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00:01<@jyoo>ssa_ - You should be good to go!
00:23<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
00:29<Peng_>I forgot
00:35<Cromulent>morning all :)
01:16<chesty>whoop whoop. thanks linode, my account is pretty good but you're too kind by calling it outstanding.
01:20<ssa_>Your Linode will soon be automatically powered off, migrated, and restored to its previous state (booted or powered off).
01:20<ssa_>thanks jyoo _brian millisa !
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05:06<ssa_>just got one instance all caught up. it won't be going through the upcoming downtime. nice.
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05:59<linbot>New news from community: Java S3 client - putObject error <>
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11:28<novpiseth>i would like to ask for idea
11:29<gothichabuki>hello I had a question about the GPU servers? if I only needed it for an few hours for a project would I need a whole new server or could I add it to another server?
11:29<novpiseth>I keeping to my ubuntu server and it drop connect for a while
11:29<novpiseth>and it online back
11:32<novpiseth>here is picture
11:40<@pwoods>novpiseth: Have you tried running an MTR report to check the path of your network traffic? It works best to run one from both your Linode to your local machine and then in reverse.
11:42<novpiseth>is it usable for ubuntu not in linode
11:43<@pwoods>gothichabuki: novpiseth yes, though you may need to install it first.
11:44<@pwoods>MTRs combine traceroute's path functionality and ping's packets, and gives a better sense of what the traffic looks like at each hop.
11:44<gothichabuki>thanks pwoods
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11:47<novpiseth>@pwoods: that picture that I sent it kind of loop I faced every 30mins a time
11:47<novpiseth>it made me have problem with video steaming
11:49<@pwoods>novpiseth: right, and what I'm suggesting is a command that will let you know what's happening with those packets in between where the content and and its delivery to your computer.
11:49<@pwoods>Here's an example of what it might look like:
11:50<@pwoods>Actually, novpiseth, this is a better one to start with
11:50<novpiseth>do I need to have two computer?
11:50<@pwoods>if you don't have access to the server that's hosting the material, then you won't be able to run a report from that direction.
11:51<novpiseth>the ping picture that I sent here it is report from my computer
11:52<novpiseth>anyway, ISP helped me there was no problem from the connection
11:52<novpiseth>so I considered have problem from ubuntu
11:55<@pwoods>ok, then you can check logs for whatever service you're running to stream the content
11:56<@pwoods>Often we see rate limiting or problematic routers causing networking latency and timeouts. And MTR can help identify if that's an issue and which hop/router is causing that problem.
12:00<novpiseth>I'm not sure but this one I tested from my linode in singapore to the server that have problem
12:05<@pwoods>Yeah, there looks to be an issue right at the beginning. You said this is on your Linode?
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12:06<novpiseth>I test mtr from my linode to the server problem in my country
12:07<GothicHakubi>@pwoods, hey which server region is novpiseth? is that the NA one or Asia? also how long will it take for my account to be "reviewed"?
12:07<@pwoods>right, so the problematic networking is occurring on the first hop.
12:07<novpiseth>yeah asia
12:08<@pwoods>novpiseth: do you mind sending me your IP address via a DM?
12:08<novpiseth>my country Cambodia
12:08<novpiseth>and I test from Linode in Singapore
12:08<@pwoods>GothicHakubi: accounts are usually reviewed within a few minutes.
12:10<GothicHakubi>ah okay also I got confused didn't realize someone was in the chat last time with the username novpiseth. was trying to figure out since I was the person who asked what adding a GPU to a normal VPS, LOL my mistake
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15:37<Francis>Any Linode Customer Support here ??
15:37<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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20:55<arby>I've got two linodes, in the same DC, both same size (one's actually a clone of the other, now signigicantly modified ...), and both reporting cpuinfo : model name = "AMD EPYC 7601 32-Core Processor". afaict, they're effectively identical hardware.
20:55<arby>but, checking cpuinfo : flags, all are identical, except one maching has an additional flag "perfctr_core".
20:55<arby>afaict not causing any issues whatsoever, but ... that's a new flag for me. i'm curious.
20:55<arby>what's it for? and why's one got it and not the other? firmware differences perhaps?
21:07<dwfreed>arby: perfctr_core is a feature of AMD CPUs for hardware performance tracking
21:07<dwfreed>as far as why one has it and not the other, could be microcode, could be kernel version
21:08<arby>dwfreed: useful for host, or guest? or both? same kernel, in my guests anyway. no idea re: host kernel/microcode.
21:09<arby>or the right question ... do/should I care?
21:09<dwfreed>both, but only if you're doing performance debugging using the kernel's perf subsystem
21:11<arby>got it. aka, don't care.
21:29<Peng_>/proc/cpuinfo may show the microcode version
21:29<Peng_>Though I don't trust cpuinfo further than I can throw it since live migration was invented...
22:03<linbot>New news from community: "Mirror not found" when trying to upgrade OS. <>
22:07<Peng>!errno 12
22:07<linbot>Peng: ENOMEM (#12): Cannot allocate memory
22:08<Peng>Wait what
22:10<arby>Peng: ostensibly same microcode version for the 2 boxen, at least from 'untrustworthy' cpuinfo. 'dmidecode' in the guest is the same, but appears to simply be querying the guest's QEMU -> SeaBIOS, which'd make senese
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