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07:25<linbot>New news from community: How do I work my fully qualified domain name and my root domain to a website <>
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10:36<Cromulent>Right I need some advice here - I basically need a private and public X.509 key pair for JWT signing and verification
10:37<Cromulent>my thought was that if I created a self signed certificate authority and then generated the key pair from the CA cert I could have the public CA cert verify if the private key was legit
10:37<Cromulent>and then store the CA cert private key in a totally locked down Linode
10:37<Cromulent>am I misunderstanding anything here?
10:59<branko>Well, the terminology you are using looks a bit off to me when talking about X.509.
11:00<Cromulent>in what way?
11:00<Cromulent>I need a pem encoded X.509 key pair - the CA part can be ignored but I was curious about it
11:01<branko>Well, what you care about in the X.509 trust model the most is the certificates - the metadata stored within. E.g. name of issuer etc. Validation of crypto-related stuff (like who signed what, who has posession etc of private key) matters, but that's kinda "in the background".
11:03<branko>So, you'd create your self-signed/root CA (private key + certificate), generate private key for entity, generate certificate signing request with that private key that will contain extra info about the entity, and then issue a certificate based on that CSR. Afterwards you validate the end entity certificate using the CA certificate chain (in your case just the root CA).
11:03<branko>Mind you, CSR can kinda be skipped around, many CAs won't really trust much the info contained within.
11:04<branko>My explanation is also most likely oversimplified too :)
11:04<Cromulent>I see - I'm obviously misunderstanding something here
11:05<branko>Cromulent: To get maybe to one point - "generated teh key pair from the CA" sounds a bit unusual.
11:06<branko>Cromulent: Well, reading up on some basics might be a good idea - keep in mind one thing, though - in _root_ you trust.
11:07<branko>E.g. you can have a pretty long chain of CA certificates leading to your end entity certificate, but you trust the thing at the top of the chain. That's where you bootstrap the trust.
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12:16<linbot>New news from community: Theoretical Server Usage <>
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14:41<LouWestin>Cromulent: usually when I've done a self signed cert the web browsers (if you're accessing something via browser) throws huge warning.
14:42<Cromulent>this isn't for a website - this is for signing and verifying JWT
14:43<Cromulent>but yeah you are right
14:43<LouWestin>Might be fine.
14:43<LouWestin>Only one way to find out!
14:44<LouWestin>LE would nice if it didn't last for only 90 days
14:45<LouWestin>Sometimes it's a pain to auto renew without certbot and in your case you might not be able to do that anyway. Not too sure.
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16:29<grawity>Cromulent: in this case, yes, you start by generating a self-signed certificate, but then you can just use it directly for jwt, no need for step 2
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19:46<Ikaros>Was going to drop an 'f' in there, too bad they left.
19:47<@pwoods>Ikaros: please no f bombs.
19:50<Ikaros>Of course not, why I didn't say "f bomb" lol
19:51<Ikaros>You know, d...e...f...etc
20:02<kharlan>You callin’ me a defetc?
20:09<Ikaros>I'll just be over in my corner now...
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23:26<Shentino>Btw is there any recourse if someone hacks into my linode account and nukes my vm?
23:26<Shentino>just asking hypothetically
23:29<chesty>Shentino, restore from backups
23:29<chesty>ideally off site backups.
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