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04:46<linbot>New news from community: How can i migrate my Vms from Linode to a local server running vmware hypervisor <>
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14:15<theboeh>so, trying to use the v4 api to create an instance here's what I'm sending in the body: {"booted":true,"image":"linode/ubuntu20.04","label":"test","region":"us-east","root_pass":"REDACTED","tags":["foo","bar"],"type":"g6-nanode-1"} but I'm getting an error that type and region are required... what am I doing wrong?
14:25<@pwoods>theboeh: I'm not entirely sure based off of that, looking into it, though.
14:26<theboeh>thanks, I find it a bit confusing myself
14:27<@pwoods>can you share the exact error message you're seeing?
14:28<theboeh>a 400 with the following body: {"errors": [{"reason": "type is required", "field": "type"}, {"reason": "region is required", "field": "region"}]}
14:29<dwfreed>what are you using to make the request?
14:30<theboeh>ruby code, it would be hard to share it
14:32<dwfreed>is your ruby code (either by way of whatever gem you're using, or directly) setting the Content-Type header to application/json?
14:33<theboeh>no, I'm not setting the Content-Type header
14:33<dwfreed>Try doing that
14:33<theboeh>i missed that in the documentation... trying
14:35<@pwoods>dwfreed: I was asking others about this internally and the two questions you posted were the same I was about to ask for staff not in IRC.
14:35<dwfreed>pwoods: :D
14:36<theboeh>Content-Type was it! thanks! (now getting an error about password strength, which is probably fair)
14:37<@pwoods>!point dwfreed
14:37<linbot>pwoods: Point given to the venerable dwfreed. (119) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 23)
14:38<dwfreed>theboeh: the default templates allow root login over ssh with password; it's important at least at first (until you disable root login with passwords) that that password be resistant to brute force
14:39<theboeh>yeah, totally agree, but my plan was to delete the instance once it was created -- building out a little bit of a library to support other needs I have and I'm just testing right now
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17:28<squidly>I have a quick pricing quetsion. If I have two linodes in the same datacenter do I get charnged for transfer between them?
17:33<Peng>Over IPv6 or private IPv4 addresses, no. Over public IPv4 addresses, yes.
17:33<squidly>ok thank you
17:33<Peng>One reason everyone should use IPv6! ;-)
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