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02:10<sid_>Can anyone help me to login to linode account ?
02:11<millisa>This is a public channel. Why can't you login?
02:12<sid_>Whenever I am trying to login it redirects me signup page
02:12<millisa>Are you using this page?
02:14<millisa>just tried it and it looks like it logged me in
02:14<sid_>For me its not working
02:15<millisa>Are you clicking 'login' or the 'Sign up here' link?
02:15<sid_>can anyone tell me the support email for linode ?
02:15<sid_>Or any contact number ?
02:15<millisa>that url should have the the contact info
02:16<millisa>You could also try using the 'forgot username' link at the bottom of the login page; maybe it's not what you think it is?
02:18<sid_>When I am clicking on sigin button it redirects me to the billing information which I have done earlier only and even my VPS is running but now why again?
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05:51<linbot>New news from community: Rejected Sign Up <>
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06:41<Jeneral_Pain>So apparently I'm not allowed an account because my registration got rejected?
06:48<rsdehart>Jeneral_Pain: This is community chat, and staff are in here, but official contact is listed on that page
06:49<Jeneral_Pain>I have emailed support without a response.
06:49<rsdehart>how long ago?
06:49<Jeneral_Pain>And I can't create a ticket because they blocked my registration even though I used my real details, and my actual credit card etc.
06:49<Jeneral_Pain>instead of masking stuff behind my office address
06:49<rsdehart>were you on a vpn?
06:49<rsdehart>just grasping at straws
06:49<Jeneral_Pain>Nope, I don't even use a VPN.
06:49<Jeneral_Pain>my life is pretty boring, nothing to hide lol
06:49<rsdehart>fair enough. I' just a customer
06:50<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
06:50<rsdehart>some staff highlight on that trigger
06:50<Jeneral_Pain>Who knows, I got the rejection <30mins
06:50<Jeneral_Pain>So maybe they're quicker with rejecting than support@ tickets?
06:50<rsdehart>the rejection would have been automated
06:51<Jeneral_Pain>Nah, when I signed up it kicked to manual review it said.
06:51<Jeneral_Pain>God knows why...
06:51<Jeneral_Pain>unless it's because I'm weirdly nerdy and have a PTR on my IPv6
06:51<Jeneral_Pain>and IPv4 public addresses
06:51<rsdehart>That would surprise me if it were that
06:52<Jeneral_Pain>I'm just too lazy to put my DL380-G8 into the DC in Melbourne.
06:53<Jeneral_Pain>it requires me to lift and move, and do things
06:53<rsdehart>I remain hopeful that someone will get back to you soon and sort you out
06:53<rsdehart>or at least tell you what went awry
06:54<rsdehart>sorry you're having difficulty
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07:24<virtual>huh. I'm using the same ISP as that dude who got rejected, but *not* ipv6.
07:24<virtual>and I registered many moons ago with a different ISP, so, hardly counts. I shall be quiet.
07:26<rsdehart>just unfortunate timing. I want to believe it was just a glitch but no one available to respond
07:27<virtual>yeah, I'm really curious!
07:27<rsdehart>I hate this noisy chair. Any incidental movement and the seat shifts on the pedestal and MAKES LOUD NOISES
07:27*rsdehart burns it in the courtyard
07:28<virtual>hahaha. my wife had a noisy chair. she now has a new chair that is more comfortable, and not noisy. She is finally happy with her chair :)
07:28<rsdehart>Mine at home is great, but all the ones at work are like this
07:28<virtual>you're... at work?
07:29<virtual>I assume you work in tech - no working from home for you?
07:29<rsdehart>I do not work in tech. I escaped tech
07:29<virtual>oh, right! What do you do now?
07:29<rsdehart>support worker
07:29<virtual>ah, helping real people with real problems. Good on you dude.
07:29<rsdehart>but really I spend my time at work (night shift wheee) working in tech hahha
07:30<rsdehart>residential facility, but now instead of working on other people's dumb stuff I work on my own stuff and happen to get paid while doing it >.>
07:30<rsdehart>that is, residential facility so lots of down time at night
07:31<virtual>dammit. I'm ... slightly jealous.
07:31<virtual>but, I quite like my tech salary. :P
07:31<rsdehart>I'm not making near what I wa- yes.
