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07:18<linbot>New news from community: DNS resolution inside LKE kubernetes not working <>
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08:21<Jazz>Hello, I just created a linode account and migrating from Digital ocean. I currently have plesk install on DO and my DNS zones are managed by plesk. Do I need to do the same on linode?
08:22<@pwoods>Jazz: yes, you'll need to set that up.
08:23<@pwoods>We have a One-Click App for that:
08:23<Jazz>on the linode console or Plesk?
08:23<@pwoods>And instructions on getting started with Plesk if you don't want to use the One-Click App
08:23<Jazz>I've already install plesk just need to configure
08:24<@pwoods>OK, so that second URL I sent should be what you need.
08:25<Jazz>ok, thanks
08:25<@pwoods>Looking over that guide, it looks like you'll need to set it up via Plesk
08:26<Jazz>ok, that's what I assumed. Was just curious
08:26<@pwoods>No problem, I've never set up a Plesk panel, so I wasn't sure myself. TIL
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09:44<Jazz>I'm once again installing plesk, I was under the assumption that the plesk admin Se license was free. However, When I log into plesk it asks for license or to proceed with a trial. There is no option for the free web admin
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10:11*rsdehart prepares to bring a wayward vultr box into the fold
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10:28<Cromulent>this is completely off-topic so I apologise I just need to talk to some tech people for a second - I'm thinking about getting a few Raspberry Pi Model B 4GB RAM board and use them for some simple machine learning at home (if possible) but I'm not sure what the best options is for a server that can control all of the items and give me remote access whilst also providing some extra security and features such as DHCP or static IP
10:28<Cromulent>addresses for the raspberry pi board. What I was thinking would it be possible for Linode to get into the Raspberry Pi ecosystem by offering dedicated servers which are basically Raspberry Pis where you have normal SSH access. Any ideas on how to make this idea work at all?
10:34<rsdehart>Cromulent: I'm not sure a Raspberry Pi is the right platform for machine learning
10:51<Cromulent>ah - got any tips? I just want to do some simple stuff on the cheap
10:51<chesty>Cromulent you can network boot a raspberry pi. you would need a dhcp and tftp server on the rpi's network.
10:52<Cromulent>that sounds cool - thanks
10:53<chesty>maybe some second hand pcs and some second hand video cards. but you would have to research what video cards work with the latest drivers and libraries
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13:39<linbot>New news from community: Nanode Plan: is CPU dedicated enough? <>
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14:59<linbot>New news from community: Transient server errors: "Error establishing a database connection" <>
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