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00:00<Soham>are you giving me 100% surity that I can host multiple domains on $5/month plan.
00:01<Peng_>The answer is the same as your question about hosting multiple websites.
00:01<millisa>We don't have another way to answer the question. Linode does not impose a limit on number of sites you can put on a linode. If those sites would run well in the limited resources of the $5 plan, sure. Linodes can be resized easily.
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00:02<Soham>ok thanks
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00:03<arby>Soham: you understand this is a VPS, right? you will have to set up the webserver on OS of your choice, etc....
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00:16<arby>another intrepid adventurer!
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00:17<Peng_>Was that OFTC netsplit due to Linode maintenance
00:17<millisa>timing is right
00:18<Ikaros>Mine was also included.
00:18<Peng_>I partly asked because I wondered if Linode was doing maintenance tonight or if they had finished yesterday.
00:18<Peng_>Except one of my Linodes had maintenance 3 hours ago, so I already knew the answer to that. :D
00:18<Peng_>In 2020, 3 hours ago feels like yesterday. D:
00:19<Ikaros>The funny thing is, one of mine had maintenance this morning (the one I have in Singapore) around 10 AM local time. And now, my one in Dallas, at 11 PM local time.
00:19<Ikaros>So both of mine, same day
00:36<dwfreed>Peng_: no, liquid is not a Linode
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00:44<sandra>quakenet was also split
00:44<sandra>at around the same time
00:45<dwfreed>coulomb, weber, resistance, charm, and singleton are linodes
00:49<Peng_>Some random person on Freenode said QuakeNet got DDoSed. No idea if ture.
00:49<Peng_>"ture" huh.
00:50<Peng_>Is there an IRC script to wait 2 seconds before sending a message so you can check for typos in the last word? :D
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00:51<sandra>i saw that discussed on the issue tracker for the discord-irc bridge
00:51<sandra>i guess some clients could implement that pretty easily
00:51<dwfreed>so that quick edits wouldn't spam IRC?
00:51<sandra>there's also the s/ture/true/ way of fixing things. which some clients can parse and execute
00:52<dwfreed>Peng_: it could be done in irssi, I think, by catching enter (or binding it to a separate command)
00:52<dwfreed>this separate command could then set a configurable timer before executing what enter would have done
00:52<sandra>i think i saw an rcirc module to parse s/foo/bar/ style edits. which has been a convention since i was a baby
00:55<sandra>i'm in a channel that has a discord bridge (don't shoot the messenger on that one, i hate discord) and i've been making addons for various people's different irc clients to make the bridge's output look more palatable. a whirlwind tour of various languages... lisp, lua, perl... håhåjaja
00:55<dwfreed>chesty: re question about configuring non-interactive non-login shells, what do you hope to accomplish? non-interactive shells generally don't do anything directly, just execute a script or a command and return
00:55<sandra>you can also set that user's shell to not be bash
00:56<sandra>right? istr something about setting users to non-shell access on the adduser level
00:56<dwfreed>I'm pretty sure they meant doing configuration of the shell, not changing the shell
00:56<sandra>right but could've been xy problem
00:57<dwfreed>yeah, that's why I'm asking
00:57<dwfreed>anyway, is sleep time as the benadryl is kicking in, I'll read any responses probably tomorrow
00:58<sandra>get rested♥
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02:45<chesty>dwfreed, mainly environment variables I think. I could have sworn cron scripts, for example, used to have the PATH I set in /etc/bash.bashrc
02:49<chesty>that might not be true though because I mainly use #!/bin/sh might be a false memory
02:49<nate>bash.bashrc would require a #!/bin/bash header wouldn't it?
02:50<chesty>yeah, which is why I think I might be mis remembering
04:32<grawity>no, the bashrc is always sourced so its #! header is irrelevant
04:32<grawity>the only reason you'd put #!/bin/bash on it is to convince vim's syntax highlighting to enable bash-specific syntax
04:33<grawity>oh wait
04:33<grawity>I completely misread it lol
04:33<grawity>if the script *itself* has #!/bin/bash, then I don't think I've ever seen it load any bashrc ever
04:34<grawity>always had to explicitly write my cronjobs as ". ~/.environ && actualthing"
04:34<grawity>cron does invoke PAM, though, which might read /etc/environment
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06:47<@mcivi>Soham: Hello
06:47<Soham>I just signup using this link:
06:47<Soham>but I didn't get $100 credit
06:47<Soham>I want to try linode for 1 or 2 months then I will purchase the yearly plan
06:49<@mcivi>Sending you a DM Soham
06:49<Soham>DM means?