07:32<rsdehart>I have some coursework to do and I'll be making actually more than I was at my first nz dev job
07:32<rsdehart>that place was a joke
07:32<virtual>I need to put more effort toward working to retirement vs 'just put some money towards a pension'.
07:32<virtual>aren't first jobs always a bit... crappy?
07:32<virtual>money wise
07:33<rsdehart>wasn't my first job
07:33<rsdehart>it was the first job I managed to secure after emigrating from the us to nz
07:33<rsdehart>I'd been doing web dev for almost 15 years at that point
07:33<virtual>I was going to specify first new role job, but that read awfully :P
07:33<virtual>so quite different, I see what you mean.
07:34<virtual>how long you been in NZ now?
07:34<rsdehart>5 years
07:34<rsdehart>took a couple years to get a permanent role :|
07:34<virtual>you saw the writing on the wall, and decided to escape? :-D
07:34<rsdehart>then another couple years to figure out I hated web dev
07:34<virtual>shame. I thought webdev might be kinda fun - but working for someone else, I can imagine ... no
07:35<rsdehart>Every job I've had I ran on novelty for a while and thought it was great, then the novelty wore off and I hated going to work
07:35<rsdehart>eventually I figured out it was the work I hated
07:36<rsdehart>The fact that I like programming blinded me to the fact, heh
07:36<virtual>I... had a period of time when I thought I wanted out of tech. Then I got a job in 2015 where I realised it wasn't tech I hated, it was some companies I had worked at the last few years.
07:36<virtual>I took 2 years out before the 2015 job
07:37<rsdehart>well I'm kinda hoping what I'm on now is something like that
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07:37<rsdehart>I'm going to score a mental health qualification and I'd love to drag that education back to software
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07:38<virtual>nice, that sounds like a good plan :) I also love that mental health is becoming less taboo.
07:38<rsdehart>meanwhile my gf has started nursing school so hopefully in a few years we're doing ok for ourselves
07:39<rsdehart>I'll be eligible for citizenship around the time she gets done so we might end up on your side of the ditch
07:39<virtual>honestly, I am glad people study for nursing, but someone like me? I'd... be a bad choice for a nurse.
07:39<rsdehart>me too
07:41<virtual>your gf is already a citizen, so no concerns there, I guess?
07:41<rsdehart>born and raised
07:41<rsdehart>she's actually the reason I'm over here. GTFO just before everything went pear-shaped was just very, very fortuitous
07:41<virtual>ah, nice. my wife is aussie, I'm a brit. she made it easy to move over - not thataustralia was ever on my 'to live' card. The spiders made sure I never seriously considered it :P
07:42<rsdehart>Australia also has wombats and quokkas, though
07:43<rsdehart>surely that makes up for it
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07:44<virtual>I have never seen those in the wild. Have seen a koala a few times (out the back of a friend's garden). could watch one of those all day.
07:44<virtual>I have, however, seen far too many redback spiders.
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07:44<virtual>no bites, thankfully. Though I read they're not necessarily deadly.
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07:45<rsdehart>I saw some koalas and wombats at Currumbin a coupe years ago
07:45<virtual>nice :)
07:45<virtual>I had to look up Currumbin- not been to QLD - yet
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07:46<virtual>it's off to work we go?
07:46<rsdehart>it's off to work now, guy
07:46<bazzarry>we have problem
07:46<bazzarry>we resizing our server
07:47<bazzarry>and now we can't power on the server
07:47<rsdehart>have you submitted a ticket?
07:47<bazzarry>is there any solution
07:47<bazzarry>yes we submit a ticket
07:48<bazzarry>there is no one answer me
07:48<rsdehart>no staff have spoken up here in a few hours , but someone might be around soon. Ticket is your best bet
07:48<rsdehart>you can use skype to call us toll-free numbers at no cost
07:49<rsdehart>this is community chat. people with @ are staff, but the rest of us are just customers
07:49<rsdehart>well, the community. mainly customers
07:49<virtual>heh, fans? :-)
07:49<rsdehart>well, I'm a customer, but I don't want to speak for every single other person. Yeah, fans
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15:42<flaview>Hello there guys
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