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00:20<Tars_Binary>Hi, is there anyone to help me ?
00:20<Tars_Binary>I have a question about billing cycle in linode
00:21<Tars_Binary>Can anyone help me?
00:22<Peng>Hello. Maybe. What's your question?
00:22<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
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00:23<Tars_Binary>@giancoli are you there?
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01:28<linbot>New news from community: Old Linode CSI Driver on LKE? <>
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03:45<linbot>New news from community: How to logout from Linode manager? <>
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08:07<Cromulent>I added my VAT Tax ID to my Linode account - will that count for the whole month or will I pay some tax and then from next month onwards get no VAT on my bill?
08:08<@_brian>it should count for the whole month, but i'll double check
08:11<@_brian>it looks like the VAT is calculated when the invoice is generated, so you shouldn't see any for the whole month
08:24<Cromulent>awesome - thank you
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11:56<@pwoods>!point _brian
11:56<linbot>pwoods: Point given to _brian. (21)
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13:15<linbot>New news from community: Does Linode provide a private docker registry for me to push/pull my images? <> || How do I configure AWStats on centos 7 apache ? <>
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13:43<Guest9989>Can someone please provide Linode's W9 or their Tax ID. I need it for year end tax reporting.
13:47<@pwoods>Guest9989: if you don't mind me sending you a private message, I can follow up with you by emailing that to you.
13:47<@pwoods>Since this is a public forum, I don't want you to provide an email here.
13:50<Guest9989>That would be great. Yes, please send teh info privately.
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13:52<@pwoods>Guest9989: I sent you a pm. Please respond there with your email address.
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15:23<Woet>pwoods: my email address is, please send me one too.
15:27*tmberg spams.. ;)
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16:30<linbot>New news from community: Can I cancel my VPS payments anytime? <>
16:40*pwoods looks supiciously at Woet
16:42<Woet>it is legit you know
16:43<Woet>why did caker respond to that community post
16:43<Woet>i thought he'd be swimming in his pool of 100 dollar bills
16:48<@_brian>can't say, but it says a lot to me
16:54<kharlan>What the.
17:06<millisa>I almost wonder if he's got a monthly calendar entry that says 'respond to 1 post'.
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17:19<gamera>anyone from linode around
17:19<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:22<LouWestin>I've seen caker answer a couple of times
17:22<gamera>we opened a secondary account for a sister company - wanted to see if we can get some expedited help w/ approvals.
17:23<@jackley>hi there!
17:24<gamera>hey @jackley
17:24<@jackley>gamera: can you DM me the email address used for signup (or a ticket number, if you have that)?
17:42<@_brian>!point jackley
17:42<linbot>_brian: Point given to jackley. (8)
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17:44<@jdutton1>!point jackley
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22:34<kharlan>All these points flying around and I’m here with 3.
22:35<kharlan>Hmm I hope ATL will get some snow tonight.
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