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00:45<dwfreed>Happy Linode Billing Day
00:55<Peng>Happier for some than for others :D
01:06<virtual>we didn't get a new years gift this year? :)
01:10<virtual>wee, my linode that I brought up for restore cost me 18 cents (20 cents with aussie tax).
01:44<LouWestin>Yes happy linode billing day
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05:37<linbot>New news from community: How can I access on server after used ufw and forgot allow port 22 to shh <>
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06:23<saurav>i want to know to payment cycle of linodes. whether payment is made in advance or after the month ends
06:26<Peng>After, but you also have to make a small payment when you first create an account (which will be used for future invoices)
06:26<Peng>Last I heard, you can also be invoiced more than once a month if you're spending huge amounts of money. (You can get your account adjusted, though.)
06:27<saurav>so i deactivated my account on 31 jan and in 2 hrs my card was charged. so it was for the month of january?
06:29<rsdehart>saurav: yes
06:29<rsdehart>you're billed for your usage for the previous month at the start of the following month
06:29<saurav>ok thank you for ur time :)
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06:31<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
06:32<rsdehart>nice doing that because someone's actually gotten an answer rather than just because they couldn't be bothered sticking around long enough for someone to actually see their question
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09:30<linbot>New news from community: Websites blocking traffic from a VPN on my Linode <>
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12:59<linbot>New news from blog: Linode Wins 5 Stevie® Awards <>
13:00<kharlan>dam, good work support team.
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13:41<@rgerke>Thank you, @kharlan!
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13:54<phoenixdevs>hay guys
13:54<phoenixdevs>how are you?
13:54<@_brian>hi phoenixdevs
13:54<@_brian>good how are you?
13:54<phoenixdevs>I'm fine thanks <3
13:54<phoenixdevs>You are always ready for help :D
13:55<phoenixdevs>I'm interested that how much costs object storage for 1gb?
13:55<millisa>1gb would be the same as 250gb
13:56<@pwoods>Object Storage starts at $5/month for up to 250 GB:
13:56<@_brian>pricing starts out at 250GB for $5 with 1TB transfer
13:56<millisa> - there is a slider about halfway down
13:57<phoenixdevs>Damn, thats amazing
13:57<phoenixdevs>And one more question about terms
13:57<phoenixdevs>I have an woocommerce shop and selling codecanyon scripts there, I'm using object storage to upload scripts there
13:57<phoenixdevs>Is it allowed?
13:58<@_brian>sounds good to me
13:58<millisa>assuming the scripts do legal things...
13:58<@_brian>and that you have the right to sell them :D
13:58<phoenixdevs>This scripts are in public sites
13:58<phoenixdevs>I think i do not have :D
13:59<phoenixdevs>But i have DMCA and if any developer will found out his own code he can contact me and i will delete it
14:00<phoenixdevs>Please in case of any issue with that terms do not terminate it before letting me know that i could make a backup of site
14:02<phoenixdevs>none of vps providers had an issue with that, i had my issue with prices :D thay wanted a huge money for ftp hosting and separated price for vps
14:03<@_brian>we do not moderate the content of sites hosted by customers, but we require that customers are responsive to abuse complaints that we forward regarding their sites
14:04<@_brian>i would not recommend selling code that you do not own, but i can tell you that we do not delete servers because we received a DMCA complaint
14:06<phoenixdevs>DMCA i will recive on my support email which will be processed immediatelly.
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14:12<millisa>I wish to sell music that I do not own. Not to worry, I'll respond to DMCA complaints promptly.
14:12<millisa>and some movies
14:25<kharlan>just don't worry brian!
14:39<LouWestin>I could see a slew of copyright infringement claims coming in for selling code that you don't own. 🙄
14:39<millisa>assuming someone was willing to pay to see it
14:40<LouWestin>Right right
14:40<dzho>millisa: I think you just invented youtube
14:40<LouWestin>I have some code I'm selling, would you like to buy some? lol
14:41<millisa>i'll be rich.
14:41<dzho>don't forget us here in #linode when your ship comes in
14:41<millisa>Psst. Hey. Hey kid. Wanna buy some .. code?
