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01:13<linbot>New news from community: DjangoApp server can't be reached after modifying the codebase from local machine. <>
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02:41<chesty>millisa, probably a scammer phoning people to say their computer has a virus
02:42<chesty>oh, that was 8 hours ago
02:47<dwfreed>Not wrong, though
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03:16<upends>I want to inquire about payment Does the server now support the purchase for 1 year?
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03:23<@jtoscani>Hey upends
03:24<upends>Does the server now support the purchase for 1 year?
03:24<@jtoscani>We charge for services by the month, not the year
03:25<@jtoscani>You can prepay for a year if you know what your total cost is going to be, otherwise you'll just get charged at the end of each month
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03:25<@jtoscani>upends you can read more about our billing practices here:
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03:26<upends>Oh, I originally wanted to use the company's reimbursement, and buy it for 1 year.
03:27<upends>It seems this cannot be achieved now. So, how can I find the invoice for payment?
03:28<@jtoscani>The $100 credit is only on your account for a 60-day period. Once that expires, any remaining funds from that credit are removed from your account
03:29<@jtoscani>Invoices are located in your "Account" tab in Cloud Manager
03:30<upends>ok,thank you.
03:30<@jtoscani>sure thing
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04:39<Barq>Hey! This is a multi-vendor website looking for server facility for website+app. Have some basic queries before buying the linode server. Tried emailing them but got no response.
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04:48<Barq>Hey! This is a multivendor online store looking for server facility. We have some basic queries before purchasing linode server plan. Tried emailing them but got no response.
05:04<linbot>New news from community: Can I install cyberpanel on my wordpress server ? <>
05:27<chesty>try asking your questions Barq
05:27<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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06:39<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
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09:21<v0lksman>start of the school day for some and Google DNS is missing a beat again
09:21<v0lksman>❯ dig @ +short
09:21<v0lksman>❯ dig @ +short
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09:51<@_brian>could that be cloudflare's issue? seems like google dns resolved it
09:52<v0lksman>same as yesterday, my ISPs resolvers stop resolving them too...
09:53<@_brian>next time you can get it to fail, try it with +trace
09:54<v0lksman> - managed to get this but it ended up resolving and the problem was gone
09:55<linbot>New news from community: Very low bandwidth when running nmap scans <>
10:33<hawk>v0lksman: That tracce looks ok to me (might want to throw in +all too, to get the full output for each step)... However, trace obviously shows what responses *you* get, not what got.
10:34<hawk>.oO(Hmm, I think my c key is sticking somehow. Not the first time it has doubled up like that over the last few days... :/ )
10:41<hawk>Ie, unless you can actually run dig one of the hosts backing your "bgp local" cluster, it's not really the same thing.
10:47<branko>pwoods: I'd like to let you know that snow has been delivered to Stockholm successfully, big thanks to Linonde support :)
10:47<branko>(although, wasn't that much of it :)
11:31<@pwoods>Thanks for letting us know, branko. I'm glad that our snow delivery services are working and I'll let the team know that we still need to work on volume.
11:40<dzho>virtual private snow
11:40<dzho>"I'm new here and have a question. Does it come with snowpanel?"
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12:58<daniel_>Hi everyone
12:59<daniel_>I have a query if you can guide me on this one
13:00<daniel_>I have set an automatic backup in a linode, I want to know if a restore to existing linode, from a listed backup, that would affect the other backups??
13:00<daniel_>I can go back and forth to any of the listed backups for the Linode, without an issue?
13:01<millisa>Did you see the section on restoring in the docs?
13:02<millisa>You've got 4 backup slots with the service; a daily, a weekly, the weekly before that and a manual.
13:02<millisa>If you restore a backup and then a fresh backup fires that would overwrite a previous slot, it will.
13:02<millisa>If that's a concern, you can restore to a new linode and keep the old one around
13:07<daniel_>Oh ok millisa
13:07<daniel_>Thanks a lot for your explanation!
13:07<millisa>if you haven't used up all the disk allocation on a linode, you can restore into that linode and have both sets of disk(s) even
13:09<daniel_>Actually all 4 disk allocations are in use. But I have enough time to test and validate everything
13:09<daniel_>Thanks again for your help!!
