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02:39<Gary_1971>I am looking for my log in details
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03:34<linbot>New news from community: How to change my region without shutdown? <>
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03:47<Guest3587>Hi! Can someone clarify a bit on Linode Managed? Does this mean we can deploy a stack, update this ourselves, but Linode will monitor it, and proactively get our systems up, if they go down? I just want to make sure i got the last part right, and that It's not just a pure monitoring service.
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06:35<chesty>Guest3587 wait for ops for clarification but I believe it is more than a monitoring service, but how deep they can go into fixing issues I'm not sure and you'll want to talk to sales or someone. It might be limited to reboots and or service restarts.
06:35<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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08:22<@pwoods>Guest3587: That's pretty accurate. We won't make configuration changes, though we can restart services on your Linode for you and assist with further troubleshooting by reviewing logs.
08:24<@pwoods>When setting up a service to monitor, there's a section where you can provide instructions for us to follow, like if certain services need to be restarted in a specific order, or if there's a script you've written to do that.
08:24<@pwoods>Those are always helpful, as we're generally accessing someone's system with limited knowledge of how they've set things up.
08:24<rsdehart>pwoods: can I get you to pick up my dry cleaning?
08:25<@pwoods>Sure, though that's an extra charge, and I collect those outside of the Linode platform.
08:25<rsdehart>Ah, I see
08:28<@pwoods>Also, I charge by the mile for delivery. It's a gotcha for most people, though I try to be up front about that. (First mile is free, $5/mile after that, plus the cost of dry cleaning)
08:28<Guest3587>@pwoods Thanks for the reply. So beyond restarting, it is not possible to get proactive troubleshooting for monitored services?
08:30<@pwoods>Guest3587: If we can't get the service back up and running, we'll review any relevant logs we have access to and pass along what we're seeing and any advice we can gleam for that.
08:31<@pwoods>Managed Services customers also receive a 20% discount on Professional Services work, which can help for those one-off projects where you need a little extra assistance.
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10:33<iskandar>How do you do Linode.
10:33<millisa>Have you looked at the getting started guide?
10:35<iskandar>No. I want to place my server part on linode. Like them who are: /
10:36<iskandar>we created a similar thing to rid off them
10:37<millisa>Maybe I'm not understanding the question. Generally, to start using linode, you'd go through the steps in the getting started guide to get your account setup, your system spun up
10:45<iskandar>Will back later then
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11:17<linbot>New news from status: Scheduled Network Maintenance - US-West (Fremont) <>
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11:55<walksamator>i just installed weechat and am following the tutorial
11:56<millisa>We like talking about linodes and linode based accessories
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12:11<nuevu>Something happening network-wise in Dallas? It seems all the routes to the East (Atlanta, Newark, etc) are way outside their usual RTTs.
12:12<millisa>most my stuff is in dallas and havent noticed anything. i am seeing some high latency (not linode related) to stuff in the uk right now
12:12<Peng>There's high latency between Dallas and AWS us-east-2 right now
12:13<Peng>High latency to Oklahoma, uh-oh
12:13<nuevu>Interesting. I'm seeing it between Linode datacenters.
12:14<Peng>Me too; I hadn't looked until now
12:14<nuevu>Well, it's not mission-critical for me yet, so I'll sit back and let someone else panic.
12:15<Peng>Atlanta-Dallas was already twice as high as it should be, then got worse a few minutes ago
12:15<Peng>Traceroute between Atlanta and Dallas is going through Toronto or something. :D
12:15<nuevu>Yeah, looks like it started about 16:06 GMT
12:18<Peng>Probably a routine fiber cut or maintenance
12:37<Peng>On the plus side, no packet loss, right?
12:37<nuevu>True, not that I've noticed.
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12:52<Peng>ATL-DFW RTT is back down to "twice as high as it should be"
12:53<Peng>It's still going through TOR.
12:54<Peng>I should've just said Toronto again instead of trying to be clever
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13:35<jeet>Hi All, I have developed a python rest api for price compatision so my query is what type of hardware i need to host it in production?
13:35<millisa>I don't think we could guess.
13:36<millisa>But the nice thing is, you can start with the smallest linode and then resize it if you need more resources
13:37<jeet>okk but any suggestions shared or dedicated?? can i also make db in linode for production use
13:37<jeet>db like postgresql/mongodb?
13:37<millisa>These are vps; you spinup whatever linux you like and have root access to install what you need.
13:38<millisa>Both shared and dedicated could be viable for your use case; it just depends how much you would be impacted by a noisy neighbor
13:39<rsdehart>jeet: again, migrating from one to the other is fairly simple
13:39<millisa>when you start getting into the bigger ram quantities, the dedicated plans often have more cpu cores too
13:39<millisa>It's as simple as
13:40<jeet>thats cool let me spinup few instances and try it out
13:41<jeet>thanks folks
13:41<millisa>check out the getting started guide -
13:41<millisa>(there's a promo up at the top)
13:42<jeet>sure will check out
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15:18<linbot>New news from community: Can Traefik be used as the ingress for LKE? <> || Can Traefik be used as the ingress for LKE? <>
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18:19<linbot>New news from community: Moving from WebFaction <>
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22:21<linbot>zifnab: 2604:4080:11ff:96d1:216:3eff:fe0e:fa6b, [AD=0]
22:21<zifnab>shoo ipv6 you don't belong there
22:21<zifnab>you don't belong anywhere
22:22<zifnab>!whois 2604:4080:11ff:96d1:216:3eff:fe0e:fa6b
22:35<Toba>i dont see such a record zifnab
23:38<linbot>kharlan: (whois <domain>) -- Returns WHOIS information on the registration of <domain>.
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