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08:51<donfaquir>any one?
08:52<donfaquir>大家好,我是 渣渣辉
08:53<@rgerke>donfaquir: Hello!
08:54<donfaquir>@regerke are you chinese?
08:55<@rgerke>donfaquir: I am not
08:55<@rgerke>But I am part of the Linode Support team, and I'm happy to help you out.
08:59<donfaquir>I am sorry! I`m in the wrong channel,bye
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09:55<dzho>glad we've all got that out of the way. Now, does anyone have any questions?
10:07<chesty>ah, yeah. how do you change the clutch in an ae112?
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10:19<timbad>so i'm from algeria
10:20<timbad>i'm engineer
10:21<chesty>rgerke, hehe. I read the thread, it didn't have any instructions. but of course it wasn't a serious question.
10:22<timbad>i want to get more experience in cloud hoisting
10:22<kharlan>chesty: get a bottle of alcohol and a lighter.
10:23<timbad>for what i get a bottle of alcohol and a lighter
10:24<timbad>to roar linode
10:24<chesty>timbad, not sure but I don't think kharlan was replying to you.
10:25<chesty>maybe kharlan was suggesting I celebrate owning the best car ever made with some whiskey and a cigar?
10:26<timbad>why not , but not actualy
10:26<timbad>so i'm delegating a startup in algeria
10:28<timbad>need help
10:29<chesty>with what? there are lots of docs hosted on linode. if you have something specific maybe people can point you in the right direction
10:30<timbad>listen chesty. i want to create my own cloud hoisting , but i dont have more experience
10:31<timbad>if there in your entreprise , any astuce to take formation
10:32<timbad>or pass a traineeship
10:33<timbad>thanks for listining
10:37<NewUser>I'm trying to signing up on Linode, but I got a message Account Cancellation because it did not meet the criteria ? like what does that even mean, I have put all correct / valid information upon signing up.
10:41<chesty>timbad, oh right. this is a public channel for linode customers and ops are linode employees. I'm a customer not an employee. If I understand you, you want to learn to run a cloud provider? I just did a quick google, you could start here and start learning one of platforms
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10:52<chesty>NewUser, sounds frustrating. I think you'd be better off calling or emailing. They don't talk about account issues in a public channel. Maybe an ops will chat with you in a PM though if you wanted to stick around here
11:05<linbot>New news from community: Linode Setup <>
11:12<@pwoods>NewUser: I can help you with that. I can send you a DM to discuss account specific things.
11:15<AlexMax>Does Linode remove NTP from CentOS 7 images, or is this vagrant box I'm using "helpfully" adding it?
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11:22<millisa>chrony should be there
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11:43<appu>any one is available
11:43<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
11:44<@pwoods>hey appu o/
11:45<appu>i need some help
11:46<appu>i am looking for a hosting
11:48<millisa>linode sells vps
11:49<appu>managed server are available?
11:51<millisa>Read that and see if it's what you are thinking of when you use the word 'managed'
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11:54<FluffyFoxeh>one door leads to freedom
11:54<appu>i am a beginner and one of my friend suggested to get hosting from linode
11:55<appu>and i am looking for a hosting plan
11:56<appu>need to host 6 small website
11:56<millisa>You probably should check out the getting started guide to see if its the type of hosting you are looking for. These are VPS.
11:56<millisa>They also have a beginners guide:
11:57<millisa>And one that goes over the differences in the VPS offerings:
11:57<millisa>Linodes can be resized easily, so generally I get the smallest I think will work and then resize it upwards if I am wrong.
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12:02<appu>i registed on linode
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12:28<@pwoods>hello needing-help
12:48<needing-help>I forgot my username and email
12:48<needing-help>How can I get them back?
12:49<millisa>do you know which credit card you use to pay for service?
12:49<needing-help>Yes, I do
12:49<millisa>You'll want to write to then
12:49<millisa>They'll probably ask you for extra info about that card and probably a photo id to validate you
12:51<millisa>(if you can figure out which email gets the monthly invoices though, put that address in at )
12:52<@_brian>you'll want to include the last 6 digits of the card on file, and some additional piece of info. if you know the name of any of your services, that will be good enough
12:52<needing-help>Is the ip adress of my instance required for that validation? Should I write it into email as well?
12:52<@_brian>the IP address won't work because its public info, if you know the label (name) of the linode, that is good
12:53<needing-help>I've almost forgotten everything about that instance because I haven't managed for over a year.
12:54<needing-help>Thank you. I'll try to write an email
12:56<@pwoods>needing-help: if you'd like, I am available for a DM to discuss this.
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13:33<needing-help>I have sent an email to What should I do next?
13:34<@pwoods>needing-help: we'll follow up with you in the email, though if you don't mind DMing me your email address, I can use that to locate the email.
13:35<@pwoods>I just sent you a DM, you can respond to it with your email.
