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00:30<kharlan>rip at people still using cpanel
00:30<kharlan>Such bloat :/
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11:05<linbot>New news from community: Distribution <>
12:19<LouWestin>Last time I used cpanel was when I hosted my first site.
12:21<LouWestin>That was with inmotion hosting. Then I switched to a host that allowed terminal login. I never looked back after that.
12:58<Xion>Last time I used it was when I was distro hopping because Arch broke hard, so I tried CentOS. I was configuring Apache with it, and it produced a broken config and I couldn't fix it
12:58<Xion>(Might not have been cPanel, but it was something that was the official way to configur Apache)
13:16<linbot>New news from community: How do I make lish work after installing Devuan? <>
14:50<LouWestin>Xion: I think it's been like 10 years now since I used Cpanel. I did do some limited testing on Linode with the trial a couple years ago.
15:17<nate>Xion: If you had apache installed before cPanel it probably would have done it. cPanel is otherwise intended to literally be the first thing installed on a fresh CentOS as it does a lot of it's own things (it also basically makes it impossible to remove cPanel functionally)
15:17<nate>I'm kinda curious what direction cPanel is gonna take w/ the CentOS future
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15:23<millisa>nate they said 'no'
15:23<millisa>looking for the link
15:24<millisa> "Note that cPanel will not support CentOS Stream."
15:24<millisa>shooting for ubuntu lts support by end of 2021
15:27<nate>millisa: I meant more of what underlying platform they would default to, I hadn't heard about ubuntu yet
15:27<nate>gonna be a big change though, surprised they wouldn't have went with a fedora model w/ their own stable repo or something
15:28<millisa>they'll still have centos7, cloudlinux for a rhel fork
15:36<linbot>New news from community: Can I use an Alternative CNI with LKE? <>
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15:43<chesty>has linode added rocky linux yet?
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16:12<hawk>chesty: nope
16:14<hawk>chesty: But I don't think there's any official release of Rocky yet, anyway?
16:20<chesty>there isn't, there isn't even any code released. I asked the exact same question the day rocky linux was proposed
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16:33<hawk>chesty: Alright. So more of a meme than an actual question, then
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17:17<linbot>New news from community: Want to host website on linode <>
17:35<virtual>chesty: be accurate, about 30 minutes after it was announced ;)
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18:36<chesty>haha yeap
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21:41<Abbas>hi sir
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21:42<Guest9721>hi millisa ..happy new year and happy XS
21:42<Guest9721>i have an issue to telnet gmail
21:42<Guest9721>for SMTP email
21:43<millisa>What kind of issue?
21:43<Guest9721>i am tring telnet 587
21:43<Guest9721>on command propmt
21:43<Guest9721>no connection
21:43<linbot>Linode blocks ports 25, 465, and 587 on accounts created after November 4, 2019 to help prevent spam; to get these ports unblocked, see the instructions here:
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