14:41<LouWestin>I'll sell my HTML starter templates
14:42<dzho><html><head><title>what's up nerds</title></head><body><p>Make money fast!</p></body></html>
14:42<dzho>that will be five dollars please
14:43<millisa>No <marquee> no deal
14:43<@_brian>since you're all here, Stevie's People's Choice voting is open
14:43<dzho>that's premium content
14:43<@pwoods>Fun easter egg: Google "marquee tag"
14:43<LouWestin>Don't steal my boilerplates! I worked really hard on those auto generated lines. 😂
14:44<dzho>those are organic, free-range, artisinal, hand-crafted tags. I typed them in myself.
14:45<kharlan>I can't find a tractor on this recaptcha!
14:46<@_brian>i had one tell me that i was not selecting all of the street signs until i selected the box with a parking meter
14:46<kharlan>lul nice.
14:46<LouWestin>Hit the new captcha button
14:46<kharlan>Anyway, voted :)
14:46<@pwoods>!point kharlan
14:46<linbot>pwoods: Point given to kharlan. (8)
14:47<@_brian>also y'all should not underestimate copyright trolls. they will report things that don't even exist just because a page dynamically generates content based on the URL
14:47<millisa>It only asked me if I was not a robot. How would I know without some ships or buses or maybe a train (is a subway a train)
14:48<LouWestin>millisa: I think it depends on the browser or site. Sometimes I need to click the stop lights other times it's just a box.
14:48<kharlan>oh, I voted using a linode IP..
14:49<@pwoods>also same
14:49<millisa>now I wish I'd proxied through a DO box.
14:51<kharlan>The 'follow me on twitter' notice was a bit weird. It said I had to follow to vote, but I clicked cancel and it let me vote anyway.
14:52<@_brian>that is weird. both times i voted i unchecked the box and didn't see a message like that
14:52<@_brian>better vote again to double check
14:52<kharlan>oops, already voted again.
14:52<kharlan>It's there for sure.
15:05<@_brian>!point LouWestin
15:05<linbot>_brian: Point given to louwestin. (16)
15:05<@_brian>i voted again in celebration of your vote
15:06<LouWestin>I unchecked the follow Twitter box and voted.
15:12<@pwoods>^^ that's what _brian and I look like working together.
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17:34<viking12>anyone from linode here?
17:35<millisa>If you've got a question, feel free to ask it.
17:35<viking12>i want a support team to look into a ticket I have raised
17:35<millisa>The official folks occasionally perk up, but there's potentially someone else who may have your answer
17:35<viking12>it's been few hours
17:35<millisa>Ah. Well, dump a ticket# in here and sometimes they can pick it up. Generally if it's important, it's best to call them.
17:36<viking12>i was expecting a quicker reply as mentioned 24x7 team
17:36<viking12>ticket id #15110346
17:37<viking12>anyways I am coming whole way from digitalocean
17:38<millisa>it's probably a good move.
17:39<viking12>they dont allow to take snapshots or backups
17:39<viking12>besides they locked up our account
17:39<viking12>and caused downtime for our business
17:40<millisa>ouch. seems unusual, even for them.
17:40<millisa>I never liked their backup style either; it's one of the things that makes me put linode over them.
17:40<millisa>but cutting off an account is weird. they like money.
17:40<viking12>so true bunch of loosers
17:41<viking12>anyways any third party tool to move wordpress configs, database, plugins, files from their droplet ?
17:42<millisa>most any of the wordpress migration tools would work.
17:42<millisa>rsyncing the data and dumping/restoring the db works too if you've got the base wordpress setup done
17:42<kharlan>^ I use that, works great.
17:43<millisa>there's also some wordpress docs at for doing the server setup
17:43<millisa>or they have a stackscript (never used it, but rumor is it works fine)
17:43<kharlan>It's honestly just db/files + php/mysql/web server. It's easy to replicate if you're familiar with what you are running.
17:45<viking12>okay let me try it
17:46<viking12>if anyone from customer support is here, please check ticket id #15110346 thanks
17:47<viking12>do linode provide discounts or free credits for startups?
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17:57<linbot>Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
17:58<bom>I made a mistake .... can you recover my linodes?
