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01:16<chesty>aw, thanks linode, my account is pretty nice but you're too kind calling it outstanding.
01:33<kharlan>Happy New Years everyone :)
01:36<Cromulent>happy new year :)
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05:51<linbot>New news from community: 100$ credit can't show <>
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08:50<@_brian>hello josefinaaishaba
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08:52<josefinaaishaba>Hello sir I have a linode account with the following details: Username: sobatgurun123 Email: I tried logging in, how come I couldn't, even though it was correct and in accordance with the first time I logged in, I tried to reset the password and it's still the same, the email containing the reset password didn't go to my email Please help, thank you
08:53<mikeS>hello there
08:53<@_brian>josefinaaishaba is it okay if i send you a private message? this is a public chat room, and I will need to authenticate you to your account first
08:54<@_brian>hi mikeS
08:54<mikeS>i'm facing an issue after a reboot in one of my linodes. Mu database wont go up , account username : giangos1904
08:55<josefinaaishaba>@_brian yes sir, please
08:55<mikeS>i've submit a ticket but its urgent to have a solution for that project
08:57<@_brian>mikeS i had someone grab your ticket right now
08:57<mikeS>thank you very much Brian. Have a Happy New Year!
08:57<@_brian>you too!
08:58<@_brian>josefinaaishaba did you see my message?
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10:35<LouWestin>Happy Newyear and happy Linode Billing Day!
10:35<@_brian>Happy New Year LouWestin :)
10:51<Ikaros>Only sucks that I have to work on New Year's Day. Oh well. It's double-pay for me.
10:52<@_brian>plus there's probably nobody around
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11:03<chesty>we didn't have much of a celebration in australia anyway. most people stayed home, private parties were limited to 5 guests
11:04<chesty>that was in NSW anyway, some other states were similar.
11:07<chesty>the government was thinking of cancelling the cricket, but the gambling lobby convinced them to cancel covid instead. so cricket is going ahead with 25000 people in the stadium and covid has been cancelled temporarily. they'll allow covid back after the cricket
11:10<Cromulent>I miss having Sky Sports so I can watch the cricket
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13:10<dwfreed>so /39
14:03<linbot>New news from community: Can Prosody and Jitsi run on the same server? <>
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19:55<linbot>New news from community: ssh: Connection timed out <>
20:31<linbot>New news from blog: Cloud Manager Feature Enhancements Now Available <> || Why Your Business Needs S3-Compatible Object Storage <> || Kubernetes Simplified: Managing Your Containers <> || S3-Compatible
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22:00<ssa_>KNEW IT
22:01<ssa_>you never leave this chat window, do you?
22:02<ssa_>whoever took care of fixing the recurrent networking issues i was facing in dallas a week or so ago, thank you! also thanks for fixing the billing. was it you, _brian?
22:03<ssa_>wait a min, do you work at linode, millisa?
22:03<millisa>not the last time i checked
22:06<ssa_>You have given Brian Mont a Wow rating.
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