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06:01<gabmus[m]>hey everyone. I am considering linode object storage to host my static website, but I can't seem to find one piece of key information before I pull the trigger: can I use let's encrypt certificates with my custom domain on linode's object storage?
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06:20<@mcivi>Hi gambus - this guide should have what you're looking for
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06:51<gabmus[m]>mcivi: thanks, so if I got this right linode doesn't have a system to automatically get/update the certificate, right?
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07:32<@mcivi>that's right gabmus, automatic renewal of SSL for Object Storage isn't currently supported. I've passed this feedback along to our team, and have added this request to our internal feature tracker.
07:43<gabmus[m]><mcivi "that's right gabmus, automatic r"> that's awesome, thank you! just as a reference, what I'd ideally want to be able to do is deploying static websites with my domain and a system for acquiring and renewing the certificate. look at gitlab pages, they allow this already and have an interface in place to manage it, maybe you can take inspiration from them
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07:47<@mcivi>thanks for providing that example gabmus, that definetely helps.
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11:27<Peng>Atlanta had some kind of IPv6(?) outage 29 minutes ago.
11:53<@pwoods>Peng: thanks for bringing it up, though I'm not seeing anything on our monitors.
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14:32<dwfreed>gabmus[m]: you can automate the process yourself, but there's no existing 1-click automation, is what I think mcivi meant; anything that can be done in cloud manager can automatically be done via the API
14:36<dwfreed>gabmus[m]: so basically you'd use the API to make the bucket, set up your DNS records, and then use your ACME client of choice to get an LE cert, and then deploy that via the API
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19:05<linbot>New news from community: No TOTP Two-Factor Apps for NextCloud? <>
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20:45<linbot>New news from community: Two ways to get wordpress.... correct? <>
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22:44<LouWestin>If you have to ask... you probably need a professional to spain it for you.
22:44<LouWestin>or help
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22:57<LouWestin>Ok I answered the Two ways to get WordPress correct forum post.
22:58<LouWestin>I'll be sending my invoice via fax for my forum services. I perfer cash, large bills, washed. ;-)
23:03<virtual>what sort of washing?
23:06<LouWestin>machine washed on delicate cycle, dryed on low heat, and laid out flat. ;-)
23:07*LouWestin really needs to stay away from that local brewery
23:10<LouWestin>Those stouts they have sure do go down smooth...
23:11<LouWestin>Hopefully that dude on the forum sticks with it. Going unmanaged was one of the best things I did. I never looked backed once I did.
23:28<virtual>"going unmanaged" - for wordpress in particular?
23:30<LouWestin>I started with my Wordpress site and then went to ZNC and Minecraft
23:31<virtual>ahh, okay, so just generally unmanaged from a supplier.
23:32<virtual>As I worked at ISPs for my first job, I was the 'managed' person, and the concept that I wouldn't have full control is still a little strange.
23:32<virtual>*first jobs
23:32<virtual>even getting a linode was a 'okay, fine. I'll let someone else run the VM' :-D
23:36<LouWestin>I think something complex...let someone else handle it.
23:37<LouWestin>I just got tired of having to write tickets for minor things. PHP version upgrade...write ticket and wait 12 hours to be done.
23:37<virtual>I'm not the best sysadmin. I think it's just how I got started with this stuff 'do it yourself', so still in that mentality mostly.
23:38<virtual>oh gosh, yeah, that would drive me insane.
23:38<LouWestin>Unmanaged, I can just do it then.
23:38<virtual>ps. debian ftw.
23:39<LouWestin>But yeah, I'm not on a system admin level who would dive into managing a corporate web server lol
23:39<virtual>compared to many many many people I know? I may have been hired as a sysadmin, but I'm not one :-D
23:40<virtual>(last few jobs, I was a network engineer, now I'm a random cloud person).
23:41<LouWestin>I actually got into Linux and websites because of studying Graphic design. I just wanted to learn how to upload a website
23:43<LouWestin>But I did do computer repair stuff too so that tied into it.
23:47<virtual>nice :)
23:48<virtual>I am amazed that non technical folks get into linux - in a good way. "YES! Screw you commercial operating systems" :P
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