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00:01<dv1>I've question regarding Website Hosting on Linode Compute VPS Server
00:12<@jtoscani>hey dv1, brian isn't in but we can help
00:13<dv1>as last discussion with brian, and one more person confirmed that I can host multiple Websites in single Linode Compute VPS
00:13<dv1>but I want to know how I can host multiple Websites in single VPS
00:14<@jtoscani>which web server are you using - apache? nginx?
00:15<dv1>I am not a Customer of Linode yet, I am clarifying some of my doubts
00:15<dv1>and I'm flexible to both Apache & Nginx
00:16<@jtoscani>Theres a few guides and a bunch of Linode Community questions that provide some guidance for how to host multiple sites
00:16<@jtoscani>For example,
00:17<dv1>I am going to host WordPress Websites, but it is Python based Websites and Framework is Django
00:18<@jtoscani>Do you have specific questions regarding this particular set up? That would help to more directly get to the root of what you need
00:19<dv1>I mean, the guide/docs you send me is related to WordPress Sites, but my Websites will be based on Django - Python Framework
00:19<dv1>then guide for both will be same?
00:21<@jtoscani>I would still recommend reviewing that guide, it can serve as a good starting point for you to get a scope of your task/project. There's still valuable insite regarding how you would config your server to respond to multiple sites from a single Linode
00:22<dv1>Let me check that, and still I've doubt, I will contact you here back
00:29<dv1>Hello jtoscani
00:29<dv1>I want to ask one thing
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00:33<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
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01:06<LouWestin>dv1: The guides jtoscani sent you would be fine for saya Django site
01:06<Guest11000>Hi, is someone else having problems on linodes on US-CENTER(Dallas) i have timeouts on all my linodes on that region
01:06<dv1>I have some doubt from that Guide, can you help me
01:06<LouWestin>the basics are the same, but you could probably find a Djanjo guide
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01:07<dv1>I tried, but not found on Linode Docs
01:07<LouWestin>Guest11000: My servers on dallas seem fine
01:09<LouWestin>dv1: This would be an installation guide for django
01:09<dv1>I am building Websites on Django, so I have idea how to install
01:09<dv1>but in the above Guide for configuring two WordPress website
01:10<dv1>the URL is like &
01:10<TJ->currently seeing failures to respond/VERY slow responses for from UK
01:10<dv1>then if I want to access 2 different Django based Website, I've to open it similarly or what?
01:11<nuevu>Guest11000: The Linode DNS resolvers appear to be misbehaving (at least in Dallas), but I'm not seeing any connectivity issues with any of my nodes.
01:11<LouWestin>dv1: For hosting a website this would be the guide:
01:13<LouWestin>dv1: and for mulitple sites, you're going to reapeat steps 1 - 8 in that guide
01:15<LouWestin>and you also have to update the DNS records too
01:15<LouWestin>assuming you're using a domain name
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01:19<@jtoscani>Guest11000 are you using Cloudflare? We've had a few reports of issues and Cloudflare seems to be the common denominator
01:20<Guest11000>Yes Im using cloudfare on all my domains
01:21<@jtoscani>There's nothing on CF's status page but seems like there's something going on there
01:21<@jtoscani>We don't have any additional information yet
01:28<nuevu>!point jtoscani
01:28<linbot>nuevu: Point given to jtoscani. (2)
01:30<@jtoscani>grazie mille
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01:37<@jtoscani>Guest11000 I recommend creating a ticket with us - that way we can tag it and circle back when we know more
01:37<TJ->jtoscani: Doing some testing here, notice a 524 No Reason Phrase whilst fetching for
01:38<Guest11000>Thank you jtoscani, I created ticket #15065237
01:39<TJ->jtoscani: loading time was 272 seconds and only the header visible. Do you want a ticket from me ?
01:40<TJ->jtoscani: Cloudflare reports problems which might be on my routes to them: "Manchester, United Kingdom - (MAN) Partial Outage"
01:41<TJ->jtoscani: this checker site also sees it
01:42<@jtoscani>Hey TJ - I would definitely open a ticket because a few of the Dallas customers that called in were also having some problems loading Like I mentioned earlier, if you open a ticket we can tag it and circle back. Thanks for doing all that investigating, it's very helpful!