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13:46<linbot>New news from community: MX record sets but email doesn't receive <>
13:47<daniel_>How much time it will take to restore a linode 4gb, 2cpu, 80gb ssd?
13:48<v0lksman>depends on how much of the disk is actually used
13:48<millisa>Test to a new linode and see. They are billed by the hour, so you can get rid of it as soon as it completes and you are only out a few cents. I did a restore of 10gb of disk earlier today and it took about 4.5 minutes.
14:06<FluffyFoxeh>It's slower if you have a large number of files
14:06<FluffyFoxeh>I believe
14:07<@pwoods>There's a couple aspects that go into restore times
14:07<FluffyFoxeh>since it's a file-based backup, not a block-based one
14:07*pwoods puts on backup admin hat
14:07<@pwoods>The biggest factor is number of files, as the service is a file based service.
14:08<@pwoods>So yeah, what FluffyFoxeh is saying
14:08<@pwoods>Something I often see while working on backups is that some customers don't clean up tmp and session files enough, which can lead to issues restoring and creating backups.
14:10<@pwoods>I wrote this up to help automate a way to handle a large number of files, which doesn't need to be superfluous files, can be used for any files you don't need to access all of the time:
14:11<@pwoods>Basically, it's a cron using rm, or logrotate to archive them.
14:13<FluffyFoxeh>One can also use tar to reduce the total file count (and compress it to reduce the size, if applicable)
14:13<FluffyFoxeh>!point pwoods
14:13<linbot>FluffyFoxeh: Point given to pwoods. (33)
14:13<FluffyFoxeh>pwoods: I did not realize that having too many files could cause a failure though. What is the limit?
14:14<FluffyFoxeh>the post here says "There isn’t a magic number to avoid, as this limitation can be triggered by large number of small files, or a specific directory with a large number of files."
14:14<FluffyFoxeh>but I'm not really sure what that means. both of those scenarios come down to "a large number of files"
14:16<FluffyFoxeh>I have tens of thousands of e-mails (Maildir storage; one file per message), so hopefully I won't run into this
14:20<FluffyFoxeh>Also, Docker (at least in its earlier versions) could end up with a hell of a lot of files in its "overlay" directory
14:20<FluffyFoxeh>I had one million files in there in 2016. I stopped using Docker shortly after that in favour of LXC, for various reasons
14:22<FluffyFoxeh>I guess that partially answers my question, since my Linode backup at the time didn't fail with 1.4 million files
14:22<@_brian>pwoods is really the expert here, but 3 million files is about where issues can start to crop up
14:23<FluffyFoxeh>I guess I'll be fine as long as I don't use Docker then :P
14:24<millisa>I was looking to see what the count was when I last hit the issue. It was 2014 and was being caused by modsecurity's audit files.
14:25<@pwoods>The only time I can remember Docker files being an issue is with a restore, but often it's a false failure because the Docker file was a temp file and the error is saying it couldn't restore it.
14:25<@_brian>i can't recall ever dealing with a too many files issue that wasn't because of old session or temp files
14:25<millisa>I'm pretty sure it was millions
14:25<nuevu>You have to say that with your pinky in the corner of your mouth.
14:26<FluffyFoxeh>pwoods: It only happens if you modify Docker images without pruning the old ones (which one has to do manually, but most Docker users probably don't modify their images too much)
14:26<FluffyFoxeh>and also they might not even be using that storage scheme anymore so it might be a non-issue these days
14:27<FluffyFoxeh>and I "only" had a million extra files from that, so it didn't kill the backup, just slowed it down :p
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18:41<chesty>I update my docker images once a day for security fixes, if I didn't run docker-gc I'd run out of disk in about a month
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19:43<virtual>clearly you have bigger disks than I do
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21:12<Peng>How come packets from Dallas to Atlanta go through Toronto? But packets from Atlanta to Dallas go direct?
21:14<millisa>texas packets are hot and need to be cooled before consumption.
21:15<Peng>"Texas industry contributes to Canadian global warming"
21:16<Peng>Alternative: "Renewable energy heats Toronto during winter"
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