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03:31<test>can u check if hosted with you?
03:33<test>any one here?
03:33<@jtoscani>hi there
03:35<test>can u check if hosted with you?
03:36<@jtoscani>running a whois on that domain shows nameservers pointing to
03:37<@jtoscani>For customer privacy, we can't confirm any information unless it's public-facing
03:37<test>yes nameservers with them, and they gave this link saying that it's hosted with u
03:37<test>so wanted backup of the site so seeking help from here
03:38<@jtoscani>We can't discuss anything account-specific unless you're the owner of the Linode account hosting the site
03:39<test>okay u need me to validate the account ownership?
03:39<@jtoscani>But generally speaking, this is a good resource for backups
03:39<test>how I can do that?
03:40<@jtoscani>I've sent you a PM
03:40<test>okay thanks for the link I will check and get back to you
03:40<test>thank u
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04:34<Woet>hello, I own, please send me a backup asap
04:47<chesty>Could I get a backup of xkcd, cheers
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06:43<pitt_t>hello, my domain seems to be down,
06:43<Peng>Your registrar (NameSilo) has put it in status
06:43<pitt_t>what could be the problem, kindly advise
06:44<Peng>You need to ask NameSilo, but my link has some possibilities
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06:45<Abhijeet>Accidently , I have deleted the files from public_html folder
06:45<Abhijeet>is there any way to store the files
06:45<Peng>Do you have backups?
06:45<Abhijeet>It was accidently :(
06:45<Abhijeet>I had 10-12 folder in it
06:46<Abhijeet>I had 10-12 folders in it
06:47<pitt_t>@peng, thanks!
06:47<Peng>Abhijeet: There is software you can try like extundelete, but the data may or may not still be there.
06:48<Abhijeet>This action has done 3-4 hours ago
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06:50<@mcivi>Abhijeet: It's a longshot but you may be able to recover the files follwoing the steps from this Community Questions site post -
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09:51<linbot>New news from community: 403 Forbidden Error - .htaccess file automatically generates after its Deleted. <>
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10:05<Woet>woet@Woets-MacBook-Pro ~ % host
10:05<Woet> has address
10:05<Woet>woet@Woets-MacBook-Pro ~ % whois DigitalOcean, LLC
10:06<Woet>OrgName: DigitalOcean, LLC
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10:31<linbot>New news from community: drople <>
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11:39<Woet>ah yes
11:39<Woet>a Linode Drople
11:46<Peng>my Linodes are all slices
12:05<chesty>I was going to get a slice but decided on getting a wedge instead
12:06<rsdehart>I figured you'd all need a means of cutting your slices and wedges so I got a blade
12:11<chesty>when memcached first became all the rage someone here started a memcached service. cut a linode slice into 2 slivers
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13:40<LouWestin>We have a personal joke with our 15y daughter. She gets the title Princess or very important princess. So I was like I wonder if that domain available...? Search porkbun for averyimportantprincess and a whole list of TLD's were available.
13:40<LouWestin>I grabbed the dot com
13:42<linbot>New news from community: My account password changed and my VPS shutted down <>
13:45<millisa>Considering it's the 11th and that's about when they usually turn off an account for non-payment...
13:45<LouWestin>I'm confused though, if he got locked out of his account how could he log into the forum? I thought the password/username was the same?
13:46<millisa>that community site caches credentials; I often get stuck logged into the wrong account when trying to answer a community Q and can't figure out how to get it logged out
13:47<LouWestin>I'm always thinking phishing scam
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14:32<linbot>New news from community: Linode in India <>
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16:42<linbot>New news from community: test <>
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17:23<linbot>New news from community: How do I trans the site I built on XAMPP to Unbuntu? <>
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18:55<rfmg>does linode have a free tier like GCP?
19:00<HedgeMage>Not as far as I know.
19:04<@pwoods>rfmg: we don't have a free tier, though there are promo codes for $100/3 months, whichever comes first.
19:05<@pwoods>Here you go, rfmg
19:06<rfmg>that's not a free tier, just a trial
19:07<rfmg>i'm referring to something like Google Cloud's Always Free Tier
19:07<rfmg>where you get a limited amount of services that are free forever
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19:23<@pwoods>rfmg: Gotcha. I didn't mean for the promo to be seen as an equal to a free tier. I passed along the idea to our internal feature tracker.
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19:29<Alucard>Hello, can anyone help me enable ports on linode? I am using ufw and it doesn't work, do I have to reboot first? Can I open all ports with just one command? Thank you
19:30<virtual>the only blocks I think there are by default on a linode, are smtp related ones, outbound.
19:30<virtual>unless you mean general linux ufw help?
19:31<@pwoods>Alucard: as that guide from millisa suggests, once rules are in place, the firewall needs to be enabled. I point this out only bcause I've seen that happen a lot with other customers.
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19:35<Alucard>I've tried the tutorial above and I've activated my port 80 and it's already active, but I still get the Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
19:35<millisa>what's the IP?
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19:43<Alucard>Okay, apparently it worked, the website I went to actually uses apikey to open it, thank you very much
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20:18<kharlan>wow, this client is on cpanel v56
20:24<LouWestin>kharlan: one of your clients?
20:33<kharlan>I hope so, or else I’m in trouble.
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