13:35<needing-help>My E-mail address is
13:36<needing-help>The 1 here in 'b1ghawk' is the number 1
13:37<@pwoods>great, thanks
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16:50<Peng>Is traffic from Atlanta to Dallas supposed to go through Toronto? Because ~points to map~
16:50<nuevu>I was going to point out some funky/slow routing that started yesterday, but ... it wasn't directly impacting me negatively yet.
16:51<millisa>maybe that's what 'maintenance' means.
16:51<dwfreed>dallas -> atlanta seems fine
16:51<Peng>dwfreed: Yes
16:53<dwfreed>you know, it'd be really nice if router IP addresses had rDNS
16:53<Peng>It'd be somewhat nice if they served NXDOMAIN instead of REFUSED or whatever
16:54<Peng>And really nice if they had real rDNS, yes
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17:03<dwfreed>linbot: errno 98
17:03<linbot>dwfreed: EADDRINUSE (#98): Address already in use
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22:29<fergtm>I remember it was possible to pay in advance. Is that still possible in the new manager?
22:29<fergtm>us dollar vs my local currency have been fluctuating a lot this year and I would like to pay a few months in advance before it gets more expensive
22:29<@_brian>you can head to and click "Make a payment" and prepay as much as you wish
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23:20<apolitical>Please remove the BLM message from the Linode Manager. As a paying customer, I should not be forced to look at political advertising when logged in.
23:21<millisa>Does the little 'x' in the upper right now make it go away?
23:22<millisa>it's kinda hard to see
23:25<@_brian>thanks millisa, i hadn't even noticed that was there.
23:25<@_brian>!point millisa
23:25<linbot>_brian: Point given to the respected millisa. (149) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 20)
23:25<millisa>it shows up easier if you have it in dark mode
23:26<apolitical>No. Maybe it's a browser issue. Anyway, I shouldn't have to click anyting or switch themes. The message shouldn't be there to begin with. Keep it on your public pages, if you really need to signal your obeisance to fashion, but it's bad paractice to have it show when I'm logged in.
23:27<@_brian>apolitical i want you to know that i've shared your feedback regardless
23:27<apolitical>Thank you. Bye.
23:27<millisa>you aren't seeing the 'X'?
23:29<millisa>I had to lookup 'obeisance'
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23:32<@_brian>LOL same. i'm gonna go back to adding steam sale games to my cart now
23:32<virtual>good reminder.
23:32<millisa>tabletop simulator. get a 4 pack
23:32<Ikaros>_brian I see I'm not the only one spending on it :D
23:35<virtual>I am sad to see that some Linode customers think that corporations aren't staffed with real human beings who care about people :(
23:36<virtual>also, I know you already got one, but...
23:36<virtual>!point millisa
23:36<linbot>virtual: Point given to the revered millisa. (150) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 20)
23:37<virtual>disappointingly true. :P
23:39<Ikaros>Sadly though no time to play games. Still messing around with QEMU on my dedicated box overseas.
23:39<virtual>but why!
23:39<millisa>the factory must grow!
23:40<virtual>wait, what game is that? I still want factorio, but I fear I may grow a decade older before they put that game on sale.
23:40<millisa>factorio is the most economical game i've ever played...
23:41<millisa>"You've played for 3,937 hours"
23:41<millisa>they wont put it on sale. it's one of their mission statements or something
23:41<virtual>heh, I should just buy it. I know, I know. I've put in far too many hours on oxgen not included. See, my excuse is price, but reality is "I don't want another addiction"
23:42<Ikaros>...and I thought I gamed a lot...
23:43<virtual>Oxygen not included, apparently 443 hours. I dare not touch it at the moment.
23:46<virtual>millisa: please tell me that's not real hours, for you.
23:47<virtual>If it is, I'm no sure you're human anymore.
23:47<millisa>very real.
23:48<virtual>oh, that's it. I'm just going to have to get it. I'll sell as many trading cards as I can first. :P
23:48<virtual>(I'm up to $4.80! :-D)
23:49<millisa>there's a $5 off thing if you spend 25 or 30 bucks
23:49<virtual>ah, in AU, it's $8 if you spend $45
23:50<virtual>hah, and factorio is of course under that :-) $42 here.
23:50<virtual>wait, you're playing it now
23:51<dwfreed>millisa breathes factorio
23:51<millisa>not sure why the number doesn't match between the library page and the recently played page
23:51<virtual>And chatting and helping out ... (questionable) people.
23:51<virtual>because steam is sometimes a bit poop.
23:51<millisa>must be.
23:51<virtual>I go with 'poop'
23:51<millisa>factorio did get me away from dwarf fortress. i *probably* played it less than factorio
23:52<virtual>also, who is buying all my trading cards, and why? All I can see is that it adds some 'flair', nothing useful.
23:54<virtual>okay, decision made. by the time the Steam sale is about to end, I'm going to use all my sold trading cards to buy Factorio, and one other cheap game to get the $8 off $45 spend :P
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