06:50<Soham>This is my email ID:
06:50<Soham>I have used it for signup
06:51<Peng_>Soham: Keep in mind that this is a public chat room.
06:52<Soham>ok sorry I didn't know that
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07:18<@mcivi>Hi John
07:19<John>Hi, I just signed up using this link:
07:19<John>But I can not get any credit on my account
07:20<Peng_>Welcome back
07:25<@mcivi>okay John, I can take a look at your account if you want to authenticate in a private meassge
07:28<@mcivi>I'll open the private message with the next steps
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09:46<dwfreed>chesty: according to bash manpage, no profile or bashrc files are read when used non-interactively (like when used as the interpreter for a script via #!); the only file that would be read is if $BASH_ENV is set
09:46<dwfreed>(unless it's a non-interactive login shell, but that's very unlikely)
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13:46<camis>hello, an update from my issue yesterday trying to connect to freenode, is nothing with PTR.. itś not accepting connections on port 6697. From my desktop works fine, but from linode server using same configuration it doesn't connect
13:47<millisa>when you use nmap, does it show 6697 open?
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13:52<arby>camis: which DC -- Atlanta perchance?
13:53<millisa>I have nginx listening on 6697 on a test server. can you connect to it: curl --head ?
13:54<camis>arby: LON
13:55<camis>thank you everyone for help!
13:55<camis>I am able to connect now ;)
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14:14<arby>ATL DC -- not Linode -- _used_ to block a number of ports. most/all of irc-related, iirc. does it still? do any of the other DCs have port blocks in place?
14:16<millisa>no. yes (mail related on new accounts)
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14:18<arby>mail, rly? wasn't aware ... that's a Linode block, tho, right? _not_ a DC block?
14:18<millisa>it's a linode block.
14:19<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
14:19<Zr40>!point millisa
14:19<linbot>Zr40: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (164) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 24)
14:19<arby>iirc, the ATL irc biz was by the DC itself ... been a long while since I bothered, tho
14:23<arby>yup. apparently _was_ the DC. can't find current info ...
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15:52<RelicRonk>does linode have a reseller programmer?
15:53<RelicRonk>thank you
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15:54<millisa>there's also this, which is a little different -
15:56<RelicRonk>question, if i use the market place to setup a linode with cpanel, am i on my own for the license?
15:56<millisa>outside of the 'managed' product, you are on your own for cpanel licensing
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17:45<chesty>dwfreed, cheer. I must be misremembering but I can't stop feeling something has change. I'm pretty sure nothing has though.
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18:16<linbot>New news from community: Is there a feature to push DNS from the dashboard? <>
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18:31<twokay>Hey! I have a support question about connectivity...Im seeing intermitant drops for inbound DNS from multiple locations. When I try and dig my servers, I sometime get a connection, sometimes not. I'm not even seeing the connection attempt in my logs when it fails. I have 3 servers, two in europe and an on premise machine. All the configs are essentially identical. the on premise machine works no problem, the linode i
18:35<millisa>you got cut off.
18:35<millisa>your linodes are dns servers?
18:35<twokay>yes, slaves both with the same config.
18:36<millisa>can you replicate the issue locally on each using dig against their public ip?
18:36<twokay>No, my slave on my local network works fine
18:37<millisa>not your local network. if you are on the linode and running a dig against itself, can you replicate the issue?
18:37<twokay>ah sorry I see what you meant
18:38<millisa>(chances are good it's a network issue closer to your local network side, but it's always good to work backwards)
18:38<millisa>assuming the local digs are fine, what about linode to linode?
18:38<twokay>ok thats interesting..a local lookup also fails intermittently
18:39<twokay>linode -> anywhere else is ok
18:39<millisa>but linode -> itself has timeouts?
18:40<twokay>yes, this must be some config issue
18:40<millisa>is dns listening on localhost? does it do there too?
18:41<twokay>netstat -anp reports named listening on, my public ip, on both udp and tcp
18:41<millisa>and you still get the intermittent issue when you are specifying @ in the idg?
18:41<twokay> localhost it works every time, to it fails
18:42<millisa>can you pastebin samples?