17:59<LouWestin>bom: I'd call support for that or email
18:01<bom>Ok, Thanks
18:01<LouWestin>They usually don't delete delete the linodes right away
18:03<bom>I just close account ... I don't think this is remove all linode
18:04<LouWestin>I'd call support then so they can help you quickly.
18:28<tom_>» we require that customers are responsive to abuse complaints that we forward regarding their sites
18:28<tom_>what do you mean by responsive specifically?
18:28<virtual>"donut ignore"
18:35<@jtoscani>Hey tom_, certain ToS tickets require a timely response otherwise we have to place network restrictions on your server. How much time depends on the nature of the incident (brute force, spam, etc). We detail how much time you have to respond in the initial ticket update, and then will send a followup or two before moving forward with restrictions.
18:35<tom_>In the case it's not an issue with packets being sent you like spam
18:36<tom_>But with things like DMCA
18:36<tom_>Other "intellectual property" violations would you still implement network restrictions?
18:36<tom_>Like prevent people from connecting to a linode, rather than prevent the linode from making connections out
18:38<virtual>I assume if you ignore the messages, that would happen. Based on my time working at other providers. Otherwise Linode becomes liable for allowing that content, etc.
18:40<tom_>virtual: are you a linode representive
18:40<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
18:41<@pwoods>tom_: that means anyone with a @ in front of their name is a Linode employee, otherwise they're a member of the community here.
18:44<tom_>Is linide really liable for things the customer's host?
18:55<virtual>yay dmca
18:56<millisa>the big case to watch on it is WB vs Charter. it's still churning but last April the judge didn't dismiss it and is still allowing the vicarious liability claim
18:56<millisa>this summary isn't terrible -
18:57<millisa>official doc from that -
19:35<virtual>millisa: ugh. I actually didn't know about that case.
19:35<millisa>just don't know who to cheer for
19:35<virtual>on this one, it's not the plaintiffs.
19:54<Ikaros>Speaking of copyright - I'm reminded of the one against Hurricane Electric. Rightsholders were demanding it cut off its customers, so you can imagine what that would entail for a company like HE.
19:56<tom_>It was more of a practical engineering question rather than a theoretical question I was asking
19:56<tom_>But if you were being theoretical, I'd argue that copyright shouldn't apply to intangible things, especially things that don't cost anything at all to reproduce
19:57<tom_>And the DMCA only stands up to allow big corporations to harass individuals and censor inconvenient facts
19:57<tom_>More of a tool of oppression and propping up encumberance
19:57<tom_>It's just backwards
19:58<tom_>If I stole your bicycle, you'd have to take the bus. If I copied your bicycle there would be one for each of us
19:58<tom_>The whole purpose of copyring is to protect icentives for producing scarce things
19:58<tom_>Tangible resources are scarce
19:58<tom_>Ideals, they are not scarce
19:59<Ikaros>Unfortunately the law is too commonly abused for nefarious purposes. The DMCA is, imo, all too often abused.
19:59<virtual>tom_: yep, the DMCA in particular.
19:59<virtual>is. awful.
19:59<tom_>And copyright driven all the way down the road converges on general purpose computers with rootkits and malware installed on them by default and a war on the turing machine
19:59<Ikaros>Bogus claims can sink someone.
19:59<tom_>I am asking because I often write articles that upset big corporations
20:00<tom_>And they have used endless bogus legal pressure to censor those who write articles criticizing corporations or exposing inconvenient truths
20:00<Ikaros>Mmm. Using the DMCA as a tool to silence someone. Nefarious.
20:01<tom_>I also write software that extracts content from walled gardens and presents it without any spyware or telemetry
20:01<Ikaros>I'm more of a "you bite me I'll bite back 10x harder" guy, I don't tolerate being pushed around in that way. If I want to speak out about something, I'm well within my means and rights to do so.
20:01<virtual>hah, nice tom_
20:02<tom_>It's why I self-host...well. On Linode
20:02<millisa>I just take tom_'s work and post it for sale on my site.
20:02<virtual>I'm rusty, but I vaguely recall some reverse engineering rubbish in DMCA.
20:02<virtual>lol millisa
20:02<virtual>!point millisa
20:02<linbot>virtual: Point given to the old and crusty millisa. (203) (Biggest fan: mcintosh, total: 27)
20:03<Ikaros>Aren't there usually clauses in licensing agreements that specifically address reverse-engineering?
