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02:55<linbot>New news from community: Linode pricing <>
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04:33<fujin>Hi, is there anybody from Linode support here?
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07:22<dv__>anyone here?
07:22<@_brian>hey dv__
07:22<dv__>I want some detail regarding VPS
07:22<@_brian>sure, what would you like to know?
07:24<dv__>I want to know that in Linode Compute VPS, can I host multiple Websites in Single VPS? if Yes & Possible, then can you please guide me on how I can host multiple Websites in a single/one VPS Server?
07:25<@_brian>yes you can host multiple websites from a single Linode server
07:26<@_brian>do you have a preference around which type of web server you would like to use? we have guides for Apache and nginx
07:26<dv__>I am flexible to either Apache or Nginx, but my Website is built on Python & it's framework DJANGO
07:26<dv__>so can I host multiple Django based Website on Single Linode Computer Server?
07:27<@_brian>yes. a Linode server is an unmanaged Linux VPS, you can install and configure it however you like
07:29<dv__>can you provide me Guide or Documentation or YouTube tutorial for how host multiple Django - Python based Website on Single Linode Server?
07:30<@_brian>let me look to see if we have one for django + python
07:31<dv__>and in Basic one, which cost $5/Month, which have 25GB SSD Storage, in which how many websites I can host?
07:31<@_brian>nice rsdehart
07:31<rsdehart>dv__: as many as you want. If they don't run to your satisfaction, it's easy to scale up
07:32<rsdehart>there's neither a hard limit nor a magic formula to know how many will run well on a given server
07:32<@_brian>^exactly. you can configure many, but the number of user and how resource-intensive the website is determines how many can be hosted
07:33<rsdehart>dv__: but the fact that migrating to a larger plan is pretty quick, easy, and painless should have you covered
07:34<@_brian>we also have a Django "marketplace app" which can do an automated deployment of a Django Linode:
07:34<dv__>but Django in "marketplace app" is on different Linux OS, and I prefer to use Ubuntu
07:34<dv__>so if I have small Apps of Django, then I can host 20 to, right?
07:36<@_brian>i can't honestly say without knowing the apps
07:36<dv__>do you've any idea who can help me on this?
07:36<rsdehart>your sysadmin
07:36<@_brian>that or just test it on a $5 plan, and if it doesn't have enough resources try scaling up slowly from there
07:37<dv__>I am an Developer, but not that expert, I am into Beginner to Intermediate Level
07:37<@_brian>here is how you can easily resize to a different plan:
07:37<rsdehart>dv__: we have zero knowledge of your apps. There's no point in asking us about your apps
07:37<rsdehart>like I told you, there's no hard limit or magic formula
07:37<rsdehart>deploy your apps and see if you need a bigger server
07:38<rsdehart>if you wanted to you could try deploying 1000 apps, and Linode wouldn't prevent you
07:38<dv__>so I can say that the numbers of Website in Single VPS Server is depend on the size of Website & usage of it
07:38<dv__>Thank You all of you for quick support
07:38<@_brian>exactly. you're most welcome :)
07:39<dv__>I will contact you in future if I need any help
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07:40<@_brian>dv__ in case it helps at all - that marketplace app deploys Debian, which is the distro that Ubuntu is based on. if you're newer to Linux, it is essentially the same
07:40<linbot>New news from community: How should I best setup linode to work with cloudflare? <>
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07:40<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
07:40<@_brian>!point rsdehart
07:40<linbot>_brian: Point given to rsdehart. (14)
07:40<@_brian>thanks for the assist, my coffee hasn't kicked in just yet
07:41<rsdehart>Glad to help, and glad I was able to avoid being too snarky
07:41<rsdehart>people always seem to come here before going to the website
07:41<rsdehart>and when they do, they often seem to be unaware that Google exists
07:44<@_brian>that might be true, but think about where most of us would be if it weren't for end users :)
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08:15<branko>I am so happy that the DNS updates on Linode propagate much faster now...
09:23<LouWestin>I'm kind of surprised that they find this channel before going to the website
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12:51<linbot>New news from community: How do I rebuild using marketplace apps? <>
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14:01<jc>I have no idea if I am in the right place. Trying to figure out if I can run a Blazor .Net Core 3.1 webapp on Linode $5/month plan.
14:02<nuevu>You can always try. Given the billing is hourly, it's super cheap to test.
14:02<nuevu>And you can easily resize to a different plan if needed:
14:03<@_brian>(also this is totally the right place, hi)
14:03<@_brian>!point nuevu
14:03<linbot>_brian: Point given to nuevu. (5)
14:05<kharlan>blazor is kinda memory hog tbh :p
14:07<jc>We have started using Blazor at work and I'm wanting to learn more about it.
14:08<@_brian>do you already have a Linode account?
14:08<jc>I've never work used Linode. So the $5/month. It allows me to install .net Core and other stuff if I want?
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14:08<@_brian>they're unmanaged Linux servers, you can install anything you like
14:09<jc>and if I totally mess something up.... How do I get things back to "normal"?
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14:10<@_brian>we have a "rebuild" button that can let you redeploy from a distro to put it back to the state it was upon deployment
14:10<jc>Sorry for the basic questions. I've never managed a server before. Just thinking of giving it a try.
