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01:28<linbot>New news from community: Mounting an existing volume to LKE <>
03:08<chesty>8 bits of people here right now
03:09<Xion>Takes 9 bits to represent it though
03:10<chesty>oh. weird. I thought 256 was 8 bits for some reason
03:10<Xion>8 bits all on is 255
03:10<chesty>yeah, but that's 256 values
03:11<chesty>but I see what you're saying
03:11<Xion>Right, but the first is 0
03:12<chesty>!point Xion
03:12<linbot>chesty: Point given to xion. (2)
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04:58<linbot>New news from community: Server error when logging in to phpmyadmin <>
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12:40<linbot>New news from community: Can't telnet to SMTP servers from linode <>
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18:09<electronut>Hi everyone! New here, potential stupid questions incoming. Trying to create an image of my Linode, which is a CentOS 8 install. df -h shows 5.5 GB used; I tried to resize to 6000 MB in order to not get an error when creating the image. 1) is there a way to see the exact error? I'm just guessing it's a size problem. 2) Is it possible it's trying to add the swap drive (another 500+ MB) to the image? 3) any chance there's a way to c
18:09<electronut>3) any chance there's a way to create an image that's the size of whatever the used disc size is, and worry about just paying to store it? I find this whole thing with having to manually prepare the disk for imaging a bit strange. I'm just trying to save an image so that I can spin up later, without having to hold on to the current linode.
18:10<dwfreed>You don't have to shrink the disk to image it; the default image size limit is 2 GB, though
18:10<@_brian>it was changed to 6144MB not too long ago
18:10<dwfreed>_brian: TIL
18:11<@_brian>electronut it definitely shouldn't have anything to do with swap, we'd have to look on our end to see the exact error
18:12<electronut>any chance I can see the details of the errors?
18:13<electronut>it just says Error creating Image CentOS 8 Disk. This likely happened because your disk content was larger than the 6144 MB limit, or you attempted to imagize a raw or custom formatted disk.
18:14<electronut>same problem when trying to resize: A disk on Linode centos-eu-central could not be resized
18:16<electronut>trying to resize to just half, from 1.96 TB to just 1 TB, to test that; (allocated, still just 5.5 GB of actual data using the space); This resize has been running for over 20 min
18:17<electronut>I have the feeling I'm really missing something
18:17<@_brian>i reached out to see if anyone else in IRC was available to help you right now, but it looks nobody else is around. if you open a ticket and send me the ticket # i'll make sure to get quick eyes on it
18:17<dwfreed>shrinking massive disks takes time; ext4 has to restructure lots of things
18:17<@_brian>nm i take it back
18:18<@_brian>got someone for you in a sec
18:18<electronut>thank you!
18:19<@jyoo>Hey electronut - Could you either open a ticket and send us the ticket number, or send me a DM so we can locate your Linode and see what's going on?
18:19<electronut>re the resizing being a complex process, I assumed it would be simpler, just truncating somewhere, since it's all empty space; but I can understand, if that's not how it works
18:20<electronut>@jyoo stupid question: how to DM you?
18:20<dwfreed>/msg jyoo message here
18:20<dwfreed>will open a new tab within the webchat for it
18:20<electronut>it's been a few decades since my IRC days
18:21<dwfreed>ext4 by default distributes its data structures across the whole disk, so it has to then move them back within the size given
18:22<electronut>thanks dwfreed, that makes sense now
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