20:03<millisa>!point tom_
20:03<linbot>millisa: Point given to tom_. (1)
20:03<millisa>there's your cut
20:04<virtual>they can be cashed in for feel good vouchers
20:04<tom_>Oh, lol
20:04<tom_>Is this a joke about social media or something?
20:05<virtual>it's an attempt at a joke, but not about social media. just me being silly.
20:05<virtual>thanks for killing it, tom_.
20:05<virtual>!point tom_
20:05<linbot>virtual: Point given to tom_. (2)
20:36<kharlan>I laughed virtual, I laughed my friend.
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21:39<LouWestin>Technically making a copy of bicycle would fall under patents, not copy right. ;-)
21:41<chesty>interesting. what if I borrowed a $100 note from you, copied it and gave it back?
21:41<millisa>then it sounds like you still owe me 10% and the juice is running
21:43<chesty>is juice also called vig? I'm never sure when I hear that word whether they are saying big, vig, or what
21:43<linbot>New news from community: What do I pay for when I power off an instance? <>
21:44<millisa> ?
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21:45<virtual>I have heard of the cut, the margin, the take, but not the rest.
21:45<virtual>hah, ditto, chesty.
21:46<millisa>last place I remember 'the juice' was in Rounders
21:46<juice>drink me
21:46<LouWestin>Chesty you'd get the Feds? Coming after you for counterfeiting lol
21:46<millisa>only if he tried to use it as a real one
21:47<LouWestin>I'm pointing the obvious of course. But it's funny
21:48<LouWestin>I wonder if you did copy $100 bill but didn't use it, would it still be illegal?
21:48<LouWestin>Mean the act of the copying
21:49<LouWestin>I haven't had juice in a while.
21:50<LouWestin>Cranberry with vodka sounds good,
21:50<virtual>that's stretching 'juice'
21:50<millisa>no more of this pandemic quaran-tang and vodka
21:51<LouWestin>True. I indulged at a local brewery.
21:52<LouWestin>Gets a wee bit expensive so I'm taking a break.
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22:00<chesty>LouWestin, got a uti?
22:00<virtual>chesty: boo (but also lol)
22:01<LouWestin>chesty: ha ha! No. Least I don't believe so. I Just like the taste.
22:02<LouWestin>!point chesty
22:02<linbot>LouWestin: Point given to chesty. (23)
22:02<kharlan>Pffft who is a teetotal like I am? Join the fold.
22:04<kharlan>I’m pretty sure copying a 100.00 bill is illegal though.
22:04<kharlan>Or maybe distributing it is illegal? I’m sure there’s a gray area...
22:05<virtual>why doesn't someone copy one here, tell their relevant authority, and see what happens.
22:05<virtual>for science.
22:05<kharlan>Not it
22:05<virtual>in australia, it's plastic. so maybe I could print some on a 3d printer.
22:06<kharlan>the currency is plastic?
22:06<kharlan>that doesn’t sound very eco-friendly.
22:06<virtual>that too. But I was thinking more about the notes.
22:06<millisa>didn't canada do it too?
22:07<virtual>Yeah, and many others. Kinda interesting history
22:08<LouWestin>Speaking of Canada I remember the $3 coin.
22:10<kharlan>Lol I found a picture of some goddess holding a maple leaf scepter
22:11<kharlan>Hmm is Australia still apart of the commonwealth?
22:12<kharlan>I haven’t gotten far enough through The Crown to know whether or not they stayed.
22:12-!-r3m [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 3.1-dev]
22:13<kharlan>Oh they are :/
22:14<nate>quite a few places are
22:14<nate>canada still as well
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22:38<FluffyFoxeh>yes of course they are
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23:05<chesty>kharlan, i don't know what the science is regarding ecofriendly bank notes. but the plastic ones last longer than the cotton ones. so in terms of unrenewable energy cost, plastic notes might not be bad.
23:06<chesty>I believe australia invented the plastic notes and sold the technology to other countries
23:28<kharlan>I guess that’s fair. They would be reusable without undergoing some sort of “cleaning process” unlike used plastic bottles/bags.
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