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03:38<EMAIL_DOMAIN>Hi I have Email related question
03:38<EMAIL_DOMAIN>anyone here
03:40<EMAIL_DOMAIN>add SPF record for another domain (I owend) and send emails using Linode
03:40<EMAIL_DOMAIN>Can I do this
03:41<EMAIL_DOMAIN>Also need to know... Get approvel to send emails from Linode without transfer DNS to linode Name Servers
03:42<EMAIL_DOMAIN>Adding A record without transfer DNS to Llinod name servers
03:43<EMAIL_DOMAIN>It's seems no body is here right now
03:43<EMAIL_DOMAIN>I will come back later
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04:40<mariafederico>i want delete my SUBSCRIPTION
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09:31<@_brian>hi there
09:31<boson>can anyone answer my urgent question?
09:32<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
09:32<boson>hey brian, thanks
09:32<@_brian>keep in mind though, this chat is public
09:32<boson>i deleted by linode by mistake
09:32<boson>and i cant have an image too
09:32<@_brian>you don't see your Linode's disk in ths images tab?
09:32<boson>no unfortunately
09:33<@_brian>ok. i'd like to send you a pm to auth you and see if i can get a copy of the disk before it gets scrubbed, is that ok?
09:33<boson>waited for 20 minutes now, but nothing
09:33<boson>yes sure
09:36<LouWestin>I believe they keep images up to 90 days. Is that correct?
09:52<boson>brian solved my issue .
09:52<boson>thanks a lot to him, and good day to all members in here
09:53<chonk>and peace be unto you
09:55<LouWestin>!point _brian
09:55<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to _brian. (17)
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09:57<New-IP-New_Lino>Hi If I create New Linode Server with New IP, What will happens to my PostFix Email delivery approval. (Domain Name not change)
09:58<New-IP-New_Lino>Do need to submit another new Support Ticket to get approval or not
10:00<New-IP-New_Lino>I ask because Sometime I need to change Server.
10:00<@_brian>it depends on whether the default SMTP restrictions were lifted for your whole account, or for an individual linode
10:00<New-IP-New_Lino>Hi @_brian
10:00<@_brian>hi :)
10:00<New-IP-New_Lino>how do I know that
10:01<@_brian>we would have mentioned it in the first ticket when we removed the restrictions
10:01<New-IP-New_Lino>Please wait...
10:03<New-IP-New_Lino>How can I view previous support tickets
10:04<New-IP-New_Lino>@_brian it's said like this = "I have gone ahead and lifted these restrictions from your account and Linodes"
10:05<@_brian>then you should be safe to make as many servers as you want and not worry about our smtp restrictions
10:07<New-IP-New_Lino>Can I set another domain (owned by me) as sending email address via PHP Mail() function (with SPF record to that domain indicting my email server domain as authorized )
10:07<@_brian>once we lift the account-wide restrictions, you can send email from any domains you want
10:09<New-IP-New_Lino>on last question, Can I use cloudflare with this. I ask this Because DNS A records
10:12<@_brian>you can definitely point your DNS A-record to CloudFlare and then have CF forward the traffic to your Linode IP
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10:16<New-IP-New_Lino>is will not a problem for Reverse DNS requirement (I ask because Linode Requirements to add Revers DNS for Mail Sending Server
10:16<New-IP-New_Lino>Cloud Flare will mask the real IP Address of my Linode
10:16<New-IP-New_Lino>If I use CloudFlare DNS
10:18<New-IP-New_Lino>If I use CloudFlare DNS still I have to add my domain to Linode Domains
10:18<New-IP-New_Lino>to use Mail sending
10:18<@_brian>rDNS is not really a *requirement*, more of something that we ask you to do
10:19<@_brian>once we lift your smtp restrictions for your whole account, we don't look again
10:20<@_brian>if you use CloudFlare DNS i would suggest using CloudFlare name servers as well instead of Linode. using Linode Domains is not a requirement for sending email
10:21<New-IP-New_Lino>on my Linode CentOS 8 Server ... Simple Yum Install PostFix command and "sudo setsebool -P httpd_can_sendmail on" I can get PHP mail function work
10:21<New-IP-New_Lino>I didnt edit andy settings
10:22<New-IP-New_Lino>I only need to send email via PHP mail() No need to recive or any other mail users
10:23<New-IP-New_Lino>can someone use my mail server as open Realy
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10:24<New-IP-New_Lino>do I need to do more works to secure it
10:31<@_brian>New-IP-New_Lino i don't know much about configuring postfix, but i do know that having an open relay will likely end up with us ticketing you if it is used for abuse
10:31<@_brian>LouWestin i realize i forgot to answer you - 90 days for image storage isn't guaranteed, but a good general guideline
10:34<nate>New-IP-New_Lino: Depends if your script is publicly accessible, or your local sendmail configuration is poorly done. However worth noting sending email via plain php mail() is a quick way to usually end up spamtrapped by most providers
10:34<New-IP-New_Lino>@_brain I don't want to run Open Relay. I want to prevent it. Thats why I ask. Is my default Yum install postfix is Safe or not (without any configuration edits) I need it only for PHP Mail() function for System Generated account verification emails.
10:34<nate>I'd recommend looking into phpmailer and using SMTP with a valid account
10:38<New-IP-New_Lino>Hi Nate, Thank you I want to prevent Open Relay and someone else to use it secretly
10:39<nate>I understand, just making a recommendation so you don't end up wondering down the road why suddenly nobody is getting your emails, particularly since they're for registrations :P
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10:41<New-IP-New_Lino>how do I sent Registration, Email Verification nad password recovery email via our own mail server without using 3rd party SMTP server properly. According to Email Standard.
