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#linode IRC Logs for 2020-07-31

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01:12<reve>hello need help
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01:12<reve>anybody there
01:13<HedgeMage>I'm here-ish.
01:14<reve>i got a message from linode. linode instance will be down for certain period for maintainenace period
01:14<reve>it is possible to avoid it? what are the ways are availabe?
01:14<HedgeMage>reve: Probably not, as those tend to go out when necessary maintenance must happen on the underlying hardware or similar.
01:15<HedgeMage>reve: However, read the message carefully, it's probably "your node will be down briefly at some point during this period"
01:15<reve>if i want to avoid download, what can i do?
01:15<HedgeMage>not for the whole period
01:15<HedgeMage>I think you mean downtime
01:15<nate>You can request a migration I believe on your own schedule, though not sure they still do that. Most generic way would be if you have any pending upgrades to take them, or migrate packages (ie; upgrade/downgrade your plan)
01:15<nate>or move datacenters, etc
01:16<HedgeMage>There's also the option to have a second node to fail over services to, and a load balancer in front.
01:16<reve>second node to fail over services
01:16<HedgeMage>If I have something that *needs* uptime (as opposed to my latest personal project, I usually have it in >1 datacenter
01:16<reve>does linode offer it?
01:16<HedgeMage>Yes, you can do that, but ti takes some setup
01:16<HedgeMage>there's probably directions in the docs somewhere
01:19<reve>can we copy a server from one linode to another linode?
01:19<reve>please tell me the process
01:20<reve>i will create another instance into another data center
01:22<HedgeMage>reve: here is some documentation...
01:22<reve>one more thing, we are using linde block storage
01:23<reve>how to access it from another data center
01:24<reve>basically, i want to shift the data center right now, because within the short period it is not possible to setup and test node balancer
01:25<HedgeMage>I'm not awake enough to instruct intelligently at this point, plus I have pointy elbows in my ribs **points to teenager who thinks he's the size of a 2yo whe he doesn't feel good and wants to snuggle**
01:25<HedgeMage>He's adorable, but this was easier when he was smaller :P
01:35<reve>is it possible to attach same block storage into multiple linode instance?
01:35<reve>anybody here from linode support?
01:43<HedgeMage>reve: Linode support is usually around during the daytime in the US...that's about 6.5 hours from now, give or take
01:45<reve>got it
01:45<reve>thanks hedgemage
01:46<HedgeMage>np glad I could help somewhat
01:46<MJCS>Around this time every night I keep witnesing and experiencing random clients drop connection to my TeamSpeak server. The server is not under any load and since 99% of the users are not experiencing this I have to assume it is something network related. Are there any other complaints about this?
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14:00<dealcatcher>I think there is a problem with one of Linode's DNS servers.
14:00<millisa>why do you think that
14:00<dealcatcher> is timing out for us when doing a nslookup
14:01<dealcatcher>I have been experiencing random connection and slow down issues for 2 weeks and have narrowed it down to this DNS server in our config.
14:01<dwfreed>it's responsive to queries
14:01<millisa>seems ok to me.
14:02<dealcatcher>try it a few times, it will time out, I was able to reproduce this on multiple linodes.
14:02<dealcatcher>nslookup ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
14:02<dwfreed>I just spammed it several times, all came back fine
14:02<millisa>i just ran about 10 of these in a couple seconds: dig -t a @
14:03<millisa>just did a couple dozen " dig -t a @ " from a linode in dallas over a couple seconds and it also seemed ok
14:03<dealcatcher>same dig command times out for me on my server, any other dns address works every time.
14:04<@pwoods>dealcatcher: we're aware of an issue with that resolver and have someone looking into it now.
14:04<dealcatcher>Awesome, thanks so much!
14:04<millisa>that resolver just likes me.
14:05<dealcatcher>haha, maybe it's some type of routing issue and no effecting everyone
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16:23<nuevu>Didn't I see that the backup maintenance in Dallas was complete? I just had another ticket opened automatically due to backup failures and the description says it's related to "normal maintenance". Is that separate from the previous large maintenance window?
16:29<millisa>all of my backups did recover by yesterday
16:30<nuevu>Yeah, this machine previously had backup failures in that window. That ticket was closed (probably automatically) yesterday and a new one opened about 30 minutes ago.
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16:52<nuevu>I feel stupid. The node with the backups-related ticket isn't even in Dallas >.>
16:53<millisa>That's what Fridays are for
16:53<nuevu>Indeed. Read-only Fridays are a thing for a reason.
16:53<millisa>I put mustard on both sides of the same piece of bread for my sandwich earlier.
16:54<nuevu>Oof, that could get messy!
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22:59<ssa_>hi team
22:59<ssa_>"No available host found that satisfies the plan and resources you've requested. Please check availability and try again later."
22:59<ssa_>hello neighbour
22:59<ssa_>Looking to switch from Linode 32 to Dedicated 32.
23:00<ssa_>times 2
23:01<ssa_>when can i expect capacity availability?
23:01<millisa>they definitely had them a month ago. i did a shared 32 to a dedicated on 6/12
23:02<millisa>wonder if they are short right now due to all the impending updates coming int he next week
23:03<millisa>they probably don't want new nodes getting created on those hosts
23:03<@_brian>hey - that is likely accurate
23:03<@_brian>let me take a look
23:07<@_brian>yep, confirmed there is 0 avail for dedicated 32GB in Dallas atm. ssa_ are you still around?
23:08<@_brian>i'm going to page someone right now to turn up some hosts for new availability
23:10<ssa_>thank you!
23:11<millisa>if you've got a cake guy about 3 hours south of those servers, page him too. there are dangerously low cake levels here.
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23:11<@_brian>i keep spare cakes on standby
23:13<Peng_>If y'all got some cake about 12 hours south of Atlanta...
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23:21<Peng_>Good idea!
23:39<ssa_>_brian: is there an eta for availability?
23:39<@_brian>the primary for Dallas is working on it right now, i told them you're trying to migrate 2 Linodes to Dedi 32GB
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