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05:35<WagerNZ>How can I request a refund?
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09:14<Zr40>ooh, hardware failure
09:14<Zr40>"The physical host that your Linode resides on has experienced a hardware failure. To help resolve this issue as quickly as possible, the drives from this host will be transplanted to one of our standby hosts, which are available for events such as this."
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09:20<rsdehart>how exciting
09:20<rsdehart>assuming, of course, nothing critical was catastrophically affected
09:23<@_brian>hopefully nothing too bad on Zr40's end. we'll have that host back up asap
09:23<Zr40>this particular linode was part of a redundant set of three, so no worries there
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09:41<@_brian>Zr40 it should be booting now
09:47<v0lksman>anyone else having issues resolving Google owned domains?
09:47<@_brian>can you give an example? (also what data center)
09:48<v0lksman>not linode specific
09:48<v0lksman>(sry should have said that to avoid panic)
09:48<@_brian>dig @ +short
09:48<v0lksman>huh...well wth?
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09:49<@_brian>run it again with +trace?
09:50<v0lksman>seems to have suddenly come back...
09:50<v0lksman>has happened a couple times this morning though
09:50<v0lksman>again not linode specific at all
09:51<v0lksman>just odd
09:51<@_brian>love intermittent dns issues
09:51<hawk>v0lksman: But that is saying SERVFAIL... and only so for google stuff?
09:54<v0lksman>weird eh?
09:55<@_brian>can you reproduce on another resolver?
09:56<v0lksman>yeah it was happening on my local ISP resolvers first. Used as a test...I should have tried
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10:32<v0lksman>so where do we see the migration time in the new cloud manager?
10:38<v0lksman>says it should be in the status column but it's not. not in the linode detail view either.
10:38<v0lksman>sry...again not being properly verbose, this is for scheduled migrations
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14:21<janda>how founder Linode
14:22<@pwoods>janda: hi there
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14:43<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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15:18<kharlan>You didn’t say greetings so they left pwoods
15:18<millisa>it is true
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15:21<@_brian>greetings adeel
15:22<adeel>hi guys
15:22<adeel>i have a question
15:22<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
15:23<adeel>i am developing an ecommerce site, it would be a simple web app with few products in it. I am looking for hosting options, I am not sure which pricing plan to choose?
15:23<millisa>The nice thing about linodes is you can resize them pretty easily
15:23<millisa>and they are billed by the hour
15:23<millisa>so if you pick the wrong size, you can resize it to the right one later.
15:24<millisa>reference doc:
15:24<millisa>Picking the smallest you feel is reasonable is often a good approach
15:25<adeel>i see
15:26<adeel>i was thinking to pick $5/M one that's given here
15:26<millisa>I use several of those for lightweight systems.
15:26<millisa>I'd encourage you to get the backup add-on for a couple dollars more
15:28<millisa> has all the plans listed if you want some tables to compare with instead of a slider
15:29<adeel>thanks millisa, i will check thes
15:29<adeel>thanks millisa, i will check these
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15:30<@_brian>the power of greetings
15:30<@_brian>!point millisa
15:30<linbot>_brian: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (199) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
15:52<nuevu>Singapore DC connectivity problems affecting anyone else?
15:54<nuevu>Never mind, seems to have stabilized for me.
15:56<nuevu>(Said that, but I'm still dropping about 40% of the packets)
16:04<@pwoods>nuevu: wanted to let you know that we're looking into this, our NetOps team is checking it right now.
16:05<nuevu>Thanks, pwoods.
16:44<nuevu>pwoods: A quick survey of connectivity from different Linode DCs to Singapore seems to show Fremont and Dallas as the ones having trouble talking to it. It's been getting worse (I'm now averaging 75% packet loss on the final 3 hops).
16:47<nuevu>I guess enough complaining does have an effect. Everything just jumped back to almost normal. No loss, just somewhat elevated RTT.
17:01<branko>Hm... It looks to me like there's way too little snow in Stockholm right now, anyone else affected by this?
17:01*branko heads over to watch out through the window
17:01<branko>nuevu: I mean... man's gotta try, right? :)
17:05<nuevu>Just saw a picture this morning on Reddit of someone in Norway that had left a home office window open overnight accidentally. They had plenty of snow. Inside.
17:09<devilspgd>Just needs to mine some bitcoin and their place will be warm enough to melt that right off.
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17:13<branko>Um... May I point out to Linode I want no snow inside of my apartment, thank you?
17:15<@pwoods>branko: try running `sudo yum snow`
17:16<@pwoods>nuevu: Our monitors are showing everything as healthy right now, let us know if you're seeing anything different.
17:18<devilspgd>Must be nice. I got a Mac Mini M1 and the HDMI port seems fubar'd, so only one of my monitors is showing anything at all.
17:18<devilspgd>Just a secondary play machine but still...
17:19<nuevu>pwoods: All my monitoring is happy again since that last message about 30 minutes ago. Thank everyone for getting that fixed, please.
17:21<@pwoods>nuevu: excellent. I let the folks know of your appreciation here.
17:22<millisa>It's what we appreciates about them
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18:44<Z_>is there some one to talk to regarding linode products?
18:45<millisa>We like talking about linode products.
18:45<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
18:46<Z_>Can I deploy Vicidial software in linode?
18:47<millisa>You can install most anything (legal) to a linode, assuming you know how. They are usually linux systems that you have root access to
18:48<Z_>is vicidial considered illegal with linode? vicidial software used by call centers, bpo companies. opensource software to make auto dial calls
18:48<millisa>I doubt it.
18:48<Z_>pardon milisa?
18:49<millisa>as far as I know, vicidial is completely legal to deploy to places.
18:50<Z_>ok thanks for that part, will try linode right now. VULTR is blocking Vicidial software and considered illegal. thanks milisa.
18:50<millisa>I don't see install instructions for vicidial using an existing OS; installing a custom distribution from an iso is a bit more challenging but possible
18:51<millisa>you'll want to look at:
18:51<Z_>wow thank you for the heads up and tip
18:52<millisa>You'll probably want to read through the legal stuff at linode -
18:54<Z_>ok thank you
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