18:42<twokay>yes one sec Ill get some together
18:43<millisa>an issue that only occurs using @ but not @localhost sounds really odd to me
18:44<twokay> -> localhost, works as fast as I can repeat the command
18:44<twokay> -> fails
18:44<millisa>what IP comes back if you ping localhost?
18:45<twokay>PING localhost(localhost (::1)) 56 data bytes
18:46<millisa>dig -4 @localhost yourdomain.tld
18:46<millisa>does it do anything different?
18:46<linbot>New news from community: How do you handle encrypted volumes? <>
18:46<twokay>dig -4 @localhost yourdomain.tld -> fails
18:46<millisa>dig -6 @localhost yourtdomain.tld ?
18:47<twokay>dig -6 works
18:47<millisa>bind? or some other dns server?
18:49<millisa>in the named.conf, what do your lines that start with 'listen-on' look like?
18:53<twokay>there is a transfer-source error, but I edited the original
18:54<twokay> -> correct on the server
18:54<millisa>if you throw in a: allow-query { any; };
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18:54<millisa>and reload bind, does that change anything?
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18:55<twokay> -> same with allow-query
18:57<millisa>and if you temporarily change the listen-on line to: listen-on port 53 { any; };
18:57<millisa>any difference?
18:57<twokay> -> netstat shows two listening instances on udp/53 - this looks weird to me
18:57<twokay>ok Ill try that one sec
18:58<twokay> -> allow-query any and netstat at the bottom
18:59<twokay>although netstat looks better with allow-query any
18:59<twokay>hit it yourself: dig @
18:59<millisa>it shows the private ip listening
19:00<twokay>yep, which I dont mind
19:00<millisa>first hit was happy, second hit is sitting there.
19:01<twokay>same as my results. Ok so this is something's affecting two linode instances but my local instance here is fine with the config.
19:01<millisa>(my test was from a linode in dallas)
19:02<millisa>tried from a second line. first dig was quick. second one sits there and times out.
19:03<millisa>er, from a second linode.
19:03<millisa>any chance you have something like a 'fail2ban'-gone-wild situation?
19:03<twokay>Id see that in the logs but Ill checkl
19:04<twokay>not installed
19:07<twokay>It feels like (and this is wildly speculative) a tcp timeout with some inbetween firewall max connection limit overlaid over the top.
19:08<twokay>Although there is no limits on linode..are there any, configurable or otherwise?
19:08<millisa>dig +tcp -t a @
19:08<millisa>that works for me with lots of repeats.
19:08<twokay>hmmm ok thats progress I guess
19:08<millisa>something udp-ish
19:09<twokay>me too
19:09<twokay>I had a feeling...I was 180o off :)
19:10<millisa>your bind config looks very close to what i'm using on my linode based bind systems...
19:12<twokay>+notcp with dig hangs...its like it can only handle a single udp session
19:12<millisa>if you feel comfy with it, temporarily stop your firewalld/iptables/ufw and see if it still does it with the +notcp
19:13<twokay>No firewall on this instance
19:13<millisa>(though I dont see how that should apply when you were getting it from localhost)
19:18<millisa>I find articles about the rate limit stuff being added into bind 9.10 (and 9.9 if you go out of your way to enable it) but haven't spotted if they have any defaults
19:22<twokay>ok lets do some rate limiting stuff and see if that alters the behaviour
19:22<millisa>that article talks about it and has a few examples about halfway down
19:23<twokay> -> makes no difference
19:24<millisa>(i'm mostly out of ideas)
19:25<twokay>me too
19:26<twokay>food, sleep, Ill set up another box with this on an aws ec2 instance and see if I hit these limits. This might be a support call to linode if I can't repeat this on other boxes
19:26<twokay>thankyou for all your suggestions tho...appreciate the sanity checks.
19:26<millisa>sure thing. good luck.
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22:35<arby>sounds like /etc/gai.conf is set for IPv6 preference ...
22:35<arby>sounds like /etc/gai.conf is set for IPv6 preference ...
22:35<arby>oops. sry.
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23:56<kharlan>Hmmm has anyone noticed discrepancies in network throughput on nanodes in Atlanta DC?
23:56<kharlan>Iperf gives me 30megabits on a few nodes that are 1-2 years old , but my new one gives me 300mbps
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23:57<kharlan>Actually they’re probably 3+ years old now.
23:59<Peng_>I have an old Nanode where I haven't noticed any issues.
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