10:42<nate>Define "own mail server", cause you would still use SMTP in that case. mail() is not really a "mail server"
10:42<New-IP-New_Lino>I'm not going to send any promotional email newsletters . in other word Without user interaction regading account realated requirmet
10:42<nate>mail() simply uses the system sendmail to send out a normally unauthenticated email (which is usually what results in getting filtered)
10:43<redentor>There a lot of scripts how to make your own mail server.
10:43<New-IP-New_Lino>PHP mail() is sending emails via sendmail command
10:44<New-IP-New_Lino>my configuration (as well as default )
10:44<New-IP-New_Lino>without postfix PHP mail can't send
10:44<nate>yes, but sendmail is not by a technically defined standard a "mail server". Basically don't let your scripts allow people to do anything directly with them and don't allow any form of external sendmail communication (which will usually be default design) and you should be good
10:44<nate>As far as avoiding being a relay goes
10:46<New-IP-New_Lino>Thank you, I think default installation is not allowing Open Relay. But need to know form someone expert
10:48<New-IP-New_Lino>Yes I'm not allowing people to send emails (example: Link Shere with Email etc.. I'm not doing) only verification and recovery PIN code emails
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11:00<LouWestin>_brian: No worries:-) Thanks for the general guideline.
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11:42<v0lksman>isues in newark?
11:43<v0lksman>can't lish to a node that is not responsive
11:43<v0lksman>seems to be somewhat limited to that host right now
11:44<v0lksman>not seeing alerts across the board
11:47<millisa>dont have much there, but dont think i have any alerting right now
11:48<v0lksman>was just about to go to lunch...sigh
11:52<v0lksman>seems to only be that host...across all my accounts and monitors only the one node but I can't lish to it so it would seem to be a linode issue not a guest issue
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20:23<cthor>Where do I go for live support? My server went under emergency maintenance 3 hours ago. The ticket said it was finished 2 hours ago. Since then the server has been at 100% CPU, non functioning or accessible, and the web console says it can't load a kernel. Reboot does nothing.
20:25<Peng>You can call them on the phone, if that works for you.
20:27<dwfreed>fun fact: grub doesn't contain any smarts for idling CPUs, so if you're at a grub prompt, your CPU is running at 100% doing nothing
20:36*Peng cringes
20:36<Peng>Nice to test how your hardware handles maximum thermal stress
20:37<millisa>cthor: did you try rescue mode to see if your disk is readable?
20:42<cthor>Haven't. Will try that now.
20:43<millisa>Because if you say . . . removed your kernels by hand after a centos 7.9 upgrade and didn't notice grub never updated to use the new one files . . not that anyone did this yesterday or anything . . . it'd look like that.
20:44<millisa>er, new files. not new one files. see? this is how mistakes happen.
20:44<millisa>the key bit is its all fixable from rescue mode if you can get your disk mounted
20:46<dwfreed>millisa: sounds like you have some experience in this
20:46<millisa>the important thing is we aren't judging.
20:46<dwfreed>laughing is allowed, though, right?
20:47<cthor>I've got the disk mounted successfully in the rescue mode. Seems to be fine.
20:47<millisa>pointing fingers and ringing a bell saying 'shame' is also viable here.
20:47<dwfreed>so make sure a kernel exists in /boot, and that /boot/grub/grub.cfg references that kernel
20:48<millisa>cthor: further in that doc it walks through chrooting to the disk. you can check out your grub stuff and fix it there.
20:49<millisa>this bit -
20:50<millisa>i guess it was 3 days ago, not yesterday...
20:53<millisa>The guide that's on switching to the distribution kernel has a pretty good set of steps that are mostly the same if you needed to fix grub -
21:29<cthor>I've got a initramfs-linux.img in /boot but no vmlinuz
21:31<cthor>So I need to install the upstream kernel I suppose. System is Arch. Running pacman doesn't work because DNS isn't resolving. Do I have to start a service on finnix to get DNS resolution?
21:32<millisa>do you know if you were using the distribution kernel before?
21:33<cthor>Well I never installed it. System was built using the base Arch image a few years ago.
21:38<millisa>something like 'last -F | grep boot | head' should show you the kernel versions at boot. should be able to tell if you were on a distribution or linode kernel ( )
21:39<millisa>it'd be weird for your profile to switch if you didn't do it intentionally though
21:43<cthor>For some reason DNS resolution doesn't work in chroot so I can't run the package manager. It works outside chroot though.
21:44<millisa> /etc/resolv.conf empty?
21:44<millisa>throw a temporary resolver in there. 'nameserver' or (or if you want to use the resolvers at linode, it's on the networking tab)
21:48<cthor>File can't be opened for writing. Can write to /tmp/foo tho.
21:49<cthor>Bash also wants to autocomplete to /etc/resolv.conf but then the file isn't there
21:54<linbot>New news from community: invalid credit card expiry date <>
21:54<cthor>Should I try the linode kernel perhaps?
21:58<aphysically>I've been wanting to try moving off the linode kernel to mess around with debian MACs (namely apparmor), since it's not compiled in the linode kernel
21:58<aphysically>but I've never gotten around to it
22:22<chesty>dangling symlink
22:23<chesty>ls -l /etc/resolv.conf is probably a symlink to /lib/systemd and it might be broken in the chroot
22:28<cthor>That's it, yeah /etc/resolv.conf -> /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf
22:41<cthor>Okay, that did it. Managed to get pacman -Syu to run and now vmlinuz is in /boot and rebooting worked. So looks like the kernel just disappeared for some reason.
22:41<cthor>Thanks heaps for the help <3
22:41<millisa>Good job
22:50<chesty>nice. I always mount /run /proc /dev and /sys inside the chroot. /run can be a pain to unmount though if you install a package and a daemon gets (re)started
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