14:10<@_brian>i'd generally recommend spinning up something new, copying data over, and deleting the old server
14:10<@_brian>since we bill by the hour, it generally costs a few cents to do it that way
14:10<millisa>there's also a backup service addon that you can use to save a point to go back to (or deploy new linodes from)
14:12<jc>Okay. Thanks everybody for the help.
14:12<@_brian>you're welcome
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16:32<jc>I just got a linode up and running for the first time and I am so lost.
16:32<jc>I'm on the beginner's guide and have no idea what I'm doing.
16:33<millisa>This guide?
16:34<jc>Yeah. That's it. I can't even figure out how to connect via SSH. This is just not my wheelhouse.
16:35<jc>I'm on windows trying to use Putty.
16:35<millisa>And you watched that video they have at the top about using ssh to connect?
16:36<millisa>They talk about getting the IP address in the first minute or so, and about 1:45 they talk about putting that IP into putty
16:37<jc>I tried going through step-by-step from here:
16:37<jc>I'll watch the video and try again.
16:37<millisa>Did you get to the point where it popped up the message about the fingerprint?
16:38<millisa>or did it throw some other error?
16:41<jc>I'm logged in at this point.
16:42<millisa>Ah, well then you likely want to run updates, set the hostname, timezone and other prep stuff
16:42<jc>Yes. Trying to find those in the beginner guide right now.
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17:00<jc>Thanks. I was able to run updates, set hostname and timezone by watching the video.
17:00<millisa>!point jc
17:00<linbot>millisa: Point given to jc. (1)
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17:47<carakajatikuswo>Hello, is there any way to recover a deleted or possibly hacked Linode Account that's just suddenly happened? There is no report nor any warning about it, but I'm just suddenly can't access it anymore. Waiting for mail support to response back but there's no response until now.
17:48<Peng>To be blunt, it depends on what you want to recover and exactly what happened. Maybe yes, maybe no.
17:51<carakajatikuswo>@Peng I at least just wanted to recover the files I had in the Linode that I created before, even not recovering the account itself is fine.
17:52<carakajatikuswo>As for what happened, I don't know, there's no email or any notice, buf after I sleep, everything is inaccessible, even the account itself
17:53<@jyoo>Hey carakajatikuswo - I found your ticket, we're taking a look at it now
17:55<carakajatikuswo>@jyoo Thank you, I hope I still can recover any data from it.
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18:17<charles>I can't seem to connect my domain name to my linodes. I've set the dns to the domain registrar, and added the domain to linode. I keep getting "took too long to respond" when I try and access is on a browser
18:18<Peng>Ehat's the URL?
18:18<Peng>What's the URL?*
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19:12<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
19:12<linbot>New news from community: Setup Firewall-D for Ipv6 <>
19:14<Peng>E-hats for everyone!
19:14<millisa>I have a hat. You have a hat. We both have hats.
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19:35<linbot>New news from status: Service Issue - Object Storage US-East (Newark) <>
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20:04<LouWestin>millisa: Redhat?
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20:16<chesty>it's two words, red and hat
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20:22<LouWestin>!point chesty
20:22<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to chesty. (21)
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21:09<linbot>New news from community: php.fpm doesn't start after migrating <>
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21:52<LouWestin>welcome to #linode
21:53<jkwood>Anything is possible at #linode
21:53<LouWestin>Just don't do anything illegal
21:55<rsdehart>sup jkwood
22:14<kharlan>ooos, butchered that. Don’t leave!
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22:19<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
22:19<kharlan>I feel betrayed.
22:20<kharlan>Gah I swear. I’m pretty sure deploying a screensaver timeout GPO is broken in certain win10 installations.
22:20<kharlan>We’ve spent hours on it :/ works on about 50% of the machines.
22:20<LouWestin>If you makes you feel better, he/she did stay about 3 minutes after your greetings
22:20<kharlan>It doesn’t :(
22:21<LouWestin>50% isn't too bad
22:21<kharlan>Yes, our client will be happy with that percentage :p
22:21<kharlan>If only.
22:22<LouWestin>You can say, half of them are working fine, it's the other half we have to figure out what the issue is
22:23<LouWestin>But we'll get it strightened out ;-)
22:23<LouWestin>or you could say we're about half way done ;-)
22:24<LouWestin>Yeah that's probably not helping
22:25<kharlan>Well this ticket has been sitting here for awhile.
22:25<kharlan>I’m trying to clear the queue of all tickets from last year :/ this is one of the “stuck” ones.
22:41<virtual>what, can't just stack overflow this issue? :P
22:47<nuevu>Is there something hinky happening with ns[1-5] I'm apparently getting 20%+ failures resolving both master and slave zones.
22:48<virtual>just on a quick check, I'm seeing nothing off.
22:50<nuevu>Some queries are apparently taking much longer than others, while still reporting ~150ms "query times" via dig.
22:54<Peng>If dig times out and retries, the "query time" it reports is the time *from the most recent query* until the response.
22:54<Peng>The default retry interval is 1 second.
22:55<Peng>I'm seeing some timeouts to in Dallas.
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22:55<nuevu>(I'm trying from Dallas as well)
22:56<nuevu>And thanks for the info regarding the query time, Peng.
23:01<nuevu>It appears to have at least settled down some. And the response time is back to single-ish digit milliseconds.
23:02<virtual>I was trying from London.
23:03<virtual>realise that should've been useful info from all of us ;)
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