you?
22:03<soum>Also, i forgot when i signed up so i wanna know how long my promo credits will be valid until they expire
22:03<millisa>Doesn't look like it. $17.01 is what they show on the invoice and in my CC statement. (I had a nanode up for an hour that cost me an extra penny)
22:03<soum>Well it charged me with tax last month
22:04<soum>$9.5 for a 2GB linode + $1.71 TAX = $11.21 last month's bill
22:05<soum>Oh wow i live in a sh*t country i forgot
22:05<soum>Not linode's fault
22:06<soum>Thanks for your help @millisa
22:07<soum>Would've been more good if linode showed how many days left for my promo credits to expire
22:08<@_brian>thanks for mentioning that. i'm leaving feedback for the new billing page and i think thats valuable too
22:08<soum>As a workaround for now, how do i check how many days/months left?
22:09<@_brian>i'll pm you
22:09<millisa>i think it exposes it in the api
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