01:44<TJ->jtoscani: interesting since I'm in the UK and only discovered this trying to get to an old post
01:45<@jtoscani>Guest11000 thanks for the ticket#, will send out a repsonse soon
01:45<@jtoscani>nvm, looks like someone beat me to it
01:54<TJ->jtoscani: ticket #15065382 ... I managed to capture a Cloudflare Ray ID that reports the origin server timed out
02:00<Guest11000>In the support ticket send me a link to mtr test, but I cant acces to the site
02:00<TJ->Guest11000: :D makes sense if that is where the problem is
02:03<Guest11000>I mean, I cant access to the tutorial on linode, I cant access to this link
02:03<Guest11000>Everything is working normal right now
02:04<Guest11000>I can access all my domains
02:04<Guest11000>Im not getting more timeouts
02:06<TJ->Guest11000: right - I've been reporting problems for itself
02:07<Guest11000>For now, I can access to this link
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02:09<Guest11000>I got a response from cloudfare support, and they said that the problem was my server provider, lol
02:09<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issue - US-Central (Dallas) <>
02:10<TJ->Guest11000: yes, I captured a Cloudflare ray that says its the origin server
02:13<Guest11000>I can sleep now, thank you for the help, it seems that everything iw working fine now
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10:10<developer>Hello, My server linode is not working, I try reboot by your dashboard is not working Can you please check this problem and fix this This is urgent, all my applicatins are stoping now
10:11<@_brian>hey developer
10:11<@_brian>is your Linode server located in Frankfurt?
10:11<@_brian>we're currently experiencing an issue in that data center related to the scheduled network maintenance. our engineers are aware and working on a fix as soon as possible. you can find updates on our status page here:
10:13<developer>How long time take this operation
10:14<developer>Why don't send me email before this maintenance
10:16<@_brian>I don't have an exact time to give you for when they will be finished, but we have multiple teams working on only that issue.
10:17<@_brian>This was not expected to cause any downtime for customer services, so there were not a mass emailing regarding the maintenance. If you'd like to be notified of all maintenance, you can click "Subscribe to Updates" at the top of the status page
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10:32<developer>Hi , Is my datas and apps are safe and protected (are not lost)
10:33<@_brian>if there was some data in transit when the networking issues occurred that may be lost, but nothing on your Linode's disks should be affected
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11:02<developer>ok that's great, the server now is working thank you
11:03<@_brian>i'm very happy to hear that. you're welcome, and sorry for the trouble
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11:04<developer>ok no problem have nice day
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17:33<kharlan>hmm o365 group propagation seems to take longer and longer everytime I do it.
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17:59<FernandoAguirre>Hi, is anyone having problems accesing linodes from web? using directly ip or
18:00<kharlan>Depends, does the linode have a web server installed?
18:01<Peng>My Linode is working.
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18:55*dzho is using linode right now
18:57<warewolf>my life is linode right now
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20:46<lls>any one ever had issues with port 1723 showing open to the world when you have locked every thing down?
20:47<millisa>only when i've left it open
20:47<millisa>is something listening on it?
20:47<millisa>something pptp-ish?
20:48<lls>nope and even with an explicite deny rule in iptables it still shows as open when I nmap from home
20:48<millisa>the from home may be relevant
20:48<millisa>what's the IP
20:48<lls>you should see ssh and that's it
20:48<millisa>1723/tcp filtered pptp
20:49<millisa>your home router have a vpn function turned on maybe?
20:50<lls>did it show up in your scan?
20:50<jesse>22 open, 1723 filtered for me
20:50<lls>ok well that sovles that problem
20:50<lls>thanks very much :)
20:50<lls>now to work out whats up with the router haha
20:51<millisa>'its a feature'
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21:38<chesty>I'm not sure I understand the feature. is it proxying pptp connections?
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